A Question I’d Like Asked

The facts, Our Betters assure us, have a liberal bias.

If that’s so…. then why aren’t they happier?

Now, I must admit, I myself am usually less happy when I find my worldview confirmed.  But that’s because I’m a conservative, and we live under the sign of Saturn. But if the world really is mostly gumdrops and sugar plum fairies — if love is all you need; if we’re just one Sarah Palin disappearance away from utopia — then why are liberals such sourpusses?  As Morgan notes, you can spot a liberal chick from across the room with near-perfect accuracy, and we all know what happy-go-lucky, devil-may-care fellows SWPL “men” are.

You’d think they’d be cheerier, is what I’m saying.  Wonder why they aren’t?

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2 thoughts on “A Question I’d Like Asked

  1. tim

    You just have to wait. As Morgan also noted – Liberals, always one more revolution away from happiness, always. (I think I got that right.)

  2. Great White Rat

    Good food for thought there, Sev. Let me take a whack at it.

    For starters, liberals are creatures of perpetual victimhood. Look at the patchwork of special interests that make up the bulk of the left. Every one of them has a grievance. I’m a victim because I have to pay for my own birth control. I’m a victim because I can’t marry whoever or whatever I want. I’m a victim because the government isn’t giving me (fill in the blank). When your life is built around the conviction that you’re oppressed – the OWS mobs, for example – you don’t approach life cheerfully.

    Here’s another reason: their viewpoints and policies aren’t built on thought or rationality, but on raw emotion. Wherever and however they’ve been tried, they’ve been colossal failures. Socialism sounds good and will get the unthinking to go along, but eventually, following the liberal agenda leaves you somewhere on the road to either Cuba or Detroit. That’s got to be a disappointment…I mean, every liberal who attains power and runs the same old leftist playbook fails, even though THIS time they were SURE we’d have Utopia by the middle of next week. Not much to be cheerful about there.

    Also, liberalism runs contrary to human nature. The average leftist is a statist. He wants to herd us all into government-approved ways of doing everything, with the liberal dictating what the approved ways are, of course. He has no confidence that the average American can live his own life, make his own choices, dream his own dreams, and especially cannot “build that”. They don’t trust anything – business, church, you name it – that’s not an extension of Big Government. Problem is, most people, at least here in America, disagree. They don’t want to be lumped into categories and told what the government will allow them to do, or will do for them. Liberals find that damnable human nature and god-given freedom to be a real annoyance. Again, not something to bring a smile to them.

    On top of that, there’s the intolerance. It’s hard to be jolly when you know that someone, somewhere on the other side of town, is using the wrong light bulb. And maybe drinking a large soda. And worst of all, openly disagreeing with you (where’s the IRS when you need them). Liberals, in their arrogance, narcissism, and conceit, became intolerant of all who do not follow, and that intolerance often metastasizes into hate. Conservatives think liberals are wrong, liberals thing conservatives are evil.

    Add it up. You’re a victim, confronted with evil people who refuse to march in lockstep with government dictates like they should, and your plans have failed every time you’ve tried them. How happy would you be?

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