The End of Frivolous Lawsuits?

That’s too much to hope for, I realize, but significantly cutting down on America’s litigiousness might be yet another unanticipated side effect of the Kung Flu.*

Word comes that the NCAA is thinking of moving its football season to spring. Several smaller conferences have already cancelled their fall football seasons. Some NFL teams, like the Packers, have already announced ludicrous “social distancing” policies that will result in, at best, 1/3-capacity crowds on gameday. It’s quite possible that the NFL will end up playing the “Black national anthem” to empty stadiums come September.**

It’s not fear of COVID driving this. It’s fear of lawsuits. Consider that the NFL has also announced their “post-game social distancing policy:”

NFL teams will be forbidden from postgame interactions within 6 feet of each other and jersey exchanges between players will be prohibited during the 2020 season, sources say.

So you can bang on a guy every play for four quarters, getting slathered in three out of four of his bodily fluids for going on three hours… but you can’t shake his hand after the game, or switch jerseys with him. That’s the kind of thing that only makes sense to lawyers — you can’t sue, say, “the Dallas Cowboys” for your case of COVID, but you can sue So-and-So, the Cowboys’ left tackle, if you come down with it. Same thing with the NCAA. You can’t sue the stadium, you can’t sue the fan in seat 42A, but you can sue the college. It’s all about where the buck lands — who’s going to be named in the tort?

It might take one of these nuisance lawsuits actually getting to court before we finally break free of this COVID nonsense, but break free we shall. Because who’s gonna win, the fan in seat 24B, or the University of Southern California? All the defense has to do is point out that there’s no possible way to establish transmission of the virus, and we all go back to “you pays your money, you takes your chances” when it comes to event attendance.

And once that happens, the ongoing mask hysteria loses its last conceivable rationale. Once it has been established that you can’t sue the grocery store for letting people without masks in, the management is going to tell Karen to stuff it, because their bottom line demands it. And the precedent can be extended in all sorts of useful ways, by deep-pocketed entities that — let’s face it — do most of their business CYA-style, working far harder to avoid pesky lawsuits than they do to deliver the goods.


*Is anyone else starting to actually kinda like this bug? I mean, the educational system is voluntarily putting itself out of business… that alone is a big win, yuuuuuge, and then there’s cord-cutting, the end of sportsball mania… provided it doesn’t start a giant war (see previous post), the Wuhan Flu might end up being one of the best things to happen to America in a long, long time.

**Which raises the fascinating philosophical conundrum: If a bunch of spoiled multi-millionaire felons kneel for the real National Anthem and no one’s there to see it, did it really happen?

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The Next Big War

In the comments below, contrariandutchman writes:

War between major powers seems unlikely as all the major powers have serious internal stability issues, major demographic problems and mostly both. China faces demographic collapse end may well fragment into another warring states period, that will rather distract from any designs against the outside world.

A strong argument. I suggest, advocatus diaboli, another interpretation: That sounds an awful lot like the start of World War I to me.

Around 1914, Britain was coping with massive changes to its Parliamentary system. H.H. Asquith, the People’s champion, “played a central role in the design and passage of major liberal legislation and a reduction of the power of the House of Lords.” Wilhelm II forced von Bismarck out in 1890 and went it alone, with predictable results. And as for the French, what Republic are they on now? Six, seven? Russian radicals shot their one competent (by Imperial Russian standards) minister, Pyotr Stolypin, in 1911, leaving Nicholas II to the mercy of Rasputin and, far worse, himself. Serious internal stability issues indeed!

Demographically the situation was little better, though in this case the problems were over the horizon, in the colonies. J.A. Hobson’s criticism of imperialism was both basically right, and hugely influential. Colonies didn’t even cover their costs of administration, and as for defense, their position was ridiculous and the expense damnable, as a wise man once said about something similar. The situation in the colonies was bound to get you into a war sooner or later… but so would decolonization, except faster.

That being the case, the bottom line for all belligerents in World War I seemed to be: Fight now, risking everything while we’re relatively weak, or fight later, when we’ve declined absolutely. The British knew their empire was a huge drain on resources, and anyway a tiny little island couldn’t possibly compete with that rising industrial giant, Germany. Germany knew she had a world-class land army, but was starved of sea access, and no amount of crash dreadnought-building would enable her to catch up to the Royal Navy. Russia had a crappy land army and no sea access, plus a recent stinging defeat staining her escutcheon. France was France, and all of them combined couldn’t match up to the rising industrial, economic, and military power of the United States.

So they fought, striking while the iron was hot.

I certainly wouldn’t put it past China to try it, whoever wins in November. If Trump, can he be sure that his generals will follow his orders to defend, say, Taiwan or Japan? If Biden, will he even know what’s happening enough to grovel to Beijing? Nor does it even have to start as a direct US-China engagement — China could wipe the floor with India any time she chooses, and there’s lots of tension with resurgent Russia in Central Asia. “Americans losing to Chinese while fighting on Russia’s behalf” would be ironic, but certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

I’d watch Japan and India. Both are real, actual countries, with at least a few grownups in their governments, and uninfected — insofar as any First World nation can be — with the SJW toxoplasma. The Japanese have been stealthily but steadily rearming here these past few years, and since their demographics are even worse they’re really going to have to kick it into overdrive here soon.

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Who Gets the Nukes?

Anyone who doesn’t have an answer — a specific, implementable answer — to that question hasn’t thought this thing through.

There have been two cases of nuclear powers voluntarily surrendering their weapons. One is South Africa, which, though we should all be thanking whatever Great Spirit we believe in it happened — can you imagine? — doesn’t really teach us anything, as “South Africa” basically ceased to exist as a nation-state shortly thereafter, “nation-state” not being a concept the African mind can grasp at the present time.

The other was the Ukraine, and look what happened to those guys.

As much as we all know the neocons were just trying to spin up another war for all the usual reasons back in 2014, they did have a single, unassailable argument in their favor — we, the United States, were legally obligated to come to Ukraine’s aid in the event of an invasion, as a condition of them surrendering their nuclear weapons. Too bad it never got to the Supreme Court — we could’ve had John Roberts declaring war for us, instead of just awarding Tulsa to the Injuns, based on treaties no one in their right mind thought the US government had any intention of honoring anyway.

The United States has a gigantic nuclear arsenal. If you don’t believe we also have shitloads of chemical and biological weapons, too, no matter what the treaties say — see above, re: Indian Country — then I’ve got a few bridges to sell you. Any “peaceful” dissolution of the United States has to deal with those realities.

“Peaceful” needing the quotation marks, of course, because the ur-premise of all the keyboard commandos is that the POCs hate us and want us dead. So… how many nukes will we be giving them when we withdraw to Whiteystan? Oh, none? And their incentive to agree to peaceful separation is….?

The best the White folks of the United States can realistically get is some kind of divided-sovereignty, Austro-Hungarian Empire-type arrangement. Anything else ends in a nuclear exchange.* Within that context, I’m happy to do anything I can to help my fellow Whites, because that’s my tribe. I’m also willing to help spread that civilization to whomever is willing to embrace it, because that’s how civilization works — the French and British had to be civilized by the Romans before they could start spreading civilization to others. History is what it is.


*and that does too, most likely, but let’s leave our friends in the People’s Liberation Army out of it for simplicity’s sake.

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Quick Take: The Upcoming School Year

One thing that’s being lost in all this nonsense is the mutiny in the Ed Biz.

I retired several years ago, but through old colleagues (and acquaintances from grad school) I’m still semi-wired in to a couple different colleges, from across the spectrum — JuCo to Big State to Small Liberal Arts College. Moreover, having worked with, and lived around, these people for so long, I know their mentality pretty well. So take this to the bank: when it comes to the Chinese Lung AIDS, y’all ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Eggheads are the Branch Covidians to end all Branch Covidians. The only thing you need to know to deduce their attitude toward the Wuhan Flu is: These people are deeply, passionately invested, with all their hearts and souls, in the idea that the Mainstream Media is in the tank for Donald Trump.

No no, stop laughing, I’m dead serious. Since these dinks don’t read anything but Harry Potter, they’re all stuck, mentally, in grad school, where they encountered a little book called Manufacturing Consent.* This book — again, stop laughing, I’m 100% serious here — argues that the American Media, being a big business itself, is beholden to its advertisers, which means, since all businesses are by definition conservative, that The Media is, like, doubly conservative, which you can totally tell, because of how rabidly anti-Progressive they are.

Seriously. Click on the link yourself if you don’t believe me. Be careful not to laugh yourself into a hernia.

From this belief, it follows that The Media, far from ramping up the hysteria about COVID, is actually seriously downplaying it, in order to help out their good buddies, Donald Trump and the plutocrats.** And since The Media is already at DEFCON 1 over Kung Flu, it stands to reason that it’s really the actual, literal apocalypse out there…

…what, you think the self-evident fact that there are no bodies rotting in the streets would cause them to rethink things? These are the persyns, you’ll recall, who make up their own pronouns because they can’t decide what gender they are today. You could stroll down the Main Street of any college town in the land, naked as a jaybird, proclaiming yourself to be irresistibly sexually attracted to furniture, and not only would the cops not arrest you, they’d escort you back to your tenure-track office in the English Department. You’d have better luck actually making sweet love to a desk drawer than you would trying to get a professor to face reality.

That being the case, there have been several faculty mutinies already at colleges across the land. They’ve told the administration in no uncertain terms that they won’t report in until the virus is eradicated and everyone is vaccinated against it, and since both of those things are plainly impossible…

And that’s just college. Universities could still hold classes, considering that 75-90% of them are taught by grad students and adjuncts anyway, but what about grade school? Take everything I just said about professors, then multiply it by the biggest, best-funded union in the history of organized labor. You think they’re gonna get back in the classroom?

Fun times ahead, y’all. Stock up on popcorn.

*Not that any of them have actually read it, of course. Actually assigning Manufacturing Consent in grad school would be like assigning fish to read up on water. If you want to know what the egghead’s mental world is like, all you have to do is read the wiki summaries of Manufacturing Consent, Orientalism, Gender Trouble, and The Wretched of the Earth. And yes, y’all, they’re all like that.

**a great band name; feel free to use it.

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Random Thoughts

The Magical Mystery Tour Continues:

It’s looking like the Dems are going to run on nostalgia this year. Here’s some Twitter moron, responding to some moronic Tweet from Cap’n Bill Kristol:

It’s sad that before Trump, both left and right got along (for the most part). Since Trump, he’s purposely driven a wedge between us that may be too deep to pull out. That’s the strategy. Divide and conquer. It wouldn’t have happen without Barr and McConnell. #indictments 8:21 AM · Jul 5, 2020

You can peruse the Ace of Spades post for a refresher in just how well “left and right got along” before Trump (hint: The Left have called every Republican since at least Nixon “literally Hitler”). But, really, what else have they got? The Dems’ only halfway honest campaign slogan would be “Make Dementia Great Again,” so they’re going to try to pitch Biden as an older, Whiter, much more cognitively impaired Barack Obama.

Makes sense. It’s what I’d do if I were in charge of Biden’s campaign. Because, of course, in one sense, it’s perfectly true — the batshit insanity of the Obama years seems, in retrospect, to be a golden age, compared to the batshit insanity of the Trump  years. They’re hoping people won’t notice that the same people are responsible in both cases. Given the American public’s goldfish-like attention span, it’s not the worst bet.

There’s even a precedent, of a sort: Richard Nixon in 1968. Nixon ran as Ike’s 3rd term in 1960, barely losing to JFK. 8 years on, and most Americans had forgotten Tricky Dick’s vice presidency — from the depths of hippy-fied insanity that was 1968, the 1950s were ancient history. Nixon could run a law-and-order campaign because he was a law-and-order type, and had the Commie-bashing credentials to prove it… if anyone felt like checking, but few did. All they knew is that Nixon promised to bust some hippie skulls, and that was enough.

The difference between then and now, of course, is that Biden was as radical then as he is now. He’s already signaled his willingness to pour gas on the flames. The Party is going to do everything in their power to shut him up, but no candidate in the mass-media age can hide out completely. Eventually they’re going to have to stick a camera in his face, and all bets are off when that happens.

Worse, he pretty much has to pick an angry Black female as his running mate. If they decide to go all-in, look for Michelle Obama to get a lot of profile here in the next month or two. Again, not the worst move — “Bring Back Barack!” even has a nice rhythm to it, a perfect chant to burn cop cars by. The problem is that the Former First Wookiee is more radical than Biden and Barack put together. The rank-and-file Left have, of course, blinded themselves to this fact, but anyone who paid attention to her back in the days knows she’s basically Angela Davis on steroids (figuratively and literally). The Media, being stupidly infatuated with all things Obama, will want her on camera 24/7… which will be as hilarious to us as it will be terrifying to Chad and Stacy Normie. Hey, speaking of…

The Numbers Game:

You could be forgiven for thinking that American society is at least 50% Black. Every piece of pop culture, every “news” story, every advertisement, everywhere — no matter what the situation, story, or product, it’s stuffed to the rafters with Blacks.

The truth is, Blacks are at most 14% of the population. Currently both presidential campaigns are doing nothing but chasing that 14%. At some point, one or the other will realize that getting 15% of the White vote outweighs getting all of the Black vote, probably by several million votes. Trump seems to vaguely realize this, while the Dems of course hate White people with an incandescent passion. That it isn’t obvious to every single observer of the political scene shows you just how powerful a weapon the Media really is.

If Trump is really some kind of political wizard, he’s doing the right thing by seemingly pandering to the Blacks four months away from the election. Joe and Moo-chelle won’t be able to help themselves — they’ll double down, even though there’s no possible way Orange Man can pander harder than they can. It’s a nice rope-a-dope strategy — take the temporary hit in his poll numbers now, get Joe and Moo to really give him both barrels, race-wise, and then pull the rug out from under them by pivoting to law-and-order — you know, the stuff that the remaining 86% of Americans actually care about.

If he’s not, though…

Speaking of Nostalgia:

Here’s dredging up Harvey Weinstein. Which is weird, unless you consider that Creepy Joe has, in addition to his very obvious dementia problem, a set of Roman hands and Russian fingers. By piling on Weinstein, the Left seems to be setting up a #TrumpToo hashtag campaign. They’re betting that they can convince people that saying “grab ’em by the pussy” is worse than their guy’s actual pussy-grabbing. I know, I know, it seems weird to me too, but see above re: the American’ public’s goldfish-like attention span. Here’s Cracked’s rather interesting explanation for why they decided to run this particular article:

1) As a reminder that Harvey Weinstein is, was, and always will be a bad human being.

2) As a reminder to believe women.

3) As a reminder that, even with all of the star power above, even with all of the terrible things that people knew Weinstein did and was doing, it still took thirty fucking years for even a modicum of the justice due to actually be served

Not “believe all women,” note — obviously Tara Reade doesn’t count. Put this together with some of the stuff floating around about Ghislane Maxwell, and it really does seem like they’re going to try to go after Trump’s pussy-grabbing again.

One is tempted to ask “What, were the Russians too busy for a third go-round?”, but recall the 2nd Law of SJW: SJWs always project. Not even the Left can consciously deny for very long the fact that Joe Biden is one deeply corrupt, deeply creepy dude who is up to his eyeballs in the kind of dirt that would make a Central Asian dictator blush. They’re projecting all their anxieties about Biden onto Trump. Remember all the psychiatrists who were quite happy to pronounce Trump mentally unfit for office, though they’d never met him? (and despite the fact that such things are grounds for dismissal from professional societies, and even loss of license)?

Yeah. Expect lots of replays of that here in the coming months. “Slow Joe doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, you have Alzheimer’s!”

Don’t bring up anything that happened after 2012, or before 1997, pander exclusively to Blacks, and respond to every new allegation with “Trump is worse, neener neener.” That’s what we’re in for, ladies and gentlemen. Won’t it be grand?

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Why Are Liberals So Certain?

An excellent question over at Morgan’s. I took a stab at an answer over there, but I think it needs fleshing out. So:

Here’s The Last Psychiatrist on the new narcissism. Worth reading in full, as almost all of his stuff is, but here’s the upshot:

Consider the narcissist who wants his wife to wear only white, high heeled pumps.  The narcissist wants this not because he himself likes white high heel pumps– which he might– but because the type of person he thinks he is would only be with the type of woman who wears white high heeled pumps.  Or, in other terms, other people would expect someone like himself to be with a woman who wears those shoes.  What he likes isn’t the relevant factor, and certainly what she likes is irrelevant.  What matters is that she (and her shoes) are accessories to him….

Narcissists typically focus on specific things as proxies for their identity.  As in the example above, that the woman might be obese or a paraplegic could be ignored if the footwear was the proxy for identity.  These proxies are also easy to describe but loaded with implication: “I’m married to a blonde.”  Saying “blonde” implies something– e.g.  she’s hot– that might not be true.  But the narcissist has so fetishized “blondeness” that it is disconnected from reality.  The connotations, not the reality, are what matters (especially if other people can’t check.)

Emphases added. It’s not a word-for-word description of liberal behavior. The clinical narcissist’s proxy — the specific fetish object around which his identity revolves — remains stable over time, whereas the liberal’s changes all the time, effortlessly, without warning, like a school of fish. But it’s in the ballpark.

Consider Morgan’s example, the Kung Flu facemask. I think it’s fair to say that liberals are obsessed with this. Moreover, it’s obvious that it is an obsession, in the clinical psychological sense — it doesn’t matter to the liberal why you have to wear a facemask, as indeed the supposed rationale changes daily. It only matters that you wear a facemask. You wearing a facemask is central to their identity as liberals, just as the narcissist’s obese, paraplegic wife wearing high-heeled pumps that went out of style 30 years ago are central to his identity in TLP’s example.

If you look at it from the perspective of the liberal’s chosen identity, a lot of their behavior makes sense. Who, exactly, is the type of guy whose wife wears white high-heeled pumps? Figure that out, and you’ve got the guy nailed. Maybe in his mind he’s James Bond. You want to know what he’ll do in a certain situation, think about what James Bond would do…

… except that’s not right, either. You have to think about, not just what James Bond would do, but what that guy thinks James Bond would do. It’s a lot tougher, requires a second “filter,” if you will — you have to get into not just Bond’s head, but the headspace of a guy who thinks he’s playing James Bond. (And maybe even into the different iterations of Bond — if the guy thinks he’s Pierce Brosnan’s Bond, and you’re basing your evaluation off Daniel Craig’s Bond, you’ll come to different conclusions, even though you’re both trying to figure out what “James Bond” would do in a certain situation)….

Fortunately, James Bond is a fictional character. That makes it a lot easier, because if you want to reverse-engineer the narcissist’s thought processes, you can use the same basic story template he’s using. Remember, the narcissist thinks he’s the star of his own movie. That’s a big help, because even though there are a lot of James Bond movies, they all have the same basic structure, in which Bond faces the same basic situations, and handles them in basically the same way. So instead of asking “what would James Bond do?” about a specific mundane situation that has never come up in the movies, it’s much easier to translate it into a movie scene. What would James Bond do if the window guy at Mickey D’s forgot to super-size his fries? Dunno; James Bond has never faced that kind of thing in the movies. If Bond ever were to go through the drive-up at McD’s, it’d be because the fry guy is actually Blofeld in disguise…

See what I mean? The question “What would James Bond do?” becomes a lot easier to process if you first figure out “What James Bond movie scene is this?”

To return to Morgan’s question, and the mask: For the Liberal, the character they’re playing is “Genius.” House MD, or maybe Mulder from the X-Files. Maybe Spock, if they’re old enough, or Commander Data, or whatever, the actual character doesn’t matter much for predictive purposes. What matters is that the character “Genius” is what they think a heroically big-brained movie character would do in a given situation. The docs in the ER think it’s just a bad flu, but Genius — in this case, House MD — knows it’s really some pathogen that hasn’t been seen since 1378. The Vancouver cops think it’s a gangland slaying, but Mulder knows it’s really the chupacabra. And, of course, Genius is right! It doesn’t matter that Scully and the Vancouver cops have seventy-seven other much more plausible theories. The mountain of data arguing against the chupacabra doesn’t matter. Hell, it doesn’t even matter that what Mulder is 100% right about this week directly contradicts something he was 100% right about last week:

What he’s right about doesn’t matter. At all. All that matters is that he’s right, every single time. And he knows it, every single time. He doesn’t express doubt. He doesn’t wonder if Scully might be right, just this once. Scully’s never right, because that’s the character, so even though her objections are logical, reasonable, and backed by shitloads of actual evidence out in the real world, she’s wrong, because she’s Skeptical Sidekick and he’s Genius, that’s the movie they’re in.

Look at it that way, and their behavior suddenly makes a lot more sense.

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Some thoughts, occasioned by this.

If you don’t feel like clicking through right now, the upshot is that people tend to rent cathartic experiences, but own addictive ones. The examples the author uses are movies vs. music. The primary form of movie consumption, he argues, is the rental, but people tend to purchase music (these days, generally individual songs).

One-off freakazoid exceptions like “a new Star Wars movie on opening night” aside, nobody watches movies back to back. Even if you loved it,  you generally wait at least a year or so before you watch it again. It’s the narrative structure that does this, he argues. A movie takes you through the whole arc; it’s a big jolt of catharsis when it’s over, and you need time to recharge your emotional batteries. Honestly, how often do you re-watch the movies in your collection (if you even have one)? For most people, me included, it’s really more of a collection — I have a nice DVD box set of the Godfather films, but that’s because I was, at one point, the kind of guy who liked to think of himself as the kind of guy who owned a nice DVD box set of the Godfather films. I still like the movies, but I haven’t watched them in years. If I’m in the mood for a gangster flick, I’m much likelier to rent one I haven’t seen yet off Amazon than re-watch the ones I already own.

Songs, on the other hand, get replayed a lot. For instance, I know I’m getting a good workout in when the songs on my lifting playlist start repeating. It would be simple to have a constant stream of new music; Spotify etc. have “stations” devoted entirely to exercise, narrowed down by type of workout (stationary bike, weightlifting, etc.). But I’ve never heard of anyone actually using them for that purpose. Everyone I know has their playlist, and though they might tinker with it at the edges, it’s always the same songs, over and over. It’s like a whole series of little dopamine hits. If I get to “Ride the Lighting” the third time, I know I’m killing it… and hearing the song helps get me through that last set.

It’s an interesting theory that makes a lot of intuitive sense. I think it applies to other stuff as well, and is testable against the current unpleasantness.

The Establishment Left, I argue, sees street violence like a movie, in two different senses. The first, less important one is via narcissism. They’re narcissists, which means they see life as movie in which they’re the main character. Street violence, then, is just an action scene against which the hero — them — does heroic things. It’s the second, much more prosaic, sense that’s important here:

The Establishment Left seem to equate “participating in a riot” with “renting a movie.” You and your friends get together, pop some popcorn, drink some brews, topple some statues, hurl some bricks, wow, that was fun… and then back to Redbox it goes, to sit unremarked until it’s swapped out for something else. Rioting is cathartic for orcs of all races, lets ’em blow off a little steam every few years. It’s useful for cowing the Normals, and it’ll never get anywhere near my house, so why not rent one whenever the mood strikes? Lately they’ve grown tired of renting cut-rate “political thrillers” — Russiagate was just All the President’s Men with an all-retard cast — so why not rent Harold and Kumar Burn Down White Castle for a change of pace?

For the actual participants, though, rioting is getting to be a lot like listening to your favorite tunes when you’re working out — not only do you not get tired of it, the replays actually start to jazz you up after a while. It’s not catharsis, it’s addiction — and you own the addiction. The orcs, having gotten so many dopamine hits from being the center of attention, have to keep upping the ante. It’s not Social Justice: The Movie, it’s Social Justice Warrior: The Identity. Big difference, yuuuuuge.

Note that this is true no matter who wins this November. In a way, it’ll actually be worse for the Left if Biden wins. As we’ve remarked, the Establishment is desperate to stay in charge, to remain the star of the movie. If Biden wins, the orcs will be out for blood for real. The Left has to get them back on the leash… and they won’t have the Bad Orange Fascist to do it for them, or to take the blame. It’ll be interesting, to say the least.

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Today’s SJW is Tomorrow’s Obergruppenführer

or, when your choices are between “bad,” “worse,” and “almost inconceivably horrible,” pick “bad.”

This isn’t a new thought for the Regular Readers — we were up to, what, Twenty at one point? — but in case anyone new has stopped by recently, I’ve been banging on this drum a lot over the years. I think I can prove it to you. Moreover, I argue that the proof-of-concept won’t be long in coming, if the current mess goes a certain way.

First, the proof. Y’all know I think Vox Day is mostly hat and very few cattle, but the guy deserves every penny his writing ever made just for codifying the Three Laws of SJW. If you don’t recall them off the top of your head:

  1. SJWs always lie.
  2. SJWs always project.
  3. SJWs always double down.

You can niggle (yeah yeah, I denounce myself) around the edges of this, of course, and since there are a lot of spergs in Our Thing, let me add the stipulation up front: In any matter important to xzhyrm, SJWs always etc. Will an SJW give you accurate directions to the nearest post office? Sure… probably… if you’re not wearing a MAGA hat or anything… the point is, SJWs aren’t fundamentally opposed to telling the truth per se. It’s only when they speak ex cathedra about things central to their identities as SJWs that they always lie, project, and double down. Since “the location of the nearest post office” is unlikely to be of great socio-political import, they’ll give you accurate directions.

But consider something like race. This, I think we’ll all agree, is central to the SJW’s sense of xzhyrmself as an SJW. Specifically, considering xzhyrmself an anti-racist is central. Filter that through the Three Laws of SJW and you get….?

Proof is easy to find, as they let the mask slip surprisingly often, and never more than when and where they feel themselves strongest. You all remember Central Park Karen, of course, the impeccably Liberal White girl who threatened to — and did!!! — make a false police report on a Black guy while he was recording it on video, because she didn’t like the way he’d asked her to leash up her dog. Or consider the “safe space” Seattle’s Cosplay Communards have set up for “racial healing.” Do click on the link, please. You’ll see a video of White people herding Black people into a segregated area, for their own good.

Blacks know it, too:

The thing about [SJWs like the Central Park Karen] is, she is a liberal, she is an artistic director, she is a Tony winner, she is a producer, she teaches at Harvard, she is charismatic, she is an excellent public speaker and fundraiser, she puts on pretty dresses and speaks eloquently about how much she cares about diversity and inclusion. She has made her entire career about that. She works with black people. She believes she loves black people. She buys their work. And then, behind closed doors, she steals it.

That can’t end well.

Which brings us to the Third Law of SJW, the only one that is ever broken: SJWs always double down.

There is a point past which doubling down is impossible. Usually when that point is reached, the SJW just stops mentioning it and starts ostentatiously freaking out about some other outrage du jour (usually followed by massive stealth-edits of xzhyr social media timelines). I’m sure everyone in Our Thing remembers the lovely Mx. Amanda Marcotte, who really did seem ready to go down with the rape-ship about the Duke Lacrosse thing, but it’s common as dirt over there. I hope Bubba Wallace enjoys the remaining 32 seconds of his 15 minutes of fame…

… but that’s just the thing: Blacks themselves never forget. I took the Liberals’ advice and checked out “Black Twitter,” to better educate my honky ass. Yes, it’s a real thing, and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s always 1867 over there, and the night riders are just around the bend, noose in one hand, burning cross in the other.

There is no amount of gibs that will buy you one second’s grace from them. There’s no upper limit to the number of statues you must pull down, or the feet you must wash. A liberal-as-they-come Wisconsin state senator got his dumb ass seriously beaten after schlepping down to the riot to show racial solidarity. Here are his outstanding political accomplishments, straight off his own website:

  • “Russ Feingold Award for Service” by the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, “in recognition of a strong commitment to meeting the needs of seniors in Wisconsin” in 2007
  •  Named “Champion of Public Health” by the Wisconsin Public Health Association for 2007-08
  • Named “Conservation Champion” by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters for 2007-08
  • 98% lifetime “votes right” record with Labor
  • Named “Legislator of the Year” by Milwaukee’s Shepard Express in 2003 and 2008
  • Named “Legislator of the Year” by the Wisconsin Professional Fire Fighters in 2002
  • Several “Clean 16” environmental awards
  • Recognition for pro-environment voting record from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club and Clean Wisconsin Action Fund

You don’t get more obnoxiously Goodwhite than that… and he still got, in his own words,

Punched/kicked in the head, neck, ribs. Maybe concussion, socked [sic] in left eye is little blurry, sore neck & ribs. 8-10 people attacked me.

There’s no more doubling down to do after that. He’s done.

The other thing that SJWs who reach the point of no-more-doubling-down do, of course, is kill themselves. I’m dead (no pun intended) serious. Transgenders are the ultimate SJWs, the embodiment of the Three Laws — there is no lie, no projection that could possibly be bigger than pretending you’re really the opposite sex. They keep doubling down, and doubling down, and doubling down, until they can’t anymore… at which point they check out, at a truly horrifying rate:

transgender adults have a prevalence of past-year suicide ideation that is nearly twelve times higher, and a prevalence of past-year suicide attempts that is about eighteen times higher, than the U.S. general population. The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS), which is the largest survey of transgender people in the U.S. to date, found that 81.7 percent of respondents reported ever seriously thinking about suicide in their lifetimes, while 48.3 percent had done so in the past year. In regard to suicide attempts, 40.4 percent reported attempting suicide at some point in their lifetimes, and 7.3 percent reported attempting suicide in the past year.

Emphasis added, in case you needed it.

What happens, then, when SJWs start realizing that they can’t foot-wash their way to grace? Their standard ego-defense maneuver — running away and pretending it never happened — won’t work, because Blacks won’t let it. Do they start offing themselves in record numbers? I wouldn’t rule it out…

… but as ironclad as the Three Laws of SJW seem to be, the Three Laws of Thermodynamics are absolutely inviolate. The First one is relevant here:

total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed.

In other words, pendulums always swing back. Today’s SJW is tomorrow’s Obergruppenführer.


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Antimatter Marxism

For me, the most amusing feature of Clown World is that our Postmodern Marxists — the ones who can’t even spell “proletariat” — have proven that Karl Marx was 100% right. It’s a weird, antimatter kind of Marxism, but it’s the world we live in. Consider:

Marx argued that capitalism ends up making everything into a commodity (this is called “reification;” use it at least four times in six paragraphs if you want to ace your Soash 202 final). And by “everything,” he meant everything — art, love, beauty, friendship, all of it “is brought to the market, to be assessed at its truest value.” And he was right! The only thing is, “its truest value” turns out to be zero.

You can put the Mona Lisa on t-shirts, on posters… it should be a snap, with scanners and 3D printers, to turn out a plastic version indistinguishable from the real thing, right down to the smudges of Leonardo’s fingerprints (I hope I didn’t give just any aspiring art forgers an idea). So much for beauty, and as for friendship, well, who really keeps up with old friends anymore? Email killed letters, Facebook killed email, and we all know how Facebook works. “Gosh, Johnny was a great guy back in the days, but oh look, he posted a meme that is less than 100% condemnatory of Donald Trump. Unfriend!!!” Take it out as far as you please — if it isn’t totally in line with what you’re feeling right now, this second, then it’s useless, and into the trash bin it goes, because why not? It’s all just bytes and pixels.

See also: The current chimpout over statues, any statues, of anyone, anywhere. If it doesn’t make sense to you, read the above paragraph again. What could possibly be the point of a statue, any statue? It’s just some person who did something, as Ilhan Omar would say. There’s no point to having it up, and pulling it down feels good, so pull it down! The urge to destroy is also a creative urge, Bakunin said, and he too was right — since the Postmodern Marxist’s “life” is nothing but a constant act of self-fashioning, pulling down a statue is a small price to pay for a temporary virtue hit. Or — see above — it’s actually no price at all, because you could have a new statue up tomorrow, exactly like the original, for nothing.

Marx also said that capitalism reduces people to nothing but their labor. Again, he was 100% right, antimatter-style. Most of us have long suspected that lots of “jobs” out there are make-work. We even sensed it as kids. What could Mom and Dad possibly be doing all day, while we’re sitting in daycare or vegging out in front of MTV, that’s so all-fired important? I can’t for the life of me figure out what lawyers and CPAs do to keep themselves busy all day, to say nothing of the world’s customer service representatives. Hell, I was a customer service representative, back when high school and college kids could get boiler-room type jobs for summer work. The only real-world skill I learned was how to look busy for seven hours, given that I’d finished all my actual, productive tasks by 9 am.

That was thirty years ago. Thanks to the Kung Flu, it’s clear that “lots of jobs are make-work” really means something like “90% of jobs, at least, are make-work.” During the lockdown, I changed my insurance, got a routine physical, picked up some prescriptions, made some investments and liquidated some others, helped my sister’s kids with their homework, got a new pair of glasses, and, oh yeah, continued to work a full schedule at my bill-paying job… all remotely, without coming into physical contact with another living soul. So what earthly good are my insurance agent, my doctor, my pharmacists, my broker and banker, any teachers, my optometrist, let alone any of their support staff — receptionists, bookkeepers, back-office drones of all types?

Take it out a step further: What good am I, myself, under those circumstances, if I could still do my job 100% remotely? Surely I’m no exception to the attitude — already common before the Kung Flu, now nearly universal — that asks, “why can’t this be a smartphone app?” Answer: I’m not. I, too, could easily be a smartphone app.

If that ain’t alienation, so pure that Karl Marx must be getting a stiffie down in Hell, then buddy, nothing could be.

Draw what lessons from that you will. If you’ve actually read Marx, you know what his answer would be….

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A Crisis of Competence

Despite my speculations yesterday, the “NASCAR Noose” incident wasn’t a hoax. No no — it was far, far dumber than that. It turns out that someone, it’s not yet clear who, decided that an ordinary garage pull rope “resembled” a noose. Here it is:

Note the White guy wearing a suspiciously red hat.

Far be it from me to suggest that Mr. Wallace, who evidently isn’t very good at racing*, reported the “noose” himself as a cheap publicity stunt. If anything, my money would be on NASCAR itself reporting it. They’ve gotten some bad publicity of late, and what better way to jump ahead of the Ostentatious Twitter Virtue Parade than calling the FBI on themselves?

(Actually, I really do kinda hope they did this. You’ve evidently decided that “people who hate the kind of people who would actually watch NASCAR” are your real audience — as opposed to, say, folks who actually enjoy watching car racing — and nothing gets their thighs moist faster than a good racial hoax. Slick marketing, guys. But I digress…)

Rather, the interesting thing here is the information, presented as a throwaway in one of the “news” stories, that the FBI team investigating the fake noose had fifteen guys. Fifteen!!!

Now, part of that was marketing on the Feeb’s part, of course — they take incandescently obvious bullshit racial hoaxes very very seriously down Quantico way. But, like NASCAR phoning the “noose” complaint in themselves (if, in fact, they actually did), this is the kind of marketing that kills you in the long run.

Elliott Ness had like three guys with him to take down Al Capone’s entire Mafia empire. The slick ultramodern FBI needs fifteen to determine that nope, an ordinary garage pull rope — $4.95 at any AutoZone in the land — isn’t actually a tiny noose for African-American pygmies.

Regimes can survive crises of legitimacy. What they can’t survive is crises of competence.

A thoroughly illegitimate regime legitimizes itself by delivering the goods. Pick any usurper, anywhere, at any point in history — if he lives long enough to bring a modicum of peace and stability, by the end of his reign he’s God’s anointed. Then compare and contrast with the situation that got the old king usurped in the first place. Regimes can, and usually do, survive mad kings, bad kings, absentee kings. You can go down in history, in fact, as some kind of mythical super-leader despite fucking up pretty much every single one of your endeavors, so long as you project the proper air of confidence and competence.

What they never survive, almost without exception, are ostentatiously incompetent kings.

“Making the trains run on time” is one of the hackneyed joke phrases in Our Thing, but there’s a real meaning behind it, and we ought to reflect on what it is. America could survive a Donald Trump, even a Joe Biden, if the rest of the Federal apparatus were minimally competent — even, say, 1990 level competent (though they were no great shakes even back then). The longer this stuff drags on, the more obviously the government apparatus is revealed as a black joke.

It won’t end well.


*From what I’ve heard. I’d rather have a tooth pulled without anesthetic than watch NASCAR. Affirmative Action being what it is, though…
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