Africa: The Video Game

Today’s more-than-typically excellent Z Man column says Our Thing is going to go nowhere until we start convincing Normals that the old assumptions are wrong.  People aren’t all the same, they sure as hell aren’t infinitely malleable, and there’s no one ideal form of human organization.  The question then becomes, how do we convince Normals of this?  Here’s my stab at an answer:

Africa has always been “problematic,” as the kids say, for save-the-worlders.  The place seems impervious to modernity, and has been since “modernity” was “three malarial Portuguese dudes in a rickety sailboat.”  Even so cucky a cuck as Jonah Goldberg once wrote a column — sorry bud, the Internet’s forever — arguing in effect that because Africans are so congenitally hopeless, we should re-colonize the place for their own good (i.e. before the Chinese, who use King Leopold’s Ghost as a how-to manual, beat us to it).  Faced with the utterly inexplicable primitive weirdness one sees every day on the Dark Continent, Old Africa Hands simply shrug and say: “Africa wins again.”

This is why, of course, the “race is just a social construction” crowd never venture much past 1800 when instructing us that, as one of the most hilarious of recent tomes puts it, “race does not exist, and the very factors that we think of as determining it a person’s heritage or skin color are mere pretexts for the brutalization of powerless people by the powerful.”  The authoress — who is, natch, as dusky-hued as Elizabeth Warren — is the recipient of such prestigious scientific awards as the “Taft Prize in Labor History” and the “Spruill Prize in Southern Women’s History.”  If those don’t qualify one to unravel the mysteries of the human genome, I ask you, what would?

And furthermore: See what I mean when I say I’m the only guy I know who really believes in evolution?  I’m quite comfortable with the idea that Somalians became Swedes over the course of 500,000 years or so, because evolution is so obviously copious, local, and recent.  The race-is-just-a-social-construction crowd, on the other hand, would have a hell of a time explaining just what part of “society” turns your skin pale, your eyes blue, and your intestines lactose-intolerant… which is why they never bother trying.  Ditto with inherited behavioral traits — if those are “social constructions,” too, then “society” must’ve turned wolves into dogs somehow… but hey, what do I know?  I never even made it past the quarterfinals for the “Brown Publication Prize in Black Women’s History.”

Anyway, all that is just logic, which as we know won’t do squat to convince the ideologically inconvincible.  We’ll have to go at it another way.*

Since this is the Internet, I assume you all have played some variant of the classic strategy game Civilization.  Let’s suppose a version of that game set in 1,000,000 BC.  You win by achieving world domination, via culture, technology, or the space race.  You load it up, and the computer assigns you to Sub-Saharan Africa.  What do you do?

If you’re scientifically literate a so-called “race realist,” of course, you just reboot the damn thing, because you know you’re screwed.  But let’s stipulate that you’re a cuck.  Let’s further stipulate that you’re in God mode, so you can do whatever you want to the physical environment.  You can re-route rivers, alter coastlines, cut down malarial jungles, assign yourself natural resources, whatever.  You can, in short, re-create Sweden down to the individual salted herring, so long as you retain the original human genetic group.  Now what do you do?

The answer, of course, is the one Goldberg suggested in that long-ago column, the one he’ll be forced to read from at his show trial early in the Warren administration: Impose Sweden on it by force.  If “race” really is meaningless — if the only reason Somalis aren’t Swedes is because Somalis act like Somalis, not Swedes — then the only way to prevent your computer civilization from becoming Somalia is to force them to act like Swedes.  Which is, after all, the fundamental premise of games like Civilization — whether you’re Queen Victoria or Mohandas Gandhi, Isabella or Montezuma, Peter the Great or Shaka Zulu, the different outcomes are solely dependent on the efficient use of culture.

To really drive the point home, let’s stipulate a mod of Civilization called White Man’s Burden or something, set during the Scramble for Africa.  Your goal isn’t world domination this time; instead, you’ve got to get your African civilization ready to achieve independence as a functioning member of the modern society of nations.  Again, you’re in God mode, so you can do whatever you want to the physical environment.  You can edit your cities, too, so that you can give, say, Kinshasa a modern seaport and an industrial base.  What do you do?

To ask is to answer, and hopefully by now even the Normals are starting to get it.  Even if we grant the ludicrous premise that “Race is just a social construction,” any attempts to solve the problems “racism” left behind involve the kind of cultural hegemony even a guy like Macaulay never dreamed of.  If it’s NOT a social construction, though, the answer is….?




*And yeah, I’m aware of the emerging consensus of multiple parallel human evolutions, as opposed to the “we all migrated out of Africa” hypothesis.  But since that’s infinitely worse for the “race is just a social construction” crowd — implying, as it must, that Blacks are an entirely different species — we’ll just leave it be.
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20 thoughts on “Africa: The Video Game

  1. WOPR

    Is it that people don’t believe that already? Or is the real fear, it is true and if we admit that then what? I believe it is more the latter than the former. If we admit what we know to be true, then how we handle that becomes the issue. So, we have to make the point and also have the solution. Otherwise, it will simply be NAZI and slavery charges.

    BTW, since you mentioned it, I started reading The Radicalism of the American Revolution. It is interesting so far. Do you agree with it?

  2. ryan

    Small quibble: It’s actually adult lactose *tolerance* that evolved in milk drinking populations. The normal state of affairs is for children to lose lactose tolerance once they stop nursing.

  3. MBlanc46

    Like WOPR, I don’t know what people think about the blank-slate hypothesis vs realism. I’ve been obsessed by the question since I was 17 years old, and became a philosophy major as a result. I’m so far from the mean, I don’t know what the mean is. Do normies think about this at all? The extent to which our betters are attacking realism is perhaps an indication that they’re afraid that too many normal folks are having Bad Thoughts. My guess is that whites who have significant experience of interaction with blacks (and blacks who have significant experience of interaction with whites, for that matter), know that the differences are deep and real. I have such experiences. I wouldn’t be surprised that the same applies to whites and Asians, although I don’t have significant experience of Asians. If people such as Colin Flaherty and Paul Kersey are to be believed, Asians perceive deep and real differences between themselves and blacks. If many or most of these understandings do exist, the next question is, how do we persuade normal folks to say so in public.

    1. Severian Post author

      Asians-from-Asia are the most racist people on the planet. No quotation marks, no sarcasm — when I wrote that the Chinese would use King Leopold’s Ghost as a how-to manual, I was joking, but I wasn’t kidding. They are utterly contemptuous of Whites; Blacks they find beneath contempt…

      ….which is why my absolute favorite thing to see when I was still on campus was the new breed of Asian-Americans, who even administrators call “bananas” (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) when they’re off the record with a few tokes in, going off about racism. As actual from-China Chinese run every computer lab and science facility in every university in America, all you have to do is go talk to them. They’re not shy about it… and they’ll have some choice words for you, too, starting with however you say “Uncle Tom” in Mandarin and going from there.

      1. MBlanc46

        I’ve got to say that I find some of the East Asian women overwhelmingly attractive, but I suspect that in a century or so, any white folks left will realize that importing tens of millions of .Indians and Chinese was a greater mistake than importing a few hundred thousand Africans in the colonial period.

  4. Pickle Rick

    Since the Left has decided that everything, all the time, is “racist”, and they’re absolutely unable to shut up about it, the power of the accusation is diminishing rapidly (much like the Holocaust as a club to beat opponents with, it has a sell by date).
    Factor in the obvious double standards they show in protecting their own (Governor Coonman and Sultan Trudeau)
    and the word is becoming obsolete. If everything is racist, then nothing is racist.

  5. contrariandutchman

    Surely there are those among the 14 readers who also believe in evolution? (but then, do you know us?)

    It seems increasingly likely that Western Civilization is rapidly approaching its end, and the impossibilty of even considering how we can square observable reality with sacred dogma is a big part in that.

    Of course, that makes the question of a new moral paradigm, one that does not clash head-on with reality, even more interesting. As a new civilization rises from the ashes of the old it will need such a paradigm.

    As for the proposed games (they could be intersting if implemented), if you have a million years you would adjust the environment to strongly advantage the breeding success of people who are good at observing patterns and planning ahead as well as cooperating in larger groups.

    The second game cannot be won, you dont have time to evolve new behavioral patterns in your population in that scenario and nothing else will work.

    1. Pickle Rick

      Well, I won’t put words in the Lucky Thirteen’s mouths, but I do. We’ve bred dogs into the myriad breeds we see today, and that’s only 10,000 years or so. You seriously believe that humanity hasn’t done the same? Besides, I’ve been to Africa and Australia, as well as Africa-in-America, so I’m pretty sure I’m not the same species…
      As for Western Civilization nearing the end, a profoundly sick culture deserves oblivion, and that’s what late stage globohomo is, Western Civilization’s terminal stage. Civilization didn’t end with the Roman Empire, it just CHANGED. Christian civilization is dead, and honestly has been since 1945.

      1. Severian Post author

        Re: believing in evolution, that’s a taunt I love to use on my liberal acquaintances, as it highlights their hypocrisy like no other. Since “race” means “inherited behavior + IQ,” any “race realist” must believe in evolution, full stop. But liberals don’t, and can’t, because if they did, they’d have to explain the evolutionary miracle by which all vertebrate species except homo sapiens inherit both intelligence and behavior.

        Rottweilers are aggressive, Dalmatians are dumb, Chihuahuas are small and yappy, oh yeah, sure, all that is evolution… but Africans have a low future time orientation? Impossible! Blank slate!!

        Re: the million year game, yes, that’s why I think it would be so effective. You absolutely could win the game that way… but “winning” that way means acknowledging that behavior and IQ are heritable, which means race is real, which means….

  6. kirkforlatt

    I’m with Pickle Rick. I’ve traveled extensively throughout Africa, and I’m pretty sure I belong to a whole ‘nother species, separate from the creatures I saw on the Dark Continent. Being among those folks was a real epiphany for me. I came back to the USA after my first time there and looked around at black coworkers and people I encountered in restaurants and so forth, and all I could think was, “They are different from us. They are not like us, and we sure as HELL ain’t like them.” Of course, proximity and forced proximity has done a great job of line-blurring. As I heard an elderly gent say when I was a kid, “If you hang around em, you’ll start acting like ’em. But mark my words, they will NEVER act like y’all.”

    And this is the sort of reality that today’s Christianity is simply unprepared to even acknowledge, much less address. Christians will never admit that evolution is occurring/has occurred. They consider such talk heresy. And as soon as they catch the whiff of anything heterodox or heretical, the conversation is over. I have no idea how to get the normies to listen. It’s a mess. It’s like trying to tell an alcoholic “Hey, man, you need to stop drinking or it’s gonna kill you.” They will ignore reality until their liver explodes. White Christians will do the same. When their grandchildren are all mulatto criminals, they’ll STILL be blaming it on a poor exposition of supralapsarianism or an inadequate view of the Atonement.

    Wait. I went off the rails there, didn’t I?

    1. Severian Post author

      Yeah, but as I think Snoop Doggy Dogg once said, I can’t cast the first stone at a guy going off on a tangent on this here blog.

      I know the Left hasn’t been intellectually consistent in going on 100 years now, and they all think History starts anew each sunrise, but it still sometimes floors me how the only people who still use the word “dialectic” have no idea what it means. Behavior and evolution have a dialectical relationship. We inherit behavior through evolution; but our behaviors change how we evolve. Somalis DID become Swedes at some time in the distant past. Both mechanisms were in play. They still are.

      Though I formally belong to a denomination, I have always believed that “Christianity” and “what Jesus said” have an at best tangential relationship. The beautiful thing that made Western Civilization worked quite well for White folks, but it doesn’t, won’t, can’t for our duskier brethren. Which is fine, and I’m confident Jesus Himself would agree. I’ve been to one of those crazy roll-on-the-floor Lawd Jaysus Allmighty! AME services. They’re awesome. If that’s what works for them, then there it is. The Gospel may be intended for all nations, but it doesn’t say anything about mixing, yet alone eliminating, those nations.

      1. Pickle Rick

        Yet that’s exactly what the leaders of every Christian denomination are actively promoting. That non-whites are sacred, almost Christ like objects for whites to prostrate themselves before to beg for forgiveness.

        My best friend is a churchian, and it’s frustrating that he’s otherwise exactly who we need in Our Thing, but the Jesus thing has removed his critical thinking facility, because his church says Orange Man Bad…

    2. contrariandutchman

      To be precise, I dont think there are different species of human, the various races or subspecies of homo sapiens can interbreed and have fertile offspring after all. That seems a useful bright line for speciation to maintain. But being part of a single species leaves plenty of room for variety in loos and behavior as indeed dogs can attest.

      And Christianity has subspecies even more varied then homo sapiens, Hermann von Salza, Arnaud Amalric and Dominic de Guzmán considered themselves fine Christians no doubt, yet their beliefs and actions could hardly be further from modern churchians. The discerning reader no doubt has an idea which variant is more likely to propagate succesfully.

      I think the million year game would be interesting as a game, and useless as a tool for education. Progs will simply believe all the harder that there were no differences in the ancestral environment, after all, humans all over the world are exactly identical, so evolution all over the world must have followed an identical path. qed.

    3. WOPR

      It’s because you aren’t approaching Christians in terms they can accept. Let’s take saying that Africans aren’t of the same species. (As an aside, it is scientifically wrong.) All you’ve done when talking to any current day person, Christian or not, is announce that you support slavery and the denigration of fellow human beings. You can cry about your realism and science all you want. You won’t make a dent in their morality. Morality is far more powerful than logic and reason. Actually, logic and reason are usually used to justify morality. Therefore, you will never convince anyone with scientific* arguments.

      This does not mean you cannot convince Christians. You have to approach the subject sideways. Don’t storm the walls, but enter the gate. Christians are going to hold that all of humanity is equal in the sight of God. Good ole’ Paul laid that out with his neither Jew nor Greek, etc. line. Churchians beat that verse to death. However, Paul also pointed out how women were different from men. Obviously, there are temporal physical differences that lead to different roles. Nations and people as well are mentioned with unique attributes. They aren’t always getting along either.

      Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but how does that get to ending the multi-culti egalitarian death cult? Sure, you’ve now made the point in Christian terms that people are actually different and in groups. One thing Christians are always asked to strive for is peace. Paul even mentions that if a spouse becomes a Christian and the other cannot tolerate that, let the unbelieving spouse go for reasons of peace. Why don’t you want a multi-culti society? Ask them to show you one that doesn’t become a police state to hold it all together. Or ask them why they want violence by importing Muslims. Start making Christian moral arguments. Why is voluntary segregation fine? Most blacks and whites have different ideas of the societies they want to live in. It doesn’t mean there is hate. You encourage hate by forcing the mixing. We should always treat each other with Christian love. Peace is obtained by allowing the differences to exist through separation.

      * Scientific arguments usually are weak because most science changes with the seasons. What we know for sure today, is completely wrong tomorrow, and partially correct after that. Our understanding of humanity is especially weak because we’re human.

  7. Skedastic Racket

    As far as the whole evolution thing goes, under the criteria for speciation set up by evolutionists humans have clearly diverged. The belief that humans are all one specie is literally a social construct. But as we all know, equality is an axiom for the left so it can’t be disproved by any evidence.
    Which leads to my question, which is how do you convince someone to give up their axioms? Would a positive approach, as in teach people to love their own, be more convincing than trying to teach people to notice differences?
    I can think of a bunch of counter arguments, but I’d like to know what the gut feelings are here.

      1. TBoone

        My stab at the brass ring (is to mangle a metaphor). You stand a better chance to challenge an axiom if you can relate to the ‘target’. It has to be personal, up to a point. Not too personal because then the defenses pop up. Most axioms (involving most humans) can be universally applied. Unless you’re talking about the endless capacity for human stupidity and/or cupidity. Irony works. Humor helps. Can equality be meted out/legislated equally? Then move to another valid point. Always be ready to walk away, stop if they aren’t willing to engage. Be polite.
        Original sources are preferable to secondary/tertiary, Yes? Where does their news come from? What sources do they trust. Hobbies? Gaming? Sports? Grrl Power? Why do we have Men’s and Women’s Olympics? Do boys & girls mature differently? Why are Car Insurance rates higher for boys/men until around age 25? What does the data show? How reliable is it? What effects do Estrogen or Testosterone have on developing children?
        What does the Government do ‘well’? Why do we need ‘more’ of it then? ETC.
        I’m 60. The world I grew up with is gone. Not coming back. My reference frame isn’t applicable to anyone much younger than I am. I’m from a different century. A different place. The population has almost doubled since High School. How are we better off?
        Hope an old man’s musings are at least amusing if not helpful.

        1. Skedastic Racket

          Being personal definitely helps I’ve noticed. Asking leading questions seems to work on people who are already questioning things, but not so much on those who don’t. But I might be asking too many questions too soon. Just seems like time is running out.

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