All Hail Manchukuo

Japan and the League of Nations couldn’t see eye to eye on the issue of Manchuria. The Lytton Report suggested a phased withdrawal to be completed within ten years; Japan’s envoy suggested, in all apparent seriousness, one thousand years. Japan left the League not long after.

That was 1933. I forget what happened after that, but I’m sure it all worked out ok. Kinda like the Vichy Right agreeing with the incipient Bidenreich that we should stay in Afghanistan forever. Forget I said anything about leaving the country; I’m sure everything will be great. We’ve got Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse on it — you know, top men. Top. Men.

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11 thoughts on “All Hail Manchukuo

  1. Some Guy

    Going off the idea that Biden, as well as most if not all of Congress are owned by China, why does China want the US in Afghanistan? I could see to keep the Central Asians busy while China expands as far as they want. It’s not like the current US presence there is big enough to cause problems for the military in terms of readiness. Maybe they want to make sure the poppy fields are secure as they flood their new western colonies with opiates?

    1. Severian Post author

      A long, futile war degrades capabilities in all kinds of ways. Recruiting falls flat, morale plummets, confidence in leadership hits zero. No one fears a country that can’t pacify a handful of goat fuckers in twenty years. The Soviet failure in Afghanistan was a major cause of their collapse.

        1. Severian Post author

          I’m not a professional military historian, but I’m not a total amateur either… and in my opinion, when it comes to military matters, if Alexander the Great couldn’t do it, it can’t be done. All he got out of Afghanistan was a rotten bitch of a wife.

      1. Some Guy

        I get your point but there were only a few thousands of troops in Afghanistan at this point and people in America have for the most part forgotten we are even there. If Biden decides to ramp up Afghanistan again that would be one thing. Of course that assumes Trump is unable to conclusively prove fraud in court. That shows one of the big problems with fraud, we can all see that it happened, but that’s a lot different from proving exactly how and when it haplened and who was involved.

  2. WOPR

    They are determined to make you a prophet. Other than graft, I can’t figure out the establishment’s obsessions with Iran, Russia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

    1. Severian Post author

      Long, pointless wars enrich profiteers and politicians while demoralizing the home front and killing off the few left with fighting spirit (and gets them out of the country; potential dissident leaders are all stuck on the empire’s far frontiers). These are all wins for Globohomo.

    2. Pickle Rick

      The Bagel People (here and over there) kind of don’t like those countries. Iraq and Iran were/are regional threats to the Most Important Nation In The World. Russia was mean to them 100 years ago. Plus Russia intervened in the Syrian Civil War, preventing The Most Important Nation In The World from meddling there, or slicing off a few strips of Syrian territory.

      1. The Kaigat Of Wands

        Yes. I’m not anti-Israel, it’s the only civilised country in that part of the world and we should support them for that reason, but that doesn’t mean we should fight their wars for them or have our military be their mercenaries. Starting with the first Iraq war it’s always been about Iran and still is. If I was an Iranian I’d be very nervous about a Biden presidency.
        It’s true you can’t win in Afghanistan, Britain tried for 100+ years, Russia tried and now the US – all to no avail – but it was never about Afghanistan per se, it was about isolating Iran.
        It’s really a shame because Iran probably has the most potential (to the extent any of that part of the world does) to become somewhat civilised itself.

  3. Codex

    Cuz Afghanistan: It came as quite a shock to me, in my salad days, when I first began to pay attention to the world beyond family and school, that the Great Game was real, and ongoing!

    The grotesque thing taught in schoola are the red flag to the bull. The killing stroke was always what they do not teach.

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