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Streakers and Civil Wars

Back in the late 70s / early 80s, pro sporting events were routinely interrupted by streakers. You couldn’t hardly catch an NFL game on Sunday without 15 minutes of some idiot running across the field. Morgana the Kissing Bandit was a regular feature at baseball games. Etc. All of which stopped in the mid-1990s, because the cameras quit showing them. Instead of following the idiot around the end zone for as long as it took security to get him corralled, the networks just cut to ads or gave Madden extra telestrator time. And now nobody rushes the field, because you don’t get on TV anymore — you just go to jail, probably after catching a beating from stadium security.

Which brings us to today’s nonexistent anti-Muslim backlash (bet you didn’t see that coming!) Like yesterday’s, and the day’s before, and every single other day since 9/11/2001, today’s anti-Muslim backlash features white people not committing hate crimes against Muslims, despite rather extreme provocations. And despite the Media’s double-dog-daring them at every opportunity.

Ace of Spades is trying to reclaim a shred of his respectability after turning his blog into the Internet’s #1 Trump-hate vanity site. So credit where credit’s due here:

If it’s dangerous for a strain of white identity politics to nurture a fear and hatred of “The Other” — different races — and that such a strain of grievance-mongering and paranoia may result in the murders or assaults of minorities, why is it (as the media and mediating institutions seem to believe) not dangerous at all for minority ethnic groups to gin up their own fear, paranoia, and hatred against whites or society in general?

Will the media or any government official ever address this, given the weekly assassinations of police, and the newest barbarism committed against OSU students due to one lunatic steeping in the hatreds of identity politics?

Or does the media simply believe that White Lives Don’t Matter, especially when compared against the Democrats’ keep to make Identity Politics Grievances and Hatreds Against Whites the central organizing principle of their party?

It’s pretty obvious that #WhiteLivesDon’tMatter to the Media. #BlackLivesDon’tMatter, either, and neither do #MuslimLives. They’d love nothing better than to find an actual “anti-Muslim backlash” after the latest episode of Sudden Onset Jihad Syndrome. Consider for a sec that Ohio State loon’s attempted justification for his crimes: he’s scared, he can’t practice his faith openly. Oh please. If that were true, every news outlet from ABC to Radio Kyrgyzstan would be camped out on the OSU campus. He’d get the Jackie Coakley treatment times a zillion. There’s only one faster way to be on every nightly news program, Twitter feed, and blog page in the land….

….and that’s to actually pull on a MAGA cap, festoon an assault rifle with NRA bumper stickers, get a Gadsden Flag tattoo, be White, and open fire. That’s instant immortality. The redneck who did that would be a household name until the sun’s a cinder.

Eventually one of them is going to figure that out, and when that happens, all hell breaks loose. There’s no way the Media doesn’t know this, which means they want it to happen. Yes, these idiots really do think that a hot civil war would be great for ratings, and that they can cover it in complete safety.

It’s not going to end well.

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Halfway Through Book Report

I’m working my way through a wonderful, enlightening book: Acedia and Its Discontents: Metaphysical Boredom in an Empire of Desire, by R.J. Snell. Obviously I suffer from it, but it seems to be the paradigmatic liberal disease.

Acedia is not the easiest read, but the main idea is simple enough: “Sloth” isn’t just laziness, or even mostly laziness – in fact, those suffering from acedia are often frantically busy.  Rather, it’s the mindless pursuit of “freedom” at all costs, the rejection of God’s will and work because they limit one’s options.  Snell quotes another philosopher who says that morality is “ontologically basic:” Our existence as human beings is bound up with the idea of moral choices.  (Convincing ourselves that we are) rejecting those choices isn’t freedom, and it certainly doesn’t bring happiness – instead it produces acedia, the ever more frantic search for norms to transgress, to prove to ourselves that we’re “free.”  Thus everything bores us; we hate everything and everyone, because they reflect the emptiness of our own lives.

Acedia is what I was trying to get at here.  If it really is possible to reject a moral universe as a “social construction” — if, that is, work ethic is a capitalist sham; sexuality is a patriarchal imposition; patriotism is a lie; religion is “slave morality;” etc. — then why on earth would SJWs choose to live the way they do?  One flaunts one’s rejection of “bourgeois morality” (as the Marxistly maleducated used to call it) by living ironically, hipster-style.  So why not make a phone number as a stockbroker, since all your friends know you’re really subverting the capitalist system from the inside?  Why not have heterosexual sex with attractive partners — or, at least, not be into some fetish that takes hours of setup and liability waivers to carry out?  Why live in that particular tediously conformist way, forever polling the herd of independent minds on everything from environmental policy to fashion before venturing to express a thought?

Why not just…you know…. be?  Make up some spiel about Schrodinger’s Cat if it makes you feel better, but we all know that there’s no objective difference between a hipster squee-ing over Taylor Swift’s latest album “ironically” and a 12 year old girl doing it for real.  So just do it.  Liking stuff is, after all, a CisPatHet imposition of the capitalist classes, comrade.

See what I mean?  I’ll get back to you with a full report when I’m done, but for now, consider acedia as a one-stop solution to all your liberals’ problems.

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Mandatory Make-Believe

You can learn a lot about the devolution of America by observing the educational system. Specifically, the systematized make-believe detailed here. That link is talking about gaming the “asylum” system and was written 5 years ago, but it’s still worth reading (as are all that site’s archives). As with “asylum,” so with higher ed.

Back in the Jurassic, the only accepted way to get a makeup exam / extension on the paper’s due date — aside from being legitimately, documentably ill, of course — was to throw yourself on the prof’s mercy. Most profs were pretty understanding about this, because a) they’d been in college themselves, back when “going away to college” was a novel experience, not a pop culture template, and b) because “going away to college” wasn’t yet scripted, very few kids abused the system. Only someone who really was having a rough time would show up at office hours begging for an extension, and that unshaven tousle-haired pajama-wearing wraith who’d lost (or gained) thirty pounds over the course of the semester was his / her own justification.

But time marched on, and everyone got an email account, and now you can’t assign a throwaway quiz without getting five Dead Grandma Stories.

The interesting (=suicidally depressing) thing, though, isn’t the plague of grandparent mortality (note that the original”study” was done in 1990). It’s that in the majority of cases, the kid has no intention of actually doing the work, and everybody knows it.

What typically happens is, Snowflake simply forgets that something is due, having discovered the joys of hookups and keggers and not having to set one’s alarm. So the bleary-eyed incipient alcoholic who drifted into the first few class meetings will just stop showing up, briefly rouse herself around midterm time, check the syllabus, and shotgun a Dead Grandma email to her profs begging for a makeup for whatever she’s missed. Here’s the fun part: I always write back with some version of “sure, here’s the exam; get it to me by next Tuesday.” Guess how many papers are in my inbox on Tuesday. Go on, guess.

Further degeneration: Up to a few years ago, Snowflake would simply drop the class after not turning in the makeup. Then I started getting irate demands for a further extension, like so:

Snowflake [on the morning of the exam]: I have strep throat, when is the makeup?
Me: Bring your doctor’s note to office hours and we’ll arrange it.
Snowflake: I didn’t go to the doctor since it’s obviously strep. When’s the makeup?
Me: Read the syllabus — I need a doctor’s note.
Snowflake: That’s not fair! I had strep!

Etc. etc., for several more emails. And pretty soon even this seems to have become too much of a bother — nowadays, students simply inform me that they were sick, like so:

hey I missed the exam because I was sick.

As if it’s up to me to arrange a makeup exam for them. Worse yet, Snowflakes are now bypassing us mere professors entirely, and going straight to the administration. If the Dean buys their sob story, he’ll order the registrar to let Snowflake take an incomplete in the class… which means I have to waste my Christmas / summer waiting for a final that we all know will never come, and do a bunch of paperwork when it doesn’t. Note that the Dean has every incentive to buy the sob story, and no incentive not to — the griping of mere profs over a bit of extra paperwork is nothing compared to the drop in revenue if Snowflake fails out. And it’s worse the higher you go up the academic food chain — state schools can afford to lose a few undergrad idiots, but when tuition is $50K/year? Fugheddaboudit. IF you’ve ever wondered how privileged nitwits manage to stay in college for seven or eight years chasing their “gender studies” degrees, wonder no more.

It’s not the paperwork that’s so galling, or even the rude emails. It’s the mandatory make-believe. The Dean isn’t stupid. Neither is the registrar, and profs certainly aren’t. No, not even the “Gender Studies” ones. Everyone knows what’s going on, and that you can go ahead and mark an “I” — to be changed to an “F” in about two semesters’ time — next to the name of every Snowflake who gives you a Dead Grandma Story. And yet we’re all forced to pretend. Even Snowflake herself is pretending: That she cares about her education; that she’s actually going to do the work; that she’ll straighten herself out and turn it around. She pretends, because her parents pretend: That a college degree is still a ticket to a good job; that they’re getting their money’s worth; that they haven’t foisted another irresponsible over-privileged idiot on the world.

Pretend, and force everyone else to pretend, and kick the consequences down the road until everyone has forgotten and they’re just a click on someone’s spreadsheet somewhere. Welcome to American higher ed, 2016 edition. Is it any wonder that half the country voted for Hillary?

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Thanksgiving Chestnuts

As everybody knows, on this date back in 1620, evil white genocidal gun-toting religious fanatics tricked the noble Native Americans into teaching them how to grow corn, which in their language was called “maize.” Soon all the noble Native Americans died from smallpox-infected blankets. And patriarchy. Also global warming.

So have a good one, fellow Deplorables. Oppress a LGBTQ family member, grab a pussy, be sure not to use any parts of the buffalo, and make America great again. Heil Hitler.*

*this post brought to you straight from the brain of every obnoxious freshperson just home from their $50K/year “safe space,” formerly known as a “college.” It does not reflect the opinions of the writer, the management, WordPress, the Republican Party, the designated hitter, or any of their heirs, assigns, or pets.**

**No, really — have a great one, y’all. I’m off to watch football and test the human stomach’s maximum elasticity.

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Organizing Myths

When I was a wee lad, history teachers who fancied themselves clever used to quote Zhou Enlai’s fatuous remark* about the impact of the French Revolution: “Too early to say.” Or, at least, I thought it was fatuous. Maybe the old commie was onto something after all.

For example, it should’ve been obvious by 1915 at the very latest that all of the Enlightenment’s basic assumptions were wrong — people are not blank slates, education isn’t the answer, people are inherently tribal, and godlessness, far from bringing a peaceful utopia, instead brings industrial slaughter. Marxists were the most Enlightened of them all (as their dharma heirs are the Smartest today), and when World War I broke out, Marxists confidently proclaimed that the workers of the world would unite against their capitalist overlords. Instead, they marched off to the meat grinder in their millions, and they kept fighting patriotically long after their officers had given up.

We’re still learning that lesson, it seems. As abundance slips back into scarcity, we’re going to have to reexamine the Great Questions, including one of the oldest of them all: “What’s a government for, anyway?” For the last 200 years we’ve been organizing our society around the Enlightenment’s Equalist myth. Counterexamples are extreme and obvious — both World Wars, the “refugee” crisis, the belligerent xenophobia of the few remaining “communist” states…

We need a new organizing myth. We, The People, had better think long and hard about what it should be… before our leadership stumbles upon one they like better.

*and hey, whaddaya know – though not “specious,” the quippiness of Zhou’s quip may have been debunked. Quick, someone get the experts of the Mount Vernon Association of Experts on the Expertise of the Mount Vernon Association’s Experts’ Expertise on the phone!

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Victims of Affluence

I’m slowly making my way through a “collective biography” of the Frankfurt School, The Grand Hotel Abyss.  It should be brilliant…. as you must expect by now, it’s more hagiography than biography, but that’s not really the problem.  It’s the Frankfurt Schoolers themselves.  I can forgive the fedora-and-goatee crowd most of their excesses….

upgxmnu… as bullying has been outlawed and our high schools’ toilets are sadly unclogged by greasy clumps of proto-hipster hair.  But Adorno, Fromm, et al really were “visionaries of Marx’s teachings,” back when that meant plowing through heavy philosophy with one’s deep classical education.  They were, in short, almost as smart as today’s fedora-and-goatee crowd imagine themselves to be.

They were victims of affluence.  For those born in the later 19th century, the differences between social classes was real, obvious, and quotidian.  Working-class people really did go to bed hungry fairly regularly, and even when they were in work and doing well, the memory — and threat — of hard times was never far off.  British army officers in World War 1, for instance, were conspicuously taller than their men, and entire units (“bantam battalions”) were set up for men under 5’3″.  (And American troops, coming from a still more affluent society, were on average several inches taller than their Allies).

Frankfurt Schoolers were upper-middle-class to the man, meaning that they lived lives of material comfort far closer to the distant, despised aristocracy than to their middling neighbors next door.  Historians would wince, but you’ll get no argument from me if you say that Frankfurt School Marxism, like Marxism in general, is nothing but bewilderingly jargonized liberal guilt.  (Karl Marx, after all, spent his entire adulthood sponging off Engels, a trustafarian whose Daddy…. wait for it…. wait for it… owned a factory).  As we like to say around these parts, you can’t spell “liberal” without P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N.

That’s a big problem as our post-scarcity society begins sliding back into scarcity.  Frankfurt School Marxism, which is Cultural Marxism (which is Progressivism, which is identity politics), is a disease of affluence.  P.J. O’Rourke is no deep thinker, but he’s smart enough to have fallen hard for the con (indeed, cult members tend to be better educated than the general population).  Read his semi-autobiography; you can’t help concluding that he, and his entire generation, got into all their overblown Mao-n-Marcuse nonsense simply because they were bored.  By the time the Baby Boom reached college, no American had involuntarily gone to bed hungry in 20 years.  Thanks to aspirin, antibiotics, and air conditioning, the average working class American lived a life of material comfort Queen Victoria would’ve traded half the Empire for.

We conservatives (or Alt-Right, or Realists, or whatever the hell we are) know that human beings can’t go on without some drama in our lives; a society of lotus eaters with no choice but to eat lotuses would starve to death, just to have something to fret about.  Cultural Marxism — jargonized liberal guilt — has the inestimable advantage of providing an eternal worry.  Everything can be “problematized,” with the added bonus that words like “problematized” sure sound smart — like Schoolmen debating how many angels can dance on a pin head, mastery of PoMo jargon fools most everyone into believing that they’re thinking.  They’re really just playing jargon jenga, stacking made-up words upon made-up words in some vague semblance of order… but how can you tell them that, when you don’t know what all those imaginary words mean?  Barbara, celarent, darii, ferio….darapti disamis felapton.

The quality and originality of the thought varies inversely with the amount of jargon used to express it.  That’s a major problem.  Approximately half the country voted for Hillary Clinton, and instead of learning anything from that loss, their best and brightest are out there intoning their magic, magic words, convincing the convince-able that losing is actually winning.  As resources start to get scarce again, people are going to have to learn how to think. Until they do, jargon-spewing charlatans — the dharma heirs of the Frankfurt School — are going to get a lot of people killed.

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Will Twitter Ban Trump?

A fun Sunday contest for the Five Regular Readers.

Surprising exactly nobody, the Left is trying its damnedest to learn nothing from their latest electoral defeat. Along with the Democratic Party, the Media, and Academia, Zuckerberg et al are going full retard as well. Twitter is banning right-wingers — for “safety” of course– and we all know how #Millennials love their #StupidGestures. I predict that on Inauguration Day, Twitter will ban @realDonaldTrump. After all, he’ll have the POTUS account now, so it’s not like they’re attempting to restrain political speech or anything….

What say y’all? With me, or am I full of it again?

PS: Bingo bonus if “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” makes a cameo in their announcement.

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Category Errors

How do we get the Left to stop?

I don’t mean things like “shut down the colleges” and “jail time for white kids with dreadlocks,” good starts though those are. Such things are just enablers. The real problem is, as Hillary Clinton was once so fond of saying, “the personal is political.” In other words, Our Betters are living their lives within a category error.

Such mistakes are dime-a-dozen in philosophy, of course, especially political philosophy. Much as I love Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan is basically one big category mistake — a devotee of 17th century science, Hobbes builds his entire political theory on classical mechanics. When he talks about the “laws of nature,” he really means it — his first law of nature (“seek peace”) is, in his mind, as mathematically certain as F=MA. (And as the quality of thought decays* from the 17th century to the 21st, things get even funnier – Ayn Rand once seriously published an Objectivist aesthetics).

A good question to ask them — and ourselves — is: “What IS politics, anyway?” We don’t need to go all Carl Schmitt here (though there are worse ideas); we just have to help Our Betters understand that, in their worldview, everything is politics… which means that nothing is. If the personal really is political, than “political” debates are really no different than debating whether or not one should breathe air.

Now I know some of y’all will be tempted to say that liberal political discourse basically is “conservatives should not breathe air,” but please, let’s not confuse all liberals with SJWs. We need to reach the reachable…. any thoughts?

*A little Hobbesian joke for my Early Modernist homies (Hobbes called memory “decaying sense”).

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If It Were True…

It’s remarkably easy to produce a Social Justice Warrior, it seems. Every one I’ve ever met — and I live in a college town, so I’ve met a LOT — has pretty much the same backstory. Daddy either spanked them too much, or not enough, and somewhere around age 14 a run-in with one of Soros’ Finest in the local Teachers’ Union results in the revelation that “everything is a social construction!!” This leads to the frantic search for imaginary enemies, to insult with the often literally sophomoric “insight” that social conventions are, in fact, both conventional and social. This earns them pats on the head from their goofy Marxoid high school teachers, which gets them into a “good” school, where they immediately get a tattoo, dye their hair blue, and proclaim themselves “bicurious.” All of which makes Daddy mad, which is the whole point of the exercise.

Fascinating, isn’t it, how such Smart, Smart people never recognize this obvious pattern? But whatever. I often amuse myself by taking liberals seriously. What would I do with this liberating insight, that everything is a “social construction”?

Honestly, I don’t know, but I know one thing I most definitely would NOT do: Tie myself in emotional knots over different “social constructions.” I wouldn’t worry about my sexuality, for instance. If, as many feminists assert, heterosexuality IS “rape culture,” then homosexuality is “feminist culture,” the keyword being “culture,” which is synonymous with “social construction.” So sleep with whomever. Ditto race – if it’s all a social construction, I’m not going to worry about other races’ problems; they can construct themselves a new culture to address them. Talking about “systemic racism” and whatnot doesn’t cut it; if everything’s a social construction — and it’s an all-or-nothing phenomenon — then the dominant culture is simply constructed dominantly. If whiter-than-mayo-on-Wonderbread Rachel Dolezal can construct herself black for fun and profit, then Ray Ray and Peanut from the ‘hood can construct themselves white for ditto.

When you think of it that way, the Ishmael Effect nature of the con becomes obvious. Hell, all you have to do is offer them a deal: “OK, Snowflake, I’ll agree that you’re a vegan eco-sexual and refer to you as ‘xyr’ and leave xyr completely alone to do whatever xyr people do… if you agree that I’m a heterosexual white male, and will leave me alone to do what MY people do. Deal? We’ll each respect our own ‘social constructions.’ How about it?”

To ask is to answer, of course. Remind me of why I’m supposed to take these people seriously, when they obviously don’t believe it themselves.

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“We Don’t Care”

Vox Day suggests this as the motto of the Alt-Right, and responds as such to this guy:

After the election I went to one of my favourite thinkers, Jonathon Haidt. This recent video of him inspired me to try to reach out to Trump supporters via Twitter and try to genuinely understand and empathise with them, and perhaps in turn have them empathise with me. After a couple of days of that I’ve all but given up, having repeatedly bashed my head against the brick wall of Infowars, international Jewish Globalist conspiracy, and a well that is now permanently poisoned against anything from the liberal intellectual tradition.

I’m not a real big fan of Vox Day, but he’s dead on here. Cry me a river, sweetheart.

Not to get all Bolshevik on y’all, but History doesn’t care about ideologies, any more than it cares about feelings. The so-called “Alt Right” isn’t; it’s old-school ethno-nationalism, which from 1648 to 1919 was simply called “politics.” Have a look at England’s wars, starting from the 16th century. What were the ideological issues there, would you say? “We’re at war, boys; let’s stick it to the wogs for Good King ___” pretty much covers it, every single time.

None of which is pleasant, I’ll admit. I myself am sick to death of hearing about the Jewish Globalist conspiracy, and consider it gibbering lunacy. But you know what? I. Don’t. Care. anymore. The Left doesn’t spend one single second reining in its lunatics, and the Left has brought America to the brink of ruin. Bill Ayers, just to take one of a zillion examples, is an honest-to-God domestic terrorist with American blood on his hands. Not only did the Left not care that he and Obama were close personal buddies, they actually thought it was pretty cool. And I’m supposed to get all worked up that some guy on the internet allegedly said some mean things about Jews?

Since the Left fucking loves science, I’ll list the empirically testable conditions under which I will care about the so-called “extremists” of the self-labelled “Alt-Right:”

— When one single solitary prominent Leftist calls on his co-religionists to stop protesting Trump’s election, as “accepting election results is the cornerstone of our democracy.”

— When one single solitary member of the punditocracy denounces anti-white violence committed by Black Lives Matter, because “that’s not who we are.”

When all the idiots calling for the abolition of the Electoral College admit that Bill Clinton didn’t win the popular vote either, and begin decrying Clinton’s 8 year reign of terror as an illegitimate usurpation of the people’s sacred will.

— When one single unhinged celebrity who pledged to leave the country if Donald Trump were elected actually does so.

Until then, I. Don’t. Care.

[Re: Clinton’s wins in 92 and 96, I stand corrected, thanks to reader Captain Crunch. I meant “didn’t win 50% of the popular vote,” which effectively rebuts the Left’s whining about how “more than half the country doesn’t want Trump as president!” But as written, I look like a moron].

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