… and vanished in a puff of logic

donezalSo the Progressive deconstruction of America continues. The president of the Spokane, WA NAACP – Rachel Dolezai … has resigned. She’s genetically white as her two white parents (whom she has disowned) pointed out in the picture on the right. But I guess she’s “identified” as black.

Which raises some questions. If a white woman colors her face to look black, is she guilty of the dreaded “crime” of appearing in “black face” … or not — just because she “identifies” as black? If it’s ok to liberals to “identify” as any number of gender pronouns, why not “trans-racial”?

After all, they’re the ones who came up with the term “`white` Hispanic” when they needed to “white-ify” a guy who they so desperately wanted to be white after he had killed a black man — when he turned out to be half Hispanic. And liberal hero Elizabeth Warren listed herself as a minority (a Native American one) in professional directories that are commonly used by recruiters …

caitlynscatIf gender is a social construct, why can’t race be a social construct?  As a matter of fact, it largely is thanks to our progressive betters.  If you don’t behave or believe, socially, the way your particular race is “supposed” to according to the social construct progressives demand, then you’re not REALLY that race.  You’re an Uncle Tom.  An Oreo.  A “White Hispanic”.

If black conservatives such as Thomas Sowell or Herman Cain or Larry Elder or any of a host of others can be considered “not really black”, why can’t a white woman be considered “not really white”?

If you can pick your race or gender, even from 50+ invented genders that only you yourself may understand but still demand to be referred to as … why stop there?

If you can be trans-racial, can you be trans-national? Are illegal aliens coming here really “Americans” who just happened to be born in the wrong country? Can I sue you for discrimination if you won’t hire me and I just happen to identify as “black” or “Hispanic” or “Native American”?

contradictionsCan you keep me out of the women’s restroom?  Can you kick a woman out of a gym for complaining that a man is in the womens’ locker room?

My question is, have we finally reached a point where the progressive deconstruction of language and logic must finally collapse on itself?  Or will we continue to allow ourselves to be bullied into submission to the bizarre?

What are the rules?  Are there any rules?  If so, who gets to make them?  Courts? Bureaucracies?

We the People?  Naahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! 

mansplainingBefore you go accusing me of “whiteman-splaining“, I should let you know.  I’m really a genderless alien.  From a species that used to inhabit this planet before humans arrived and pushed us out.  I’ve always felt that way.

And I’m royalty.

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11 thoughts on “… and vanished in a puff of logic

  1. AvatarSeverian

    If gender is a social construct, why can’t race be a social construct?

    Oh, but it IS a “social construction,” my friend… everything is.

    As Nate said below, the problem is that, though profs don’t actually believe their bullshit and never have, their students DO. They go out thinking that this is really how the world works. Most importantly, they learn that if they make the right noises, and incant the proper arcane phrases, they can force the rest of us to behave that way, too….

    Until they can’t. Like when little miss whiter-than-rice-in-a-snowstorm up there goes all in on Victim Bingo and somebody calls her bluff.

    Me, I’m just laughing my ass off, and gleefully rubbing my hands at the opportunity to ask any and all SJWs to define “black-black” for me. Since they did such a bang-up job with “rape-rape,” I honestly expect we’ll be seeing a return of the Jim Crow “one drop” rule. Did you know there’s a whole specialist vocabulary for this stuff? I don’t think anyone has seriously been called an “octoroon” since about 1884, but that’s where we’re headed.

    1. AvatarNate Winchester

      Best thing to do now, I think, is to not interrupt them and let them just self destruct.

      What tickles me is how this really makes “privilege” a hard sale. I mean, how privileged can a group be if members of that group keep trying to be members of the “oppressed” group. If men are choosing to be women, and whites are choosing to be black then… 😉

  2. AvatarGary

    I knew this guy who really had a thing for llamas, with little toy llamas, stuffed-animal llamas, pictures of lamas, etc all around his office. I expect any day now he’ll come out and identify himself as a llama.

    And out of deference to his true, inner llama-self, PC right-thinking and whatnot, we should all consider him a good-and-proper llama and treat him accordingly, with all the special rights and privileges due to this grossly mistreated, unacknowledged victim group. I feel better about myself already.

  3. Avatarnightfly

    I have realized that I am transaffluent; I identify as a multi-millionaire. My mortgage holders will no doubt be thrilled to hear the news.

  4. Avatartim

    Loosely dovetailing on Sev’s comments; so if one wants/needs to identify as something/someone else as in race or gender, doesn’t prove that we are in fact…wait for it with hushed breath…different? Which completely demolishes the talking point that “we’re all the same”.

    I mean why would Miss NAACP need to “identify” as “Black” if in fact being Black is the same as being White? And of course vice versa.

    Same, same with Bruce Gender. Why does he, and those like him, feel the need to “change gender”? I thought being a woman was the same as being a man.

    Now, after all these years, I need to recalibrate my thinking and come to the conclusion that we are in fact…different?

    Well holy freakin’ crap.

    1. AvatarGary

      Now, after all these years, I need to recalibrate my thinking and come to the conclusion that we are in fact … different?

      I don’t think you need to worry, tim. The message I’ve been getting for at least the last two decades from feminists, black “leaders” and various other minority groups is: “We’re every bit as good as white males … except when we’re even better“–which implies they’re different, of course.

      So they’ve got that going for them, and I doubt they want to give it up. Also, there’s the matter of special preferences and the whole Grievance Industry thing. You can’t go around claiming that society owes your group if there’s just one big mishmash of undifferentiated humanity, and your group is not identifiable as a separate category. I mean, Al Sharpton might actually have to find a real job and pay his back taxes. And a gaggle of insane feministas will also be out of work.

      No, that won’t do. I think the feminists and the NAACP are temporarily confused.* I think they’ll catch on pretty soon and start eradicating such blasphemies as men can become women, whites can become blacks and anyone can become a llama.

      You can’t hitch a ride on the victim-status bus without paying the fare, without first suffering generations of mistreatment and abuse. Even then, this is our bus. Go get your own victim-bus.

      * Actually, there’s already a faction of feminists who vehemently reject transsexuals and transgender individuals for not being real women.

      1. Avatartim

        Fine points, Gary.

        As with all things in liberal land they want/need it both ways. Like Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever they’re calling it this week. Hot = GW, cold = GW.

        BTW, on your last point, I know a couple gay guys, actually very conservative (yes libs, they exist) who think tranny’s are absolute freaks, can’t stand ’em. And despise the gay pride parade folks too.

        1. AvatarNate Winchester

          For those who want to do a search on Gary’s last point, the term you want to plug into google is “TERF.” Radical Feminist is the last two letters. (bet you can guess the first two ;))

        2. AvatarGary

          Thanks, Tim. There’s never a shortage of lefty absurdity, but this thing is damn funny.

          Re “Climate Change”: please don’t get me started on that “heads I win, tails you lose” scam. Funny how the solution to that is just the same as all the other lefty “solutions” (except way more gigantic): Give us more money and power and we’ll fix the everything.

          Re Gays: given the heavy pressure they’re under to conform, it’s hard to say how many gays are conservative (and in-the-closet, so to speak). I wouldn’t be surprised if the fraction were at least 20% – 30%.

  5. AvatarGary

    Hey philmon, I really like that picture of Caitlyn Jenner’s cat! My friends had a pet just like that except they called it a “dog.” Are we still speaking English here? Se habla ingles aqui?

    The president of the Spokane, WA NAACP–Rachel Dolezal … has resigned.

    Except in this case, maybe “resigned” means she’ll continue as president doing exactly what she did before this kerfuffle, for the same salary–but everyone will say she “resigned.”

    My question is, have we finally reached a point where the progressive deconstruction of language and logic must finally collapse on itself?

    Not quite yet, IMHO. But for a lefty, this incident is like walking the tenth floor of a rickety old building and hearing a loud crack followed by creaking noises and the floor swaying beneath your feet. Good luck.

    I’m getting carried away with all the goofiness, but there’s probably a serious point to made buried under all the buffoonery. Something about the left controlling language, thinking they can manipulate reality through the magic of words, believing they can do so by making terms so elastic that that any statement can be stretched to mean anything they’d like it to mean, and somehow reality will oblige their desires, conforming to whatever they say their statement happens to means at the moment.

    Something like that.

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