AMA Part II: 90s Bands, David Irving, and the Z Man

Some of the “Ask Me Anything” questions, like the “revolutions” one, below, take a full post to answer. Others can be knocked off quickly, but I know they’ll generate lots of discussion, so they should be separate posts. Such as this one.

An email question: What is your option of David Irving as a historian?

I don’t have a firsthand opinion, never having read his books. My secondhand opinion is cribbed from Richard J. Evans, who was the expert witness for the defense* at Irving’s libel trial, and who went on to write what should be the standard history of the Third Reich, as well as a fantastic book, Lying about Hitler, that should be the first required reading in the “methodology” class every History major should be required to take.

Evans said that Irving was a talented and tenacious researcher with a very deep knowledge of the sources, and a knack for unearthing new documents. He didn’t start out as an open and obvious “Holocaust denier.” My understanding of Evans’ interpretation of Irving is that  he, Irving, in his early career was at most guilty of trying to do for the Nazis what a whole bunch of “respectable” historians did, and continue to do, for the Communists — “yes yes, mistakes were made, but the Allies / West were so much worse.” On this one point alone, Irving has my sympathy — being a lying shitstain giving “academic” cover to a reprehensible regime should be a bipartisan crime.

But as Evans shows in almost excruciating detail, Irving went from what could very charitably be called “axe grinding”** to outright fabrication, distortion, omission, and sundry other fuckery. As I’ve written here before, “Holocaust denial” is a species of sophistry that’s very tough to slay, because the weird administrative structure of the Third Reich (see previous post) made it very difficult to pin actual responsibility for anything on anyone.

Then as now, the Germans loved their paperwork, but though the evidence from aggregate paperwork is overwhelming, in very few cases can you actually find direct orders for anything. There are reams of reports saying “thus-and-such train of evacuees was given special handling,” and everyone knew what “evacuees” and “special handling” really meant, but written orders along the lines of “I, General So-and-So, order you, Lieutenant Thus-and-Such, to shoot those Jews” simply don’t exist. At least, that’s how I understand it (I’m not a specialist) based on my reading of Evans, and if you’re at all interested in the nuts and bolts I can’t recommend Lying about Hitler highly enough.

Another email question: Does Z Man read or comment at Rotten Chestnuts?

He’s commented here once that I know of, in the site’s earlier incarnation. I know we’re on his “A list fans” blogroll, which is cool, and got put there at his commenters’ request, which is incredibly flattering. I don’t know if that means he’s a regular reader. I assume not, if only because I riff off so much of his stuff — why would he need to read my recap of what he’s already said?

That said, I hope he does check in from time to time, because some of those riffs might be useful. Today, for instance, he’s talking about “rolling back the clock” — getting people to drop their cell phones and social media and such. My suggestion from a few days ago, about a revamped Promise Keepers or a lay auxiliary of the Society of St. Pius X, would be useful in such an endeavor.

Finally, the Best 90s Song/Bands stuff.

I’m still going with Alice in Chains as the best band, but a) that’s a pretty low bar, and b) there are other plausible contenders, for different values of “best.” I’m using “best” for both band and song in the sense of “most representative of the era,” not in the sense of “most technically skilled” or whatever. So while I don’t think Counting Crows were any great shakes, musically (though I’m the first to admit I’m not a musician myself). you’d be hard pressed to find a more of-their-era group than them. I don’t think you’re legally permitted to spin August and Everything After without first putting on two layers of flannel and playing a half hour of hacky sack on the nearest college quad.

And yet, ye gods, look how far we’ve fallen. First, take a good long look at this fucking pansy:

And then note that he has a visible bicep. Not impressive musculature by any means, but that and the facial hair indicates “viable biological male.” Now check out his 2020s equivalent, Ed Sheeran:

It’s like Chuck Klosterman had sex with some other lesbian and somehow, nine months later, this popped out of one of them. I didn’t think it was possible to make Adam fucking Duritz look like the goddamn Marlboro Man, and yet, there it is. Duritz, Eddie Vedder, that queef from Live… giant gaping vaginas, all of them, and yet they’re the very picture of toxic masculinity compared to today’s crop of “male” singing stars. Oy vey.

[Side note: Does anyone know who is that little piece of tail with Duritz in the first picture? She looks yummy, despite being more butch than he is].

[Side note #2: The search results for “Ed Sheeran gay” tell us whatever that picture doesn’t about pop culture in the Current Year. According to a poll that pops up as one of the top results, 71% of respondents don’t think he’s gay. I’d be flabbergasted by this, if it weren’t for some of you people insisting a few months back that Barack Obama, a.k.a. the fruitiest dude ever, isn’t gay. What the hell are they putting in the tap water these days?].

So, umm, where were we? Oh yeah: Counting Crows have to be a candidate for “best” 90s band, as do Live and probably Everclear. Musically terrible, all of them, especially Everclear, who are the neutered version of AC/DC, releasing the same damn song over and over for ten straight albums, but still — none more of-their-era than those turds. “Most emblematic,” then, if not “Best.”

And all of that is before we get to the chicks. Jewel, Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette…. my candidate for “Most 90s Song of the 1990s” would be “every single track on Pieces of You, followed by a minor Alanis hit, ‘All I Really Want.'” Have a listen, if you’re feeling brave (or in need of chemical castration). I’ve mentioned before that no one was having sex in the mid 1990s; the fact that every single girl I knew in college identified utterly with this song should tell you why none of us minded all that much.

Ahhh, memories. I think I’ll go shoot myself now.


*Yes, for the defense. Like Oscar Wilde, David Irving was the plaintiff in his libel suit. Wilde sued the Marquess of Queensbury (yeah, the boxing rules guy) for libel after he, Queensbury, called Wilde a “posing somdomite” [sic]. The trial didn’t go well for Wilde, since he was a posing somdomite and everybody knew it. Similarly, David Irving sued historian Deborah Lipstadt for libel for calling him, Irving, a Holocaust denier. Thus Evans was brought in as a witness for the defense, and did to Irving what Queensbury’s lawyers did to Wilde… which is pretty much what Wilde did to Bosie.

**Apparently the book that made Irving’s rep, The Destruction of Dresden, pushed a highly inflated body count for the infamous firebombing. Irving made his case based on (among other things) a document that later turned out to be a forgery. Whether Irving knew it was a forgery at the time, and whether or not he was a bit too trusting of his other sources, is disputed.

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46 thoughts on “AMA Part II: 90s Bands, David Irving, and the Z Man

    1. Severian Post author

      Yeah, I forgot about them. I guess because, in my mind, the 90s were the start of the Great Pussification (which had of course been underway since at least the 1970s, but it seemed to really hit its stride when I was in college). RHCP ran around in their underwear, and though Anthony Keidis looks like an old lesbian now, back then he was pretty studly (cf. his great cameo as a surf nazi in Point Break.).

      Which brings up the whole topic of 90s male nudity. Not a topic I’m eager to explore in depth, obviously, but it was a thing back then and historians should take note of it. Compare and contrast RHCP’s “socks on cocks” tour, vs. Perry Farrell’s…. whatever it was he thought he was doing in Jane’s Addiction, and then later in Pornos for Pyros, which The Onion’s AV Club (I think) described as “just as twee and insufferable as Tori Amos at her worst, but male” (I’m quoting from memory, and though they’re of course loathsome SJWs, those guys have some classic lines).

      1. Some Guy

        I used to read the AV club back in the day, I was a huge The Onion fan back in the 90s and when they made a website I used to read it every day. They had some pretty good reviews. I haven’t seen much of the onion since hillary clinton bought it by proxy back in the day, except to read a couple of the pro hillary articles early on. It was pretty wild to see the narrative shift happen in real time.

  1. Pickle Rick

    Remember this-Duritz, at one point in the 1990s was dating Courteney Cox at the height of “Friends” fame and hotness. That makes him more manly than a platoon of Ed Sheerans.

    1. Severian Post author

      Duritz was one of those male celebrities who dated a lot of women, but never managed to settle down with one. Funnily, the women he dated tended to be the kind of celebrities who dated a lot of men, but never managed to settle down with one.

      “Beard:” It’s not just an awesome facial hair style.

      Too bad he’s a bit long in the tooth to start “dating” Taylor Swift; they’d be perfect for each other.

  2. BadThinker

    Please no Promise Keepers. The ridiculous woman-worship that most Christian men’s groups turn into kills me. Now, revamped, with reality from someone like Roosh front and center? I could get on that train.

    1. Severian Post author

      That’s why I stressed “revamped.” Put the focus entirely on manning up, NOT in the “give everything to your woman” sense, but in the sense of… you know.

      1. Some Guy

        Shame Dalrock had to stop writing. Last I checked his site was still up though. That guy had some great stuff on how modern christianity was replaced by chivalry, by which he meant courtly love which was a moral code built up to romanticize adultery.

  3. Frip

    Sev: “We are a stupid, degenerate people, and our leaders are worse than the average man on the street. Imagine the Gleichschaltung run by Mean Girls with Special Needs; this is our life.”

    I have about 30 book of maxims. Earl of Chesterfied. La Rochefoucauld. Schopenfuck. All the Oxford shit. 2 large ones by Joe Sobran. Sobran was between old school conservative wits (grandpa Buckley & Kirk) and the and cooler ’70s uncles who came after (P.J. O’Rourke/Andrew Ferguson). Those guys could slay in their day.

    I really love seeing the progression. From sophisticated stodgy…to a polite “get lost”….to total fuck you. Sev and other Dissident Right guys update the language of the ancient cause to late stage Total Fuck Off. Though none of the new guys are quite like Severian.

  4. ganderson

    That gal is quite fetching, as Howie Carr would say, “not guilty”; and Emmy Rossum is indeed yummy, so… perhaps it is her.

    The 90s marked, for me, the beginning of the “ that’s not music, it’s just noise “ phase of my listening career. I may be setting myself up for a heapin’ helpin’ of abuse, but there were two bands that broke out in the 90’s that had middling careers- lots of good, clever songs, and some danceable hooks; namely Fountains of Wayne ( RIP Adam Schlesinger, who supposedly died of the Kung Flu in April, although I believe if one checks the records EVERYONE who died last April died of Corona Chan) , and their Canadian doppelgängers, the pride of Winnipeg, The Weakerthans.

    Any band that can come up with “Elegy for Gump Worsley” is OK by me. When the Gumper wore the tools of ignorance for the perennially out of the playoffs Rangers he was asked by a sportswriter, “ Gumper, what team gives you the most trouble?” Gump thought for a moment, and smiled- “the Rangers”.

    1. Severian Post author

      Yeah, I called bullshit on that, too. Kung Flu got a (maybe?) fifty-ish guy who played in a wussy band (I like Fountains of Wayne, too, but hard partying rockers they are not), but not, say, Keith Richards? Baloney.

      1. ganderson

        Richards really ought to be studied. I can’t take credit for this, but Howie Carr pointed out that “Casino Blues” from Exile on Main Street (One of the greatest Rock n Roll records ever) should be the theme song for the impeachment farce.

        “judge and jury, walk out hand in hand”

        It seems that most of the celebs that were announced to have had the ‘Rona recovered, and it seems the ones that “died” of the dread virus just turned up dead one day.

        I also kinda like the Strokes, although that have more to do with having taught drummer Fabrizio Moretti in 8th grade. (HE was in with grade, not me) The rest of that gang went to the same school, but started there the year after I had left.

        1. Severian Post author

          I thought the Strokes all went to some hoity-toity boarding school in Manhattan or Switzerland or someplace. If you taught there, what the hell are you doing here?

      2. Some Guy

        Back in April we were admitting anyone with a positive test for observation (also money as all the other patients were staying the hell away from the hospital). Medical errors are something like the third leading cause of death in America. From my experience staffing was an absolute mess at this time, hospitals were putting out crazy policies (like don’t use a breathing bag during cpr wait for the patient to be intubated and placed on a vent before giving them oxygen!), and staff were arguing with each other about who was going to go into the room to check on the patients. So how I see it, anyone who is under 65 and healthy that died of “covid” in a hospital has a very high chance that it wasn’t the disease but the treatment that did them in.

        1. Severian Post author

          I have buddies in the med biz. I heard lots of similar stories. I thought the civilian response to Kung Flu was stupid; it’s incredible to see how it was treated in the hospital.

          I think my favorite part was the forced lying. For a while there, any kind of in-person contact — doctor, dentist, frickin’ insurance agent, what have you — made you go through this whole questionnaire, often including a temperature check. I’d like to know how many people caught COVID unnecessarily, because we were all forced to lie. Do I have any flulike symptoms? Well, jeez, if I admit that I’ve got a bit of a sore throat and a sneeze — because, you know, it’s the middle of fucking spring, a.k.a. ALLERGY SEASON — then I won’t be able to even think about rescheduling this necessary appointment for at least two weeks… and probably won’t get in for another two weeks after that… so, yeah, um, NO, I don’t have any symptoms of anything.

          Shite, maybe it WAS Kung Flu. Maybe I, like so many other people who were “positive,” had few to no symptoms at all. How was I to tell? The symptoms changed daily. All
          I know is, if I assume it’s allergies and go about my business — because it’s 95% certain it IS allergies — I get my necessary life errands done. If I admit to the 5% chance it might be COVID, my life’s on hold — again — for another month. Ludicrous.

  5. dave b

    Reading through this I realize how completely clueless I am about so much of the world. When disco took over the radio in the 1970s I switched to jazz and blues and since then I guess I have ignored 99% of what is going on is the pop world. Outside of few bands that I discover by accident – The Joy Formidable being my favorite right now, though the bangability of their leader may be a factor there – I really do not have any idea what any of these 90s band sound like, and no desire to either. People that look like rejects from a bad lab experiment probably cannot be counted on to produce any cultural artifacts of note.

    But what I have to wonder about people like Ed Sheehan and the other soyboys of the world, is this – is there a biological basis for their lack of , well, everything we associate with the living? Years ago there was a woman biologist who claimed that we were flooding the world with estrogen analogues as a result of plastics production and this was causing the feminization of men and the early slutification of girls. Later there were reports of how the water supply has been contaminated by pharmaceutical drugs. I cant help but wonder if there is a biochemical basis to our insanity. Biological degradation leads to cultural and political degradation.

    1. DVDC

      Funny – I first heard of The Joy Formidable this week and have enjoyed what I’ve heard so far … Amazon Music is, distressingly good at picking stuff you may like from time to time (I had been re-listening to The Naked & Famous, Chvrches, and Metric this week) .

    2. Severian Post author

      I’ve heard that too. At the other site — posting will resume there shortly, I promise — I speculate this is more a knock-on effect of Rat Utopia than plastics production, but I am willing to be persuaded.

  6. Maus

    Just thought I’d weigh in as an acolyte of total musical ignorance. I was raise by older parents who danced to Glen Miller’s Band of Renown and forced us to “enjoy” Lawrence Welk each week. I grew up thinking Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass were the raciest thing going. High school occurred in the heart of the disco era; and I vaguely recall my younger sister wearing out 8-track tapes of the Carpenters and Sean Cassidy. It was a godawful wasteland. Then, in my twenties I discovered classical music. It was an epiphany. I’ll take the most played out symphonic music, say Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries over ANY, and I mean that literally, 90’s band.

  7. ryan

    Sev, you fucker, AC/DC didn’t make 10 albums that all sound the same, they made 12 albums that all sound the same.

    Maybe Radiohead is just not your style, but The Bends and OK Computer are legit good albums.

    1. Severian Post author

      For the older or younger folks who don’t get the joke: AC/DC’s guitarist, Angus Young (RIP), used to get asked in interviews about his band’s rep for making soundalike albums. He’d reply with something like “That accusation really pisses me off. Look mate, we haven’t made ten albums that sound exactly the same. Get it right — we’ve made TWELVE albums that sound exactly the same!!”

      Radiohead is one of those bands like the Beatles. I get that they’re important, I get why people like them… but I don’t like them, and never will. I don’t like Picasso, either, but I’m not going to say Picasso was a bad artist.

  8. The Kaigat Of Wands

    Don’t want to get into this discussion but you might like if you haven’t come across it. Put in an artist or band name and it suggests a cloud of other names close in or further out depending on how similar it thinks their music is.

    1. urbando

      Thanks for this, KofW. I’ve used the similar website/cloud for fiction with indifferent results but this yielded some good stuff right off the bat when I plugged in a fairly obscure band. Yowza.

  9. Frip

    Rage Against the Machine was very good. Though you have to reverse the meanings of the songs to make them a Dissident Right band, otherwise the lyrics will grate. Fake commie singer like Joe Strummer from the Clash. There’s no crying in baseball, and there’s no being a radical if you sign with Sony.

    1. Some Guy

      I agree on Rage being the soundtrack for the anticovids. “Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me!” should be the anthem of the Right these days.

      1. Pickle Rick

        “Bulls on Parade” is also a good RATM jam to turn around on our enemies. It would also drive the band itself nuts, as they’re all elite Communists anyway.

        Personally, I like this one too from Rancid-

        “ I raised my hand, I got another question
        If I start to riot, will I get protection…”

        1. Some Guy

          “We don’t burn the books we just remove ’em.” I think of that line every time amazon bans another book for heresy.

          1. Severian Post author

            $10 says the members of Rage Against the Machine are out there telling their fans to wear masks, get the vaccine, and do exactly what they — the Government — told ya.

            $100 says you can buy cool hammer-and-sickle COVID masks at the official Rage Against the Machine Internet store.

            $1000 says those masks are made in China, by slave labor, and sold at a 5000% markup.

        2. Frip

          I could take the in-your-face hate of Rage’s De La Roca more than Eddie Vedder’s humble meloncholic approach. At least you know Roca wanted to take over, then kill you. Vedder’s approach was always the stealth “unity” method of take over, then have you killed. Plus I’ll never forget watching Pearl Jam on Mtv Unplugged when Vedder takes out…not a knife….not flaming candle wax….but a Magic Marker LOL. and slowly write CHOICE on his arm. What a douche.

          While we’re on the 90’s, easily the biggest album was Ten by Pearl Jam. Bigger than U2’s Acthung Baby. Both massive. But 10 was like oxygen. Songs were everywhere. Radio/MTv. And talked about by everyone in your peer group. When one song faded from radio play, another equally good one took it’s place. I never took to the album or the band. Something just bugs me about them. Probably for the same reason many dislike Radiohead.

          My favorite song by them is the first radio single off the follow-up album. “Who You Are”. Funny because the song was a huge dissapointment to Pearl Jam fans who expected more of the same updated classic rock that Ten offered. Who You Are came off as soft ‘n fruity to them. Especially the more manly* Soundgarden side of their fanbase. To me it was truly moving. In a similar way as Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance” or George Harrison’s eastern mystical solo stuff.

          *In 35 years of reading music magazines I’ve yet to see the idea of manly simply written as “manly”. It’s always the disparaging “macho”.

          1. Pickle Rick

            I’ll go for “Yellow Ledbetter” as best Pearl Jam song. Ten is a very, very good album. Vs. and Yield are also outstanding. Anything after, I never caught up with because I was in a fighting hole, so I missed pretty much everything new musically in the early 2000s, and never caught up. Vedder is a pretty good singer, not as good as Staley or Cornell, but close-he hung with Cornell on “Hunger Strike”. His secret weapon was his band, though. Gossard, McCready, and Ament were and are fantastic musicians. When they got going, Pearl Jam could soar. It’s not a coincidence that Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains played with each other a lot in other bands and side projects like Green River, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, and Mad Season. I kind of feel bad for Dave Grohl, stuck playing drums in a glorified garage band with a no talent junkie at the time.

            I did go see U2 at the old Three Rivers Stadium on the Zoo TV tour, but in my defense I bought the tickets because I was trying to impress a girl. The secret bonus for teenage me was seeing Primus, who strangely opened for them. Now THAT was one hell of a band.

      1. Frip

        I’m paraphrasing from memory. Your post was about what makes a blog popular. Z commented on things it takes for a blogger to amass a large audience. Ending with, “Most importantly, you’ve got to be very good.”

        He was most likely just speaking plainly. However, since the broader topic was, why isn’t RC bigger, the line could be read as banter. If so, perhaps because you’d pushed the idea that the main reason behind similar blogs’ success, is that they’d simply come up with a “schtick”.

        1. Severian Post author

          I’m vaguely remembering this. Someone asked why RC isn’t bigger. I said “lack of talent and discipline, mainly, and even if I had those, I don’t *want* RC to be bigger anyway.” The Z Man is a great example of both high talent and discipline — I have no idea how he cranks out such good stuff consistently. But since there are lots of talented, disciplined people out there, the easiest way to break through the “noise” — the fact that there are a LOT of blogs out there — is to develop a schtick, especially on this side of the fence. “The Gay Conservative” is a great one. So, apparently, is “I am humanity’s greatest genius.” Fred Reed’s “cornpone philosopher” act. I’m forgetting a few.

          But then as now, what most amazes me is the fact that I have to keep repeating it: I don’t **want** RC to be bigger, even assuming I have the talent, discipline, and schtick (corporate backing, more likely) to break through the background noise). First, I DON’T assume the first two. The third is more or less out of my control, and I wouldn’t take it (“it” being “a prefab schtick,” or more likely “corporate backing”) even if it were offered — if nominated, I shall not run; if elected, I shall not serve. I really don’t want to HAVE to have an opinion on everything under the sun. The idea of being anyone’s swami — a “supreme dark lord” with “vile faceless minions,” etc. — is terrifying.

          If someone else acknowledging something I’ve said about myself many times is a “jab,” well, ok, so be it, I guess.

  10. Severian Post author

    @ Pickle Rick,

    U2 had some weird opening acts. I’ve seen Rage Against the Machine several times; the first time, they were the opening act on one of U2’s tours. (They sucked, but a lot of it was probably the weird contrast in tone. The U2 crowd was as preppie as could be — not surprising, since decent tickets cost something like $50 even back then. And then there’s the fact that if you look up “corporate sellouts” in the dictionary, U2’s picture will be there. RATM tried to overcome it by upping the Marxist ranting — bad call, since by the end of the singer’s long anti-police tirade, the other guys in the band had all but fallen asleep, since they had to noodle around with their instruments for 20 minutes until homeboy finally wrapped it up. Crowd reactions ranged from “who the hell are these guys?” to “no, really, shut the fuck up already, whoever you are.”)

    I don’t think Cobain was completely talentless. I think the REAL comparison for Nirvana isn’t another grunge band; it’s Barenaked Ladies. If Cobain could’ve gotten over himself — and that should be the epitaph for our entire fucking generation — he could’ve had a nice little career penning catchy, clever songs about… whatever goofy Canadian stuff BNL wrote songs about).

  11. Nehushtan

    I never wanted to comment here because WordPress wants my email. I set up one protonmail just for this.

    What could bring me out of lurking?

    Seeing Mother Love Bone, Green River, and Temple of the Dog described as “side projects” of Pearl Jam and Soundgarten.

    Mother Love Bone was the original. When Andrew Wood died of an overdose, Pearl Jam and Soundgarten rose out of the ashes. Chris Cornell was Wood’s roommate. Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament had been in Green River and had joined Mother Love Bone. Chris Cornell put together Temple of the Dog as part of his tribute to Andrew Wood and Pearl Jam came out of that.

    1. Pickle Rick

      I know, I know MLB was first. That’s why I qualified it with other bands. I figured everyone knew why they broke up. While I was thinking about 90s bands, I really was struck at how self destructive my generation is. Half or more of those guys were heroin junkies. I’ve got to give the Boomer musicians credit, they did drugs, but mostly stayed away from heroin. Our generation took drugs like they wanted to die. Cobain, Staley, Wood, Nowell died, plus the ones who should have, which includes almost every other big band at the time.

      1. Severian Post author

        It always amazes me how small the “entertainment” world is, for pretty much every value of “entertainment.” I knew a guy who played for one of those minor arena football teams — not the “Arena League” that was briefly popular and even on tv a decade or so back, but the really bush league stuff. He knew guys on every NFL roster — which makes sense if you think about it, since there are only a handful of college football programs who churn out guys who go “pro” at any level, but it’s still weird to have met a guy who played with Tom Brady.

        Similarly, I knew a girl who did some set work on some movies. Not even in Hollywood, just local stuff, but it was amazing the number of people she’d met. Maybe just to knock on the trailer door and say “Mr. Baldwin, your coffee is ready” or whatever, but still.

        It’s no wonder celebrities are so catty — the (probably necessary) big egos aside, it’s such a small world that they know everybody. It’s not just fellow entertainers — they know all the technical people, and the assistants, and the assistants’ assistants, all the time…

      2. Severian Post author

        As for heroin, I guess it makes sense — it fits in well with that mopey, life-sucks-and-everyone-hates-me grunge thing. Definitely one of the dumber drugs to get hooked on, but “blazing IQ” is not a job requirement for being a rock star… if anything, it’s the opposite.

  12. dave b

    I think you have more comments about this topic than any topic I can remember. Well, 90s band may suck dead donkey dick but they are a good illustration of our failing society. I do remember hearing Pearl Jam doing their version of that dead girlfriend classic from the early sixties, Last Kiss. One of my favorite covers ever but when I tried listening to other material I wanted to plunge an icepick into my ears.

    I remember Robert Crumb saying in an interview that culture turned to crap in 1934 when radio had penetrated into a majority of American households. The exact year may be up for debate as it was a slow process but eventually everything turned to crap.

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