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Another Data Point

for the discussion below. Check this out, via The Other McCain:

(Actually the picture is irrelevant; I just thought y’all would appreciate a good laugh. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to be Joe Biden’s communications director than that… thing. It’s even got an androgynous moniker: T.J. I think that’s technically, chromosomally, a male, but if the idea is to look exactly like a middle-aged lesbian professor at a pretentious junior college, then buddy, you nailed it).

McCain’s summary of the exchange is the relevant bit. He extensively quotes the transcript of Soyboi up there melting down when confronted with a simple, yes/no question: Does Joe Biden use a teleprompter in his interviews?

The right answer, of course — as anyone running for any office higher than “junior high class treasurer” knows — is “absolutely not.” Even though Biden very obviously does use a teleprompter, that’s the kind of admission you’d need thumbscrews and the rack to drag out of any halfway competent political operative. Dude, you’re a communications director for a political candidate… a Democrat political candidate. Lying is pretty much the sum total of your job. Just say no, and move on.

Instead, Soyboi melts down, accusing Baier of funneling Trump propaganda. Which, you know, is begging for the Streisand Effect to land on you with both feet… which, again, any competent political operative would know.

So, yeah: There’s no fucking way they let Joe Biden “debate.” If I were Trump’s advisor, I’d categorically refuse to do anything but a real, live, in-person debate… but then I’d graciously concede at the last moment to a “virtual” debate. The sight of Slow Joe obviously telepromptering his answers would be almost as good as an actual on-stage meltdown… and the inevitable Milli Vanilli incident when they try to rig it would, in a lot of ways, be even better.

In fact, the only way they let Biden anywhere near Trump, in any format, is if they’re as brain-meltingly stupid as… well, as their campaign’s communications director…

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Bonus Reader Poll / Discussion Thread [UPDATED]

[UPDATE to Option 3, below]

I know my posting has been sporadic lately, so to make it up to you, a twofer:

How do you think they’ll hide Sundown Joe in the “debates”?

I’m proceeding on the assumption that the Dems are actually going to try to “participate,” somehow, since their scheduled riots depend on at least going through the motions of an election…

…. or do they? That, in turn, presupposes at least intermittent rationality among their “leadership,” and I’m not sure that’s an assumption we can make anymore. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, then, that these lunatics go full Masada — just declare the whole process illegitimate, refuse to participate, and get the fun started much earlier than November 3. Knowing, as they must, that they’re gonna get clobbered, they might figure that any “election” at all hands Trump some kind of mandate, so why not pull the trigger now?

So that’s option 1: Full retard. They’ve already laid some of the groundwork for this by having their clickbait sites — no, the other ones, like Salon and Cracked whatnot, not the New York Times — push editorials about how dumb, useless, and divisive presidential debates are. Yahoo News even asserted that debates are just another opportunity for Trump to lie on a big stage, and therefore illegitimate. They might pull the pin on the whole enchilada.

Option 2 would be to basically boycott the debates, arguing instead that the national tv time slots that should’ve held the debates should air back-to-back long-form campaign commercials or something. If I were a Democratic Party campaign strategist — and I work cheap, comrades, call me! — I think this is the one I’d advise. Make up whatever Gook Flu bullshit you want for why you can’t have two guys standing 12 feet apart in an empty room, and push for mini-movies. Trump would be stupid to agree to this, but he might if they flatter his ego enough. The parade of celebrity bobbleheads endorsing Biden — which is all a Biden campaign commercial should ever be — would do him a lot of good, and Trump a lot of damage, because the average American voter has the calm, cool rationality of a concussed, horny chimpanzee.

The only problem with this scenario — and it’s a doozy — is that it gives Trump almost unlimited freedom of action, which is something you never want to grant your enemy. Trump has made it clear that he don’t fear no Kung Flu, and is gonna hold rallies regardless. Joe, meanwhile, will have to remain in his undisclosed basement, for fear of the virus. Which is also good for the Dems, as it keeps his mouth shut, but it’s very very far from good overall.

Option 3 would be some kind of “virtual” debate. If I had to guess, this is what they’ll probably push for, since they’ll know the questions in advance (of fucking course they will) and can surreptitiously record Joe “answering” them in his few brief daily moments of lucidity. Then they can play these back in “real time.”

There are two big problems with this, though, both humdingers. One is that, to be even halfway believable, they’ll have to script some plausible “replies” to Trump’s jabs, and as we all know, Liberals are piss poor at getting into conservatives’ headspace (malignant narcissism does that, I suppose). Given the way Liberals think Conservatives think, Biden’s “replies” are going to sound like he’s “debating” Thomas Dixon Jr.

Which feeds into the second, much larger problem: The very real possibility of a Milli Vanilli incident. You want the very same dipshits who couldn’t plausibly rig the Iowa caucuses, and were caught cloning “participants” for Kamala Harris’s livestream at the DNC convention, working some kind of realtime streaming video fake? Where they have to find, on the fly, clips of Strangely Lucid Joe plausibly “replying” to something Trump said? Blame it on the rain, boys… might as well.

[UPDATE: Just as I was putting the finishing touches on this, I saw this on Ace of Spades. Knowing that Trump will hold rallies and Biden won’t — which is a yuuuuge advantage for Trump — the Media/DNC decided to effectively make campaigning illegal. Which is a nice bit of dirty pool… except for the suggestion that Trump should hold his Nevada rally at Area 51, which is federal land. Can you imagine? Done right, the “Area 51 Rally” would immediately enter into political lore as one of the all-time great photo ops. Trump in front of blacked out hangars, simultaneously praising American R&D and the US military while trashing an obvious partisan stunt? That could be an election-winner all by itself. Please do this, Mr. President. Please. Shove it right up their asses… on second thought, don’t do that, they really enjoy that kind of thing, but you know what I mean. Go for the kill!!]

Which leaves option 4: doing whatever it takes, medically speaking, to put Joe up on that stage somehow. If I were Trump, I’d not only demand a drug test, I’d check his fucking fingerprints. Assuming it’s the real Joe up there, though, and even assuming they jack him on enough Stuka Pills to get him halfway lucid, the fun’s just starting, because then they, the High Priests of the Branch Covidians, face almost as daunting a challenge: To mask, or not to mask?

Joe up there on stage mumbling into a mask would be a bigger fiasco than Mike Dukakis’s tank ride. On the other hand, not wearing a mask lets Trump hammer him all night for flip-flopping on the Great Plague, the one that’s going to kill us all, the one on which they’re pushing all their chips in a whole passel of campaign ads. It’ll be brutal either way, but they can’t avoid picking one if they do trundle his old perv ass out there.

So, gang: Which one do you think they’ll choose? Or is there something else? Discuss!

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The Civil War That Wasn’t

I love the fall, personally, but since the turning weather tends to get folks down, it’s time for a white pill. So:

It’s hard to keep track these days, but I gather that the latest Media lie we’re supposed to freak out about is Trump calling the military “losers” or some such. That he didn’t goes without saying, and not just because it’s the Media reporting it — even so obvious a soldier-loather as Barack “Corpse-man” Obama pretended to love the military when the cameras were rolling. It’s a public relations necessity for any American president. The Military-Industrial Complex wants its wars, and it shall have them. A pacifist president would simply be countermanded by his defense contractors, and since no democratic politician can afford to be shown up so publicly, Obama got out there and smiled for the cameras, “authorizing” the escalation of wars he made a big deal of opposing as a candidate (and adding some new ones just for fun, knowing his knob-slobbers in the Media would never call Him on it).

I use Ace of Spades as a CivNat bellwether — whatever they’re going on about is where the naught wittle boys of Boomercondom are, headspace-wise. Their interpretation of this “the military are losers” line of attack is that this is battlespace prep. The Left, as the Biden wargames “leak” “confirmed” for us, are planning anything up to a violent coup to oust Trump if their mail-in voter fraud scheme doesn’t work.* Hence, this is an 11th-hour bid for sympathy — “we’ve been vilifying you nonstop as babykillers since the 1960s, but look, Trump’s a big meanie too!!”

This is plausible, in the sense that the Left might be dumb enough to hire sportsball’s PR team — you know, the geniuses who decided that “pissing off your entrenched, intensely-loyal, multigenerational fanbase in order to virtue-signal to blue-haired, nose-ringed vegans who ostentatiously hate sports and will never ever spend a dime on it” was a good idea. But it’s not at all plausible in terms of psychology.

To illustrate, I’ll use one of my more dramatic intellectual failures: COVID-19. Back in March, I was certain this whole thing would blow over in a matter of weeks. It’s a Karen-driven phenomenon, I argued, but unlike everything everything else they do, this time Karen’s going to have to shoulder the burden herself. She’ll have fun berating the manager of the local Starbucks for not closing down… until she realizes there’s no place to get a half-caff, triple-foam, venti soy latte frappuccino. Nor is there any place to dump her self-propelled lifestyle accessories kids while she gets exalted at hot yoga and the nail salon, now that school’s out. Give her a week without Starbucks, I said, locked in her house with Kayden, Brayden, Jayden, and Khaleesi, and she’ll demand we never mention the word “flu” again.

In other words, I misunderstood the essence of Karen. Karen is — first, foremost, and always — a victim. I of all people should’ve known better, because I was surrounded by Karens all the time in my personal and professional life. I’ve mentioned this story before, but bear with a quick repeat: At one of my first teaching gigs, at the big directional tech that makes up a lot of “Flyover State,” the department’s women got it into their vapid little heads that they — women — were being systematically excluded from positions of power. The fact that the department chair was a woman, and in fact the whole department, emeritus through first year grad student, was something like 65% female should’ve been their first clue, but nevertheless, they persisted. They got together a blue-ribbon commission, as one does, and studied the shit out of the problem. The much-ballyhooed report revealed…

…that all the positions of authority in the department, every blessed one, was held by a female. At which point, without missing a single fucking beat, they started complaining that being forced to hold all these positions of authority was keeping them from making adequate career progress.

I shit you not.

That’s Karen, my friends.

So what does this have to do with the Left not inciting a civil war when Biden loses? Well, think about it: Actual revolutions require leadership. Real leadership, not “open up my favorite hair salon on the sly so I can get a quick maskless rinse”-style leadership. All of us non-lunatics have been baffled, all our lives, by the Left’s attitude — they run everything; they’ve been in complete control since at least the late 1960s; and yet they’re still carrying on as if they’re sticking it to The Man. They’ve even tried some kind of “Washington outsider” campaign theme for Joe Biden, for fuck’s sake, and he’s been a professional politician for half a century. See also Hillary’s schizophrenic 2016 campaign, in which she simultaneously ran everything in Washington and had no idea what her own State Department was up to. The #1 requirement for being a revolutionary leader is admitting that you, comrade, are the leader.

It’s not a challenge many can rise to, thank God. Study any revolutionary leader of which we have knowledge — if he’s in the history books, even only as a dramatic failure, he’s by definition an exceptionally charismatic man (if only the charisma of the florid psychopath, a la Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky). This is especially true of “democratic” revolutions. The Confederacy’s bench was incredibly deep. Even historical nobodies that only specialists have heard of, your Lawrence M. Keitts and whatnot, bestrode the world like colossi compared to any American politician from the last 50 years.

Does that describe anyone, anywhere, on the modern Left? Are you telling me they’re going to go to the gun behind the likes of Gretchen goddamn Whitmer? Or, saints preserve us, Gavin Newsom? The mere sight of that fucking fairy up on the barricades would be worth a few divisions to the other side. Ain’t gonna happen.

The military, meanwhile, follows orders… which we’re inclined, when we’re feeling pessimistic, to consider bad, since so many of the rat bastards with stars on their shoulders are turncoat fucking scumbag SJWs (looking your way, McChrystal and Mattis). But generals don’t lead revolutions; frustrated staff officers and mid-level NCOs do. The reason for this is simple, and reflects another reason Whitmer, Newsom, et al won’t step up. Has there ever been a team of Karens, anywhere, in all of recorded history? The minute one of these fuckers steps up to “lead” the “resistance,” all the other mean girls will turn on xzhym… (there’s a reason Soros, who knows a thing or two about successful revolutionary action, stays in the shadows and never openly bankrolls anyone with profile).

So you’ve got no leadership, a permanent victim mentality… and the one leader who knows he’s a leader, for better or worse, has an opportunity to call out the troops on a bunch of masochists whose deepest sexual fantasy is having some Bull Connor type release the hounds on them. They’ll fold like a cheap rug.



*Do we really need to go into how dumb this idea of a “leak” is? While I’m perfectly prepared to believe that the Democrats have “wargamed” scenarios where Biden loses — you hardly have to be a PhD Sovietologist to see he’s going down in flames right now — you’re not going to get any Democrat with any profile actually uttering the words “secession” or “coup” where anyone can hear it. This was a trial balloon, pure and simple. They wanted to get the lunatics on both sides to show their hands. They’re dumb, I grant you — oh God, they’re so very very very dumb — but nobody’s that stupid.

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Quick Takes 9/3

Pop quiz, hotshots:

  • “A jew can’t tell me shit period”
  • “The same pink toe Jewish people that control the interest rate control the media the control Minds and money”
  • “The Jewish media picks and chooses who is a terrorists and is not”
  • “A cracker jew can do whatever to a white woman for years but let a jig try it”

Are those lovely sentiments from a) the Z Man’s comment section, or b) the guy Joe Biden is flying into Kenosha to meet?

Big surprise that Joe’s team did absolutely no vetting whatsoever of this lunatic, even though this stuff is right there on Facebook, for pete’s sake. Bonus pop quiz: Is that because

  1. they’re too stupid and arrogant to think about it; or
  2. they don’t care, because they agree with him; or
  3. both?

My money’s on 3.

Dogmas burning themselves out, as they always do, follow a predictable trajectory. The have lots of initial appeal, because they provide canned answers to their believers’ most pressing questions. But invariably hermeneutics takes over. Anyone whose faith actually fulfills him stops with the canned answers, but since anyone fulfilled by his faith doesn’t rise very far in the cult’s bureaucracy, jesuitical types take over. They pretzel up the dogmas for fun and profit. The only problem is, the “profit” comes largely from force-feeding the pretzels to the simple believers, who can only stomach so much. They start to notice some things, and there’s your Reformation.

Still, 1300 years is a pretty good run. If you want to stay at the top of a religious hierarchy, you should do what the Catholics did: Keep the dogmas as far away from the peasantry as possible. Keeping them in a dead language while the rest of the world is all but universally illiterate in living ones is just aces for this. Our modern jesuits tried a version of this, of course, with their incomprehensible PoMo jargon… but, being stupid, they ruined it by insisting that the peasants should all go to college, the better to learn to speak PoMo.

Thomism was never disproven; in fact, it’s a far better holistic explanation for the world we live in than the crap Cartesians and Hegelians came up with. Rather, Thomism was simply mocked to death by clever people who pointed out all the pretzeled (it’s a word) absurdities of the Schoolmen. Making fun of the “superstructure,” to steal a term from the most consequential of the Hegelians, of course says nothing about the solidity of the “base”… but, people being what they are, we all now “know” that Thomism is “false,” despite not one person in 100,000 having any idea what it actually is….

…which, circling back to our PoMos, was their own damn fault. “Education” in Europe for at least 500 years was nothing more than a sustained exercise in Scholastic hermeneutics, much as modern American “education” has been nothing but PoMo hermeneutics since the 1960s. Thanks to their half-millennium monopoly on “education,” the Schoolmen simply had no idea how to process the new empirical “science” of the 16th century. So, too, with our PoMos — having controlled the culture for so long, they have no idea what to do when they’re challenged. Their only options are Jesuit ones: smirking superiority or murderous rage.


In the comments to yesterday’s post, Pickle Rick asked about the townies of Flyover State. I aims to please, and since people seem to like these Egghead Follies posts for some reason,  here ya go:

In my not-inconsiderable experience, the town/gown split is almost total. The gownies will take over as much space as they can, turning it into mini-Berkeley. It’s a striking fact that all “college towns” look exactly the same, whether the area dominated by the college is an entire metro area or just a few blocks. I haven’t been to Austin, TX for a while, but certainly back in my day you could instantly recognize when you were in the University of Texas’s zone of control. Ditto Lansing, Michigan; Madison, Wisconsin; Cambridge, MA; etc. The universities (Michigan State, UWisconsin, Harvard) are all located in the middle of big metro areas with lots of other stuff going on (Cambridge, MA is in the middle of Boston), but the gownies have carved out a distinctive-looking niche for themselves (Berkeley itself is inside Oakland, which is part of San Francisco). Take any professor, blindfold xzhyr, and airdrop xzhym into any other college town in the country (in the interests of science, please pack a parachute), and xzhey will flawlessly navigate around.

The effect is even more pronounced in college towns that really are college towns, full stop — your Pullman, Washingtons; Moscow, Idahoes; etc. Wiki says Pullman’s population is 30,000; WSU’s website says the Pullman campus has 21,000 undergrads; throw in the grad students and the professors and you’ve got total gownie control of everything. That’s why these places are such shitholes. However nice the rest of the area is, in the college ZOC you’ve got graffiti everywhere, bums panhandling on every street corner, drug deals going down in the city parks. Stuff like that gets eggheads’ thighs moist, and since every university  has its own (surprisingly large) police force, the college ZOC is a no-go for the metro cops, because social justice. The faculty ghetto is of course patrolled by private security armed with nuclear weapons, so what do they care?

Lest you start thinking I’ve got some sympathy for the townies, let me disabuse you now. Much like the business owners of Portland, Kenosha, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc., I have but one message for the townies: Suck it up, buttercup. You chose to live there. You know what these people are like. I did my undergrad at an off-brand urban campus of a third-rate public school in one of our less intellectual states. Leaving campus was like a commando raid — you moved in force, getting in and out as fast as you could. We would’ve done airborne insertions into the local supermarket if we could’ve scrounged a helicopter. That’s because the metro cops had a “you broke it, you bought it” attitude towards the eggheads — if you’d rather be raped and robbed than accept the help of the “fascists” in blue, well, be our guest.

That’s how you handle an egghead infestation, my friends, and if the area around campus inevitably becomes Hamsterdam, well, maybe the PhDs will finally learn something worth knowing. The liquor stores, nail salons, and other Diversity-centric shops that still operated had all accepted the risks, as they do in urban areas all over our once-great land. Get with the program or get out. I’m sure Pullman, Moscow, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, etc.  were really  nice places once. Y’all should’ve knocked some sense into the gownies back in the Sixties. You didn’t. You paid the piper, you called the tune.

Speaking of college…

The Z Man has a pretty good bit on college football up today, in which we find this:

Paradoxically, the collapse in television viewership may save these sports from their black players. If the stands were full, the fans could boo when the players take a knee or make some idiotic gesture. There would be social proof that normal white people resent this stuff. That would also lead the players to speak out and accidentally reveal just how much they hate white people. Playing in front of cardboard cutouts means no booing the teams for their anti-white antics.

I doubt this, for the simple reason that most programs don’t end up on national tv. Most programs barely end up on regional tv, since most college programs aren’t very good — of the FCS’s 100-odd teams, most of them only exist to get pasted by the Alabamas and Notre Dames of the world… which is also the only time they’re on anything but piddly local broadcasts. Anyone watching local broadcasts, I assure you, already knows that the negroes wearing the school laundry hate them. They just don’t care — boosterism dies really, really hard. College football is on the fast track to the morgue, but it won’t be tv that does it. It’ll be those local broadcasts. Sports “journalists” are the kind of obnoxious SJWs that even other SJWs can’t stand, and, ironically, they’re just like professors at these itty bitty schools — the lower down they are on the totem pole, the more they ramp up the “social justice” hysteria to compensate. Anyone who goes out of his way to find Podunk State on the tube is going to get a “privilege” lecture right up there with the very best the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution had to offer… and there’s your final nail in college football’s coffin.

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Life’s a Campus

This is further to the Z Man’s excellent post on Their Summer of Discontent, so be sure to read that first.*

The Progressive Whitopia he describes there — the eschaton they attempted to immanentize in currently-burning places like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, etc. — can best be described as “college.” His description — “carefully curated hipster areas” — describes the environment of every college campus I’ve been to in the last two decades… and y’all, I’ve been to a lot of college campuses.

Go tool around the local college town for a while if you can. The first thing you’ll notice, especially if you haven’t been there in a while, is how nice everything is. Those t-shirts with the football team logo cost upwards of $30 each. The jeans they’re over cost at least $100, and the shoes below that have to be north of $200. Add a team-logo hat and a purse, and your Basic College Girl is wearing something like half a thousand bucks’ worth of stuff. Add a MacBook and and iPhone with unlimited data and you’re looking at three grand, easy, just on her person. I, the professor, was always the worst-dressed person in my classroom, price tag-wise, just like my car was the cheapest in the campus lot where I parked. Students live niiiiice.

And then there’s the faculty. Being obnoxious Marxists, they’ve mastered the subtle art of inconspicuous consumption. Oh, sure, everything they own costs somewhere between “a lot” and “a fucking shitload,” but they’re not, you know, gauche about it. It’s just that all their stuff was handmade by disabled lesbian pygmies from the Andes, and so that lawn chair that looks like a D-minus from a junior high shop class cost $2500. Because social justice.

But now look at the faces. When I first came to grad school I was deliriously happy. Finally I was doing what I always wanted to do, living the life of the mind… no shit, I was that pretentious, but the point is, if your idea of happiness is “every book in the world and the quiet, crime-free leisure time in which to read them,” then a college town is indeed heaven. But even then something was wrong. It took me a few semesters to figure it out (I’m not the quickest on the uptake), but one day it came to me in a flash:

I’m the only happy guy I know.

I looked around one day, and noticed that all the people who had chosen my same material circumstances — who had indeed, as I had, worked very hard to get there — were miserable. No, worse than that. They weren’t just miserable; they actually thought they were being persecuted. Yes, persecuted, these people who are the 1% by any quality-of-life measure that makes any sense. The sexual deviates, just to take the most extreme example of the disconnect, were absolutely certain The Handmaid’s Tale was about to land on them, despite the fact that the only sexual fetish you’re not allowed to indulge in a college town is “missionary position with your lawfully wedded spouse of the opposite sex.”

Worse, everyone was getting paid to do what they loved. Imagine a gun nut getting paid to spend time at the range, a model railroader getting paid to play with his trains, a football fan getting paid to tinker with his fantasy team. That’s academia. These people ride their hobbyhorses like they’re Bronco fucking Billy, and get comped something like 100 large to do it, plus guaranteed lifetime employment.** Any enthusiast in any other field would kill for that kind of deal… and yet, these people are miserable.

Z Man alludes to the reason for this, and I’ll put it plainly: The crucial characteristic of life in a college town isn’t how nice it is, but how transient it is. Nobody’s from there, and nobody stays there. Everything in the local ecology depends on a kind of social Brownian motion — directionless people moving around randomly for four or five or ten years before drifting off elsewhere. If you don’t have a college town within driving distance, you can see what I mean by going to a beach town, or any of those tourist-trap towns that litter the highways. Their populations swell 2-10x during the summer months… but any given set of that increased population only stays there for a few days, weeks, a few months max. Everything’s geared to the tourists. Note that in a college town, this most certainly applies to the faculty, too: Even those academics with tenure always have a bag packed and a foot out the door, since they’re all certain they deserve to be at Yale and New Haven’s going to be calling any minute now (the ones at Yale, meanwhile, are certain they really belong at Oxford, which is why New Haven is such an irredeemable shithole).

The cult of the atomized individual is the worst thing to happen to the human race in a thousand years. People need a place and a tribe. For proof, look at what the kids do the minute they arrive at college. There’s a reason the bookstore only sells logo apparel now….


*Maybe as recently as two months ago I would’ve left a shorter version of this as a comment on his site. But holy jeebus that comment section. I’m pretty sure the few who remember me think I’m a Fed now, since I wasn’t kicked out of SEAL Team 6 for being too much of a badass, and I don’t put (((lots))) of (((parentheses))) around every other (((word))).

**No joke, I know a persyn in one of the Bullshit Studies departments who got tenure by writing opinion pieces for far-Left rags. Seriously.

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Monday Quick Take: The Lakers, Alas

Sadly, word comes that the Negro Bitching Association has decided, after much soul-searching, to continue with their playoffs. I was hoping they’d stick to their guns — you know, like Kyle Rittenhouse did — and maybe, if we were really lucky, they’d take Major League Bitches and the Negro Felon League with them in solidarity. Alas, it’s not to be.

You won’t see this reported in the Media, of course, but it seems to be common knowledge among basketball fans that the reason Saint LeBron et al caved was: since viewership is already down something like 50%, they were told they’d lose something like a quarter of their pay if they didn’t get out there and finish for the cameras. All we can hope for now is that it was made clear to them that, since

  • a) China accounts for some huge percentage of their revenue, and
  • b) the Chinese are the most racist people on earth, who
  • c) would’ve probably given the Kenosha cops a medal for dusting Jacob Blake if they ran the place; therefore
  • d) you’d best just be thankful Big Daddy Xi didn’t make you lick his balls, too, because you greedy little hoes would’ve done it.*

I guess when it comes to a hard choice between “standing up for social justice” and “buying another Bentley for all the homies in your posse,” well, Bentley dealers need some social justice too. I sure hope those things hang on to their resale value.

Such is principle in the Current Year, I guess. But there’s still hope, kameraden. As we’ve noted before, the Left is badly overplaying their hand by going after sports. In fact, it’s worse than that for them, as “the Left” really has nothing do with much of anything anymore. The dogs have slipped the leash and, being stupid, are busy doing stupid-dog things like threatening to boycott themselves.

Yeah, they really did that.

Either way that plays out is a massive own-goal; nobody within shouting distance of sanity would’ve let them even make the threat if it were possible to prevent it. But the threat was made, ergo, nobody’s in control. As with the universities — who, to be fair, make the Negro Bitching Association look like rocket scientists — they’re willing to go down with the ship for The Cause, whatever “The Cause” happens to be this week. Here again, they’re so dumb or ideologically enstupidated (a distinction without a difference) that it all seems to have blended together in their tiny little minds — we shall only have racial harmony when we’ve eliminated COVID, or maybe it’s vice versa, but either way we’re so mad we’re going to hop up and down on this land mine until we get what we want.

So, you know, not the optimal outcome — that would be the end of sportsball, professional and collegiate, as we know it — but still not too shabby. At least it shows that even grossly overpaid, over-privileged POCs can figure out their own best interests when the consequences of not figuring it out are dire enough.

*As far as I’m concerned, I’m almost to the point of cheering for our liberation by the Red Chinese. It’ll suck, sure, but I can’t describe the joy I’d feel, watching multi-gazillionaires who bitch about “systemic racism” trying to pull that shit on the Han, whose book report on King Leopold’s Ghost reads “a decent start; needs improvement.”

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The Moonwalk

You’ll have to trust me on this, I guess, but way back in Rotten Chestnuts’ early days I had a post about “moonwalking.” This was my attempt at… meme generation, I guess, although it was really just shorthand for some things we were dealing with at the time (anyone who came over from House of Eratosthenes remembers the Cuttlefish infestation). “Motte and Bailey” seems to have caught on as a way to describe this Leftist rhetorical tactic, so you may have seen it described that way, but even if not you know the kind of thing I’m talking about:

From the totally 100% true scientific fact that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, Lefty will, if you let xhyzer, insist on the whole “Green New Deal” schmear. If you point out all the problems with the GND, though, and Lefty feels like xhzyr is losing the argument, xzhe scuttles back to “carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas!!,” then calls you a “science denier” — as if all the flaws you pointed out with the Green New Deal only exist if you deny, as no literate person could, that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.  It’s such a bizarrely stylized gesture — didja really think we didn’t notice, Snowflake? — that it looks like a dance move. Hence, moonwalking.

You see it pretty much every time the Left confronts reality. It’s been SOP in academia for decades, so much so that they’ve perfected the trick of slipping “just” in and out of their conversation unconsciously. So, from the 100% true historical fact that “real men” acted differently in Medieval Saxony than they do on campus, eggheads assert that — all together now — “gender is just a social construction.” Meaning, of course, that there no no differences between the sexes, absolutely none, that aren’t attributable to “the Patriarchy.” But when you call them on it — threatening to cut off their funding for teaching absurdities, say, or simply by telling them to move that goddamn couch their own selves — the word “just” mysteriously disappears from their vocabulary. Then they’re just pointing out a historical commonplace, and why do you hate science etc.

Sh’mon! Hee hee!!

Given their total control of  the culture, the Left have made more money off moonwalking in just the last decade, I’d imagine, than Mr. Jackson made in his entire career. But it’s not perfect. Sometimes xzhey have to disguise a tactical retreat. Liberals can never, ever be wrong of course — because they are Smart — but they can hold their tongues for a while if they’re sufficiently motivated.

Take “gun control,” for instance. The Left feels that no one should be armed but the State. But that’s a problem, because even if you eliminate all the non-Maoists from government, the police still seem to have this habit of shooting innocent Joggers for, like, no reason when they, the Joggers, are just minding their own business after AP Calculus on their way to their piano recitals. Worse yet, those innocent Joggers might actually… but no, for decency’s sake let’s leave the Left weeping in their shame closet, and just note that lots of #woke persyns are suddenly thinking they might actually need to defend themselves from… well, from something. What to do, when they can’t instantly buy a bazooka because of their own stupid laws?

Obviously Lefties aren’t going to go back and rethink all their shrieking about “gun control.” Because that would entail that they were wrong about something, and as we all know, Smart people can never ever ever be wrong. So they’ll just…kinda… shut up about it for a while. Oh, you know, Joe Biden still has to say something about “gun control,” but you’ll have to go pretty deep into the platform to find it — see here, for instance, where you have to go into the drop-down menu, and even there all you’ll see is bromides like “voluntary buybacks” and “universal background checks.” If he wins, God forbid, gun-grabbing will be right back at the top of the agenda, because then the State can roll in the tanks on those uppity Negroes and make Minneapolis great for organic shade grown free trade tofu again.* But until then, they’ll just quietly drop the subject and hope you won’t notice… and, because they control Newsywood, you won’t.

All of which leads to the last, and most fascinatingly terrifying scenario: What happens when they have to bail out on one of the Dogmas of the Faith?

Like with COVID, for instance.

If you live in the Twitter/ivory tower bubble — I truly don’t think there’s a difference anymore — you can still, just barely, convince yourself that the pandemic is raging and the deadcarts are rolling down suburban streets. Out in the real world, though, even the dullest of dullards are starting to realize it’s all a big nothingburger, and always has been. The Left are willing to destroy such bastions of their power as the academic-industrial complex (that number is 4 billion, with a B… and that’s from May) in order to keep the faith…

…but even that won’t propitiate the only god they truly fear: Mockery.

We know Smart people can never ever ever ever be wrong… but when it comes to COVID these Smart people look like a bunch of fucking idiots, and the longer this goes on, the worse they look. Moonwalking won’t save them, since “OMG we’re all gonna DIE!!!!!!!” was their opening bid. Nor will tactical silence, gun control-style, thanks to those stupid fucking masks. Maybe people won’t notice that you’re suddenly dead quiet about gun control, but everyone can see you’re no longer wearing the Birkenstock Burqa.

What to do? As I’ve suggested before, Smart people can’t be wrong, but they can be fooled, so long as the fooling also allows them to pat themselves on the back. Call it “More in sadness than in anger,” and the classic example was the 2004 election — Liberals just cared too much to realize what raging idiots you people really are. But how’s that going to work here?

I dunno, but it sure looks like they’re setting up some fall guys. If I were Dr. Fauci, I’d make sure my pension was fully vested… hell, if I were him, I’d have a jet smoking on the runway in the early dawn hours of November 4, ready to spirit me away to a hidden hideout in a country with no extradition treaty. Because COVID’s over after the election no matter how it goes, and if Trump wins, the mob of kind caring Liberals might well rip him limb from limb.





*What, seriously, y’all think they actually care about Black lives? Hahahaha! You guys are useful tools to them at the best of times; they’ll squash you like lice if they ever get power again. For your own good, of course, because they care.

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Friday Poetry Corner

Because we all need some culture in our lives. No other reason. None at all.

by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

“This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of
strength descends upon those in its service.” – Francis Parker Yockey,

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Crispus Attucks

I see the citizens of Kenosha have started opening fire.

That’s what it’s going to come to, nationwide.

Folks who fancy themselves cynics like to say that the Powers That Be don’t want the riots stopped — they’re SJW True Believers, and nothing gets their thighs moister, faster, than a good race riot. But look, y’all: nobody’s that stupid. Not even a tertiary-educated ovulating White Democrat from a gated community. They like being in charge, and even they have finally figured out that if this goes on much longer, there won’t be anything left for them to be in charge of — see the recent, widely-reported mass exoduses from California, New York City, Minneapolis, etc.

No, the truth is much more sordid than that. They know that eventually, someone’s going to start shooting. They’re just trying to make sure their name isn’t on it.

The only reason stuff is still going on in Portland is because the Portland PTB have made it clear that the cops are powerless. Whether they’ve been all-but-ordered to stand down, or have concluded that they can’t maintain order, is largely irrelevant. Portland cops must all be sure, down to the marrow of their bones, that the PTB will throw them to the wolves if they use deadly force, and since deadly force is now the only thing that’s gonna work, that leaves the National Guard…

…and that’s where it gets really interesting. City mayors are desperately trying to pass the buck up the chain, but the governors, being rat bastard SJW Democrats (I honestly can’t count all the ways that’s redundant), have no more courage than their mayors. From their perspective, it’s an insoluble dilemma. They can’t authorize deadly force… but deadly force is literally what the National Guard is for. Like all Leftists, the governors of Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, etc. are stuck in a time warp. They’re the truly dangerous types we’ve discussed ad nauseam here — the ones who are certain they would’ve made truly excellent hippies, if only they hadn’t been in fifth grade in the Summer of Love.* To them, “calling out the National Guard” will always and forever equal “Kent State.”

Their nightmare scenario is “Crispus Attucks vs. the Nuremberg Defense.” Given that most readers here are on life’s back nine, y’all might not recall that Crispus Attucks was one of the people killed in the 1770 Boston Massacre. He was Black, which makes “Crispus Attucks” the only name people under 40 know from the American Revolution, but whatever, I digress, the point is: if when the National Guard is forced to open fire, chances are good they’re going to hit a Negro. At which point the howling idiot SJW governor is going to try to throw the on-the-spot commander to the wolves… and the commander, natch, is going to pull the Nuremberg Defense: “I was just following your orders, Governor Moonbeam.”

[Let’s leave aside for the moment  the fact — irrelevant to us, but crucial to the governors — that the National Guard, being a modern American institution, is itself full of ferals, fugs, and other assorted freakazoids. The officer on the spot is likely to be some 5’2″, 200lb. lesbian cosplaying as a panzer comanderette. If in the course of burning down a record store one of the rioters scratches an Indigo Girls CD, she’ll probably call in an airstrike].

What they’re really hoping for, of course, is that the Bad Orange Fascist will roll in the tanks. Which impulse — credit where it’s due — he has so far manfully resisted, and seeing as how his poll numbers keep going up the longer this goes on…

Yeah. Thus cities will continue to burn until the citizenry, realizing that a State which can’t or won’t provide basic protection for its residents has broken the social contract, decides to look to its own defense. Interesting times ahead.



Jenny Durkan, Seattle’s idiot SJW mayor, was born in 1958. Wisconsin governor Tony Evers was born in 1951, Oregon gov. Kate Brown was born in 1960, Washington governor Jay Inslee was born in 1951… see what I mean?

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