2020 Predictions

I don’t really do these, but lots of folks do, and their predictions have occasioned some thoughts.  E.g. this, from the Z Man:

This [the primary fight between Sanders and Buttigieg, the last two Dems standing after the early voting] will be the great shredding of the Democrat coalition. Blacks are not all that fond of Sanders or Buttigieg. The remaining working class whites are not fond of these two either. The donors who run both parties will not want to see Sanders top the ticket, so they will swing hard for Buttigieg. What will become clear to the various tribes of the Democrat party is they are not all that important to the party. They will learn what conservatives are starting to learn about the Republicans…

I don’t know if he’s right about the Sanders / Buttigieg matchup — see below — but I think he’s dead-bang on about this being the year that the Left’s rank-and-file learn just how little they mean to their Democrat masters.

The Left, being so much more ideological, always has better message discipline; this gives them an appearance of unity that the “Right” never manages.  Combine that with their obvious fondness / longing for Bolshevism, and we assume that the Democratic Party works like the Communist Party.  It doesn’t, of course — guys like Soros call the shots, and it’s painfully obvious that 99.5% of the Rainbow Coalition mean less than nothing to guys like him.  I doubt there’s a Republican out there, no matter how cucked, who would really in his heart of hearts object to a total moratorium on immigration… and yet, immigration is the one thing members of the Republican Party would endure any torture rather than address.  So, too, will rank-and-file Dems discover that feminism, homosexuality, and the rest of the “progressive stack” — all so dear to their nose-ringed, genderfluid hearts — mean exactly squat to The Squad when power’s on the line.  Money talks, bullshit walks, as they say, and 2020’s the year the money on the Left tells the Left’s bullshit to take a hike.

Which will be true no matter which candidate the Dems end up fielding against Trump.  My money’s still on Elizabeth Warren.  The Z Man seems to believe that the Dems’ donor class is turning against her, and I’ve seen reports to that effect on places like Ace of Spades (what with the New Year’s hangover and all, I’m not going to google it right now).  I’m not so sure.  The Left know better than anyone exactly how much their talk is worth, and Warren has had zero problems selling out to Wall Street in the past (again, no hung-over googling, but feel free).  Crazy cat ladies are by far the most animated part of the freakazoid coalition, and crazy cat ladies love Elizabeth Warren (novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius).  She’s also a professor, which means she’s stupid in proportion to her ego — that is to say, dumber than a sack of hammers.  She’ll do whatever the money boys tell her, so long as they flatter her (the easiest thing in the world; see “massive ego,” above).  Why risk running a senile Jew or a mincing twink when you can you can run Hillary II: Parkinson’s Boogaloo?  They’ll take the path of least resistance…

…or maybe not.  Z Man also said somewhere (for the last time: hung over) that he, like everyone else, didn’t think the Dems would be stupid enough to actually go through with impeachment… and yet, here we are.  The most frustrating thing about studying History, I’ve found, is the constant reminders of how stupid people are.  And since Historians are a subset of “people” — and far from the brightest subset, to boot — we’re constantly reminded of how dumb we ourselves are.  Because, of course, it’s an unfailing law of human behavior that the phrase “surely they’d never be so dumb as to do ____” is a guarantee that they are, in fact, right now doing ___.  Reading Z Man’s predictions, I found myself thinking “Surely they’d never be so dumb as to risk running the screaming queen mayor of a crime-infested shithole burg against Trump; there’s only so much massive voter fraud can do.”  Ergo — Latin!! — Z Man’s probably right.  All hail President Buttplug.

Or maybe not, since the other fill-in-the-blank for “surely they’d never be so dumb as to” is Coonman’s gun grab up in Virginia.  Z Man pooh-poohs it, and in my blacker moments I do, too — all those super-patriots and keyboard commandos talk a good game, but when the guys with the badges come calling, they’ll make France’s performance against the Wehrmacht look like fucking Thermopylae.  Oh, sure, they’ll file suit, which as Z Man notes means it’ll be tied up in the courts for years, only to be dropped without a peep a few years later.  And meanwhile only the Feds are armed….

…but maybe not.  After all, as I said, the whole thing is stupidity squared in the first place.  Why risk it?  It’s not like VA’s gun owners are doing anything the Dems don’t want them to — it’s a blue state, after all, and getting bluer by the minute.  Hell, the Republicans didn’t even bother to contest a lot of races last time.  Even the vanishingly-small chance that some citizen might take a shot at the black helicopters makes actually going for the guns the stupidest possible thing for Coonman to do…. and there you have it.  Get ready for the Great Virginia Gun Grab of 2020.

We shall see.  We’re about to learn why “may you live in interesting times!” is a curse in Chinese.  Après nous, le déluge.


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5 thoughts on “2020 Predictions

  1. WOPR

    While Warren is the cat lady candidate, she also has the Hillary 3.0 vibe. That’s one reason Twinkie is probably a money choice. The second best choice for cat ladies is a homosexual guy. He does their hair and they gossip a lot. Also, he isn’t ready to stroke out on stage. Honestly, I don’t know who the Dems are going to choose. I am shocked there are no serious POC candidates left in the race. I figured they would shelter one or two through the race for at least optics. The Politburo is out of candidates.

    Will Virginia turn into Electric Bugaloo: L&C II? I put down my marker on ‘No.’ Of course, as you said, these are stupid people. If they were going to do it smartly, they would pick an area they had decent control over, raid the place at 3:00am with the cameras going, and haul people off to jail. Repeat a few times and watch most resistance disappear. Instead, they’ll show up with four dufus’ at dinner time in the reddest area possible, and proceed to get into a gun battle with the entire town.

    Just spitballing here from a theoretical standpoint and not saying anything that someone should take action about, a Paul R. type in the raccoon den is needed for when they make their move to collect the garbage. You know, the GI Joe saying about half the battle is important.

  2. MBlanc46

    “We shall see”. On the shortlist for the three most useful words in the English language.

  3. Wildgoose

    Sorry to be that guy, but “May You Live In Interesting Times” isn’t Chinese at all, it was actually coined by the English SF author Eric Frank Russell.


    As for the Democrat nomination, how many have decided that this time isn’t really the one to gain?

    Tulsi Gabbard for example seems to have made her mark and then bowed out before being fatally wounded in preparation for next time.

    It seems we are left with the chancers and their one-and-only (or last) shot. How many of those are hoping to do a Bill Clinton who only got through because so many of the Big Names decided to skip that Election in favour of the following one?

    Interesting Times indeed.

  4. Pickle Rick

    My prediction is a short range one based on the dumbassery of last night. Within a week or less, someone goes Aloha Snackbar in retaliation. But remember that diversity is our strength…

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