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Tinfoil Hats in History

It’s really tough to separate an idea from its adherents.  A major reason folks aren’t drawing lessons from recent history, I’m starting to think, is because it’s hard to see the useful bits in among the sludge.

I can’t count the number of times, for instance, that I’ve written something to the effect of “people don’t understand Fascism because they can’t stop thinking about Hitler.”  Nazism is so comically theatrical that we forget there were real ideas under the armbands and the mustache and the snazzy Hugo Boss uniforms.  I tried to get around this by talking about Japan, but — aside from the fact that this history isn’t widely known — people still seem to be under the impression that, because the Fascists lost the war, Fascism is completely discredited.

It’s not.  China is doing national socialism right this very minute.  But because the Chinese have sludge of a different sort — they claim to be communists, and people believe them — that’s not a viable option either.  So I write about the F-word, and people still think I’m talking about the Waffen-SS goose stepping down Main Street.

Or take the Confederacy.  Those guys were absolutely right about the Constitution.  The government the Founders intended looked way more like what they were trying to do in Richmond than anything that has ever come out of Washington.  The 14th Amendment is a joke, imposed at bayonet point.  But we can’t even talk about theories of republican government in this country, because slavery.  This is not to say slavery wasn’t a monstrous evil, but just as corporatism doesn’t necessarily, logically entail jackboots and armbands, so proclaiming the 14th Amendment to be a huge mistake doesn’t entail a burning desire to bring back Jim Crow.

Which is the point I was trying to make in a comment, below.  By waving the anti-semite flag, folks on the alt-right are making it impossible to discuss any of their other ideas.  Steve Sailer, for example, likes to joke about how big league pundits obviously read him, but never give him any credit or invite him on any of their shows.  He should be thanking his lucky stars for that.  Right now, the networks don’t want to take the very real risk he’d start foaming at the mouth and spouting Protocols of the Elders of Zion shit.

Trust me: If alt-right ideas ever start gaining real traction — if Trump conclusively wins the next debate, say — that’s exactly what the networks are going to do.  They’ll trot out Sailer and Co. and start asking them loaded questions about Israel.

And then we’re sunk.

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The “Alt-Right” in a Nutshell

Human biodiversity rules!  Intelligence is the only thing that matters in a postindustrial economy.  There is nothing but IQ, IQ and race are inseparable, and that’s why blacks, Mexicans, etc. always lag behind whites in the first world.  Biomechanics is god!!!


But the Jews?  Conspiracy!!!  Never mind all that stuff we just said about IQ being the only thing that matters, that biomechanics is god, etc etc.  Yes yes, IQ and race are inseparable, and IQ is the only thing that matters, but there’s no way the Jews and their top-of-the-heap group IQ could ever have risen to the top honestly.  It’s simply not possible that a group with the highest average brainpower could disproportionately excel in fields that take a lot of brainpower, like finance….. but, ummm… biomechanics is god!!!!

Handing a microphone to these fucking tinfoil heads won’t be the worst aspect of Trump’s presidency, but it’ll be up there.


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Whither the Media?

P.J. O’Rourke used to joke about the kind of journalism he called MEGO: My Eyes Glaze Over.  You know, those tedious ten-part thumbsuckers the New York Times runs on slow news days, with titles like “Whither Gambia?”

This won’t be one of those… if only because of the pictures.


You see, Caesar has a problem.  One of his constant petty annoyances is having to deal with people who won’t accept that they’re cogs in the machine.  People like Washington Post reporter Chris Cilizza:

But, I believe really strongly that the decline in trust in the media is primarily attributable to partisans — whether in politics or in the media — who have a vested interest in casting the press as hopelessly biased. What better way for liberal or conservative talk radio to (a) lure listeners and (b) stoke outrage than to insist that the mainstream media is lying to you? What better way for politicians to raise money from partisans already skeptical about the media than to say the media isn’t telling the truth?

As Ace of Spades, the author of the link, points out, it is indeed partisans — bloody obvious partisans like Chris Cilizza — who are the answer to the question, “why don’t people trust the media?”  People are finally starting to catch on to the con.

Which is bad news for Caesar.  Remember, the whole idea behind Caesarism is to make the plebs think their opinion matters.  A competently biased press is good for that.  But guys like Cilizza — and his butt buddies at CNN, Fox, the NewYork Times, National Review, etc. — aren’t content to take Caesar’s paychecks.  They too want to think their opinion matters; that they’re shaping policy.

They know they’re conning the voters on Caesar’s behalf, in other words, but they’ve conned themselves as well — “surely the guy who concocted this whole DemPublican dumbshow for the rubes would never pull the same scam on us!

Hey, nobody ever said journalists were bright.

And now Caesar faces a dilemma.  How to restore trust in the media?  Knowing as we do that Ace’s proposed solution — employing competent, nonpartisan journalists — is not in Caesar’s interests, we’re left with two likely options:

1) Caesar could go the embezzling-court-eunuch route, and crucify a few of the more obvious hacks in full view of the public.  The problem with this option is that a fair part of the public, and all of the media, consider journalists a de facto priesthood.  How does one execute a high priest of one’s own cult for blasphemy?  Oh, it’s been done, but the optics can be tricky.  What charge can you hang on him that won’t implicate everyone else in the college of cardinals?  Which brings us to my suggested solution….

Macho_Man_Randy_Savage2) Professional wrestling!!  Part of the joy of pro wrestling, I’m told, is knowing that it’s fake.  The outsized personalities, the gravity-defying moves, the theatricality… this could definitely work for the media.  Most of the WaPo‘s coverage lo these last ten years has been little more than a polysyllabic version of “Obama… oh yeah!!!” anyway.  Instead of pretending you’re not part of the show, Chris Cilizza, embrace being part of the show.  You get to keep your job, you get to pretend you’re delivering a valuable service (albeit not the one you thought you were), and, above all, you avoid ending up stretched across a telephone pole next to the Washington Monument.

Oh yeah!!!

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Hail Caesar

I see stuff like this and I have to laugh.

Even if enough Republicans vote to boot Boehner out of the speaker’s chair, Democrats could of course vote to keep him in it– and, again, keeping power is all that matters to these guys, even if he becomes, essentially, the Democratic Speaker of the House despite the Republicans holding the House….

…If Boehner and other Republicans conspire to deliver us a “Unity Government” of united Democrats and Republicans — well, I guess all I’ve been saying is entirely vindicated.

What, you’re just figuring this out now?

caesar1There’s a technical term for this kind of thing, y’all: Caesarism.  Read ’em and weep:

By the term “Caesarism” I mean that kind of government which, irrespective of any constitutional formulation that it may have, is in its inward self a return to thorough formlessness. It does not matter that Augustus in Rome, and Huang Ti in China, Amasis in Egypt and Alp Arslan in Baghdad disguised their position under antique forms. the spirit of these forms was dead, and so all institutions, however carefully maintained, were thenceforth destitute of all meaning and weight. Real importance centred in the wholly personal power exercised by the Caesar…

{281]With the formed state having finished its course, high history also lays itself down weary to sleep. Man becomes a plant again adhering to the soil, dumb and enduring. The timeless village and the “eternal” peasant reappear, begetting children and burying seed in Mother Earth.. Men live from hand to mouth, with petty thrifts and petty fortunes and endure…

Oswald Spengler had all this pegged 100 years ago.  You’ll recall, I’m sure, that the Roman “republic” never went away.  Even under the worst despot — Caracalla, say — the Senate still “debated” things; tribunes of the plebs still “vetoed” motions; and the Emperor himself had to go through the whole kabuki routine of being merely the “first citizen,” with all his offices and powers awarded him by the people’s representatives through entirely constitutional means.

This kept the masses (relatively) quiet.  You’ve heard Noam Chomsky’s phrase, “manufactured consent”?  All this senate-and-people stuff was manufactured dissent.  Sham elections, dumbshow debates… they provide a nice spectacle, and buying votes spreads the wealth around a little bit.  It’s cheaper than nonstop gladiator shows, and you don’t have to risk marching the army in to shove your policies down the masses’ throats.  So long as the plebs occasionally “win” one against the Emperor’s toadies — a minor court eunuch executed for embezzlement or some such — everyone can pretend they’re not slaves; that Caesar’s not a despot; that the barbarians our Legions are paying to thump other barbarians on the wrong side of the Rhine are dutiful citizen-soldiers of the glorious Republic, the spearhead of civilization.  Hell, Caracalla even had his own version of the DREAM Act.

Whatever happens, the Elite get what they want.  Just like in modern America.  With all due respect to the blogfather, there really is no difference between Left and Right… not down there where the cheese binds.  Sure, the “Left” will never vote with the loggers against the spotted owls, just as the “Right” will never vote against the unborn and with Planned Parenthood… but Planned Parenthood gets funded all the same, and the owls get logged as soon as the proper Democratic palms get greased.

“Left” and “Right” no longer mean anything, in other words, because they describe options that simply don’t exist anymore.  The whole ridiculous farce of “elections,” the “Supreme Court,” “debates”…. the only things these decide is who gets to be Caesar’s public flak-catcher for a few years.  We the People — that is, We the Plebs — “vote” for these people, and our “votes” have exactly the same impact on our politics as the drunken comments we scream at tv coaches have on football games.

The only difference is, Boehner is a bit dumber than Pelosi (as team “Right” is generally a little bit dumber than team “Left”), so he’s having a hard time giving the plebs the bare minimum kabuki show required.  It’s as if Tom Brady marched out to midfield with a psi gauge and deflated his own footballs, right there in front of the screaming crowd and a zillion fans watching at home.

The fact that bigtime political commentators are just now starting to figure this out tells you all you need to know about how Caesar finds it so easy to keep doing what he does.

Hail Caesar.

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Colors, Flags, Slogans, Armbands

Most of the media misread Trump because they’re stupid, but even the smarter bloggers out there really don’t realize that he’s not a politician.*  Trumpism may be parasitic on the comatose near-corpse of the Republican Party, and he may have to go through the motions of party politics, but Trump’s bid for the Presidency isn’t a campaign — it’s a mass movement, and he’s a movement-builder.

To be fair, Trump himself might not realize it.  I’m still not entirely sure he’s serious about winning.  But assuming he is, and assuming he’s got some sense of himself as a movement leader, not a politician, I’d advise the following:

Embrace the loyalty pledge.  Remember that ridiculous furor a month or so back, when all the other GOP candidates kept harassing him to sign the loyalty oath?  Aside from cracking a few Catch-22 type jokes, I didn’t think much of it at the time.  It seemed like the kind of stupid, flailing gesture the GOP is addicted to — a sort of in-house version of their patented Failure Theater — and I thought Trump was just humoring them because he really doesn’t care about the Party machine.

Maybe he was… or maybe he was stupid like a fox.  Either way, it’s a golden opportunity, especially now that certain insidery types are talking about a third party run by a Cuckstablishment type.  Trump can play this one to the rafters — he’s the only one in the whole damn race to have given his word and stuck by it.  Nobody else had to sign the Great Loyalty Oath, and surprise surprise, they’re setting up to sell him out.  Loyalty is a yuuuuge virtue among the proles — it’s all they’ve got left.

Get a loyalty oath of his own.  Building on that, I’d drum up a catchy slogan — “Honoring American Values” or some such — and urge all his supporters to publicly take an oath to do the same.  Have them sign an online petition, say, and reward them for doing it.  His website could feature the True American(tm) of the Week who signed the pledge, and he could hand out lapel pins that say “I took the pledge!” or something.  And speaking of pins…

Get an official campaign color.  Armbands are a bit on the nose at this point, but there’s nothing wrong with asking people to wear certain colors.  Liberals do this kind of thing all the time — cf. the NFL wearing that ridiculous pink gear every October.  I’d advise against white — again, a bit on the nose right now — but since conservatives are “red” right now, I’d jump all over that.  Wear something bright red at every appearance, and encourage all supporters to wear as much red as possible at all times.  Once that takes off…

Yep, go with the armbands.  Or, at least, some very visible lapel pins or, better yet, some patches that can be ironed on to ballcaps and / or hunting vests.  Trump’s support right now is almost entirely among the proletariat, and they don’t do political bumper stickers (“NRA life member” stickers, sure).  Bumper stickers, besides being too conventional, are almost entirely an upper-middle class thing — they’re tribal signifiers for the SUV crowd, which is why liberals love them.

The point is to emphasize the movement, not the campaign.  Regular politicians do bumper stickers; they’re genteel displays of political virtue.  Trump is brash and irreverent; so too should his movement be.  The type of person who rushed to buy a Confederate flag after Charleston is exactly the kind of person who’s going to vote for Trump, and he’s got to make them even more visible.  The Establishment — by which I mean the Dempublican Party — is scared absolutely shitless at the thought of the proles developing some class consciousness.  Make Trumpista armbands loud and proud, and pretty soon you’ve got a working-class version of the pantywaist college kid’s Che shirt — a cheap accessory that stands for generic “rebellion.”

D, if you’re reading this… I got a million more.  And I work cheap.  Call me.


*They sneer at his lack of government experience, of course, and what they perceive as his lack of political acumen….but this attitude assumes he’s a still typical — just very bad — politician.

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If Lovin’ This is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

Breitbart (if you can get past the autoplay adware kludge):

A Morning Consult poll, released Friday, surveyed 504 registered voters who watched Wednesday’s Republican primary debate and has only good news for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina. While the poll’s sample size is small (with a 4.4% margin of error), the poll’s trend is worth noting.

In this same poll, prior to Wednesday night’s debate, Trump sat at 33% support. Dr. Ben Carson sat in second place with 17% support. Today Trump enjoys 36% support. Carson is still in second place but with just 12% support.

Trump’s lead increased from +16 points to  +24%. That’s an +8% jump.

The Ace of Spades guys (whom I generally respect and mostly like) keep on insisting it’s over for Trump.  The grasshopper seems to lie heavy on this one, too.

Now, I’m sure y’all are probably as sick of reading about Trump as I am of writing about him.  So I want to clearly explain why I think this is so important.  Let me start by quoting Vox Day’s take on all this:

Both Fiorina and Carson are no-hope non-candidates. The fact that both of them have more appeal than the Walker, Rubio, Cruz, Christie, Bush III et al suffices to demonstrate how little faith the grassroots has in the Establishment.

It’s pretty simple. Both American and European politics are about IMMIGRATION, IMMIGRATION, and IMMIGRATION. If you don’t support immediately repatriating ALL illegal immigrants as a STARTING POINT, you’re just not an electable candidate anymore.

That’s not precisely true.  Immigration is an epiphenomenon.  It’s actually even simpler than that:

The Elite are offering us two choices.  We can be either

1) passive consumers on the company tit, spending our rapidly decreasing wages on iCrap made by smaller, browner, poorer people, or

2) smaller, browner, poorer people.

That’s it.  It’s not — despite all the howling on the alt-right — anti-white animus; it’s just the logic of the bottom line.  If present trends continue, our imported lumpen-Aztecs will themselves be replaced, soon enough, by lumpen-Africans.  You do know there’s 1.3 billion more of them in the pipeline, right?

Karl Marx was right, y’all.  This is where laissez-faire leads; there can be no other.

You-Know-Who, who knew his Marx, saw all this.  And the Chinese, who definitely know their Marx, see it as well.  There’s a reason they seem content to remain a regional hegemon, despite their economy going kerflooey — by 2050, the life of a peasant in Shandong will seem unimaginably luxurious compared to the life of a peasant in San Francisco.  And the People’s Liberation Army knows a thing or two about managing recalcitrant populations.

Trump — a businessman — is simply following that logic where it leads.

It remains an open question, of course, how much of this is conscious.  You-Know-Who didn’t have much of a coherent platform, either.  He simply made a statement that seemed all too obvious to millions of his countrymen: Whether you’re a barely-making-it clerk in a Jewish bank in Berlin, or a prole pulling a shift in People’s Heavy Tractor Manufactory #202 in Krasnoyarsk, you are not you — you are a production-unit, a consumption-unit, a cell in a vast spreadsheet that, if present trends continue, will soon cover the whole earth.  Your fears and desires, your hopes and dreams, your gods, your traditions, your ancestors, your descendants… all meaningless.  You are a cog, and you will do as you’re told, or you will be scrapped — because that’s what one does with defective cogs.

And that’s why I called this piece “If Loving This is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right.”  Because You-Know-Who also had a huge, tightly organized Party, with several massive paramilitary formations at his beck and call.  He had Party members salted throughout the civil service, the police, the army.  And because of this, he had massive leverage — at least one Weimar chancellor was assured that, unless the far right* was brought into the governming coalition, a civil war would break out… which the army simply didn’t have the manpower to stop.

What I’m getting at is this: Trump, with his half-assed, off-the-cuff, ridiculous clown show candidacy, may well be the best alternative on offer.  “Vote me, and be Americans again” isn’t going away.  If Trump doesn’t ride that slogan to the White House, it’s going to become the slogan of a large, tightly organized Party, with several massive paramilitary formations at its beck and call.  Thanks to President Jebillary’s open door policies, that party won’t have an outright majority… but You-Know-Who’s never did either.  And not everyone at the Pentagon is a drooling imbecile — at some point, some bright young staff officer is going to advise President Jebillary that, in the increasingly likely event of shots fired, we’re not going to have enough loyal troops to stop it.

Not that the clown show presidency would be any fun, either.  Some bad shit is coming down the road, and we passed the turnoff a long time ago.  Our choice isn’t between better or worse flavors of Business as Usual; it’s between Bad and Much, Much Worse.

Me?  I’m voting for Bad.  And it seems like more and more people are joining me.



*not that You-Know-Who was a conservative, of course, but for convenience I’m using the term the history books use.  That way, if you want to check my work, you won’t constantly be tripping over references to the National Socialists as “right-wing.”

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What’s Wrong With Communism?

I’ve been asked this question — usually in the form “what’s wrong with socialism”.  But it’s really just Communism Lite anyway.  They same dynamics apply, they’re just eroded a bit in intensity.

Came up with this response right off my fingertips this morning when someone suggested that Communism was really Anarchy Lite, so I thought I’d post it for future reference.

In Marx’s theory, Communism would be everyone sharing everything with everyone else voluntarily. Which of course completely ducks the question of what you do with people who won’t voluntarily participate. Turns out, it is basic to human nature that they want to better their positions in life, maximize comfort, minimize effort, pass these things on to their offspring …. and this is wholly incompatible with everyone sharing everything with everyone.

Since everyone has to share everything with everyone, no effort is required from anyone to meet his basic needs. And since in communism nothing is truly yours, there is no point in trying to increase your own comfort level because you have to increase everyone else’s at the same rate – and the denominator effectively kills your ROI in effort.

So the incentives in communism tend toward not producing, since you have little to lose by not producing and little to gain by producing. Which is why everyone ends up poor — and it’s also why a communist government MUST be totalitarian – it must coerce people into producing. Which makes it not communist, technically, anymore if it is truly voluntary. But since trying to do it ALWAYS produces this dynamic in reality, it’s folly to separate them.

Communism outside of a family or tight-knit community is incompatible with human nature. And even in those you’re going to have your loafers who will require some sort of coercion to get in line — or to be kicked out.

And that’s what’s wrong with Communism.

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Adios, Adam Smith

Once again — and at the risk of sounding like a whiny liberal — I’m gonna pre-apologize here.  I have no idea if what I’m about to say is as obvious to everyone else as it is to me.  That’s the thing about blogging, no?  It’s teenagerish in a lot of ways.  The angst, the grammar…. but mostly the conviction that, because you’ve thought of something for your first time, that’s the first time that thought has ever been thunk, in all of human history.  Anyway…

I think we can safely say that after 300 years, give or take, as Western man’s intellectual operating system, The Enlightenment is basically gone.  It was rotten from the start, of course — the minute they gained power, Reason’s acolytes started murdering anyone who disagreed with them.  But because the idea of Man as the Rational Animal is so seductive to Dunning-Kruger cases*, it persisted even as its body count topped 100 million.

That’s producing an interesting Left-Right convergence, to the point where “Left” and “Right” are just about at the end of their run as useful concepts.  The Left has always been better at taking on contradictions than the Right, since they had to swallow a bigger contradiction than we did.  All we had to do was pretend that rationality is mankind’s default mode.  A tall order, that, but given the alternative — pretending that Marx’s mystical mumbo jumbo is scientific — it wasn’t too hard to convince ourselves that choking down the smaller absurdity was sweet reason.  But bunk is still bunk, and a glass of fine wine with a drop of sewage in it is as much sewage as a whole barrel of the stuff.

The “Right” — briefly retaining the term for convenience — is coming around on this.  It’s taken as given among “alt-right” types that capitalism doesn’t work, because it presupposes that people are both rational, and infinitely educable.  That’s false, and if you accept the basic premises of the HBD crowd — or just take a gander at South Africa before and after Mbeki — you can’t help but conclude that classic laissez-faire capitalism is as much a fantasy in its way as Marxism.  “Free markets,” “free trade,” and so forth can’t exist when there’s a 2+ SD IQ gap between the parties.

Which is why the HBD guys sound like Mussolini on economic questions.

Nobody likes talking about all this ancient history.  The Wealth of Nations, like the Constitution, is about a hundred years old. But we still think it applies, and whoever deals with the fallout from that idea’s explosion is going to go very far, very fast.


*Hereafter, DKC for convenience.

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At Least They’re Consistent

The British Left have elected themselves a certified moonbat.

Jeremy Corbyn is the most radical Labour leader in the party’s history. The veteran left-winger does not merely advocate a return to 1970s-style socialism, the re-opening of the mines and nationalisation of all public utilities.Mr Corbyn also opposes Nato, Britain’s nuclear deterrent and any controls on immigration. He refused to support the Falklands War, backed the right of Iraqi insurgents to target British troops and, more recently, has defended Vladimir Putin, ISIS and Palestinian terrorists.

Nothing surprising there.  Nor is this, via Ace of Spades:

“At a time of mass income and wealth inequality throughout the world, I am delighted to see that the British Labour Party has elected Jeremy Corbyn as its new leader,” Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, said in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post Saturday. “We need leadership in every country in the world which tells the billionaire class that they cannot have it all.”

One of the funniest — by which I mean, “most horrifying” — parts of the current mess is watching The Powers that Be switch sides, with all the obliviousness and snotty sanctimony of junior high girls at cheerleader tryouts.  Obama, once the Liberal wet dream, has spent the last seven years making the world safe for Wall Street; while so-called “conservatives” have fallen all over themselves to enable socialized medicine and hush up the Planned Parenthood horrors.  Hillary Clinton, supposedly a Democrat, can hardly be bothered to haul out her party’s tired old “friend of the working man” soundbites; she’s an out-n-proud oligarch.  Meanwhile, the Conservative Inc. boys are all following the playbook of an out-n-proud oligarch, Mitt Romney, and running as big-government technocrats.

Whatever gets the job done, I guess the thinking is.

No matter who wins, The Elite stay in power. I’m starting to realize that we on the “right” — using that term in its broadest sense, i.e. “still marginally tethered to reality” — aren’t the only ones to have noticed that the Elite are all playing for the same team, regardless of nominal party affiliation.  And just as our grassroots are lining up behind a wild-eyed radical, so too are the left’s grassroots.  In fact, I’m coming to believe, the Left got there first; they deserve a little credit for that.

Let me explain: Back in 2008, I thought Obama was just a fantasy candidate, a combo of BDS and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to finally show Daddy what big girls they were by voting for the black guy.  Now I’m thinking they were ahead of the curve — they were protesting against Politics as Usual in the only way they know how, by voting for the most Marxist candidate on offer.

I totally missed that.  To be fair, I, like Hannibal Lecter, had… disadvantages.  For one thing, I lived in a college town, where more-radical-than-thou posturing is more overt and obnoxious than cheesy pickup lines at a singles’ bar.  Back then it was briefly chic to be anti-Obama; he was too “Establishment;” everybody knew the real People’s Candidates were Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders.  Living in a college town fooled me in another way, too.  Since I was around professor types all the time, I knew one when I saw one, so it didn’t surprise me when Obama turned out to be all talk — profs work incredibly hard crafting their images, but outside of that they’re the laziest critters in captivity.  Because talking is the only thing they’re good at, they think that holding a meeting about a problem is the same thing as actually solving the problem.

I thought I saw through the con, in other words.  And honestly, I think Obama himself thought of it as a con — he was going to work that cool-professor, International Man of Mystery vibe to trick Dunning-Kruger cases into voting for him.  And, of course, it worked, especially on the schooled-past-their-hat-size nimrods who populate college towns.

But the Democratic rank-and-file didn’t see it that way, I’m coming to believe.  Rather, I’m starting to think that what we call Bush Derangement Syndrome was in fact the first shot in a culture-wide revolution against Politics as Usual.

Now, I’m not saying that BDS wasn’t ugly and unhinged. But they did have a valid gripe, if you look at it this way:  If George W. Bush is what Politics as Usual is going to give us — and it did, twice — then Politics as Usual is irreparably broken.

I know you’re probably already jamming out a caps lock diatribe in the comments right now.  But please hear me out.  If it helps, pretend we’re talking about some theoretical Candidate X in the mythical realm of Nowheresville.  Now, Candidate X famously said “if somebody’s hurting, government has got to move.”  Candidate X pushed the expansion of Medicare Part D, a hugely expensive step towards socialized medicine that laid the groundwork for actual socialized medicine under his successor.  Candidate X also thought it would be worth zillions in American blood and treasure to “spread democracy,” whatever that means, in a region that has resisted all efforts to raise it out of barbaric tribalism since Pompey Magnus tried it back in the BCs.  Candidate X tried his level best to open the country’s borders to all comers. He got Congress to legally decree that henceforth, all American schoolchildren shall be above average, handing the teachers’ unions an even firmer deathgrip on ideological indoctrination and zillions more dollars in the process.

Those are NOT conservative positions, y’all.  But — and this is critical — they’re not liberal ones either.  Not when you consider the rest of the pacakge.  From their perspective, Bushism is a bunch of ok-in-a-vacuum half measures wrapped up in a war-profiteering Evangelical crusade. Imagine you’re a principled liberal — and there were such things, even as late as 2001.  Could you possibly accept those half measures, even as a down payment, if they came with all that other stuff?  Evidently 54% of your fellow countrymen can, when you stir them up with flag-sucking and NASCAR and good old fashioned xenophobic racism.  When the fate of the nation, in other words, hinges on this fucking guy toby_keiththe system can’t be fixed.

So what’s the solution?  As we know, our friends on the Left have never been all that comfortable with democracy anyway — as with capitalism, the people stubbornly keep wanting the wrong thing, despite all the Left’s hard work explaining their best interests to them.  In those circumstances, if you can’t actually vote for a vohzd, you can at least cast your ballot for a guy who promises to “spread the wealth around” and heal the planet.  This is no me-too mediocrity like John Kerry, who was famously for the war before he was against it.  Nor is it a wannabe-Evita like Hillary Clinton, who bills herself as some kind of deep-insider technocrat who somehow knows nothing about the government she was a part of (but who does make a mean batch of cookies).  Here is an idealist, damn it, a guy too noble and intelligent to get his hands dirty in the rough-and-tumble of politics until the very forces of History summoned him forth.  He can quote the Gospel of Marx and teach Constitutional law.

Never mind that Marx and the Constitution are utterly incompatible; that’s a feature, not a bug! That’s about as far from Politics as Usual as it’s possible to get.  When you’re trying to break the system, the more impossible a candidate’s promises are, the better!  If you really, truly believe that the system is broken, then Cloward-Piven isn’t a cynical campaign strategy, it’s the right thing to do.

Which brings us to this Jeremy Corbyn guy and his American Mini-Me, Bernie Sanders.  The results of 70s-style British socialism are not in doubt, any more than the results of Sanders’ Wilsonian socialism are in America.  Nobody wants to start nationalizing industries, least of all the uber-rich — who overwhelmingly vote Democrat.  The point isn’t the policies, it’s the posture.  We’re voting against Politics as Usual, not for anything in particular.

It’s the flipside of Trumpism, in other words.  They want a Leninist, not a Populist, but the underlying motivation’s the same — the whole thing’s broke.

If I’m right — that Obama was their Trump, all the way back in 2008 — then one must ask, why didn’t we see this before?  For me, at least, the answer, though I’m ashamed to admit it, is what’ I’m going to call (for lack of a better term) “Bush Rangement Syndrome.”  Because BDS was so theatrically vile — and because (shameful admission again) their discombobulation was so schadenfreudily delicious — I made the mistake of thinking that if the Left is against it, I’m for it.  And since I’ not of the Left, therefore George W. Bush must represent “The Right.”  That’s wrong — he’s basically a 19th century Social Gospeller in a cowboy hat — but I couldn’t see it for all the Hitler mustaches and naked protests and whatnot dangling in my face all those years (warning: have eye bleach ready if you click that link).

As incredible as this is to believe, they’ve been the consistent ones all along.*


*Which may explain some cranial non-explosions, eh, Comrade Cognitive Dissonance Czar?

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Why America 2015 is Doomed

Maybe you can enjoy J.J. Watt as a destroyer of worlds on the field, but there’s a breaking point where the overwhelming corniness of his persona makes it impossible to care about anything else. That night workout was the breaking point for me. We get it, man. You’re committed. You do things the right way. Take it down a notch. All of which is to say, if/when Vince Wilfork body-slams J.J. Watt, it won’t be his fault.

Fuck you,  J.J. Watt is everything that made America great, and can make us great again.  If there’s anyone who can lead us away from the doom 20+ years of Jon Stewart smirks have prepared for us, it’s J.J. Watt.  That man is the last American hero.

This has been a public service announcement.

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