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Am I Insane? Part III [UPDATED]

The Z Man, quoting cuck columnist Ross Douthat:

In an unhealthy system, the kind I suspect we inhabit, the Republicans will find a way to crush Trump without adapting to his message. In which case the pressure the Donald has tapped will continue to build — and when it bursts, the G.O.P. as we know it may go with it.

It would seem to me that the collapse of half the two-party system would be, as Joe Biden might say, a big f’n deal.  That hasn’t happened since 1856, and the next election after the Whigs took a dirt nap was, ummmm…. problematic.

So why is nobody speculating about what comes next?

Imagine a country ruled by two kings — a sort of Austria-Hungary deal, except with two actual, co-equal monarchs.  Now, imagine that King A is on his deathbed, and King B ain’t looking so healthy either.

Wouldn’t everybody in the country have an opinion on what happens when A finally kicks the bucket?  Wouldn’t the pundit class spend every hour of every day poring through the constitution, or the common law, or whatever, to see what’s supposed to happen next?  Wouldn’t the tabloids be flooding the stands with dirt on every potential successor out to the Nth generation?  Wouldn’t there be just the teensiest tiniest hint of, I dunno, panic, given what almost always happens in a succession crisis?

But Douthat, writing in the New York Times, is blase.  He all but says the GOP is toast, and… that’s it.  No followup whatsoever.  And it’s not just the NYT.  I’ve seen it on big political blogs — Ace of Spades, Stacy McCain, they all declare the GOP a dead party walking, and then… post some other stuff about an entirely different subject.  Obviously I haven’t scoured the whole internet, but so far as I’m aware, the only guy to ever even pose what seems like an incandescently obvious question is… me.

Which is why I wonder if I’m crazy.  Maybe it’s only blindingly obvious to me, because I’m looking at the world through a cracked lens.


UPDATE (9/1/2015): Ben Domenech, the Federalist:

Donald Trump could transform the Republican Party into a coalition focused on white identity politics. We’ve seen this in Europe, and it’s bad.

OK!  People are starting to get the message… oh, no, wait.  He’s talking about fucking France:

Consider what it would look like for America to follow the path of France, devolving toward a new two-party system which has on the one hand a center-left / technocratic party, full of elites with shared pedigrees of experience and education, and on the other a nativist right/populist party, which represents a constant reactive force to the dominant elite.

Dude: We have that now.  The only difference is, our Republicans are only pretending to be “a constant reactive force to the dominant elite.”  Because, of course, they too are the dominant elite.  This is what Ace of Spades calls “Failure theater.”  He’s written a few zillion posts on it, and I’m 99% sure you read him regularly.  Look it up.

Domenech continues:

That antithesis usually is illiberal and adopts an aesthetic of anger, because it is the sort of citizenry that the administrative state produces, and because it is in the interest of that state to have that sort of enemy. Everyone who believes in the values that the administrative state at least claims to support and defend — societal pluralism, common decency, some sort of liberalism — gravitates toward it on Election Day. This is a story repeated across Europe – and in rare places like Hungary, we see what happens when the populist-right actually wins, and it isn’t pretty.

Ye cats.  Hungary, he says.  Hungary.

The United States has a long and storied revolutionary tradition.  “The tough outsider who takes on The Establishment” is America’s contribution to the world’s collective store of mythology.  And we have more guns per capita than most nations’ actual militaries.  That paragraph is Caesarism for Dummies, and he thinks the worst possible outcome is… Hungary.

Am I crazy?  Please tell me I’m crazy.

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Call the Ahnenerbe

I’m fairly certain he’s just trolling at this point. But here’s the thing — Heartiste is an historically literate guy.  How many of the genpop are?  Given the woeful state of American education, how many people have ever heard of the Ahnenerbe?

How many data points make a trend?

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Ahhh, “science,” you never fail to let me down.

Many Psychology Findings Not as Strong as Claimed, Study Says.

And here I thought that all those “conservatives are hating haters what hatingly hate, and are stupid poopy-heads too” studies being brought forth with such regularity by our nation’s psych departments were rock solid.

Next you’re going to be telling me that the polar ice is as thick now as it was in the Seventies, or there’s been no measurable surface warming in fifteen years, or some such nonsense.

Because science.

Squirty could not be reached for comment

Squirty could not be reached for comment


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Am I Insane? Part II

I really wanna know, y’all.  Because I’m 100% convinced of something that seemingly everyone else in the whole world views the complete opposite way.

I say they’re stuck in the old paradigms — they don’t realize the world has shifted.

They… well, they don’t say anything, because this is a blog with about four readers, two of whom only come here to tell me how wrong I am.  But if they ever did read RC, they’d think I’m building an elaborate delusion bubble — one billion Chinese can’t be wrong, &c.

Anyway, it’s going to be clear soon enough who’s right.

That “Allahpundit” guy at Hot Air, re: rumors that Fox’s Roger Ailes is out to get Teh Donald:

Both Trump and Ailes concluded independently that they have more to lose by waging this war than by reaching detente. For Ailes, Trump is a threat to Fox’s populist cred. Their whole gimmick is that they’re giving you fair and balanced news that left-leaning establishment outfits won’t; now Trump is telling conservatives that Fox is part of the establishment itself. That’s awful for the brand.

That part is half right, half bullshit of the purest ray serene.  The supposedly-fair-and-balanced, but really-mouthpiece-for-the-GOP, network attacking a guy that would win the Republican nomination in a landslide if it were held today IS bad for the network’s brand.

It is, however, fantastic for Trump’s brand.  And here’s why I keep thinking I’m crazy, because nobody seems to see the 800 lb gorilla in the room:  Trump’s shtick is attacking The Establishment.  A huge media conglomerate like Fox is, by every conceivable definition, part of The Establishment.  I’m half tempted to ask Morgan to put up something on his site about this and attribute it to George Washington, just so his fucking Cuttlefish trolls can chime in with their patented circle-jerk-on-the-dictionary routine.

The Media is The Establishment.  Fox is part of The Media.  How fuckin’ hard is that?

Look! An 800 lb. gorilla!  Am I the only one seeing this?

Look! An 800 lb. gorilla! Am I the only one seeing this?

Allahpundit continues:

For Trump, meanwhile, sneering at Megyn Kelly has some downside with no real upside. It makes him look petty to still be whining about the debate three weeks later, especially at the expense of the most widely respected member of the Fox primetime (and arguably the most influential woman news anchor on TV right now). Even Ingraham, a loyal Trump defender, is on him here for wasting his time picking fights with Kelly when he could be talking about immigration instead. There’s just no money in this feud for either side, unless/until Trump is finally ready to do an interview with Kelly herself. There’ll be some money in that, I dare say.

Au contraire.  Sneering at Megyn Kelly — and Laura Ingraham, and whoever else — is an integral part of the shtick, because they are The Establishment.  Let’s break him out again:

Here, maybe this will help:

2013-02-08-SadGorillaGivingFingerI just can’t grok how people who are so perceptive about the other side’s failings have zero understanding of our own.  You know how Our Betters, the Liberals, are forever exempting themselves from their own rules?  Like, they crow about how they’re all tolerant and inclusive and whatnot, then throw out everything and everyone that doesn’t agree with them 100%?  Or, they assume that if you raise taxes on something, people will still keep doing it, because nobody responds to incentives?  It’s infuriating, ain’t it?

We are doing the same damn thing, y’all.  We’re somehow pretending that Fox isn’t part of The Establishment, even though they’re the one and only mainstream “conservative” news chanel in the entire world.  We’re somehow pretending that Megyn Kelly isn’t what Rachel Maddow is to them — a mascot, a flagship, whatever you want to call it.  And we somehow can’t grasp — and this baffles me above all else — that The Media, of which Fox is a major part, cannot, can NOT, deep-six Trump in any conventional way.  If they attack him, they prove his point.  If they “no platform” him, they lose a gazillion eyeballs.  Indeed, the only way The Media can sink him is by devoting every single second of airtime to him — following him around with a camera and an open mic 24/7 and waiting for him to do or say something unforgiveably egregious.  And they won’t do that, because they hate him, even as he makes their ratings explode.

Lastly, there’s this:

There’s just no money in this feud for either side, unless/until Trump is finally ready to do an interview with Kelly herself. There’ll be some money in that, I dare say.

Dude, you’re clearly not grasping the core concept here. Trump would be seventeen kinds of stupid to even be in the same building as Megyn Kelly before he secures the nomination.  At that point, sure, make nicey-nice (by which I mean, demand “how ya gonna help me beat the Dems?”). But sitting down with major media figures — conventionally known as The Enemy to anyone remotely conservative — is something ordinary politicians do, and the minute people think Trump’s just another politician, he’s toast.

That’s my read, anyway.  What do y’all think?  Do I have a case, or should I send for the men in the white coats?

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“[This] Could be Trump’s 2016 Campaign Poster” – UPDATED

Indeed it could.

Black perp, white victim is, of course, the norm for interracial crime, but you’ll never, ever see it in the media.  This scumbag, though, shot a white girl on live television.  Then Tweeted about it.

That’s pretty hard to ignore (though our totally nonpartisan, completely nonbiased media will give it the ol’ college try — cue a zillion “gun control” stories).

If I were Trump, I’d get this — quietly, untraceably — to every friendly media operation I could.  I’d do my level best to make a martyr out of the girl.  Then, about a week from now, I’d fold the whole thing into a comprehensive “Law and Order” speech with the illegals.

[I’d also let it be known, nudge-nudge wink-wink, that while of course he deplores any kind of retaliation, the kinds of folks who tweet things like “two white people got killed…The world is becoming a better place” kinda sorta deserve it, and such actions — though they would surely be punished! — wouldn’t be punished too severely in his administration].

I think it’s starting, y’all.  Everyone could play this as a creepy weirdo loner snapping — which is 99.9% likely what it actually is — but it could easily go another way entirely.  Watch to see how much coverage this gets, and from where.

UPDATE: Just as I’m hitting publish on this, I see this at Ace of Spades.

One of my main contentions in these Trump posts is that the average American hates the media even more than they hate politicians.  Media people don’t recognize this, because they’re the dumbest critters in captivity… though to be fair, they’re not really looking at the commentary on their coverage; they’re only seeing ratings and clicks go up up up.

A large part of Trump’s appeal is that he tells it “like it is” (feel free to add as many asterisks as you think that needs)… as opposed to The Establishment, who tell nothing but ridiculous lies.

An even larger part of Trump’s appeal, though, is that he tells it “like it is” (ditto) to the media — who tell enough ridiculous, egregious, parsecs-wide whoppers every day to make the GOP look like paragons of honesty.  There is enormous power in being the first to articulate what everyone knows.  And everyone knows that:

  • illegals are destroying our economy
  • The Establishment profits from that
  • The media and The Establishment are the same thing
  • Both political parties look on average Americans with withering contempt
  • and that goes 100x for the media
  • who don’t even bother hiding it, because they think we’re too stupid to spot The Narrative.

If I were Trump, not only would I publicize this incident far and wide, I’d start screaming about gross media malfeasance, along the lines Ace writes in his piece.  “Why are you fanning the flames of race hate, media”?

At this point, I’m really starting to think he could win the White House in a landslide with just a few simple moves.

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In It to Win It? – UPDATED (2x)

It’s some anonymous guy on the internet, so take it for what it’s worth.  But this dude thinks so.  Trump’s hiring bigleague legal people and setting up a ground game operation:

The firm is Jones Day lawfirm in DC. The senior partner, Donald F. McGahn, is a former FEC commissioner.

If he has retained a major political lawfirm he’s going for the goal. He’s serious. And most of the analysis is missing it.

This is either the best or the worst thing he could do.  I’ve been saying for a long time that he needs a Party — a grassroots, GOTV team.  This may be that.  On the other hand, these guys are “insiders” with “experience.”  If they’re GOP insiders, the only experience they have is losing elections by trying to out-Democrat the Democrats.  The minute Trump is seen as “just another politician,” he’s toast.

If Teh Donald really understands the source of his appeal, he’ll keep it as maverick as possible, and these guys deeeeep in the shadows.  One data point in his favor — again, always from my perspective — is this.

“Unhinged Trump.”  Ace of Spades, where I got the link, says Trump is “still fixated on Megyn Kelly.”  N.b. that I am speaking here as a Trump campaign consultant (and D, I do work cheap… call me, baby) and that he’s serious about becoming our Fuhrer:

Smacking Megyn Kelly around is absolutely the smartest thing he could possibly do.

Remember that the Trump appeal is first, foremost, and always ANGER.  He’s against “the Establishment,” “politics as usual,” and “political correctness,” all of which combine in many folks’ minds into a toxic slurry called C-H-I-C-K S-T-U-F-F.  It ain’t men telling you what you can’t say or do or think or be; it’s chicks.  Their endless quest for security, their shrieking, their unabashed love for totalitarianism, their backstabbing, their hyper-emotionalism, their utter refusal to even grok the very concept of reason.  It’s this

occupy girl2and this

hillaryshoppedand this

vJL5ldand this fucking thing

B-uDP6fWkAE9mr8Y’all do know that Trump leads among women, and his lead is increasing, yes?  Even women can’t stand those gruesome harpies up there.  They have brought us to this.  They have got to go.  And Trump is the man to do it.

Now, who represents them better than Megyn Kelly?  She’s young, she’s blonde, she’s cute, she’s got a cutesy special snowflake spelling of her name ….

and she’s very obviously a paid attack dog who came at him first.

Trump is doing what every beta male has dreamed of since junior high.  The head cheerleader made fun of him, and he told that fucking bitch to blow him, right there in front of the whole school.

[Again — still speaking as a campaign consultant here.  These are not my personal views].

Best of all, she’s a Republican. Attacking Rachel Maddow wouldn’t get him anywhere; that’s who he’s supposed to be fighting. Ditto Rosie O’Donnell.  They can’t stand him, and would never vote for him on party affiliation alone.  But Megyn Kelly is supposed to be on “our” side.  Remember, Establishment = PC = feminism, in the minds of so, so many of our fellow countrymen.

And he just pimp-slapped it.  Again.

I say again (speaking as me now) — the electorate, ALL of it, has been radicalized.  For a LOT of people — I’m guessing, for the numerical majority of our fellow Americans — all that’s left is anger.  Trump — so far — seems to know exactly how to play to that anger.

If his fancy-pants insider crew knows it, too, he’s gonna win.

God help us.


UPDATE: This is the conventional view of Trump vs. Megyn Kelly.  Ace’s take is that Trump is a whiny emo kid who can’t stop obsessing over a chick who didn’t fawn all over him.  Obviously, I disagree.  While I think there’s maybe some butthurt in Teh Donald somewhere, I doubt there’s much.  Trump has lots of experience with major media figures shitting on him, and it hasn’t seemed to bother him yet.  I say his attacks on Megyn Kelly are deliberate tactical moves — quite good ones.

Just as obviously, one of us is wrong.  Let’s keep tabs on the results.

UPDATE #2: Megyn Kelly, crypto-liberal.  I honestly don’t know.  Except when stuck in waiting rooms, I haven’t watched the tv news in at least a decade.  I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen Megyn Kelly outside of embedded clips on blogs.  But based on my very limited experience, I have never understood all the righty love for Fox News in general, and Kelly in particular.

Whenever media bias comes up with my lefty friends, I always tell them:  “Just because the New York Times is to the right of the Daily Worker, that does not make the NYT ‘right wing.’  They’re clearly hyperpartisan liberals…. if not quite as liberal as y’all would like.”  Whenever I see Fox clips, I think, “these guys are the ‘conservatives’?”  Being to the right of MSNBC also does not make a station “right wing.”  Fox is, at best, GOP TV — you know, the GOP that tried to sell us on RomneyCare as some kind of conservative socialized medicine, and that considers amnesty-lovin’, 84 IQ flashin’, ¡Yeb! fuckin’ Bush its golden boy.  “Diddling the welfare state’s switches a little bit slower” is NOT a conservative position.  But it is the GOP’s position, and Fox is all about that.

As for Megyn Kelly in particular… well, she’s a chick.  I’m not saying it’s impossible for a female to be a conservative — Baroness Thatcher, God rest her soul, comes to mind — but being a chick and a network bobblehead and a conservative is a trick that would get a 10 from even the French judge.  I guess I’ve always assumed she’s as conservative as she can be in her situation, which is….. not very.  She’s as conservative as the GOP Establishment is, in other words.

Which is why I repeat: Flipping her off in public is widely perceived as flipping off The Establishment, which is the alpha and omega of Trump’s appeal.

We’ll see what we see.

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A Modest Proposal

for Trump supporters:  Let’s take the man at his word.  What, exactly, would it entail to enact his immigration policy?

First you have to identify the targets to be deported.  He mentioned stopping remittances to Mexico until Mexico builds a border wall.  So: Probling into all currency transfers south of the border.  I assume lots of this stuff is monitored anyway by the DEA, but now we have to monitor all amounts, all the time.

Another good way to find illegals is to check school enrollments.  Thanks to Moonbeam Jerry Brown and his co-religionists, states like California have all kinds of illegals on the books right now.  All CA school district enrollment lists shall be turned over to ICE.  You’d make martyrs of a couple administrators who’d refuse to comply, but not many — when I think moral courage, “middle school registrar” doesn’t crack the top 1,000,000.  All you’d really need to do is buy off the teachers’ unions.  Trump — a real estate mogul — knows a few things about dealing with unions.

Medical records are another good access point. As anyone who isn’t a Kos kool-aid drinker knows, hospitals were required to treat all patients at the ER, whether or not they had insurance, from way back.  Obamacare just made that part of the process a whole lot easier.  Thanks, Obama!

[You might notice that this is starting to sound like Gleichschaltung for Dummies.  Who’da thunk it?]

That’s a pretty good start at listing all the illegals who have had some kind of contact with the American state.  Throw in police records and the thousands already known to ICE (and the many already detained), and you can start throwin’ ’em out for the low low price of giving federal goons unprecedented access to all manner of records, public and private.

Then we’d need a vastly expanded ICE force, to do the rounding-up. And all those newly hired federal employees would need ten times more employees just to handle the paperwork.  Then there’s trucks, tactical armor, weapons, detention facilities (with lots of guards)… hey, is Manzanar still around?  Dust that baby off… we’re gonna need it.

Sad to say, you know the whole roundup thing isn’t going to go swimmingly.  The Latin gangs in LA, for instance, have better guns, and way more experience, than any federal agency short of the Army.  We might actually have to mobilize the National Guard for some of the larger roundup operations… chalk up another huge, intrusive apparatus, to check for all those guardsmen (and active duty military!) who aren’t citizens, and might not want to muzzle-thump abuelitas back home.

But let’s say all goes as planned.  Now: how do we transport our former Undocumented Amerifriends back home?  That’s going to take some major infrastructure, no?  Are we gonna do that before the wall is built, or after?

Oh, and speaking of the wall: it’s a pretty good album, but overrated, don’t you think?  Haha, I’m kidding.  But seriously: As anyone who has taken a basic European history class knows, World War I didn’t start with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.  Technically, it started when Austria-Hungary’s unmeetable-by-design demands were rejected by the Kingdom of Serbia.  That’s what tends to happen when one country makes impossible demands on others, backed with the threat of military force. The Serbs couldn’t give in to Austria-Hungary, because it was impossible… so they fought, even though they knew they’d lose.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I think most people would consider “build a huge wall at your expense, while permitting trains of deportees to pass through to points south, all on our timetable and under our direct supervision” to be an unmeetable demand.  The kind that no self-respecting country could possibly accept, even if it meant war, even if they knew they’d lose.

[Oh, and y’all know that Central America is a narrow little itty bitty strip of land, right?  Guatemala, Honduras, Panama… any one of those countries could close its borders with a few boy scout troops, leaving the nations to the north holding the bag (the bag, in this case, being lots of pissed-off deportees who have proven successful at escape and evasion).  So, you know, an all-way defensive war in Central America isn’t out of the question, either.

But let’s say we figure all that out, and the country is now Aztecrein.  All those jobs Americans won’t do are now standing vacant.  Hooray…?  The reason so many delicious edibles are so cheap these days is because labor costs are near zero.  Not anymore — not with fatass Americans with liberal arts degrees out there in the fields, all of whom need comprehensive medical care if they’re on 30+ hours a week (thanks, Obama!), all of whom will be just dying to join unions, will need 2 weeks’ worth of paid vacation a year, etc. etc.  I know I personally am willing to pay $15 a pound for tomatoes — it’s the price of American Greatness — but others may not be so patriotic…

…especially all those now-unemployed ICE guys, who did their jobs so well that we have no further need of their services. All however many dozen thousand of them, all with lots of, shall we say, “crowd control” experience, and who now have nothing to do.

Fun times, eh?

So whaddaya say, Trump supporters?  Y’all in?

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Red Team – Blue Team (UPDATED)

I’ve said it a million times, but I’m gonna say it again:  Fascism –national socialism — is inevitable, because people want national socialism.

The key word ain’t “socialism.”  It’s “national.”  Let me quote the Z Man:

In Europe we’re seeing old Left and old Right locking arms opposing immigration. On the other side are the kept men of the ruling class. A similar thing is brewing in America. Look at the sympathetic, if somewhat bemused, coverage of Bernie Sanders by the Dissident Right. Something similar is happening on the Left with regards to Trump.

And that, y’all — Old Left and Old Right locking arms — is as Weimar as shooting morphine in a cabaret.  It’s how Hitler came to power, in seven words.

Z Man again:

The elites imagine a world like the college campus. At the top are the trustees who hire administrators to culture and cultivate the undergraduates who live communal lives. The new definition of socialism is the redistribution of happiness and self-actualization by a cloud people who rule as if they are gods.

Actually, that’s the old definition of socialism, too.  Remember this?

Their dream – the Communist Society – was a free association of completely free men, where no separation between ‘private and common interest’ existed: a society where ‘everyone could give himself a complete education in whatever domain he fancied’…In their Communist Society… a man would be given ‘the possibility to do this today and that tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, to go fishing in the afternoon, to do cattle breeding in the evening, to criticise after dinner’, as he chose (‘The German Ideology’, MEGA, 1/5).

It’s all the same; only the names have changed, as George Washington once said.

It’s fun to remind Our Betters, the Liberals, that the Nazis were national socialists, but they weren’t, really — by 1933, the Nazis had purged the actual, doctrinaire socialists from their ranks.  I personally doubt if Hitler even remembered half the 25 Points, which he didn’t write and infrequently mentioned.  A vote for the Nazi Party, then, wasn’t a vote for a particular set of concrete policy proposals.  It was a vote for a worldview, an attitude — for action, any action, that would shake up the status quo and let Germans be German again.

Putting it as plainly as I can: The average Weimar voter understood “socialism” to mean something like “the rich are a little poorer, the poor are a little richer, and nobody goes to bed hungry.”  But nationalism, now… they understood that very well.  “Nationalism” meant “revenge on the global elites who brought us to this.”

Sound familiar?

I’d bet that the average American who knows the names “Mark Zuckerberg” and “George Soros” wants them strung up from the nearest lamppost.  They’d take the major economic dislocations that would come from closing the borders — and the quasi-police state it would take to keep them closed — so long as their leaders were actual Americans again, not cloud-cuckoolanders who might as well be Martians for all they know or care about the country they consider it their birthright to manage.

Life will be a bit poorer, a bit meaner, a bit grayer… but we’ll still have our iCrap, and by God, we can actually be Americans again.

Red Team – Blue Team has no idea about any of that.  And the people who are freaking out about Trump and Sanders had better goddamn well hope one of them wins… or things get real interesting, real fast.

UPDATE: Y’all feelin’ me yet?

The donor class is centrist and pro-amnesty and Walker’s depending upon their cash to keep him running well into next summer. If he goes hard right to keep pace with Trump, some of his backers may abandon ship and move over to Rubio as the other electable guy in the race who’s not named “Bush.”

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“The Game is Rigged”

Really?  You’re just figuring this out now?

If you do not specify, well in advance, the criteria that will be used to make a decision, you can post-hoc choose which criteria to include, and how to weight each criterion, in order to give you the panel that you already had in mind.

See, this is why I keep wondering if I’m insane.  Ace has been in the blog big leauges forever; he actually talks to people most of us just speculate about.  But, dude… you know the media are like, all mega-liberals, right?

I mean… right?

So let’s ask ourselves: Who do the mega-liberal, grrrrl power, ovary-overdrive bottle blondes in the media really really REALLY want to be president?

“I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” has been playing on constant loop in every media enclave in America since approximately November 7, 2012.  They’ve been writing “Vote Hillary, because vagina” newsitorials on autopilot for the last two years now, and they’ve got another 5.3 million in the queue as we speak.  There’s a total embargo on the Planned Parenthood horrors because — and only because — it would mess up their “chicks all think one way on everything” heuristic.

Carly Fiorina — an obviously real, biological female– would throw all that for a loop.  And since they can’t hit-piece her to death like they did Sarah Palin — again, “Woman X good, Woman Y bad” would break their little pea brains — Carly Fiorina will not be allowed at the grownups’ table.  No matter what.

The media want what they want.  This is coextensive with, but not always quite equal to, what the Democratic Party wants (the Dems would surely prefer less Trump, more hit pieces on Jeb’s “real” opponents).  And the media really really really really really really REALLY wants Hillary Clinton to be president.

How is this so hard to understand?


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