Adventures in Advertising

I love watching ads.  No, really — TV these days is straight-up poz, but the ads, though also straight-up poz, tell us a lot about where our culture is going.  TV’s passive; it does all its work through osmosis.  Ads, though, are active.  They have to engage you, give you something to aspire to…

You even see it in spam.  Since I write a lot about college, declining standards, the Asian invasion, and the possible relationships between these, all my posts get bombarded with comment spam for paper writing services.  That tells us a lot, doesn’t it?

One thing I keep banging on about is: How fast big historical changes happen.  Most of us, when we hear “history,” think of change taking place over epochs, somewhere deep in the distant past.  It somehow never occurs to us that History never stops, and that we, too, are a part of it — assuming we don’t nuke ourselves back to the Stone Age before then, the historians of 2140 are going to have a field day with us.  All the evidence of looming disaster was right there; how could those fools not see it?

The collapse, when it comes, will take just about everyone by surprise.  I’d be keeping an eye on Harvard if I were you.  You may not know this, but they’ve got a big lawsuit on their hands, and it’s about to go to trial, and it’s not going to go well for them.  Of course Harvard discriminates against Asians.  Everyone knows this, just like everyone at Harvard knows Elizabeth Warren ain’t no kinda Indian.  So long as they’re not stupid enough to put it in the public record, everyone’s fine.  But the discovery process, like DNA tests, can be killer….

It’s like this, y’all.  Colleges have three objectives:

  1. Collect Diversity Pokemon;
  2. Maintain administrators’ and professors’ fat sinecures;
  3. Maintain academic standards.

As funny as 3 sounds now coming from me, it’s true… so long as you understand what “standards” mean, and, most importantly, why they define them that way.

“Standards” means things like “average SAT score,” “graduation rate,” and any other number that can be put on the marketing materials sent to the parents of kids who don’t qualify for scholarships, especially out-of-state.  One could actually escape college debt free without scholarships, even now, if one stayed in-state and commuted…. which is why colleges don’t bother with education anymore, and instead focus on “The [college name] Experience.”  You’re missing out if you don’t stay in the dorms all five years, at an aggregate cost far greater than even out-of-state tuition!

I’m only exaggerating a little, if at all, when I say that the entire university ecosystem depends on this — dumb parents paying full out-of-state tuition, room, and board.

Yes, Harvard too, which is why they’re so eager to get Asians… but only actual from-Asia Asians, the kind that go back home and take up their rightful places as second-deputy-undersecretary of indoctrination at People’s Heavy Tractor Manufactory #202 somewhere in Xinjiang Province.  It doesn’t matter that Asians-from-Asia don’t speak English, refuse to do the work, and turn the dorms into a Workers’ Paradise — their bought-straight-from the-Internet SAT scores still count for marketing purposes, and grade inflation takes care of the rest.**  So long as they pay the freight, they get counted as “Diversity” — win / win / win.

What they absolutely don’t want, on the other hand, are Asian-Americans, which both real Asians and college administrators* call “bananas” — yellow on the outside, white on the inside.  Those kids stick around, and become legacies, and marry the daughters and sons of legacies, and, in short, royally screw things up for the dumb-but-clubbable Slade Jackington van Pelts and their dumber-but-still-clubbable kids.***

I trust y’all see where this is going.  So long as everyone knows — BUT NOBODY SAYS — that Asians-from-Asia count for Diversity purposes but Asian-Americans don’t, it’s all good.  And nobody’s going to say anything, so long as you don’t constantly shove victimology down undergraduates’ throats….

As schadenfreudily delicious as it is to watch the SJW monsters they themselves created tearing the Ivy League apart, consider that Harvard is “elite” only in name.  Seriously: Every other big school in America does the exact same thing, and most of the little ones do too.  Remember the “college paper writing service” spams that started this post?  They don’t advertise those at Harvard, because they don’t need to — Harvard gets the best cheaters the cheating-est political system of the most dishonest culture on Earth ever produced.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the profs wrote these kids’ papers themselves at places like Harvard.

At Big State, though, it’s still necessary to pretend that the Asians-from-Asia can, and actually do, do the work.  If Harvard is forced to play it straight with their admissions, so to will every other university in America…. and unlike Harvard, they don’t have a zillion-dollar endowment, so have to at least pretend that their degrees’ value are in the learning, not in the brand.  Without constant subsidies from the PRC, they’ll be forced to fall back on their own resources…

… and pop goes the higher ed bubble.  Before you start cheering, recall that Americans now have more student loan debt than credit card debt.  What do you think happens if people learn just how much of that trillion or so dollars — yes, with a T — is a big fraud?

Wars have started over much, much less.  It’s not going to end well.



*Yes, waaaay off the record, of course, and with some chemical help, but I’ve heard it.
** It is almost literally impossible — literally, Millennials, literally! — to fail out of college these days, and it gets harder the higher up the academic food chain you go.  The little commuter-college branch of Big State out in Podunk can fail kids, as their business model is “churn-and-burn,” but you’d have to plagiarize your term paper while making like Bill Clinton at dollar beer night at the nudie bar, and vote Republican, to fail out of the Ivy League.  The customer’s always right, remember?
***Big State U has the same problem, of course, with the added headache that Asian kids of either variety are no good at football.
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4 thoughts on “Adventures in Advertising

  1. P_Ang

    See, now I wish I waited a few hours and posted my post from yesterday’s article here. Anyways the “diversity Pokemon” collecting has long moved from the dormitories to other areas. Hell, I was in the military from 90-94 and you couldn’t get an early promotion unless your name was Tyreezee or Laqueesha. Now I’ve got a new job, and the collecting frenzy is massive. At least 90-95% of the people there “identify” as something. I was actually asked if I “identify” as anything when going through training, so they could properly label my social position.
    It’s a Big 5 bank, and one of the interesting tricks they use now is to tell everyone “we don’t talk about politics.” If you don’t speak liberal, what this means is “we don’t allow conservatives to speak politics.” Liberals are allowed to bombard you with THEIR politics in the hopes that secret/closet conservatives will be revealed, try to defend themselves or recite factual material, and be written up for “hate speech.” It’s a brilliant system with no real loopholes to get sued, since those who have chosen to “identify” will rally around the aggressor to defend their “identity rights,” while the victim is penalized, ostracized, and/or fired for defending themselves against the venomous hordes.

  2. Frip

    My dad put my brother through a top out of state school. He had great grades so then dad put him through a top out of state law school for hundreds of thousands. My brother graduated and became a lawyer then his wife left him because his temper and he became pill addict and wouldn’t show up in court, leaving his clients to sit by themselves. And he let all his cases flounder while he stayed in bed popping pills not answering his phone. Then he stalked his ex-wive’s new boyfriend and beat him up in a parking garage. Then he got disbarred. Then he became a bigger pill addict.

  3. Ryan

    Oh what a bind Harvard is in. There’s a perfectly legitimate reason to discount Asian academic credential in admissions: rampant cheating. It’s just the foreign nationals paying full tuition are the worst offenders.

  4. nightfly

    Sometimes I half-seriously wonder if the Ivies actually operate like something out of the old “White Like Me” sketch on SNL – guy disguises himself as a legacy, hands in an actual paper at office hours, and the professor just chuckles: “What’s this? Are you kidding? Here’s your A! Go ahead, take it!” At the admissions office, the Provost interrupts some vice-dean explaining that you can’t possibly graduate, then laughs and starts handing out degrees: “Go ahead! Whichever one you want! Or two or three, it’s all right! And this think-tank will hire you sight-unseen!”

    Inasmuch as politics, entertainment, and news media are practically a single, slithering mutant entity wearing multiple faces like The Thing, I don’t suppose I’m all that far off, really. Just one more aspect of Our Betters getting pissy that we don’t want them in charge, and demanding we let them suck our souls dry… clapping at their “jokes” (insults of our morals), agreeing with their “news” (insults of events), believing their “education” (insults of our intelligence), and obeying their “rules” (insults to our everyday life).

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