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Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor….

The main reason I got into political blogging back in, what, 2003 …. was I needed an outlet.  I needed to speak up.  I found myself yelling at NPR on the way to work … (I know, I know, my first mistake was listening to NPR, right?  But you know that’s what all the intuhlektualls taught me to listen to.

At any rate, I just found myself privy to a conversation that absolutely blew me away.  A man and a woman I know, talking.  One says she took her grandson to Chick Fil A … because they had things for him to play with and on.  The man says he doesn’t go to Chick Fil A  The woman is curious, why not?

So he answers her … “when religion and politics get brought into the workplace, I just can’t go there.  In their case, it’s both.”

W.      T.         F.        ???????????

Ok, let’s review.  A few years ago, the late owner of Chick Fil A disclosed his personal convictions on traditional marriage in an interview when he was asked. And, according to his convictions, he donated money to one or more organizations that fought to preserve traditional marriage. Vocal, pro-gay-marriage activists took offense to his position and decided to boycott his business.  Which is all fine and good, they have a right to do that.

If you want to avoid going there because you disagree with the convictions of the owner, that’s your right.

But let’s be clear.  Chick Fil A did not bring religion or politics into their workplace.  The activists brought it to them.  There was not, and is not, any policy or practice within Chick Fil A which discriminates against people on the basis of gender, creed, race, or even sexual preferences.  None.

I can’t really say anything to the person in question for a couple of reasons, and one is that I believe he has a gay person in his immediate family … I don’t want to come off … and I would come off that way to him if I did, I’m sure … as attacking this person’s family member.

But it just blows me away that this is what people, even relatively centrist people, came away with from that whole ordeal.

I guess it shouldn’t.  The media sure spun it that way really hard.

Sticks in my craw.

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