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See what I mean with this stuff? (Warning: about a zillion auto-play videos, because Fox. Also warning: Fox News. Be current on your blood pressure meds).

Sabotaging Trump’s rally — by showing all the empty seat, then walking away — would’ve been a slick bit of dirty pool. I mean it. Nice move, “Zoomers” (whoever the hell y’all are); I wish I would’ve thought of it myself. You even blackpilled Z Man about it (not that that’s a particularly high bar). I salute you….

But then y’all have to go ruin it by bragging about it. You’ve turned what should’ve been a very effective piece of propaganda into a win for the other side. Even the Ace of Spades dorks get it:

Based on AOC’s bragging about using TikTok teenagers and K-Pop fans to reduce the headcount at Trump’s rally in Tulsa, some new rules are evidently in effect:

1. Any rally with a headcount < 6200 is a miserable failure.

2. Foreign interference in an election is now totes OK.

3. Voter suppression is also totes OK.

4. Abusing the ticketing system to intentionally deny people the ability to hear the politician of their choice is “a form of protest” and is thus totes OK.

5. A candidate being 10 points ahead in some poll 5 months out from the election is absolutely dispositive.

6. Millions of online viewers count for nothing.

7. Stacey Abrahms is the rightful governor of Georgia (this is always true).

In case any Democrats wander by here, let me point out three very, very obvious things:

  1. It’s going to take Joe Biden a month’s worth of rallies to draw 6300 people, what with all the truly obnoxious Branch Covidians in his fan bae; and
  2. You could hold a Trump rally in a phone booth now, and he’ll claim it would’ve been the best-attended thing since Woodstock, if not for those meddling kids; and
  3. Any time he draws more than 6300 people — which he will, this being election season — he’s going to claim this is his real level of support. All he has to do is put out pictures of a stadium packed to the rafters and say “compare and contrast.”

You just own-goaled yourselves. Again. And I know y’all won’t get it — narcissists, by definition, don’t know they’re narcissists — but for everyone else just getting up to speed on the New Kremlinology (that is, trying to figure out what’s really going on in the Imperial Crapital by reading the tea leaves), this is highly instructive. So…. thanks?

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6 thoughts on “Addendum to Previous:

  1. WOPR

    I like the Zman, but on Trump he’s a reed in the wind. I never expected a lot from Trump. Therefore anything we get from him is a win. He’s the quintessential Boomer. Everything he does is going to be along those lines. He blew up Conservative Inc. which isn’t small change. He’s also pushed the uniparty into madness.

  2. Pickle Rick

    I can’t wait for a Democratic volunteer to walk under the Confederate battle flag I have hanging on my front porch and knock on my door to ask me who I’m planning on voting for…

    And I’ve got a friend leaning by the door if they wanna play games. And I got more games than Milton Bradley. And a river out back…

  3. Severian Post author

    I had a dork from one of those home security companies call me up the other day. You know the ones — “We’ll put cameras on every inch of your house and monitor it all from your smartphone.” I told him that I already had a home security system: A very large dog and a twelve-gauge. He hung up on me.

  4. Skedastic Racket

    My first thought was that the bragging was to give Trump a reason to blame the media for the poor showing and preventing him from recognizing that his base was expecting more from him than “law & order” tweets.

    1. Severian Post author

      Maybe, but that violates the first rule of effective propaganda: One message at a time. I learned it as the acronym KISS — Keep It Simple, Stupid!! In this case, it’s not even clear who to “blame.” Is it the Media (not sure how they’re responsible; they are, at best, enthusiastic participants), the “Zoomers,” or what?

      I’m not saying the Dems aren’t dumb enough to botch basic propaganda — if they can fuck up rigging a primary, they can certainly fuck up this — but always remember: though they are very, very stupid, their base is even dumber, and the likes of AOC are among the dumbest. “Dumb narcissists doing dumb, narcissistic things” seems to me to be a better explanation than “a two-step chess move.”

      But hey, what do I know? This really is like Kremlinology – you’ve got to filter The Scriptures through the personalities of individual sociopaths you only “know” third-hand. I’m getting a warm nostalgic glow for the Cold War…

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