Are Leftist Brains Actually Broken? Some Preliminary Evidence

Y’all know I increasingly subscribe to the r/K selection theory of political behavior. Which means — alas — compromise with liberals is literally impossible, because actual conversations with them are impossible.  Their brains are mis-wired.

Sounds extreme, I know, but consider this. Manosphere blogger says something that upsets feminists.  Feminists attack him on Twitter, a.k.a. the most public forum imaginable.  Blogger favorites or re-tweets their abuse.  Feminists break down crying.

Seriously.  Read his piece.  He screen caps tweets where they announce — hell, almost brag — that they’re incoherent rage puddles because some badthinker repeated their comments that are designed to be disseminated as widely as possible.

It’s unbelievable.  I’ve been a dedicated left-watcher for years, and I think I’ve got a fair amount of their headspace pegged, but I never would’ve expected this.  Forney suggests an explanation:

Narcissistic young women expect that men will behave in ways that are convenient for them, whether it’s not trying to “rape” them (in a world where “rape” now means everything from forcible penetration to making her uncomfortable), fitting into a pre-determined relationship script, or shirking from “misogynistic” opinions and running away. When reality fails to conform to their desires, they can’t handle it. They literally cannot understand that other people (and men specifically) are autonomous beings and not meat puppets that dance in the exact way they want.

That describes a LOT of bizarre leftist behavior, no?  Those of us who had the misfortune of dealing with Morgan’s idiot troll infestation over at House of Eratosthenes saw something similar — he had a script all laid out in his head, and he’d stick to it until you delivered your lines, cutting and pasting the same comment dozens of times in increasingly desperate attempts to get us to read our damn cue cards already.

How can you possibly discuss anything with these people?  They can’t — neurochemically can’t — process what you’re saying.

Anonymous Conservative draws appropriately bleak conclusions from this.  Seriously — I’m sunshine and fucking rainbows compared to that guy.  But I’m starting to think he’s right.

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2 thoughts on “Are Leftist Brains Actually Broken? Some Preliminary Evidence

  1. Gary

    Feminism has been a blight on the west since its start in the 1960s, and I believe it’s most concentrated and toxic right here in the US. In the 80s, it took a huge step forward by starting to implant itself as the official right-think in the universities, K-12 schools, government, the media and the workplace. As far as I know, this process was essentially completed by the early 90s with feminism institutionalized almost everywhere–but of course they continue to press for more.

    The upshot is that feminism is the official ideology of the aforementioned institutions, so children get a thorough, non-stop indoctrination in it from K-12 and university “education,” with a hefty assist in movies, TV, music and other entertainment–and as always, daily reinforcement from the MSM. The linked article does not mention this pervasive propaganda as a cause, but I think it’s an essential ingredient in this very odd phenomenon he’s describing.

    Simultaneously, as the linked article mentions, various factors have caused a large increase in narcissism, especially among “millennials” (defined by Wikipedia as those born “from the early 1980s to the early 2000s”). Consider what you get if you take a population of young women heavily predisposed to narcissism and marinate them for 20+ years in a bitter sauce of self-absorption and victimization: “You go girl!”, “Grrl Power!”, “You can have it ALL (and deserve it),” “Men are violent and nasty, yet are given all sorts of unfair advantages”, “Everything female is sweetness and light,” “Women are victimized by men and The Patriarchy, and are not responsible for anything,” etc.

    The overall result isn’t going to be pretty, and hasn’t been for some time now: lots of women who really believe the world revolves around them, expect that a ton of stuff (like happiness, fulfillment and financial success) is owed to them, not to be earned, because they’re not responsible for anything–while often harboring nasty, condescending attitudes towards men, a perspective which, if held about blacks, would IMHO qualify the person as a full-out racist.*

    The linked article claims something has changed in just the “past couple of years” that I was unaware of. This is the bizarre phenomenon he describes of young women tweeting nasty comments at him and then falling to pieces when he simply re-tweets or “favorites” them. Here are two tweets showing this rather strange reaction:
    1) oh my god he just rted and favourite my tweet to him i am going to punch someone, and
    2) Matt Forney just retweeted my tweet calling him a piece of garbage and now I’m reminded that dicks like him are real and I wanna cry.

    You go girls… far, far away, I hope. Perhaps you’ll find Sudan more enlightened and accommodating.

    I’m not sure if this is a new phenomenon (other than that it’s happening on Twitter), rather than just a more extreme version of an existing one. If I recall correctly, for about 20 years now (or more), most self-identified feminists expected others to share their worldview and would become angry or upset if someone dared to question their cherished beliefs. They hadn’t yet reached the bizarre extreme shown above, but the essential ingredients were already in place: the expectation that others must agree and the hair-trigger emotional response.

    Forney’s explanation of this rather weird behavior is given in the excerpt in the post. I agree with his explanation and would only add the element of ubiquitous feminist propaganda that millennials have been force-fed for their entire lives: This is not just random, scattershot narcissism; it’s a narcissism directed and molded by institutionalized feminism. In part, I interpret their odd reaction as extreme shock and astonishment that anyone could possibly dispute the established wisdom of institutionalized feminism (something Forney routinely does), the main pillars supporting their entire worldview.

    But this leads me to two questions:

    1) How does this work with millennial boys and young men? On one hand their parents dote on them, shelter them from failure and constantly tell them they’re special snowflakes. On the other hand, the matriarchal schools punish (or drug) them for being boisterous, roughhousing and generally not behaving like good little girls; and this negative treatment is backed up by the continuous drumbeat of feminist propaganda, pounding them with the message that men and anything vaguely masculine is “unacceptable” and needs to be stifled. What kind of young man do you get when you combine overly-positive, helicopter parenting with an atmosphere of toxic, anti-male messages from society?

    2) Are there analogous things happening with millennials in the other factions of the left coalition?

    * Ever notice how often a woman who has a bad experience with a man will say, “Men are pigs.”? Not I’m angry at one man; no, all men are pigs. Imagine someone saying that about blacks.

    1. Severian

      Well said and thought provoking, as always.

      I have a stab at answers to your questions:

      1) What kind of young man do you get when you combine overly-positive, helicopter parenting with an atmosphere of toxic, anti-male messages from society?

      You get this. Do NOT click if you have a working set of testicles, as they might shrivel up and fall off at the sight of that … thing.

      2) Are there analogous things happening with millennials in the other factions of the left coalition?

      I honestly don’t know, but I suspect so, especially with gays and trannies. I often hear stories about high schools having gay proms, LGTBQWhatever clubs, and so on. Take that… ye gods… thing from 1). The only way he’ll ever get any positive attention from someone outside his immediate family is to go all-in on leftist identity politics. Why be a self-flagellating “male feminist,” when you can just go gay and force everyone to “celebrate” you at gunpoint? It’s not like he’s ever getting laid by a female anyway… or put on a dress, call himself Britney, and run for prom queen.

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