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Quick Hit: The Return of the Volstead Act (update)

hint: It’s going to work out about as well as the first one.

This comment I left at our parent site is kind of a mini-post, and I probably should’ve put it here, but to avoid duplication of effort, here’s the link.

Over here, where we tend to focus a bit more on the Fanciness of various felines, I’ll just note that pissing off a lot of veterans by ostentatiously betraying them — stabbing them in the back, as it were — is rarely a good idea, historically speaking. One is tempted to ask our nation’s veterans how they feel about being told to go fuck themselves — you guys did a hell of a job making Iraqi elections open, democratic, and fraud-free, no question, here’s a participation medal and our solemn promise that you won’t have to wait more than 18 months for basic treatment at the VA.

Eh, but all that’s ancient history, right? Just like Prohibition. Besides, those yahoos didn’t even have Netflix….

(update) I note the usual conspiracy nuts spouting the usual conspirazoid nonsense — all those National Guard troops in DC are actually Trump’s coup forces! So in addition to a LARP of Prohibition II: Somehow It’s Even Dumber This Time, now the entire nation will get to see Festinger’s book confirmed in real time. No going back from that one, boys… but since they’re the world’s most intelligent super geniuses, of course that was the plan all along – gotta give the normies one last false hope before yanking the rug out. All according to plan, why won’t you midwits trust the plan?

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I Was Wrong [UPDATED]

A man should always own up to his mistakes. Like lots of folks on Our Side, I predicted the plague would be over November 3.

Looks like I missed it by two and a half months. No clear benefit, you say? I’m shocked, shocked I tells ya. Next up, we learn that masks have just been “symbolic” all along, and now that there’s a Democrat in the White House, there’s no need for symbolic gestures, because everything is awesome.

I love clown world, don’t you? I fucking love it. If you’re amused by human folly, you’re going to be laughing yourself into a double hernia in the next few years.

UPDATEIt occurs to me that maybe we should be thankful for ongoing mask mandates, and should, in fact, encourage the Kommissars to keep the lockdowns going. The Left — of all people– should understand the sour joys of conspiracy; the paranoid, us-vs-them, no-possible-compromise mentality. I can’t think of a better way of recruiting Joe Normie to that point of view than forcing him to go to the black market for simple, basic stuff like haircuts. Imagine whispering “I’ve got a guy” like the potheads do, but for barbers and plumbers and whatnot. Plus the inevitable return of speakeasies, where more than three people can have a drink without the Karen Kloth. And living your life on the sly can only be good practice for… you know… other stuff.

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A History Lesson

Below, reader Frip suggested that we need to stop being nice guys. Which violates the spirit of Joe Biden’s America, in which the people who stole the election and pissed in our faces have commanded us to come together in unity, so regretfully I have reported you to the Thought Police, comrade. With that unpleasant task out of the way, here’s a history lesson, on a topic totally unrelated to passive resistance to power, with no modern day applications whatsoever.

I’ve always found the history of labor disputes interesting. You could, in fact, have been forgiven for thinking America was on the verge of another violent revolution in the 1880s and 90s — the Pullman Strike, Federal troops at Homestead, etc. (And if you think infiltration and entrapment is something new, look up the Molly Maguires. McParland was a Pinkerton agent, i.e. a proto-Fed. Note that this was the 1870s, even). Though the Federal leviathan was a minnow compared to today, the Yankees had gotten a taste for blood in the Civil War; they wouldn’t hesitate to use massive force if they felt they had to. And this was an era in which Big Business literally owned the government (in case you don’t want to click, that’s J.P. Morgan bailing out the US government — all of it, himself, personally — during the Panic of 1893). So the workers were hosed, right?

If those poor bastards had known how things would turn out in our glorious future, of course, they would’ve hopped the first available ship back to the old country, preferring to starve with dignity among people who shared their culture (and knew which pronouns to use), but alas, they didn’t. So they stayed, and they developed various highly effective techniques of passive resistance. One of these was the work-to-rule strike, a personal favorite of mine, because I enjoy the writings of Franz Kafka.* This one takes a bit of unpacking, so:

Scientific management, a.k.a. “Taylorism,” was all the rage around the turn of the 20th century. At its crudest (and I’m only exaggerating a little), you’ve got some dork with a stopwatch and a camera standing behind you while you do your job, and after some observations and a little math, the dork tells you you’re pulling the lever wrong. There’s a scientifically optimized way to pull that lever, one that shaves 0.6 seconds off each of your work “processes,” and henceforth you shall be required to do this exact sequence of steps, every time… and if you disagree, too bad, why do you hate science?** Similar regulations follow, until the whole plant is “scientifically” optimized.

And since this is the great age of “Progress,” you’ve got umpteen government regulations to deal with now, too. And then as now, the august personages in Congress wouldn’t dream of soiling even their shoes, let alone their hands, by going anywhere near anyplace labor is actually performed, so all these regulations have been promulgated ex cathedra. Suddenly the straightforward, mindless job of lever-pulling — the one that was already so insulting to the human spirit, so “alienating,” as Marx put it, something to be endured because one has no choice — is bound up with reams of regulations, too. If you don’t like it, build your own factory.***

But in this, the workers saw opportunity. You’re going to tell me how to do my job? Fine, but you’d better tell me how to do all of it. Is there anything the Policies and Procedures manual leaves unexplained? Where to place my feet as I stand in front of the lever, for example? I’d better not do anything until the manager tells me exactly what to do, in writing, in a fully-vetted update to the P&P, and have you run that by Compliance, sir? Perhaps the lawyers in the Environmental Division should take a gander, too, since who knows what might contribute to Global Warm…. errrrr, whatever, you get the point. It turns out that even back then, when there was no such thing as OSHA or the EPA or the rest of the Federal alphabet soup, the “scientifi managers,” let alone Congress, simply weren’t able to envision the nuances of everyone’s day-to-day job. Or, for that matter, the very basics of everyone’s job. Work ground to a halt because everyone was following the rules.

As I said, this has no applicability to The Current Year whatsoever, when the Federal law codes are so complex that we all (as everybody knows) commit at least three felonies a day. Also not applicable is the related technique of “work slow-age.” Imagine what would happen if a mechanic, say, simply refused to work on a Leftist’s car. That would be bad, of course, very bad — “bake the cake, bigot!” can just as easily become “change the oil, bigot!” So nobody should do that. But what would happen, hypothetically, if the mechanic just… kinda…. took his time with it? Oh, sorry, I can’t get you in today, but I can pencil you in for the 24th. Of April. And hey, gosh, the EPA just put out another ruling about the amount of unicorn piss, in parts per million, that is required in all new bottles of motor oil. And I just sold the last one in compliance. I’ve got some on back order; it’ll get here around the 9th…. of August.

And so on.

Once again, nobody should do that, as that would be very, very bad. Not even the factory hands of the 19th century steel mills would be so awful, so inhuman, so contrary to the ideals of peace love and understanding that the Bidenreich is about to shove up our asses, as to do that.

Or anything similar. All of this, as they say, is for informational purposes only. It’s just a history lesson.


*A title that is so, so much better in the original German: Der Prozess. In fact, I nominate that for a good catchall name for what’s going to happen to your anus under the Bidenreich — you’ll get the full rigors of Der Prozess.

**Just in case you thought that was anything new. Proggies don’t know any history, of course, least of all their own, but in this case they have an excuse: So many of those early “Progressives” really thought they were helping “the Workers,” and were doing it from the spirit of Christian charity, too. Obviously that’s unacceptable — there is no God, and fuck the workers, who go to church and watch NASCAR and haven’t even taken a single Gender Studies class.

***Another fun irony: I’m told that out in Silicon Valley, the digital plantations maintain housing for their H1-B indentured servants. Whites would balk at living ten to a room, but that’s luxury living where the techno-serfs come from, so lots of little towns have become, in effect, company towns. Just in case you thought that was anything new, and I for one am looking forward to the bankrupt state of California simply selling Cupertino to Tim Cook, Menlo Park to Zuckerberg, etc. Watch how fast a big beautiful wall goes up, and how ostentatiously not-defunded the police are.


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Show Trial Scheduled

I see on Ace of Spades that they’re not going to reconvene the Senate until 1/19… after which they still plan to impeach Trump. So, you know, a literal show trial, as one cannot actually, by definition, impeach a former federal official for “crimes” committed while in office. Trump’s a private citizen as of 1/20.

So what would that be, Constitutionally-speaking? An ex post facto law? A bill of attainder? I swear, it’s like they’re going through the Constitution, article by article, using the “Congress shall not” stuff as a to-do list, just because they can.

Comrade Stalin wholeheartedly approves.

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LQI: A Dictionary and Usage Guide

Victor Klemperer, a Jew whose Aryan wife kept him out of the camps, compiled a fascinating book on the Nazis’ abuse of language, which he called the LTI – Lingua Tertio Imperii, the language of the Third Reich. Since we’ll all soon be forced to have social media accounts, the better to sing the praises of our kinder, gentler overlords, it behooves us to do a minor league version of that. After all, we all know how to throw “intersectional” and “genderfluid” around, but the subtle nuances, the quadruple-axel stuff that would impress even the French judge, is what might keep you out of the gulag. Hence, I give you the LQI, the Lingua Quarto Imperii. I welcome your additions in the comments:

“Scary.” I’m pulling a lot of this stuff from David Thompson, whose excellent blog y’all should check out on general principles. He ventures often into the fever swamps of Leftist “culture,” so we don’t have to. One particularly boggy patch is a webzine called Scary Mommy, which is apparently a how-to guide for Progressive parents (though how they can continue to use such exclusionary, gendered, nay, even cisheteronormative! language as “mommy” in this, the Current Year, is beyond me. Shouldn’t it be “Scary Caregiver?”). But whatever, the point is, the Left is deeply invested in the idea that their fifteen-sentence hoard of NPC dialogue is terrifying to us bourgeois. To really stick the landing on social media, one must imply that whatever rote bit of SJW crap you’re parroting is dangerously radical and edgy, even though you and everyone in your social circle has been repeating it verbatim since grade school.

It’s tougher than it sounds. Those of us still slightly tethered to reality will be tempted to try and explain just how this — whatever “this” is — is “scary,” which is a mistake. And, of course, the former keyboard commandos among us are really going to screw it up. They think “scariness” must necessarily be tied to accomplishment, the more outrageous the better. Specifically, tied to the kind of accomplishments they’ve mastered in their own minds, such that the internet tough guy who proclaims himself the SAS’s top assassin, or who got kicked out of SEAL Team 6 for being too badass, is going to try pulling the same thing as a “progressive” — “I was first in my class at Komsomol, and I’m the youngest ever recipient of the Order of Lenin with oak leaf cluster.” Leftists may be stupid, gang, but trust me — everyone sees through this act, just like they did back when you were a “dissident.”

The proper way to approach it is to memorize that stanza from Eliot’s poem “The Hollow Men:”

Shape without form, shade without colour,

Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

That’s the Left, my brothers. They’re moralizers without morality, and they’re busy setting up a cult of personality without the personality. Thus they’re “scary” without accomplishment. Again, search up Thompson’s coverage of “Laurie Penny,” who is apparently some British uber-SJW. He quotes her frequently. That’s the way to do it, kameraden — ex cathedra. Behold my edginess, peons!!!

“Tired.” Another one from Thompson’s archive, and if you’ve got an hour or so to kill, the comment thread on that one is hilarious. The context is the launch of a new dating site for extremely online hardcore proggies called “Red Yenta,” and as much as I despise this (((special people))) shit, Jesus Christ, y’all, do you have to be so fucking obnoxious about it? But whatever, point is, these are loopy Leftists who are unlucky at love and, having searched all the way from one part of Brooklyn to a slightly different part of Brooklyn for a soul mate, have finally turned to the internet for help. Thompson and his commenters pick up on something odd in their profiles: The prevalence of the word “tired.”

This, I hypothesize, is the flipside of “scary.” Though in reality Leftists never, ever tire of being “scary” — that’s like a motorhead saying meth wears him out — they like to mix it up a bit sometimes, affecting a pose of world-weariness. It’s just so exhausting, being “scary” all the time. Why can’t those awful kulaks just deport themselves to the camps every once in a while, and leave us in peace?

“Angry.” I’m hesitant to put this one here, because though we know Proggies are always incandescently angry about something, and are compelled to share that with the world, usage can be really tricky. The goal here is to have some fun while singing the required hosannas, not get yourself an Article 58, so use this and any of its synonyms very sparingly. It’s just too easy to go overboard. Ace of Spades used to have the “Andrew Sullivan Freakout Meter,” in which everyone’s favorite ponce was said to be “gobsmacked with heartrending outrage” or similar. If you’re going to do that — and I’m not gonna lie, it’s a hoot — you need to spend some time building your “legend,” as the espionage types say, as a screaming drama queen… and that’s a bit you’ve really got to commit to.

The comments are open. Add yours!


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Marx Was Right After All (an ongoing series)

Marxism just seems right to teenagers of all ages. Teenagers’ only frame of reference is their parents, and to the inexperienced — as all teenagers by definition are —  even the best parents seem willful and capricious, if not outright tyrannical. (The gray, wrinkled teenagers who refuse to learn merely substitute “society” for “their parents” in their emotional incontinence). Teenagers live in a weirdly binary world, where the switches can only be “on” or “off,” yet all terms are undefined.

That’s why the worst thing a teenager can think of is “unfair.” It’s wrong because it feels wrong, and anything that’s wrong must be somebody’s fault — again, how could it be otherwise? Parents can’t afford to let their kids learn big lessons the hard way. Literally can’t afford it, in that teenagers can’t see why, for example, you can’t take that turn at 85 mph on an icy road. You can explain it to them until you’re blue in the face, but as anyone who has spent any time around teenagers knows, there’s a large subset of them that will simply refuse to get it. Alas, those tend to be the brighter ones, and so a large part of the subtle art of teenager management is setting up smaller, less catastrophic situations for them to fuck up, such that they hopefully learn by analogy. Which is still, of course, the grownups’ fault

A big part of growing up, then, is: realizing that not everything is someone’s fault. Every effect has a cause, that’s a simple truth of logic, but not every event has a cause. The real world, grownups know, is what Buddha said it is, a nexus of causes and conditions. Even the simplest event has innumerable proximate causes, necessary-but-not-sufficient conditions, and so on. If you want to argue, in terms of pure logic, that every event is an intersection of a long series of causal chains that are all, in theory, perfectly discoverable, go nuts, but for all practical purposes, shit just happens. Accepting that is one of the foundation stones of adulthood.

From that perspective, one’s youthful Marxism seems silly, and nothing seems sillier than Marx’s endless ranting against the perfidy of “the capitalists.” Just as your parents aren’t really the capricious tyrants you thought they were when they wouldn’t let you use the car on Friday night, so even the biggest of businessmen are just people. Marx paints them as cartoonishly evil, but though a guy like Andrew Carnegie was a real bastard in his youth, no doubt about that, he too grew up, becoming a staunch philanthropist and anti-imperialist. So, too, with the labor theory of value, which is the closest thing to the quintessence of the teenage mind ever put to paper — those Air Jordans are “overpriced,” no one denies that, but it’s simply not true that selling $5 shoes for $200 is “exploitation.” There’s this thing called “demand,” and… well, you get it.

Alas, as my fictional namesake said somewhere, time has a habit of turning all our lies into truths. It turns out Karl Marx was right after all. Who, I ask you, is more cartoonishly evil, more like the caricature capitalist of paranoid Communist fantasies, than Jeff Bezos? Mark Zuckerberg? Tim Cook? Jack Dorsey? Sundar Pichai?

We’re actually living, comrades, in the class-warfare world Marx preached in the 1840s. Everything Marx said about the factory owners of the First Industrial Revolution, that seemed so luridly absurd that even other Socialists criticized him for it, is true of the tech fascists of the Biden-Harris Revolution. Solzhenitsyn cites Russian writers from the late nineteenth century noting that Marxian socialism would end up as nothing more than dialectically-constructed feudalism, and lo, here we are. America in 2021 looks almost exactly like the USSR looked upon Lenin’s death…

…that was 1924, gang, and in case you’ve forgotten, what happened next was a vicious intra-Party civil war, in which Stalin crushed his enemies. AOC makes a pretty unlikely Trotsky, but it’s no less ludicrous than the thought of Nancy Pelosi as Koba… but that’s just the thing, isn’t it? We’ve been noting here for years that the modern Left is dedicated to being the Hollow Men in all things. They’re Revolutionaries without a Revolution — they go on and on (and on and on and on) about fighting the power and sticking it to the Man, even though they, themselves, have been the Man since at least 1974. They’re moralizers without morality — you’ll be scolded for not being as perverse as humanly possible. And, of course, their politics is a cult of personality without the personality — not even Orwell or Kafka could’ve come up with the Party installing an obvious dementia patient as its figurehead, not even if you’d dropped LSD in their tea.

As always — and yes, even in the depths of Stalin’s terror — the real rulers are the nomenklatura, the apparatchiki. Not even Koba the Dread can be everywhere. Being Hollow Men, our Postmodern Leftist masters have decided to dispense with the whole Kremlin thing. Who needs the NKVD, the gulag, the dreaded Lubyanka? The Junior Volunteer Thought Police “fact checking” everything on social media will do it for free, and much more efficiently, at which point their fellow travelers in the banking system will simply cut the badthinkers off. The only reason the gulag persisted after Khrushchev’s “secret speech” was that the Soviets, those fools, wanted to exploit their natural resources themselves, to build things themselves; labor camps were thus integral to the Soviet economy. Our masters don’t care about that, and their masters, the Chinese, certainly don’t. Much more efficient, and psychologically effective, to let the unperson simply starve in the middle of the town square, pour encourager les autres.

But hey, at least we’ll have some fun figuring out who the new Trotsky is. Again, my money’s on AOC — she’s so stupid that she’s bound to do something irrecoverably dumb sooner or later, after which she gets the digital icepick. That’ll be a hoot. Enjoy what parts of the spectacle you can, comrades – if you’re a student of human folly, you’re going to love the next few decades, because Marx was right about that too, the bastard — second time as farce.

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Mailing List Test Email Sent

If you didn’t get it and were supposed to, let me know. If you didn’t get it but want it now, let me know that too. If you got it but don’t want it… well, you know.

Reminder that this is a backup only. RC will continue until purged, which, given that we only have 20 Readers, will probably never happen – lots of other folks are going to volunteer to be heroes here in the coming weeks and months, and they’re welcome to it. It’ll be a while before they get done show-trialing Bannon etc. and work their way down here.

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Enjoying the Apocalypse

It’s not all bad, kameraden. Sure, sure, the iron heel of Fascism has, in fact, descended on the face of what used to be America, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while we await the purges…

Hey, speaking of, check your email over the next few days. I’m going to try a test-fire of the newsletter here today or tomorrow. Sign up if you haven’t — click on the “contact” bar on the right, then use the email address embedded in the page URL. Once again, no posts here for a few days doesn’t mean anything — I’ve never been the most regular poster, I’ve got some big life shit going on that doesn’t involve the end of semi-free government, believe it or not, and so forth. No posts for a few days? No big deal. If you get the 404 error, then it’s time to check your email.

One fun thing to do as the world ends is practicing tradecraft, for the time when we’re all required to parrot the official lies or have our bank accounts shut down. To that end…

Signal Intercepts.  It occurs to me that if the NKVD had anything on the ball, instead of banning dissident blogs, they’d hijack the signal. They’re already, I’m told, making video “deep fakes” of “conservatives” seeing the light. You don’t need to torture and starve a Cardinal Mindszenty into confessing for the cameras anymore; videos of shiny happy people holding hands can be slapped together that are all but indistinguishable from the real thing. And since algorithms can easily detect writing styles — it’s a modification of the basic Turnitin thing schools use to detect plagiarism — it should be fairly easy to computer-fake blog posts. It would behoove writers to perhaps come up with some kind of “authentication phrase” that they could salt into posts, letting readers know that this is the real deal… or that they’re writing under duress. Suggestions?

Agree and Amplify. Another fun thing to do is work on your Game. (It’ll help your love life, too!). PUAs — that’s “pickup artists,” for those who don’t speak Internet — have a tactic they call “agree and amplify.” When girls give you grief, the PUAs argue, it’s often a “shit test,” to determine if you really are the cool, aloof, socially-savvy dude you’re pretending to be. So they’ll say something like “I bet you use that line on all the girls” or “You must be a player” while you’re chatting them up. A guy who isn’t a player, according to the PUAs, would fold at this point — he’d fall all over himself to assure the girl that she’s right, he’s not a player, he’s actually a very nice guy and will she please sleep with him now?

Which never works.

At this point, the PUAs assert, sealing the deal is simply a matter of deploying the right countermove. She wants to sleep with you, but her ego won’t let her live with the fact that she got played, so you have to confirm that you’re a player without confirming that you’re a player. A standard tactic for doing this is “agree and amplify” — “yeah, I’m the world’s champ, I tried out for The Bachelor but they had to reject me because I started a riot in the green room the minute the girls got a look at me.” It’s so over-the-top, the theory goes, that it’s disarming. Same deal with any of your flaws — if she’s still talking to you, she’s intrigued, it’s just a shit test, so agree and amplify.

“You’re a little short.”

“Yeah, but I play center for my pygmy tribe’s basketball team.”

“You’re kinda overweight.”

“I was the heavyweight division champ at sumo school for three years running.”

And so forth, I have no idea if those work or not, I’ve been out of the meat market a long time and was never any good at it when I was in. Those are for illustration only, and I trust y’all see how it works.

Now, apply it to politics. Since criticism of the Bidenreich will soon get you “twenty five rubles” under Article 58, it’s important to learn how to agree and amplify the propaganda. Recall that if your cell phone, tablet computer, e-reader, tv, etc. aren’t spying on you now — hint: they are — they soon will be. They’ve got your voice on tape. That’s bad, but it can also be used to your advantage, since eventually this stuff has to get digested and excerpted, and so voice becomes text. So instead of saying “Fuck Joe Biden and his curry-reeking whore of a Veep” — Alexa and Siri will report you — learn to say “Oh my God, I just looooove Joe Biden, and socialism excites me sexually.” But, you know, really over the top.

Anyone listening to the tape can probably hear the sarcasm, but it won’t come through on the printout.

Fun with autismActually, though, it’s quite possible that those listening to the tape won’t pick up on the sarcasm. We’ve noted many times that Leftists redline the autism spectrum. They absolutely cannot process nuance; the very idea that something can look one way, but actually be another way, gives them the screaming mimis (note: that’s an old slang phrase from the 40s that means what you think it does; do NOT look it up on Urban Dictionary). The train is fine, remember? The train is fine. And all this before the generation raised in Covidiocy comes of age — gosh, do you think kids who spent their formative years staring at masks and eyebrows are going to have some problems deciphering social cues?  In short, practice fucking with the autistics in your life — public school teachers, government functionaries of all sorts, pretty much anyone under the age of 35. Not only is it fun, but you’ll get some much-needed tradecraft practice.

I welcome your suggestions for further fun in the comments.

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The Troubles 2.0

It was the Z Man, I’m pretty sure, who suggested that Post-America could well end up looking a lot like The Troubles in Northern Ireland. I didn’t think so at the time — I thought that if the “muh gunz” crowd were going to do anything besides talk, they’d have done it already — but after the events of 1/6 and the murder of Ashli Babbitt by the Uniparty’s thugs, I’d like to revise and extend my remarks.

First, may God forbid! If Americans ever do decide to do “armed struggle,” they’ll form an organization so brutally instrumentalist, it’ll make the Provos look like a pack of Girl Scouts. It’s like I’ve been saying about Fascism, capital-F, for years — if real Americans ever decide to give it a try, you’ll fucking well know it, since when White Americans get serious about something they go all the way, right away, and bend all their world-class, apex-of-human-ingenuity talents to the task of wrecking your shit. Ask Hitler and Tojo how that worked out.

One obvious objection to this is that Her Majesty’s forces, for all the wicked, illegal shit they got up to, were at least constrained by the vestiges of Western Civilization. Obviously the Bidenreich, being composed of “people” (in the strict biological sense) who either never were part of Western Civ, or who actively hate it, will have no such scruples. That’s true, of course, but there’s a limit to how brutal even the most brutal counterinsurgency can be, before it starts aiding and abetting the insurgents with its sheer hamfisted evil.

Which ties into, and answers, a second objection. I’m by no means an expert on this stuff — my knowledge of Ireland consists of a brief drunken vacation right after college, and some old family stories — but you don’t have to be a COIN collector to know that one of the reasons the Provos (and the INLA and the “Real IRA” and the “Official IRA” and all the rest, God alone can keep them straight) could survive for so long is that they existed within organic communities. There were “republican” families, going all the way back to Wolfe Tone, if not the guys who fought against Henry II, and everyone knew who they were. Ditto for the loyalists. Obviously America, enstupidated with social media and enervated by soulless urban bugmen, doesn’t have that…

Except that a) the vast American hinterland is actually far more organic than soulless urban bugmen imagine, and b) even soulless urban bugmen have a “community” of sorts. Imagine, if you will, that your next door neighbor in the apartment complex is a drug dealer. Actually I don’t have to imagine this. I spent my first decade or so out of college in the vast urban wasteland where I grew up, living the bugman life, and my next door neighbor for the first few of those years actually was a drug dealer. To be fair, I never actually saw him selling drugs. But everyone knew that Barry, let’s call him, was a shady dude who was up to shady shit. It truly did not surprise me, or anyone else in the building, when the cops showed up at Barry’s door late one night.

But that’s the thing: none of us was surprised. As in, we all knew, even though we were all soulless urban careerists. We also know what happened to Barry, which was: nothing. The cops had nothing on Barry but suspicions. Nor could any of us have told them anything, even if we wanted to, because even though we all knew Barry was a drug dealer, none of us had ever seen it. Finally, none of us really wanted to narc on him, not from fear of reprisals, but because we had a community of sorts and we all knew that Barry wasn’t a bad guy. Shady,  yeah. Not trustworthy, certainly. But a cool enough guy for all that. Why did we care how he made his extra money? He didn’t have people coming to his place at all hours. He kept to himself. No “street” shit ever happened in our building, so what’s the harm?

If that’s true of bugmen like we were, and a goof like Barry was, imagine how it is with serious people.

And while it’s true that the cops could’ve gone full NKVD on Barry — as the Bidenreich’s Negro Kangz Vengeance Department surely will — that would’ve been counterproductive. Nothing is more likely to turn people off the law than hamfisted repression… except hamfisted repression that the State’s security forces fuck up, which, being Diverse and Millennials to boot, they surely will. Imagine if they’d gone in guns blazing on Barry… and didn’t get him.

I can’t say this is the future, but I wouldn’t bet against it. Just in case you weren’t terrified enough this morning…

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Speaking of Purges…

Ideological revolutions follow a predictable pattern. At some point, you see what the Bolsheviks called “the Revolt of the Left SR’s.” “SR” stands for “socialist revolutionaries,” so their “left” was, of course, radical by all but Bolshevik standards. Nonetheless, they actually meant it when they said they were for “soviet power,” the “soviets” in this case being “assemblies made up of actual workers, not limpwritsted eggheads like Lenin whose fathers were minor nobility.”

As Solzhenitsyn explained it, in the early days of the Bolshevik revolution, these SRs were part of a coalition government with the Bolsheviks. As such, they had to be given a certain amount of jobs in the ministries, including the justice ministry. They actually believed that stuff about The Workers, so they weren’t ready to send people to Siberia for twenty, thirty, forty years like Lenin demanded. They broke with Lenin (over other issues as well, obviously), the Bolsheviks crushed them, and once the Bolsheviks had power over all the ministries, there’s your gulag archipelago. Same as it ever was.

The Nazis had their “Left SR’s,” too. These were the Strasserites, led by brothers Otto and Gregor, the guys who put the “Socialist” in “National Socialism.” The Night of the Long Knives was a purge against both “left” and “right” — though Rohm and his butt boys get all the press, one of the Strasser brothers got his, too. That’s German efficiency for you!

And then there was the original Terror, in France, and even before that we had ours, too — the Whiskey Rebellion and Shays’ Rebellion aren’t usually taught as ideological (they’re usually not taught at all, of course), but they were. We’ve had two revolutions (before this week), in fact, and in both cases you had those pesky “we really believe this shit!” types causing all kinds of problems for the revolutionary government — see, for example, those state governors who made Jeff’s life hell in Richmond, objecting to the nationalization of their state militias on the grounds that the Confederacy is actually, you know, a confederacy, and that drafts and war production boards and taxes in kind and all the rest are exactly the kind of tyranny you’d expect from Abe’s gang in Washington…

Of course, our current “culture” is so ignorant and debased that our revolutionaries — as ideological a crew as ever staged a show trial — don’t even realize that they are ideological, so it’s going to take some time to sort out who, exactly, the modern Left SR’s actually are. One gets the sense that Zuckerberg, at least, is dimly aware he’s grabbed the tiger by the tail. Pelosi too, sometimes, in her increasingly rare lucid moments. Maybe a few others.

The problem is that ours is a distributed system. The real power isn’t in Washington; it’s on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, in the thousand and one local jurisdictions that make up this crazy quilt of SJW tyranny. Nobody in Washington believes anything — most of them are too stupid to even spell “ideology” — but is Whitmer a true believer? Newsom? That poof who runs Twitter? The wokelings and mini-Maos who gin up the cancel mobs?

Impossible to say what, if anything, these “people” — using the term in the strictest biological sense — actually believe. Some of them must believe something, and given how fast the mobs turn on each other — it was at light speed even back in 1918 — the majority of the coming bloodshed, figurative and literal (and yes, there will most certainly be literal blood in the next few months) might well be on the Left.

And hey, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of genderfluid nonintersectional persyns. Consider this your white pill — you’d have to have a heart of stone not to enjoy the spectacle of our retarded maenads ripping each other apart for insufficient #wokeness.

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