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GOP Analysis From a “Friendly” Atheist

Not that the GOP isn’t guilty of straying further from limited government… but …

I read this post from someone who calls himself “The Friendly Atheist” quoting a book by CJ Werleman on why atheists can’t be Republicans.

It’s apparently because Republicans are “stupid”.

Well they do have a crappy P.R. wing, for sure. If you can’t sell liberty and economic and religious freedom, your P.R. sucks. And it admittedly does.

One thing that stuck out was that the author stated: “America can’t become great again by making the rich richer and constantly repeating the word “no.””

Two things — apparently the author believes that America was once great. When was that? What changed?

The second is, examine what Republicans are saying “no” to before deciding whether or not that’s a good thing. Especially if they are saying “no” to more of the changes that have lost America her “greatness” … “No” is the right thing to say.

America can’t become great again by spending itself into oblivion, either. More top-down Federal Government isn’t the solution to every problem. It’s not the solution to most problems. Unfortunately it is seen as a shortcut to coercing others to do what you want them to do against their will. Which is why its power was limited the way it was by design.

Which is why there are indeed lots of Atheist Republicans no matter what disparaging names the “Friendly” Atheist calls them for their intellectual heresies. The nature of political parties is that lots of people with different beliefs come together in agreement on some core things, and they argue and even compromise over others. Thus it has ever been, and thus it will always be as long as there is, to use the catch phrase of the day, diversity — of thought — and freedom to express and peruse our own.

The book’s subtitle also says an atheist can’t be a Republican “if facts and evidence matter” and then the poster proceeds to post an excerpt  that goes through a litany of dubious claims, hyperbole, and outright falsehoods that fly in the face of facts. (my comments in color)

The Grand Old Party (GOP) is not only a theocratic sponsor (based on what, exactly? That it champions religious liberty, freedom of association, and free speech? That it recognizes and embraces the cultural heritage of the Republic? Or that it believes that at the very least late-term partial-birth-abortions are murder?) it’s a party that has been proven wrong on just about everything in the past three decades or more: from evolution (while most Republicans believe Darwin was right, they also believe in the right to believe whatever you want about it — it has not been, nor can it be “proven” that there is no conscious creator) to climate change (the Republicans are dead right on climate change as the data shows, and even the IPCC is backpedaling on its alarmist predictions in the wake of the release of the E. Anglian CRU emails and the fact that there has been no sign of warming for about 15 years — despite increased carbon emissions), trickle-down economics (the Republicans are right about trickle-down economics as well), that the Iraqis would greet us as liberators (well there weren’t parades in the streets, no. Partly because many of their brethren would kill them if they did – witness the mass executions going on in Iraq right now that we’re gone carried out by people who now have control over quite a stockpile of that “non existent” chemical weaponry. They were definitely happy to be rid of Saddam Hussein, but thanks to the U.S. telling the new Caliphate when they could expect us to leave, they’re headed toward as bad or worse), that the Bush tax cuts would lead to jobs . It didn’t. (they did lead to jobs, which is why the Obama administration was reluctant to get rid of them too close to an election. That’s because Obama is more interested in being the arbiter of wealth redistribution, not in an increase in jobs) It added $3 trillion to the debt. (First, spending leads to debt, not reduction in income. And lowering tax rates doesn’t even necessarily lead to a reduction in revenue and more often, in fact, leads to an increase in revenue as even President Obama admitted in the 2008 debates. That being said, it was mainly the Afghan and Iraq wars that added more [than was already being added] to the debt. If this is a measure that leads you not to vote Republican, then atheists definitely shouldn’t vote Democrat, either after the “stimulus” and the fact that the debt has increased almost $7 trillion in the last 6 years.) They were wrong when they said the stimulus would trigger inflation (I dunno, been to the grocery store lately?), that austerity stimulates an economy in recession (I don’t think anyone said that, but it doesn’t mean we should rack up debt, either – because that clearly doesn’t work and just leaves us more debt) and that universal healthcare is worse than slavery (now he’s being just as silly as the Democrats who call them “terrorists” when they stand up for their principles), and they continue to prescribe debunked policies — “debunked” – as in Paul Krugman wrote articles excoriating them — but Paul Krugman et. al. have a religious belief in Keynesian economics that they will never back down from despite the data and evidence).  That is when they aren’t carrying out a reenactment of the American Civil War in the chambers of the U.S. Congress i.e. obstruction, nullification, and disruption (because Democrats never do any of this when they’re in the minority while Republicans push policy the Democrats disagree with.  And speaking of the American Civil War, where the Republicans fought to end slavery and in some states nullified the Federal Fugitive Slave act … and otherwise obstructed attempts to preserve institution of slavery … THAT American Civil War?)

It’s clear where the author’s loyalty lies, and it is in the self-anointed progressive oligarchy that wants to dictate to people that they must accommodate and serve that which they find abhorrent if the elite say so, that religious liberty is an afterthought … it’s ok as long as it doesn’t conflict with what they believe, and that fruits of your labor belong first to the collective and they’ll decide how much of it you get to keep.  Otherwise you’re “costing them money”.

A pox on this kind of “friendliness”.

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