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Respect for the Law is the Last to Go

I always wondered what it felt like, being an average guy in the wake of a revolution.  What was it like for Ivan Sixpack, say, in 1918?  The Tsar’s justice system wasn’t perfect — far, far from it — but the rules were there, and the people knew them.  Policies and procedures might’ve been quirky, and were undoubtedly stacked, but the usages of the court were hallowed by time, and everyone understood them.  But then one day you go down to the courthouse, to go about your routine business, and are confronted by some scruffy college dropout in a tattered longshoreman’s coat, who claims to be the People’s Plenipotentiary of Justice or something…

Germany in 1933 is probably easier to envision, since the same guys administering the Fuhrer’s justice were the ones administering Weimar’s justice, and often were the same guys who’d done it for the Kaiser.  And it was justice, at least in apolitical matters.  So long as your case didn’t impinge on the Party, you’d get real, objective, impartial justice, even from a guy wearing a swastika armband behind the bench…

The problem, of course, was that lots of stuff impinged on the Party, and the area that fell under the Party’s “prerogative” grew by the day.  An explicitly politicized bench will, naturally, start getting political with its caseload.  Imagine the first poor burgher in a civil suit getting told that yes, the law is on his side, but for reasons of state he loses…

Lots of us are finding out what that feels like, but even so we can’t seem to let it go.  I saw something on Ace of Spades the other day, debating the desirability, from the GOP’s perspective, of stringing out the President’s inevitable impeachment trial.  The reasoning was: Since the trial is held in the Senate, that means all the Senators have to be there.  Which means Bernie and Warren, at least, will have to cease campaigning in order to be on hand to hear testimony.

No, really — they said that, like they meant it.

See what I mean?  That’d be a pretty clever bit of dirty political pool, actually, if we still lived under the rule of law.  But we all know what would happen: The Senate Democrats would move to amend the rules to let their candidates off to go campaign, because reasons, and the GOP — you know, the party actually in control of the Senate — would all vote in favor, again because reasons.  It’s not like we don’t know how Sanders and Warren are going to vote anyway, right?  Does anyone, anywhere, think there’s a case so airtight that they wouldn’t vote to convict?  Since the only question is how many Republican senators are going to defect to vote with all the Democrats, why should they have to be there?  Hell, why bother with a “trial” at all?

This attitude is almost inescapable among the nominal “Right.”  Since we follow the laws, we assume everyone else does, too, despite Himalayan-sized mountains of evidence to the contrary.  These same folks, for instance, seem to think that Hillary’s not running again, because the deadline to file as a candidate has passed in certain states.  Once again, out in the real world she files a lawsuit, and some hack in black puts her on the ballot, because reasons.

We’ve seen this song-and-dance before.  Remember Mel Carnahan’s wife?  Carnahan was a Democrat senator from Missouri who died in a plane crash three weeks before the election, where he was running neck-and-neck with John Ashcroft (yeah, him). Being an honorable man, Ashcroft suspended his campaign.  The Dems didn’t — of fucking course they didn’t.  Missouri’s Dem governor said he’d appoint Carnahan’s wife in his stead if he, Carnahan, posthumously won.  She cut a campaign ad, and the Donks went into overdrive playing up the grieving widow to the rubes.

She won, natch.

That was back in 2001.

The fact is, American “justice” is whatever the Left needs it to be today.  Rules are just suggestions — the Constitution is a “living document,” which means it says whatever the Democrats need it to say at the moment.  These are people who claim to sincerely believe that women can have penises and men can have periods; you think the phrase “shall not be infringed” means anything to them?  At least Stalin and the boys had the good grace not to change the accusations right in the middle of the fucking show trial.  Watching the “impeachment,” it’s clear that, like Obamacare, we have to convict Trump in order to find out what he’s guilty of.

How do people not see this?  That, my friends, is why my daily pills are very, very black.  The “law” means whatever they say it means, at the moment they say it.  That’s all it means.  Or, like the man says: They hate you, and want you dead.  What’s so hard to grasp about that?

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Why Young Americans Love Socialism

No, it’s not ignorance of history, despite what wildly overrated old fossils like Camille Paglia say.  You can “know” all the history ever written, but you won’t learn a damn thing if you keep shoving it into the same tired old boxes.  See, for example, the wildly overrated old fossil Camille Paglia:

“While I believe that boom-and-bust capitalism is inherently Darwinian and requires moderate regulation for the long-term greater good,” she says, “I insist that capitalism has produced the glorious emancipation of women.” They can now “support themselves and live on their own, and no longer must humiliatingly depend on father or husband.”

That’s exactly backasswards, sugar tits.  Oh, capitalism “emancipated” women, all right.  But that’s BAD.  Nothing makes me want to take a long, hard second look at Marxism — or radical Islam — more than capitalism’s emancipation of women.

“Capitalism” is the bastard child of the Enlightenment, which was a gross error based on Western culture’s oldest, most comprehensively refuted, yet most enduring myth: That Man is the “rational animal.”  Life would be so much better, everyone from Aristotle to Rousseau argued, if people simply carried on their affairs rationally.  Someone like David Hume might’ve had the good grace to squirm a bit if he were forced to attend a service at one of Revolutionary France’s “Temples of Reason,” but neither he nor any of the other Enlightened could’ve objected.

Nor could any “capitalist.”  All the hooey about “freedom” that has grown barnacle-like on the word “capitalism” is exactly that — hooey, eyewash, propaganda against the police-state thuggery that Marxism so obviously entails, and Marxists so fervently embraced.  Stripped of all that, “capitalism” is nothing less than the Cult of Reason in action: purely rational actors, trading on objective information — information, that is, stripped of its human element.  Faith, hope, charity, culture, blood and soil… none of that matters to the bottom line, so all of it has to go.  To the “capitalist,” women are just labor-units and consumption-units… grossly under-utilized ones, in fact, and there’s your “emancipation of women.”  Ladies, now you too are free to toil in cubicles 50 hours a week, to buy stuff that no one could possibly need…

… except that “free” isn’t quite the right word, is it?  “Required” is much closer.  “The Economy” needs you to make partner at the law firm, gals, and to do that it needs you to take out that hundred large in student loans, to sacrifice your prime childbearing years, to forego marriage completely, if we’re being honest.  Just like it needs you to pop out that one designer, turkey-baster kid at age 40, so that there’ll be a few little consumer-units to keep the day cares (and colleges!) in business until those autistic, benzo-addicted consumer-units get around to making partner and popping one out on their own…

Other than the fact that the NKVD are all volunteers these days — check your Twitter feed! — what, exactly, is the difference between life under “capitalism” and life in a Worker’s Paradise?  You, ladies — certainly including Prof. Paglia — are no more “free” to reject iCrap than Stalin’s slaves were to not use the equally-shoddy, broken-in-three-months products of Soviet industry.  “Capitalism” is as antithetical to real human life than Communism ever was.

Given all that, “Socialism” seems like a decent deal.

Not only that, but “Socialism” — as it’s taught in schools, the way college kids understand it — offers not just an alternative, but a meaningful alternative.  What does “capitalism” offer?  If you were tempted to mutter any iteration of “freedom,” I want you to re-read the last few paragraphs fifteen more times.  Then I want you to go rent a room in the nearest college town, and spend a weekend wandering around.  Freedom?  College kids are the freest people on earth.  The entire ecosystem is devoted to them.  They can watch, eat, drink, pierce, insert, or have inserted, anything, anywhere, at any time.  No kink, quirk, or hang-up is so bizarre that you can’t find at least one other enthusiastic participant near you in a five-minute trawl through your smartphone.

The very word “choice” is meaningless to college kids, because things are defined by their opposites and they’ve never had anything but limitless choice.  Want to know why I retired from teaching college?  There were lots of reasons, of course, but by far the biggest one was this: Any time I tried to enforce the rules — stuff like “due dates” and “proper use of apostrophes” — I’d get students flooding my office hours who weren’t just mad, but bewildered.  It didn’t take too many incoherently angry freshmen demanding that I change any and all class policies at their whim for me to realize that I was the first person who had ever, in their entire lives, told them “no.”

In a world like that — which is the world of pretty much every young American, from sea to shining sea — what could the word “freedom” possibly mean?

Socialism offers an identity, a goal, a sense of purpose.  Sure, it’s a pointless identity and an impossible goal, but they don’t know that.  How could they?  Their entire “education,” K-thru-PhD, has been designed specifically to avoid them knowing it.  The only other option they see is the status quo, which to them is: Take out the loans to get the degree in order to get the job, which you have to have to pay off the loans that got you the degree that got you the job.  Someone like Greta Thunberg is a hero to them because she’s for something, anything, that isn’t that.

If we’re ever to get off the Internet and into the real world, Our Thing must realize how desperately hungry for purpose our young people are.  They’re wrestling with a deep, pervasive nihilism, and as we know, whoever accepts nihilism always — always — flees to the biggest, most all-encompassing collectivism on offer.  Right now that “Socialism,” however you want to define it.  But it doesn’t have to be.

Take a page from the gamers.  Set up “fetch quests,” mini-games, that kind of thing — objective statistics, complete with badges of rank.  It sounds silly, but it works.  Look at how the kids on the Left are killing themselves — sometimes literally killing themselves — to prove who’s the #Wokest.  There’s tremendous energy there, tremendous vitality.  Give them a purpose — and a way to show others they’re working towards it — and they’ll do anything you want.  The Socialists understand this.  Why can’t we?

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How It All Ends

Since this seems to be generating a lot of discussion, here’s my take on how our world ends: Not with a bang, but a whimper.

There will be no revolution, only confused guerrilla violence between hostile ethnic groups — “Yugoslavia on steroids,” as Pickle Rick puts it.  I doubt any but a massive, nearly instantaneous economic collapse will cause widespread, major, tanks-rolling, air-strikes violence.  I’ve been predicting national socialism — small n, small s, but definitely featuring the secret police and marching armbands — here in America for going on a decade now (seriously – check the archives!).  I foresee a slow(-ish) motion collapse of the economy, to which “nationalize everything!” will be the knee-jerk response.  It’ll even be the knee-jerk reaction of white people; it’s the default response of Enrichment-Americans, who love them some big government in direct proportion to their inability to operate one.

That’s not to say there won’t be lots of widespread minor violence, though, with lots of rural areas rapidly becoming “Indian country” to La Presidenta por Vida Ocasio-Cortez’s mercenaries.  The problem there, though, is lack of leadership.  I need to clarify what I mean by this.  Here’s contrariandutchman:

You dont need leaders to have a (civil) war. Indeed, usuallyt takes having great leaders to -avoid- major (civil) war.

An Otto von Bismarck could for 2 generations avoid major war in Europe, and by extension the world, while also mostly keeping the peace at home despite severe social stresses in a rapidly industrializing and urbanizing society with deep religious divisions. Lesser men then fumbled their way into a massive war and revolutions they didn’t want yet didn’t know how to avoid….

…And lets not forget that before the US civil war Robert Lee was noted as a competent officer but he had never commanded anything larger then a regiment, and that not even in battle. The civil war allowed his talent as a general to show, without it he would have remained a colonel, respected by his fellow officers but forgotten to history. Today there are no doubt men in the US who similarly have talents that can only be revealed when the hour has arrived.

I agree (with qualifications) with the first part, disagree with the second.  The qualifications to the first part: Europeans clearly wanted a major war, just as Americans in the 1850s were openly longing for a civil war.  They didn’t like the war they got, of course, but there’s a reason that the Zeus of the Copybook Headings is: “Be careful what you wish for.”  A towering statesman like Bismarck could hold back the tide for a few years, a few decades even, but it was going to happen soon enough, for the reasons CD cites — rapid industrialization and urbanization.  No American leader was at Bismarck’s level — the best we could do was Stephen A. Douglas, who prevented the war breaking out in 1850, only to be the proximate cause of it breaking out in 1854.

(That’s the usual pattern with these things.  Absent very strong, Bismarckian leadership at the top, hair-splitting weasels like Stephen Douglas take functional control of the government.  Britain bumbled into umpteen wars and crises when Dizzy and Gladstone were out of office (and lots more when they were, alas).  Look at Current Year America — Donald Trump is the President, but it’s pretty clear that our real rulers are Adam Schiff, Peter Strzok, and a few Hawaiian judges).

Speaking of Schiff, Strzok, and the Hon. Tyne E. Bubbles, they’re the reason that the crisis will a) happen sooner than anyone thinks, and b) be dumber than anyone can possibly imagine.  These people are terrifyingly stupid.  It’s obvious, for example, that Schiff planned this whole “impeachment” farce around the assumption that Trump wouldn’t release the transcript.  Actually, it’s worse that that — the idea that Trump could release the transcript never even crossed his tiny little mind.  It just struck him as a good idea in the moment, and just… kinda… went with it.  And he’s a fucking Mensa member compared to the likes of AOC, who is merely the vanguard of the Marching Morons.  Compared to the Democrats’ bench, Dwayne Hector Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho is Bismarck.

My guess as to the actual precipitating event — some minor civil disturbance followed by a gross, and grossly stupid, overreaction by La Presidenta por Vida’s security forces.  As I (and Pickle Rick, and others) have said many times, at least your old-school panzer commander was qualified to command a panzer.  Today all our tanks are crewed by 5’2″, 200 lb lesbians cosplaying as Erika von Mannstein.  Imagine Karen, who insists on speaking to the manager, has heavy artillery and air strikes at her disposal.  That’s America’s brave new gays, girls, and trannies armed forces… if not now, then by next week.  Get between one of these psychotic hose beasts and her double-whip, extra-hot, foamy soy frappucino latte, and hello Tiananmen Square.

Such is my qualified agreement to the first part.  As for the second — “the Civil War brought talented guys to the fore” — that’s my point: There are no talented guys out there.  None under age 40, anyway, and precious few who aren’t eligible for social security.  The younger generation is too pozzed, too iCrap-addled and soy-enfeebled, to produce any kind of leadership.  La Presidenta por Vida’s security forces will get their asses handed to them every time they venture into Indian Country…. provided the Indians are still stocked with Metamucil, and only so long as their mobility scooters can outrun a dyke-commanded panzer.

The only flashpoints of serious violence, I argue, will be in the inner cities.  Pickle Rick wagers “that Jamal and Tre [will] be eating each other inside a week after the Piggly Wiggly runs out of malt liquor and canned food,” and I agree.  Remember that horribly, horribly racist story going around after Hurricane Katrina, that the homies were cooking and eating each other inside the Superdome?  There’s a reason that rumor got around.  Black people know better than anyone what will happen to them if Whitey isn’t around to keep the lights on.  They’re quite open about it.  It truly would not surprise me to hear that, after President Warren’s Green whatever tax brings the world economy to a crashing halt and the food riots start, Col. Karen of the 101st Bitchy Haircut Brigade ordered a nuclear strike on Baltimore. That’ll teach ’em to get uppity.

So… yeah.  The future?  Imagine an Ugg Boot stamping on a White face, forever.

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It’s Inevitable?

Most of Current Year America would be recognizable to a time-traveler from the Year 2000.  They didn’t have social media back in those dim dark days, of course, but the technology was substantially there — “it’s like email and a video conference, but on your mobile phone” wouldn’t seem too outlandish.  The more cynical the time traveler, of course, the easier he’d find it to swallow the presidencies of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, but no one who paid any attention during the Clinton years could really be surprised by them.  Hell, they were mocking “cancel culture” back in 1994, for pete’s sake, when the Internet was still mostly used to argue about Star Trek with other Defense Department contractors.  People forget that Idiocracy (2006) bombed at the box office, mostly because it seemed trite — “we’re already there, buddy.”

The only thing that would really baffle our time traveler is a doozy: The seeming acceptance of the idea, by a large and ever-growing segment of the population, that some kind of violent political upheaval is just around the corner.  America had its fault lines back then, of course, and there was no shortage of lunatics out there eager to turn the nation into a Worker’s Paradise, but as late as 2008 they were largely confined to academia and the op-ed section of the New York Times.  Their avatar was Dennis Kucinich, whose claims of a close encounter seemed so plausible because he came off like Mork from Ork’s dorky little brother.  They seemed, at worst, to be hippie fossils.  A Department of Peace?  Groovy, man.

But they meant it.  Every word.  Obama’s eight-year kleptocracy convinced them to pull the mask off, and of course Trump’s election drove them completely around the bend.  The Department of Peace is really the Ministry of Love, and when Hillary Clinton proclaimed that the message of 1984 is “trust the government,” she meant it.  She and O’Brien are spiritual cousins.  All Leftists are, and none of them even bother trying to hide it anymore.  Like the man says: They hate you, and want you dead.  What part of that is so hard to understand?

Even the dimmest dimbulbs on the “Right” are starting to grasp it.  A recent post at Ace of Spades, of all places, ended with the Z Man’s refrain: “We’re not voting our way out of this.”

The Ace of Spades guys, I’m sure I don’t have to remind you, sincerely believed Megyn Kelly was a hard-hitting conservative journalist.  When even those noodle-armed choirboys think revolution is just around the corner, you’d best stock up on ammo.

That’s the thing about violent upheavals, though — pretty much everyone knows they’re coming.  Maybe in the ancient world you could be excused for not knowing the Huns were thundering your way, but modern communications make things pretty clear.  Even supposedly out-of-nowhere events like World War I were taken as inevitable by lots of people — perhaps the majority of the common folk — in all combatant nations.  The Kaiser surely wasn’t building all those warships just to look pretty, and “revenge for Sedan” was France’s animating philosophy almost from the minute the shooting stopped…. which was 1870, if your European history is a little rusty.  The continent’s two dominant military powers had been spoiling for a rematch for almost half a century by the time Gavrilo Princip did his thing.  For most people in most nations at the time, the prevailing emotion was relief — what the hell took so long?

World War II, same deal.  Just to stick with a theme, George Orwell took it as read that Hitler’s election meant a second war with Germany, sooner than later.  In his personal politics Orwell was nuttier than squirrel shit, but his understanding of political behavior was second to none.  He had a very great talent for distilling what great masses of people were thinking about the large events of their day.  If Orwell thought war was inevitable, surely Nigel Sixpack thought so, too.

Even the American Civil War — the first one, I mean — was greeted more with relief than shock.  European “intellectuals” could convince themselves that neither the Kaiser nor the Fuhrer meant what he so often said, but even American “intellectuals” knew the fire-eaters were serious.  There’s a longstanding joke, attributed to Lincoln, about Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  “So you’re the little lady who started this war,” he was supposed to have quipped to Harriet Beecher Stowe.  The Mount Vernon Association of Experts has yet to weigh in, but it’s true in spirit if not in fact.  Think about it for a sec:  How far down the road to disunion does a society have to be before a novel like that gets published?  If he’s still alive, the Turner Diaries guy must be frantically cranking out a sequel.  He’d make millions.

Hell, even our so-called “intellectuals” think civil war is a possibility.  I’m told The Altantic has a thumbsucker up discussing it.  They blame it all on Trump, natch, but again, The Atlantic is the Liberal version of Ace of Spades — uptight, painfully earnest goobers who just want to be loved by the big girls on the alphabet networks.  Blaming it on Trump is a foregone conclusion, but the very fact that they’ve mooted the question means it’s time to panic…

… or not, because as the blackpillers in Our Thing keep pointing out, there’s no revolutionary leadership.  Civil War 1.0 was chock-a-block with impressive dudes with real political skills.  Only field specialists and other enthusiasts have heard of, say, William Lowndes Yancey, but he was a heavyweight politician who could really wind up a crowd — you don’t win a parliamentary fight against Stephen A. Douglas without some serious chops.  Who do we have that’s anywhere close?

That’s the last fact about big violent upheavals.  They’re easy to see coming, but very hard to actually instigate.  Ever seen college kids rush the field after winning a sportsball championship?  They’re lining up, eager to go… but they hesitate.  The arena cops have to let them go.  The cops always do these days, of course, since it’s “tradition,” but drunk idiots have been running out onto the field ever since sports were invented.  They didn’t tear down goalposts at the Yale/Harvard game back in the 1920s, not because there weren’t a lot of drunk idiots in the stands — trust me on this one — but because even at their drunkest, those idiots knew it was the apocalypse if they did.  They needed permission to rush the field.

Who’s going to give us permission to rush the field?  You know the answer, and so do I… but I really hope someone can change my mind.

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“Automata Inconvenienced with a Soul”

The problem with regarding people as “moist robots,” as the Z Man puts it, is not that people aren’t actually moist robots.  Glaring falsehood is a feature, not a bug, of every grand sociological theory this side of Original Sin.  Try it for yourself:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Nope.  Sorry, Tom, but every single substantive claim in that sentence is wrong, and obviously so.  Men aren’t created equal, life obviously isn’t a right, both life and liberty are alienated all the time, calling “the pursuit of Happiness” a “right” is incoherent, etc.  As slogans go, it’s not the worst ever to have rallied troops, but as a statement about the human condition it’s absurd.  For proof, see American history — yeah, ALL of it — 1865 to present.

It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness.

Ponderous Teutonic prose keeps this from being as obviously false as Jefferson’s nice plain English, but it’s still bollocks.  It’s an A+ example of the Ishmael Effect.  How did you, Karl Marx, get your consciousness past the limits of your social being, in order to tell us that no one’s consciousness can ever get past his social being?  As an explanation for why Marxist regimes are always police states, it’s aces — nothing changes your social being like a decade or two in the gulag — but as a social theory it’s bunk.

____ is just a social construction.

The parts that aren’t biology, anyway.  So, you know, maybe 25%, tops.

And so on down the line.  The social contract assumes rough equality between individuals in the State of Nature, a falsity inside an absurdity.  Anarchism assumes people naturally cooperate.  Aristotle, who famously defined man as the political animal, also assumed that man was the rational animal.  Spend five minutes on social media and tell me how that holds up.

The danger, then, isn’t the error per se.  It’s that the error becomes fundamental to one’s identity.

Everyone who has “taken the red pill” knows: It hurts.  Those of us who were once “CivNats” never thought of ourselves that way.  We thought we were just Americans — outgoing, generous, trustworthy within limits, maybe a little stuffy, but fundamentally decent.  We thought everyone else was, too.  Our default setting was “give ’em the benefit of the doubt.”  We wanted a nice house on a quite street in the ‘burbs because that’s nice, and we assumed that everyone else wants nice things, too.

It’s one hell of a punch to the gut to discover that lots of people aren’t nice, that they think nice people are suckers, that in fact they hold the very idea of “nice” in the deepest contempt.  That there are lots of people who live by the mobster’s mantra — “fuck you, pay me” — but they think even less of you when you actually pay.  So you build delusions for yourself — “they live like that down in the ghetto,” you tell yourself, “because they just don’t know any better.  More education, in better schools, with more job opportunities…that’ll fix it.”

But it won’t.  They live like that because they want to live like that.  Spend five minutes down there, and you’ll see people going way out of their way to increase their own squalor and misery.  A freshly-painted house will draw vandals from three ‘hoods over.  A kid who does his homework will be beaten by his classmates.  It’s all by choice.  That’s the red pill, and it goes down hard.

Or it doesn’t go down at all.  Sometimes the error is just too fundamental to one’s identity.  The believers in moist robot theory — those who believe men are just “automata inconvenienced with a soul,” as was said about the tsar’s bureaucrats — are, I’m increasingly coming to believe, Irredeemable.  They’ve embraced the error to such an extent that they try to make it truest for themselves.

Think about it:  It takes a certain type of person to be frustrated, intimidated, stressed out by the mere fact of choice.  A person who experiences real emotional distress when forced to choose between Froot Loops and Cap’n Crunch isn’t (just) a namby-pamby sissy.  This is a person who desperately wishes he was a meat robot, so that the programmer could tweak his algorithm and he’d never have to face another decision.

Only a certain type of person could write a book called Escape from Freedom.  It says it’s about Nazis, of course, but it’s actually a perfect portrait of a cultural marxist.  The Sane Society, the same author informs us, shall only be achieved when all those frightening decisions are made for us by a benevolent authority.

So, too, in economics.  Guys like Tyler Cowen write as if people are nothing more than culture-less, deracinated consumer units, because he himself longs to be a culture-less, deracinated consumer unit.  Calling someone like Cowen an “American” is like saying “he has brown hair” — true, but meaningless, as it’s just an accident of birth.  He desperately wants to be a rootless cosmopolitan consumer, so he writes as if we all are.  He’s nominally on the “Right,” but he means the same thing as the nominal “Left” when he pens another paean to “diversity” — isn’t it great that you can get Thai-Bavarian-Eskimo-Cuban fusion cuisine on the Upper West Side?

tl;dr — as the man said, SJWs always project.  They long to be meat robots.  They try desperately to make themselves into meat robots.  And since we the people only matter as stagehands in the all-encompassing show that is their pwecious widdle selves, they try to make us into meat robots, too.

I don’t think it’s curable, comrades.  Sadly, I think the only way to “help” folks who feel themselves to be “automata inconvenienced with a soul” is to “convenience” them.  I hope I’m wrong, but I guarantee you that thanks to “people” like them, we’re going to learn the answer soon enough.

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