Among the Rabbits, Part II

indexAnonymous Conservative nails it.

Notice how the amygdala-deficient do things which should provoke anxiety. It would be mush easier to adjust reality to not stimulate their amygdala by altering behavior, but they can’t do that because their amygdala cannot predict consequence. As a result, they will seek to portray normal behavior as defective in some regard, so they can see their own defectiveness as normal by comparison. As a result, all normalcy must be given a clinical name to make it sound pathological.


If you spend any time around ivory tower types — or slog heroically through their works, as Stacy McCain has done (good God, man!) — you’ll soon get the impression that not a few academic “disciplines” are just rationalizations for professors’ pathologies. Just as weak, shy, socially awkward little boys often develop unhealthy fixations on comic book superheroes (or, these days, spend 15+ hours a day becoming level-99 orc paladins in World of Warcraft), so do weak, shy, socially awkward professor types develop unhealthy fixations on despots, revolutionaries, and the criminal underclass.  I’d bet the full deductible of an ObamaCare gold plan that no “African-American Studies” professor lives within a hundred miles of a vibrant neighborhood.  I’d bet the same that no “gender studies” professor was ever asked to the junior prom.

Meanwhile, the desire not to be assaulted and robbed by a vibrant, or to engage in biologically-appropriate sexual relations, must be labelled something grandiose, so that it can be demeaned by people who are, frankly, scared stiff of reality and do everything in their power to avoid it.

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