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A Clarification

Let me be clear: The point of these… well, I’m not going to call them suggestions, since I’d never urge anyone to adopt a particular course of action… let’s call them “speculations.” Anyway, the point of them isn’t to learn Liberals a lesson. They’re Liberals; they can’t learn. Leftism’s one prerequisite, from which all else flows, is the inability to link actions with consequences.

Instead, kameraden, think on a much more primal, limbic level. This is revenge, motherfuckers — pure, unadulterated, Sicilian-blood-feud style REVENGE. Nothing more. The goal — if these were suggestions, which of course they aren’t — would simply be to make these assholes suffer some small taste of the pains they’ve made us suffer. They’ll never be able to figure cause and effect out, but they might, just might, figure out a modus vivendi — leave us alone, and we’ll leave you alone.

And then we can have peace again.

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A Good Idea is a Good Idea…

…regardless of where it came from, but I swear, a certain dashingly handsome, stunningly well-endowed ex-professor you all know has been saying exactly this for some time now, here and in the comments at Z Man’s.

If Monster Tech can aggressively de-platform businesses and individuals for expressing forbidden opinions, then maybe it’s time for skilled tradesmen to respond in kind against the woke left….It shouldn’t have to come to this, but we’re already seemingly here. In addition to the de-platformings by tech companies, some banks are refusing service to gun shop owners, retailers are banishing products from My Pillow, etc. If we can only buy products and services from those within our political tribe, leftists are really going to hate the new rules when they’re in critical need of a skilled tradesman.

I mean, on the one hand, this is obvious. On the other hand… I’m blushing. Do I have a secret admirer among the blogging big leagues?

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What Comes Next II: March Violets and Long Knives

Here again, trying to predict specific events is a mug’s game. However, as I said in the comments to the previous post, revolutions — which, let’s recall, are by definition ideological — have to do certain things. They’re “historical necessities,” as Marxists might say, but it’s not “History,” capital-H, which makes them necessary; rather, it’s the ideology. A Machtergriefung not followed by a Gleichschaltung will be over before it starts.(1) Which means March Violets and Long Knives are on the menu in some form….

The biggest problem we face in analyzing this situation, though, is that while you’ll never find a more “ideologized” hive of scum and villainy than the Imperial Capital, it’s a goofy Postmodern version of “ideology.” Recall that the Postmodern Left are the Hollow Men — shade without colour, gesture without motion, etc. So, too, with their “ideology.” Ideologies, by definition, claim to be The Truth. But Postmodern Leftism’s core tenet is precisely that there is no capital-T Truth. The only thing they really believe, way down in their secret hearts, is what I call The Great Inversion — whatever is, is wrong.(2)

This has fascinating knock-on effects. For one thing, they suffer no cognitive dissonance at all when they contradict themselves, as they do daily. We’ve all noted it, and it’s one of the most frustrating things about dealing with them. Why can’t you see the hypocrisy?!?!, we find ourselves shouting at our monitors. But they don’t, kameraden, they don’t, and only the Great Inversion explains why. It doesn’t matter what they “believed” just yesterday. If you — the “conservative,” the Enemy — now believe it, then it’s wrong, because whatever is, is wrong.

Without us, there is no them.

This is literally true, comrades. Postmodern Leftism is entirely oppositional, entirely negative, because it obeys the Great Inversion. Hence the fascinating spectacle, as Morgan noted yesterday, of Uncle Joe Stolin’s people carrying on as if they are a beleaguered, harassed minority despite being in total control. Admittedly, part of the reason “Biden/Harris supporters are acting angry, mean, petulant and vengeful, as if they lost, when they won” is that, quite simply, they are angry, mean, petulant, vengeful people… but a lot of it isn’t. A much bigger factor is the Great Inversion. If they won, that means their agenda IS, and see above — whatever is, is wrong. They have to find a way to wield total power while believing themselves utterly powerless. It’s not impossible — every Borderline Personality Disorder case manages it — but it’s tough.

So that’s problem #1 in analyzing the situation through the lens of historical examples. Are they doing X deliberately, or is it just panic fire?

Compounding the confusion is the fact that so much of the panic fire will be coming from March Violets. These are the folks, you’ll recall, of all political stripes who in March 1933 suddenly discovered they’d been kittens all along. The zeal of the converted is of course legendary, and the zeal of the fake convert who only converted to keep himself out of Dachau is limitless. Cf. that Max Boot idiot we discussed a few days ago. NeverTrumpers are somehow even dumber and more short-sighted than the rest of their goofy, grifty tribe (it’s a word); they’ll be the ones screaming the loudest for special courts and emergency powers and Enabling Acts, but the other March Violets will be a loud amen chorus.

Unfortunately for them, they don’t know what happened to the March Violets. We do, though, and here’s a hint: “two in the back of the head.” All revolutions have their Night of the Long Knives.(3) That’s because all revolutions, being fundamentally ideological, have their Revolt of the Left SR’s(4). Also known as “the guys who really believe this stuff,” the Left SR’s try to push the revolutionary government’s policies into line with its putative principles. It never goes well for them — whether it’s a boxcar to Siberia, or a date with Madame Guillotine, the Left SR’s always get theirs sooner or later…

…as do their street-level equivalents. Just as the Left SR’s take the revolution’s opportunity to air all their ivory tower fantasies, so do the street-level shock troops take the revolution’s license to break and burn shit. Getting those people into line is an equally urgent task. Hitler’s goons did both at the same time, shanking Gregor Strasser and the rest of the Nazi “Left” while simultaneously shooting the SA leadership and their butt boys. Nobody ever said The Nerd was inefficient.

Normally it proceeds in stages, though, and in this particular case, I’d imagine that the “intellectuals” will get theirs first — if only because the Pretender’s razor-wired, bayonet-point installation happened in the dead of winter, i.e. a few months away from riot season. The White-Kids-With-Dreadlocks crowd had best pray Zhou Bai-Den makes it to summer; he’s so addled he might really fuck up the repression. If Heels-Up Harris is in charge, though, she’ll nuke your stupid asses from orbit, and while I’m going to bust a gut laughing at the irony of “America’s” first “Black” female president curb-stomping the absolute shit out of “Black Lives Matter,” I really wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of what’s coming. Make sure your wills are up-to-date; you don’t want your various babymommas and uncles and cousins and whatnot to have to fight over your favorite bong after they’ve finished scraping you off the National Guard’s tank treads….



(1) I’m not going to italicize terms like this anymore, since as far as I’m concerned we’re living in a police state and hey, “cultural appropriation” is just what we White folks do, apparently, not having the brains and drive to invent anything ourselves. So even though we’re stealing this from other White people, it’s still “cultural appropriation,” and if that makes your brain hurt from the sheer brass-balled retardedness of it all, you need some serious reeducation, comrade. Though in the spirit of bipartisan unity which our fraudulent, installed-at-bayonet-point rulers have commanded we observe, let me be the first to apologize to any Germans in our readership for mangling your weird, wonderful language.

(2) I know I got this from John C. Wright, but I can’t for the life of me dig it up on his blog. All credit where it’s due, and apologies for the lack of link.

(3) Yes, ALL of them, and if you think the USA was an exception, ask the guys on the business end of the 13,000 troops sent to repress the Whiskey Rebellion, or the guys purged and executed after Shays’ Rebellion.

(4) The Nazis had one too, and though it’s irrelevant to the main post, if you really want to know, the Bamberg Conference nearly ousted Hitler in favor of the Strasserites, i.e. the guys who put the “Socialism” in “National Socialism.” Otto Strasser lived, though he was expelled from the Party and exiled in 1930, but Gregor got his on the Night of the Long Knives. Oh, and for the record, and if you still don’t believe me when I say ALL revolutions go through this, peruse the catastrophically fucked-up administration of John Adams, which by the end found both Virginia and Kentucky threatening secession from a nation which was barely a decade old at that point.

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What Comes Next? Part I: Der Hamsterkauf

Trying to predict specific events is a mug’s game, but all revolutions follow similar patterns. Fortunately, we have a fairly recent example to hand:

The Great Steal and the Pretender’s subsequent installation at bayonet point was, of course, the Machtergreifung. Some highlights:

In his position of Reichstag president, Göring asked that decisive measures be taken by the government over the spate of murders of Nazi Party members. On 9 August, amendments were made to the Reichstrafgesetzbuch statute on “acts of political violence”, increasing the penalty to “lifetime imprisonment, 20 years hard labour[,] or death”. Special courts were announced to try such offences. When in power less than half a year later, Hitler would use this legislation against his opponents with devastating effect.

Stop me if this sounds familiar:

Another notable event was the publication of the Industrielleneingabe, a letter signed by 22 important representatives of industry, finance and agriculture, asking Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as chancellor. Hindenburg reluctantly agreed to appoint Hitler as chancellor after the parliamentary elections of July and November 1932 had not resulted in the formation of a majority government…

Hitler was named chancellor…The SA and SS led torchlit parades throughout Berlin. It is this event that would become termed Hitler’s Machtergreifung (“seizure of power”). The term was originally used by some Nazis to suggest a revolutionary process, though Hitler, and others, used the word Machtübernahme (“take-over of power”), reflecting that the transfer of power took place within the existing constitutional framework and suggesting that the process was legal.

Emphasis mine, let me hasten to add.

Our Industrielleneingabe, of course, wasn’t published — our Tech Overlords don’t bother with dead trees — but was there any doubt who they favored in the “election”?

I’ll just leave this here, I think:

German newspapers wrote that, without doubt, the Hitler-led government would try to fight its political enemies (the left-wing parties), but that it would be impossible to establish a dictatorship in Germany because there was “a barrier, over which violence cannot proceed” and because of the German nation being proud of “the freedom of speech and thought”. Theodor Wolff of Frankfurter Zeitung wrote: “It is a hopeless misjudgement to think that one could force a dictatorial regime upon the German nation. […] The diversity of the German people calls for democracy.”

Ok, one comment: The Internet informs me that the German for “cuck” is der Hahnrei, and a brief Internet search for that term, ummm, confirms it, rather vigorously. Guess they had those back in the Thirties, too. Frankly I’m too depressed to google up if Theodor Wolff et al wore little bow ties and went on cruises while muttering about “muh prinzibuls,” but I assume so.

So what comes next? Glad you asked! The Germans have a word for that, too: Gleichschaltung, “coordination.” The highlights:

The “First Gleichschaltung Law,” passed using the Enabling Act; this law dissolved the diets of all [states]…The same law ordered the state diets reconstituted on the basis of the votes in the last Reichstag election (with the exception of Communist seats), and also gave the state governments the same powers the Reich government possessed under the Enabling Act.

The “Second Gleichschaltung Law” (Zweites Gleichschaltungsgesetz, 7 April 1933) deployed one Reichsstatthalter (Reich Governor) in each state, apart from Prussia. These officers, responsible to Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick, were supposed to act as local proconsuls in each state, with near-complete control over the state governments.[18]

Another measure of Nazi Gleichschaltung was the passing of the “Law for the Restoration of a Professional Civil Service“, decreed on 7 April 1933, which enabled the “co-ordination” of the civil service—which in Germany included not only bureaucrats, but also schoolteachers and professors, judges, prosecutors and other professionals—at both the Federal and state level, and authorized the removal of Jews and Communists from all corresponding positions.[19]

On 14 July 1933, the Nazis passed the “Law Against the Founding of New Parties”, which declared the NSDAP as the country’s only legal political party.[20][a] The “Law Concerning the Reconstruction of the Reich” (Gesetz über den Neuaufbau des Reiches) (30 January 1934) formally did away with the concept of a federal republic, converting Germany into a highly centralized state.[21] The states were reduced to mere provinces, as their institutions were practically abolished altogether. All of their powers passed to the central government. A law passed on 14 February formally abolished the Reichsrat.

Our Chinese puppet overlords don’t actually have to pass laws to do any of that, of course — our state governors like Whitmer, Newsom, et al have been carrying on like freelance Gauleiters for years (to say nothing of the schoolteachers, professors, judges, etc. (my emphasis, obviously, but do you really need it?)).

And since Kung Flu was / will be their excuse for all this, I suggest we appropriate a more recent German word: Hamsterkauf, “panic buying.” Not only does it perfectly describe the lemming-like behavior of the Covidiots, to English speakers it looks and sounds like a portmanteau of “Hamster” and “cough” — the hamster cough. Perfect! Der Hamsterkauf fur der Gleichschaltung, and I sincerely apologize to the Germans in our readership (there seem to be some, somehow) for mangling your fascinating, flexible, wonderful language.

Be on the lookout, kameraden. Part II soon.

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Friday Reader Discussion Thread

Since we all could use a little humor in our lives….

Is it wrong for me to admit I kinda missed having a Democrat in the White House? I mean, yeah, it’s the final sunset for Western Civ — and that’s bad — but if you’re amused by human folly, watching moron socialists try to govern is like crack… delicious, delicious crack.

So… what’s your favorite part of Democrat administrations? I know there’s a lot to choose from. “All the racial healing” is always a good one. I also enjoy the thrill of getting a new dictionary — remember, #Resistance is now BAD. But when it’s all said and done, I have to go with “The Media continuously auto-beclowning themselves with euphemisms.”

Like this one. It’s not that Zhou Bai-Den lied when he said he wouldn’t ban fracking. No no, he simply created confusion by misstating his position. Which is as heartbreakingly pure a description of the intent and outcome of “a lie” as you’ll find in even the very best dictionary, but let it pass, my brothers… let it pass. Savor the moment. That’s the absolute goddamn best they could do, and it’s only Day Three.

At this rate, I’m going to laugh myself into a hernia by early next week.

Open thread.

PS all bets are off when, as is inevitable, the Left finally admits to Biden’s obvious dementia. The trial balloons are already going up. At that point, I predict they will wait all of about 0.32 seconds before they start crowing about how Orange Man was such a bad president, he lost an election to a guy who was obviously suffering from Alzheimer’s on the campaign trail. And that, my friends, will be the highlight of the Zhou Bai-Den administration. I don’t think that could ever be topped.

And yes, you know good and goddamned well they ARE that shameless….

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The Worse, The Better [updated]

Said Lenin, or maybe it was Bakunin, but y’all get the point. We need more of this (Ace of Spades link):

In a Monday op-ed, the Washington Post called on heavyweight telecommunications corporations to shut down conservative cable news outlets including Fox News, One America News, and Newsmax TV, comparing the need to do so with that of shutting down foreign terrorist influencers.

“There is a whole infrastructure of incitement that will remain intact even after Trump leaves office,” Boot writes. “Just as we do with foreign terrorist groups, so with domestic terrorists: We need to shut down the influencers who radicalize people and set them on the path toward violence and sedition.”

The essay then heaps praise on the recent purging of conservative voices on social media platforms by tech giants, hoping that broadcast media will follow suit.

Max Boot is a fake-“conservative” NeverTrump SSDS — that’s “sociopathic, sexually deviant shitweasel,” please update your lexicons accordingly — who not coincidentally looks like this:

And, yes, (((of course))), please spare me.

There’s a short game and a long game being played here, kameraden. We can ignore the short game, as it’s just virtue-signaling. I’m not saying there won’t be purges — rest assured, there will be, and have you signed up for the backup newsletter yet? — but not just yet. Zhou Bai-Den and his cronies have bigger things to worry about, as that stupid little sorority girl recycled from the Obama administration said about Zhou breaking his own idiotic mask rule within hours of signing it.* They’ve got industries to wreck and wars to start; Fox is great for rallying the bomb-everyone crowd (their few remaining viewers are, of course, Toby Keith-style flag-sucking diehards).

What this is, in other words, is the SSDS crew finally waking up to the fact that massive, open, gleefully in-your-face electoral fraud means they don’t need your stupid ass any more, Max. The jig’s up. This is the “March Violets” phase of the Gleichschaltung, in which so many of our former countrymen realize they were really SJWs all along. In those conditions, grifters like Boot have to amp it up to 11; I wouldn’t be surprised to see these clowns calling for literal firing squads before too long.

The long game is where it gets interesting, and I for one couldn’t be happier. A total purge of Fox News would perhaps be the only thing that could slap some sense into Normie. It would be far, far better from the SSDS perspective to let that stupid station continue as it is — SJW lite, with a few flag-waving montages. You’ve got to boil the frog slowly, boys. Alas for them, they’re feeling their oats, and since they’re so incredibly stupid, they’re going all the way right away.

We need to encourage this, comrades. Urge them to be as ridiculous and over-the-top as possible. Maybe we can even get Max Boot up there to lead one of the Einsatztruppen. The very sight of that goof in a tank helmet, Mike Dukakis-style, would be worth 10 divisions to our side.

*Great to see her back. I’m serious. I love those types — the ones who were the chunky cheerleader in their little tiny high schools, and got into politics to compensate. Jen Psaki, Marie Harf… (oh, those problem glasses!) I spent my entire college career chasing exactly this type of girl. It’s a real tweak in the nuts.

UPDATESince we’ll all be required to learn Chinese anyway pretty soon, let’s start with this: Baizuo. It means “White Leftist” and it is NOT a compliment.

As noted in the comments, this is the high tide of freakery in the Country Formerly Known as America. Zhou Bai-Den’s administration is their Summer of Love, their Woodstock; they will never have it better than this. Why? Baizuo, baby!

Since the Left live completely in fantasyland, they remain invincibly ignorant of what every Dirt Person knows — the Pox hate that crap. Sexist? Homophobic? Sheeeeeit, nigga, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. And while our Chinese overlords are happy to use “intersectional” nonsense to help us destroy ourselves, they have zero tolerance for it where they’re in charge…

Consider the obvious fact that Zhou Bai-Den himself is not long for this earth. That’s not a threat, FBI goons, that’s just medical reality — folks with advanced dementia, which Resident Salute-the-Marines very obviously has, don’t live too long. And even if he doesn’t croak in the immediate future, the Cabal will soon find babysitting him more trouble than it’s worth, so all hail President Kamala. Whaddaya think her cabinet is going to look like?

Rashida Tlaib at State. Ilhan Omar as SecDef. AOC at Justice. You think those fine upstanding ladies are going to tolerate a White guy in a dress flouncing around the Imperial Capital giving orders? It’s going to be nonstop Freaknik there behind the razor wire in a year, year and a half tops. Trannies, furries, all that ComicCon shit… those are things which Homie most definitely does not play.

Which is why we need to encourage it for all it’s worth, kameraden. That tranny from Pennsy is just the #2 organism at Health and Human Services. Why not #1? Transphobia, obviously. And Zhou’s administration is woefully light on Furries. They need to get somebody dressed as Tigger into a top post, stat. Necrophilia, bestiality… you can’t tell me there aren’t Washingtonians who are into that. Let your freak flag fly, guys!!

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The Pledge

As everyone who has seen The Prestige knows, the first part of a magic trick is called “the pledge.” Then “the turn,” and finally “the prestige,” the big payoff.

In a totalitarian society, the “news” often contains little more than “pledges.” Half the fun of reading Pravda back in the days was trying to spot the pledge. Since every story the State’s Propaganda Ministry puts out is overtly political, you know they’re going to do something with that seemingly mundane item about the new fishing trawler in Krasnoyarsk. Will the salted herring quota of the Five Year Plan be overfulfilled by 300%? Or is this a setup for something about the triumph of national minorities under the leadership of Comrade So-and-So, who’s now a comer in the nomenklatura?

I have to admit, my brothers, I’m getting one of those old Cold War chubbies right about now. For, you see, on the very same day Biden is installed, the WHO issues new COVID guidelines that will significantly reduce the number of new cases. As Internet people used to say, WATFO?

What Are the Fucking Odds. I mean, who ever could’ve guessed?

Nobody else gives a crap, but recall that The Media is deeply invested in “the first hundred days.” They have a bunch of those stories ready to go for every new administration. Recall also that Biden mumbled something about challenging everyone to wear masks for his first hundred days. Gosh, do you think The Media is trying to spot him a few points’ lead?

Just like that, somehow, someway… poof! A gazillion-percent reduction in new cases “in the first hundred days.” That ol’ Democrat magic rides to the rescue again. The only question now is, will they have the chutzpah to call it an Easter miracle?

I love clown world, I truly do.

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Today’s History Lesson

It was the murder of the Emperor Severus Alexander by his mutinous troops that kicked off the Crisis of the Third Century. Subsequent rulers — commoners with army commands who briefly seized the purple — were known as “barracks emperors.”

The fact that a mental patient was just installed at bayonet point in the imperial capital has nothing whatsoever to do with reminding me of that obscure bit of Roman history, I’m sure.


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They Don’t Disappoint

The Media gush that the lights on the Lincoln Memorial are like Joe Biden’s arms embracing America.

Meanwhile, the Festinger set is banning everyone who points out that their prophecy has, in fact, failed.

And the irredeemable CivNats at Ace of Spades are vowing to VOTE. EVEN. HARDERRRRR!!!!! next time.

Same as it ever was.

Extra special bonus: The return of Thunberg!

Predictable as sunrise, the lot of it. I love clown world, I truly fucking love it.

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R.I.P. America

If I had the skill to write a funeral oration, it’d be much more Brutus than Marc Antony.

Rule by a clique of smug gangsters is the natural endpoint of universal prosperity, which is lethal to… I was going to write “the human mind,” but it’s more basic than that. It’s lethal to character. It’s lethal to seriousness.

We are a deeply, profoundly, terminally frivolous people. The people entrusted with enough armed power to reduce the entire planet to a cinder tear up their opponent’s speeches on camera. They kneel in the Capitol rotunda in honor of a drug-addicted criminal. Their supporters charge the Supreme Court chambers wearing knitted vagina stocking caps on their heads. All of them insist that working people should be denied their livelihoods if they, the working people, can’t keep up with the bespoke pronoun choices of the obviously mentally ill. They make a crazy man in a dress who insists on calling himself “Rachel” a public health official.

All of that really happened. All of that really happens. You couldn’t remake Idiocracy now; we’re so frivolous, we’re beyond parody. Elagabalus weeps at our inanity.

Thus the just-purged military installing an obvious dementia patient behind thousands of yards of razor wire after an obviously stolen election is not just apt, but perfect, for the kind of species we’ve devolved into. All hail President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

As for me, kameraden, I’m off for a while. I took some time off, cashed in some investments. I plan to go someplace new for a while, see some new places, meet some new people. I’ve needed a big change for a long time, so why not now? I’ll still post, but if they’re more sporadic than normal, have weird timestamps, etc., now you know why.

I intend to live as well as I can, for as long as I can. Note please that I don’t mean “live luxuriously;” I mean live well. With dignity. Like a human being, the heir — for all that’s worth — to 2500 years of civilization, the best civilization that was or ever could be. That’s my advice to you, comrades: Live well. Read good books. Listen to good music. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Be proud of what you are, what we had, what our children’s children’s children could one day have again.

Above all, be happy. Our overlords are broken. They have gaping holes in their souls, that no amount of “social justice” can ever fill. They’re incapable of feeling anything but the sour satisfactions of spite. Being a kind, decent, happy, whole human being is the second best revenge you can take on the freaks who now rule us, So do it. Live well, brothers, and be happy. The lamps are going out; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetimes. Let yours shine as brightly as you can, for as long as you can.

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