2 thoughts on “…and the Learning Disabilities Skyrocket…and Nobody Knows Why…

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  2. Gary

    A nice video that makes an important point.

    Of course there’s a bit of irony in the fact that it was first posted on Facebook, then re-posted on a blog where I peer at it alone through my monitor and respond via my keyboard–all of which are ersatz, virtual-world interactions that displace real, face-to-face human contact.

    But it’s all a matter of degree. These things are not inherently bad (except for Facebook, which I despise), but at some point the technology ceases to be a useful tool and instead morphs into a hideous monster that takes over our lives and separates people from one another.

    Though she focused on the interpersonal damage associated with such things–which is bad enough–the problem is more general and widespread. The internet, cell phones and various other forms of artificial sensory input are so ubiquitous that people become increasingly detached from genuine experience of the real world.

    I enjoy mountain biking in a huge park near my home. It is a peaceful, scenic area with miles of hilly trails and a creek running through the middle nourishing dense thickets of large, shady trees. I approach a hiker from behind and try to warn him I’m coming, but he cannot hear me. Nor can he hear the chattering birds or the soft rustling breeze, the murmuring creek or the soothing quiet. Why? Because his auditory canals are plugged with earbuds blasting music into his skull.

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