Another Data Point

for the discussion below. Check this out, via The Other McCain:

(Actually the picture is irrelevant; I just thought y’all would appreciate a good laugh. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to be Joe Biden’s communications director than that… thing. It’s even got an androgynous moniker: T.J. I think that’s technically, chromosomally, a male, but if the idea is to look exactly like a middle-aged lesbian professor at a pretentious junior college, then buddy, you nailed it).

McCain’s summary of the exchange is the relevant bit. He extensively quotes the transcript of Soyboi up there melting down when confronted with a simple, yes/no question: Does Joe Biden use a teleprompter in his interviews?

The right answer, of course — as anyone running for any office higher than “junior high class treasurer” knows — is “absolutely not.” Even though Biden very obviously does use a teleprompter, that’s the kind of admission you’d need thumbscrews and the rack to drag out of any halfway competent political operative. Dude, you’re a communications director for a political candidate… a Democrat political candidate. Lying is pretty much the sum total of your job. Just say no, and move on.

Instead, Soyboi melts down, accusing Baier of funneling Trump propaganda. Which, you know, is begging for the Streisand Effect to land on you with both feet… which, again, any competent political operative would know.

So, yeah: There’s no fucking way they let Joe Biden “debate.” If I were Trump’s advisor, I’d categorically refuse to do anything but a real, live, in-person debate… but then I’d graciously concede at the last moment to a “virtual” debate. The sight of Slow Joe obviously telepromptering his answers would be almost as good as an actual on-stage meltdown… and the inevitable Milli Vanilli incident when they try to rig it would, in a lot of ways, be even better.

In fact, the only way they let Biden anywhere near Trump, in any format, is if they’re as brain-meltingly stupid as… well, as their campaign’s communications director…

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20 thoughts on “Another Data Point

  1. AvatarPublius

    The downside of being book-smart (to the extent that this clown is), is believing that because you see past the game, you can break the rules. Politics is the game of manipulating marks. The game has certain rules, certain plays that work for given situations. What he’s doing is the equivalent of trying to buy Boardwalk and Park Place without landing on it because the dice are arbitrary and unfair. You just look like a simpleton and a crybaby.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      That’s what’s so fascinating about the Left’s recent behavior — it doesn’t make sense on any practical level. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that they know they’re going to win, because they’ve got the voter fraud all lined up, it’s a done deal. Even under those circumstances, the answer to “Does Joe Biden use a teleprompter” is NO. A big, fat, resounding no, because even if you know you’re going to win — and therefore don’t have to worry about what those idiots “the American People” think — you still have to consider that this man will, at least notionally, be President of the United fucking States. What, you think Xi and the Mullahs don’t watch the American news?

      Just lie. It’s not like The Media is going to challenge you. Even if undisputed visual evidence of Biden using a teleprompter somehow emerges later, they’ll just say it’s a vast right wing conspiracy. Remember Hillary Clinton’s seizure? No one who saw that video could possibly deny that’s what it was, but The Media all claim, to this day, that it was some kind of right wing fakeout. Nobody — nobody — is going to call Biden on it, so why not lie?

      The only way this makes any kind of “sense” I can figure out is: The Left has to believe their candidate is some kind of god figure. I thought they would’ve learned from Hillary 2016 that you need an actual personality around which to construct a cult of personality, but apparently they haven’t. No, how dare you suggest Biden uses a teleprompter, even though we all know he does (and have even been in the same room with him while he’s using it!). That implies he’s not an omnicompetent god-king. They’ve really no-shit reduced themselves to the level of North Korean Politburo members, since that’s the kind of thing a sadistic dictator like Kim Jong-un would do — read off the teleprompter, then ask his flunkies to tell him what a great speech he made off the cuff.

  2. AvatarPickle Rick

    “Before joining the Biden campaign, Ducklo worked as senior communications director for NBC News. Ducklo has also held senior media relations posts at Bloomberg News, Viacom, and the Motion Picture Association of America.“

    “Ducklo’s previous political experience includes serving as staff assistants to both James Carville and Mary Matalin. Ducklo volunteered for Karl Dean’s 2007 Nashville mayoral campaign and interned in the United States Senate in 2008. Ducklo also worked on Washington, D.C.’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.”

    If Duck Boy was in Carville’s organization, that means he’s likely on the Clintons payroll.

    And he surely isn’t White.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      That’s another possible explanation, but one I’ve avoided, because frankly Kremlinology gives me a stiffie and with the Gook Flu I can’t consult my doctor if my Cold War nostalgia erection lasts for more than four hours…

      There are at least three sides in the ongoing Leftist civil war — the Old New Left (Pelosi and the rest of the denture breath gang), the New New Left (Horsey McTits, Ilhan Brotherfucking Omar, et al), and the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Since Gropey Joe has his palsied feet in both camps #1 and #3, he might be running for President simply to avoid prosecution, like Caesar refusing to lay down his command in Gaul… except, you know, with Alzheimer’s. In this scenario, the CCF would be propping him up.

      On the other hand, Gropey Joe’s obvious senility is making him a serious liability to the CCF — what if he gets confused at a virtual town hall and starts blabbing all kinds of secret bagman shit? If that’s the case, this “T.J. Ducklo” character is a plant (and seriously, what kind of bullshit fakey-fake cover name is “T.J. Ducklo”? That’s exactly the kind of Ron Mexico-type alias CCF goons would come up with). Joe has to step down, and Herself comes riding to the rescue again (she is no doubt hubristic enough to think she can do this, and besides, you’ll back her or she’ll have you whacked).

      That seems rather farfetched, but James Carville is not a stupid man. An evil ferret-faced sonofabitch, certainly, and a stain on the human race, but he’s not stupid. If this guy has Carville’s recommendation, he can’t be too much of an idiot….

      1. AvatarPickle Rick

        I was too intelligent for intel work. I liked howitzers and high explosive. But I damn well know there’s circles within circles.

        Some faction wants Dementia Joe as figurehead President. So Joe/Kamala was chosen by who, and why?

        Now, the Party doesn’t just do things out of the goodness of their heart, throwing a bone to Joe so he can ride off into the sunset with dignity. These people will cut each other’s throats for power. They’re setting up Joe for failure but that’s only so they can implement whatever the fuck they’re cooking up as stage two of Operation Destruction.

  3. AvatarWOPR

    Here’s the thing, if you don’t want to simply say ‘No’ why not finesse it a little?

    Joe uses a teleprompter for displaying the questions. We’ve been having some sound issues and this is the best way to keep the conversation moving.

    Sure it’s a lie. But, it’s a lie that has a semblance of plausibility. The scary thing is that Trump seems to be the smartest guy in the Imperial Capital. Trump. We definitely need the protection of God that Bismarck referenced.

    But yeah, they’re flailing about with no idea of what to do with Joe.

  4. AvatarPickle Rick

    Oh, and has anyone else actually looked at Joe’s eyes? I checked his latest ads to see his teleprompter eyes, and his eyes look black, like his pupils are completely dilated. It’s unnerving.

  5. AvatarSouthern Belle

    Yes, even Satan worshipers need their candidate to be a charismatic figure. If Biden is the Beelzebub of the Democratic Party, then he’s lacking that key component for success. Maybe that’s why his eyes have eclipsed into darkness…he’s transitioning.

    There is no doubt he’ll be reading his lines like a bad actor if he enters the ‘debate’. Or an earplug with Jill’s voice giving him the answers. They could, however, pull a fast one at the last minute and say that he is ‘under the weather’ and tonight debating for Joe Biden will be…she who must be obeyed…or else!

  6. AvatarSouthern Belle

    P.S. I like Hillary as a substitute because then all Trump has to do is show up with a life-size portrait of Bill in the blue dress unfurled behind him.

  7. Avatarcontrariandutchman

    And duckboy is supposed to be the non-senile one…

    All of Panzergruppe Kleist didnt have enough panzerschokolade to fix this, of course that also means they may be insane enough to actually let a debate happen…. Lets hope so, some entertainment in the political theatre at least.

    The democrat party is in the same situation as the cpsu around 1980 (cold war vibe yay!), the old war horses are fading away into senility yet refuse to give up power until they keel over one by one. Meanwhile there is nobody to succeed them as all talent has long ago been purged to prevent a possible challenge. Key difference is that they have also started a cultural revolution, with nobody of the stature of Mao to rein it back in.

  8. Avatartexinole

    Were I in that position I would’ve said, “yes. So what? Here republicans go again droning on about teleprompters when our nation faces a crisis, etc”

    Shows what I know I guess.

    Being able to guess the globing-left’s reaction to anything used to be somewhat of a skill. Then it was easy if you learned their dogma. Now, however, it is literally “the opposite of Trump”. I plumb the depths of my considerable cynicism and still cannot fathom this behavior. The only thing that makes some sense is the lack of a supreme leader for the dems since Hil lost, with the resulting power struggle exposing their thin bench and lazy incompetence.

    They spend so much time trying to distract their base from the fact that Democrats have utterly failed to deliver utopia, and moreover are still in charge of the places currently on fire, that they don’t have the bandwidth to make a decent show of things.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      You nailed it. That’s what I was trying to get at, above — even if the fix is in, their behavior doesn’t make sense. They wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing if they were trying to win… or if they were resigned to losing… or if they knew the fix was in. I can’t figure out what the fuck they’re doing, other than throwing a hissy fit.

      They’re bugfuck insane. Let’s hope cd is correct, and they’re crazy enough to let a debate happen. That might be the funniest thing ever (though we’ll have to listen to endless Media scolding about Bad Orange Man being so mean as to beat up a helpless old man).

      1. AvatarPickle Rick

        There’s more than a few factors at work here.

        First, the Left (in all their iterations-Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Trotskyites, the Old New Left, and the Clintons) haven’t faced any serious opposition since when, Reagan? And even then, Ron didn’t roll back any of their gains, so they simply held the ground they already had taken and prepared to take more. They’ve had Republicans bending over and grabbing their ankles for so long that they can’t conceive anyone actually trying to defeat, rather than acquiesce to them.
        They’ve got Victory Disease.
        In a smaller way, this explains Duck Boy’s reaction. His entire life has been lived without anyone ever telling him no. Now, people are not only saying “no”, but “fuck you”.

  9. AvatarFrip

    Can’t beleive that Biden just doesn’t walk away from all this himself. It must be debilitatingly stressful. He doesn’t want to be president. He just wants to have it on record that he was president. But he must know that whatever will be written about him as president will be an embarrassement to his name.

    1. SeverianSeverian Post author

      I don’t think he knows much of anything, to be honest. If I were capable of feeling sympathy for a Democrat politician, I’d feel sorry for Joe Biden. I’ve seen what dementia does to people. I doubt he has any idea where he is half the time.

      (By the way, this is, for my money, the most horrifyingly under-reported story of 2020: People are somehow ok with this. Back a Democrat into a corner about it, and they’ll tell you they’re “really” voting for Kamala Harris. Ok, but…. Jesus Christ almighty, that’s fucking cold. This man is going to die on the campaign trail… and you people are OK with that? That’s psychopathic.

      1. AvatarCodex

        Hence Elder Abuse Bidrn. As in (for your NIKD Republican relations, “…at least Mr. Trump isn’t that cold-hearted.”

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