An Unbreakable Secret Communication Method

Cleaning out the ol’ spam filter, I came across comment spam promising “sexy stone buttock massage.”  This suggests a fantastic method of communication:

Comment spam.

There’s no need to even post anything on a discussion board, running the risk of it being seen by other eyes.  Just arrange the code such that it’s guaranteed to be ignored as spam.  (Similarly, you could email blast the whole #RealResistance with Nigerian Prince scams.  Just be sure to check your spam filter between 1 and 3 on October 5, 2018).

“Sexy stone buttock massage” is, of course, our new code for “we’re initiating new members tonight.  The usual time, the usual place.  Be sure you’re not followed.”

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6 thoughts on “An Unbreakable Secret Communication Method

  1. JeremiadBullfrog

    I dunno… As much as I appreciate the need for strategic groundwork, I wonder whether we’re far enough along for anything like that to get going. Here’s why:

    1) The dominant powers right now aren’t just actively looking to identify, ostracize, and exterminate any potential opposition, they obsessively and fanatically doing so. I mean, look at all the meetings that Lenin and Stalin and the other high mucky-mucks were tooling around at in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s with nary a peep. Yet look at what happens whenever a Conservative speaker comes to campus top talk to a handful of sympathetic ears.


    2) Even if someone could get something going, I’d bet decent odds at an attempt at a sell-out. This is a sticking point in particular for the GOP of the last few decades — the cucking RINO who loves to be the darling of the Left.

    This leads me to the following conclusion: We need to infiltrate the Left in order to secure positions of power within their spheres of influence. We need our own Long March Through The Institutions.

    A) This is necessary in order to sow division in the Left and distract it from its persecution of the Right. Look at how easy discussion of the recent gender craziness becomes when you can point to the cis-lesbian/trans-woman feud. All of a sudden, they’re not worried about Johnny and Susie Christian next door, but they’re out in the streets against their own. Make the Colossus eat itself from within, and maybe that will allow more space for the weeds around its feet to grow.

    B) Also, this is necessary in order to have the means to reward our supporters. You can only get so far with ideological die-hards, as has been mentioned here multiple times. Regular people, however, need to know that we “take care of our own”, as Severian pointed out about the Kitten Patrol. But we can’t do said taking care if practically all the resources and mechanisms for rewarding and taking care are systematically stripped from us at the slightest hint of wrongthought.

    So, what are the weakest and/or most unexpected places to mount an infiltration?

  2. JeremiadBullfrog

    oops, I posted under my AceOfSpades handle, instead of my snazzily ironic hat-tip to our host, Martinian. Bleh. I’ll probably accidentally go back and forth.

    1. Severian Post author

      It’s no biggie. And you’re probably right on all counts. But you have to admit, secret communication via comment spam would be a blast. All those offers of “sexy” this and “Nigerian Prince” that and “discount viagra” the other thing… all of ’em highly covert operations intel. 🙂

  3. TBoone

    I welcome discussion of ‘work arounds’ to the attacks currently or to come. The web will ‘always’ exist. It is needed for propaganda propagation/ timid cowed control.

    Once our regular places get shut up/shut down, how/where will we meet to move on?

    The spam idea is a brilliant one. Lots to choose from. May I suggest ‘sexy stone buttock massage’ as a signal for new member indoctrination/welcoming may ‘limit’ our applicant pool in ways we may wnat to cogitate upon… Almost any other spamScam would be a good idea….

    1. Severian Post author

      Yeah, the actual phrase is mostly a joke, based on the silly Engrish spam I got. But still, talk about a way to communicate in clear! The FBI wants to read our email? Please, G-Men, go right ahead!! It’s nothing but Nigerian prince scams and ads for sexy barely legal MILFs.

      1. TBoone

        Perhaps we needs stay with Nigerian Prince scams. I can see somebody at FBI or data watch base alpha being willing to ‘take one for the team’ & read all of our barely legal sexy milf mails….

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