A Clarification

Let me be clear: The point of these… well, I’m not going to call them suggestions, since I’d never urge anyone to adopt a particular course of action… let’s call them “speculations.” Anyway, the point of them isn’t to learn Liberals a lesson. They’re Liberals; they can’t learn. Leftism’s one prerequisite, from which all else flows, is the inability to link actions with consequences.

Instead, kameraden, think on a much more primal, limbic level. This is revenge, motherfuckers — pure, unadulterated, Sicilian-blood-feud style REVENGE. Nothing more. The goal — if these were suggestions, which of course they aren’t — would simply be to make these assholes suffer some small taste of the pains they’ve made us suffer. They’ll never be able to figure cause and effect out, but they might, just might, figure out a modus vivendi — leave us alone, and we’ll leave you alone.

And then we can have peace again.

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3 thoughts on “A Clarification

  1. Geo. Orwell

    “Anyway, the point of them isn’t to learn Liberals a lesson. They’re Liberals; they can’t learn.”

    Sadly, it seems civnats remain equally insensible to a good larnin’. Having posted for years at AoS until about six years ago, I’ve thought many there could make the journey across the divide, leaving normieland. However, the civnat disease there is metastatic. Vote harder. Run on the Constitution!

    Two or three perspicacious commenters there march so close to the edge, one thinks they must be able to see the maw of the demographic age about to engulf everyone. Not so. Some things just cannot be said there, lest you be told to “go back to Stormfront” or suchlike. So perhaps civnats need to learn a lesson as well, but like liberals they probably won’t learn anything either.

    1. Severian Post author

      I think it was you yourself, Mr. Orwell, who said “Reality is that which doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.” One of two things will happen to the CivNats; one of the same two things that will happen to the SJWs when their retarded Postmodern revolution starts eating its own, as all revolutions do — they’ll wake up, or they’ll go to the killing field yelling “wait until Comrade Stalin hears of this!”

      I personally know a guy who was mugged by Diversity, with the Diversity all the while yelling racial epithets at him. This guy still thinks #BlackLivesMatter. He’s hopeless; he should change his name to Rubashov. There might be hope for others. The only question is, what level of pain will bring enlightenment? Hypothetically, of course.

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