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After a recent discussion I attempted to have on facebook about the second amendment, sensible gun laws, and culture after the Sandy Hook murders, the idea that it’s actually liberal, ahem, “thought” … that is awash in chest thumping looking for approving slaps on the back, with strawman arguments based on the idea that my side is indifferent to murders committed with guns, even to go so far as to say we think that “the tree of liberty must be frequently watered with the blood of kindergarteners”  — yeah, you hear that one everywhere you go, don’t you? to illustrate the people they’re not like looking for puffy chests and kudos (talk about setting a fictional bar insanely low and then claiming credit for being some sort of super compassionate deep thinker …..

I ran across this.

If you look at the “story”, it basically consists of a paragraph containing the “offending” quote about the feminization of our culture … and then showing a barrage of tweets decrying that it is “stupid” in varying bits of verbiage.

This is a story, I guess.  “Here’s a quote that challenges one of our leftist sacred cows, now everybody gets a chance to pile on and say it’s stupid so we know you’re a Goodperson™“. 

I went and read the original story, and it’s clear that by “feminzation” the female author of the peice was referring really to emasculation — of our culture.  It was a thoughtful peice. on the whole.  She has some good points.  If we expect less from our own culture, we’ll surely get less.  Self reliance and self defense are not the virtues they once were.  In fact, they’re derided as “jingoistic”.

But the story must be derided to death in the leftosphere, because it laments the emasculation of our culture and points out some of the downside — that being, we discourage taking matters into our own hands and suffer the mercy or lack thereof of evildoers until the authorities come — and suffer the body count.   This is considered not only acceptable, but proper.   And if you dare to suggest trying to stack the cards against the purputrators by enabling those present to more effectively defend themselves against these threats — it’s “stupid”.  No explanation as to what, exactly, is stupid about it.  It’s just reflexively self-evident.  Why, look at all the tweets that say the same thing!

I wasn’t shocked.  The story doing the deriding is on Salon, where I also saw headline teasers for stories such as “Time to Profile White Males” and something about Mike Huckabee saying gays caused the shooting  (which of course, he didn’t, but the unquestioned queens of rationalization can write a story and half-convincingly make it sound like that was even close to what he was saying).

And of course, what led me to all of this was a post citing the original Charlotte Allen piece for winning “The Olympics of Stupid”, pointing to the Salon article whose case seemed to be “I think it’s stupid.  And see, look at all the other people who tweeted that it was stupid” —  for other people on facebook to “like” and comment that they, too, thought it was “stupid”.

But “stupid” is not an argument, it’s a judgement (made by our non-judgemental crowd that Ishmael Effect that Severian brought up a couple of posts ago).  If you can’t explain what you think is stupid about it… you might be arguing like a fourth grader.

Actually a bit depressing this is about as deep as so many people who are chronologically adults seem to be willing to go.

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