2 Legit Part 7: The Anticlimax

From the comments on part 6:

What I’m getting:

Sports are stupid, especially high school football. There’s no reason they are liked except for the feeling of community they offer. Teams do community outreach to build and maintain loyalty and profits.

So, since we see that loyalty is achievable, and it doesn’t matter if it’s real or unreal, the Dissident Right needs to…what? Give the people a reason to love and follow us? Make a good myth? Package our message right?

What cool and subtle thing are you getting at that I’m not understanding?

Nothing.  That’s it.  Except….

…. we’re not thinking this through.  In short, if you want a legitimate government for a modern nation-state that doesn’t rely on the Social Contract — that is to say, on the “so self-evidently false that even intellectuals can hardly believe it anymore” theory of Blank-Slate Equalism — you have two options:

  1. Naked force; or
  2. Some kind of organic “imagined community.”

Those are your choices.  There are no others.

Neither, you will note, bears any resemblance to “America” as currently constructed, nor to “America” as it was understood at any point in its past.  There will be blood — lots of it — achieving either.  Read the comments over there.  A lot of “us” seem to want this.  I can assure you, with 100% certainty, that “we” don’t.

Because, you see, options 1) and 2) up there are flipsides of the same coin.  You can’t have one without the other, and we have groaning shelves of books, entire libraries’ worth, of how it works out in practice.  There’s a word for the imposition of an organic imagined community on a modern nation-state.

That word is Völkisch.

If you can’t get past your mental images of a screaming man with a funny mustache — and you really must, since he’s muttering into his pilsner in a beer hall near you — read up on Japan in the 1920s and 30s.  The Japanese word for the same thing is kokutai; google it for a while.  Study the Imperial Rule Assistance Association, the National Spiritual Mobilization Movement, the May 15 Incident, the career of Kanji Ishiwara.  YOU DO NOT WANT THIS.  I promise you, you don’t.

Or, since it’s coming regardless, you want to see it as it’s unfolding, to protect — as best you can — you and yours.

The best part?  The Left — who call us Nazis all day, every day, and have done so for the last three decades — have nicely laid the foundation for all of it.  Constitutional government worked because the culture that birthed it believed in personal responsibility.  Your life was your own, and so long as you realized that your liberty to swing your fist ended where the other guy’s nose began (as the old saying was), you could live your life pretty much how you wanted (and if civilized life got to be too much of a drag, you could always move to the frontier).

Obviously, we don’t have that anymore.  Thanks to social media and half a century of Leftist badgering, our entire lives, cradle to grave, take place in public.  “Rights” have been completely unmoored from “duties,” such that public piety to the Current Year’s catechism is now the only measure of a man.  It’s a never-ending purity spiral.  It won’t stop, because it can’t stop, and when naked force finally shows itself — accept the charges, it’s Tommy Robinson calling — well, weren’t we all supposed to be in FEMA camps already?  George W. Obama may have dropped a stitch there, but the next guys won’t.  It’s the only logical outcome of living our whole lives online in a glorious multi-culti paradise.

So there you have it: The big reveal.  There are entire libraries’ worth of stuff on the intellectual and cultural underpinnings of Fascism.  I suggest reading a few, since pretty soon someone’s going to start using them as how-to manuals.

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4 thoughts on “2 Legit Part 7: The Anticlimax

  1. Rick

    Well, that pretty much sums up my thinking on the subject. There’s not a damn thing anyone can do, except for some Leader arising, motivating his mobs to kill, subjugate, enslave, and reward the faithful with Comfy Perches in the ashes of the aftermath.
    Would that we could go back to our small towns and local clubs. Nothing short of a massive reduction of the population could get us there; but would the remainder have the strength and smarts to re-build all that’s lost?
    Or, I’m completely wrong, the internet will “break”, and after a few weeks of misery we’ll all come together over a beer or two, and agree to disagree.
    Have a Happy Independence Day!

  2. Rod1963

    A descent into tyranny? Quite probable, Though it will come after a bloodbath.

    The Left has done itself no favors by demonizing whites, their culture and openly wanting them die or be killed off. And what do the elite do now? Generate even more hate towards whites and those duly elected who don’t fit their SJW profile.

    Maybe they think whites will just lay down and die like they did in Rhodesia? Well a lot of them will. But there a lot of others who will go hunting.

    Whites don’t want this fight, we really don’t, but the alternative is the grave.

  3. ErisGuy

    . I suggest reading a few, since pretty soon someone’s going to start using them as how-to manuals.

    Start using them as manuals!? They describe how our modern “communities” (dare I mention which ones) were invented as “minorities” and “protected classes.”

    1. Severian

      That’s 100% backasswards. The one thing you absolutely do not want to be in a Fascist society is a member of an easily-identifiable minority group.

      That’s the reason — the real reason, not Illuminati Bilderberg conspirazoid crap — that Jews were all in on Socialism then, and globalism now: It makes them part of an ever-larger majority. It’s the reason most surviving European Jews fled, not to Israel, but to America — Israel is a tiny country; an itty-bitty minority lost in an implacably hostile majority. In America, it’s easy to disappear into the majority — so long as you don’t walk around introducing yourself Alcoholics Anonymous-style (“hi, I’m Schlomo Goldstein, and I’m a Jew!”) nobody knows or cares.

      The whole trick behind Nouveaux Fascism, or whatever we want to call what’s coming, is to come up with a set of invented traditions that does away with “minorities” and “protected classes,” while focusing on an external enemy. If Jews are half as scheming and Machiavellian as the more excitable folks in Our Thing insist they are, then they’ll be the first ones crying up Teh New Patriotic Hotness (or whatever stupid Millennial shit we’ll end up calling it). Keep an eye on AIPAC, then, and see what they come up with.

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