Back in the USSR

For the sake of argument, let’s say that it’s possible for the USA to break up peacefully.

I’d like you to think about the mechanics of that for a second.  Not the legal, “Article V” (or whatever) stuff; I mean the nuts and bolts of things like infrastructure distribution.  Who gets the federal buildings, the arsenals, the nuclear weapons?  If we go with the ancient legal principle of “possession is 9/10ths of the law,” we’ve just made Wyoming a global superpower… and if we don’t, do you really think those now nuclear-armed hotheads in Cheyenne are going to give up their Minuteman IIIs without a fight?

[Forget peaceful collaboration.  If we liked or trusted each other enough to have a joint nuclear defense force, we wouldn’t be splitting up in the first place].

As always, we’d be wise to let history be our guide.  As it turns out, there’s precedent for a globe-spanning military-industrial superpower breaking up peacefully:  The USSR, in 1991.  That’s our best case scenario, y’all.  How’s that working out?

In reality, of course, the dissolution of the USA would be nothing like that of the USSR.  For one thing, for every low-rent “national liberation” movement like the PLO that was totally dependent on regular arms deliveries from the Eastern Bloc, we have entire nations dependent on us for their military security.  Israel, obviously, will get invaded from every side the minute the Article V convention sits down, at which point it will turn all its neighbors into self-lighting glass parking lots.  It didn’t matter that Poland, say, didn’t get any more Soviet tanks after 1991, because if Germany wanted to get the band back together in Warsaw, they’d have to rent their panzers from us.  Vladimir Putin, who actually has all the tanks that were supposed to get shipped to Poland, is under no such constraint.

And so on down the line.  The dollar is still the world’s reserve currency, no?  Remind me: What state is Ft. Knox in, and what part of the Neo-Neoconfederacy will they belong to?  How about the global information infrastructure?  Does Nuevo Nuevo Mexico (formerly Southern California) get that?  Or will the People’s Republic of the Pacific Northwest get Silicon Valley?

The US won’t break up, peacefully or otherwise, because it can’t.  That’s the end of the fucking world, and if we don’t see that now, wait until the situation really starts to heat up.

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4 thoughts on “Back in the USSR

  1. Jay Carter

    For me, the question of America’s future is a slam dunk.

    It’s demise will be the result of a “garden variety” race war. (Not nukes)

    Since 1994, 1,118 white Afrikaner farmers in South Africa have been murdered by the Marxist ANC.  (African National Congress)

    When they can no longer feed themselves, they will travel to the north where they will continue to wreak their path of death and destruction.

    After all folks, ya can’t blame em.

    Who the hell would wanna stay behind to do that stupid “farming thing”?

    That’s hard work. Looting’s easy.

    I’m suggesting you keep your eyes open.

    Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, and Colin Kaepernick are only the beginnings.

  2. WOPR

    As unlikely as it is, a peaceful breakup of the US would mean a denuclearized US. Because if it got to that point, it would not simply be an internal discussion. The West coast would have China backing them. Meanwhile, the EU would be supporting the enlightened New England bastion. Who knows, maybe the Russians support flyover country. No one is letting Aztlan have nukes. American Nubia is not getting them either. The result would be that no one would want one, multiple, or all sections with nukes. They would all decide to de-nuke the country and with the factional nature of the dissolved US, be able to enforce it.

    But no, the country can’t peacefully split. We’re too mixed up. It’s not like the preexisting ethnic republics that already existed under the Soviets.

  3. Rod1963

    I don’t see a break up per se but a violent and bloody restructuring. The problem the states are interlocked. The South West and CA cannot survive without massive water imports. IMS CA is a net energy consumer, not generator. So it means they import electricity and NG.

    In flyover country you have red rural and suburban counties and regions that surround massive blue hives. And so on.

    The restructuring will be a nightmare because of 60 years of social engineering have created a unsustainable and very fragile society that cannot be fixed if broken. Why? Simple answer is because of diversity and radicalization white liberals who now act like Mao’s Red army. This prevent rational political and economic reforms.

    So we’ll trundle on, until the system collapses because it’s time or that the establishment decides to go the last chapter in the Lefty playbook, which is violence, mass murder and forces a equally violent push back.

  4. Toddy Cat

    History is full of things that “can’t happen”, happening. You’ll see. Not only will the breakup of the US happen, it’s almost unstoppable.

    But don’t worry. It won’t be the End of the World, but it will be the end of the world as we know it.

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