Barrett Redux

There’s some pretty stiff competition at the top, I’ll grant you, but if I had to pick the Top Five Stupidest Things the Human Race Has Ever Done, I’d go with, in ascending order:

  • Proclaim “peace in our time.”
  • Hand Austria-Hungary a blank check for war
  • Invade Russia in the winter
  • Start a land war in Asia
  • Listen to Karl Marx.

That was prior to this week, though. When you consider that we’ve got our ongoing COVID response, a Presidential debate with Pedo Joe Biden, and now a Supreme Court nomination fight on the schedule, we might be edging into “Chamberlain at Munich” territory, idiocy-wise. It’s gonna be a wowzer.

I don’t really have much to say about the Supreme Court one way or the other. Like politicians, judges always “grow in office;” it’s not a question of if she’ll sell us out, it’s a question of when. Yeah yeah, the Constitution, but how does it make you feeeeel, Justice Barrett?

That said, if you find the spectacle of sheer bugfuck lunacy entertaining — and let’s all admit it; this is a safe space — you, like me, might need to see your doctor for an erection lasting more than four hours. Because y’all, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

As  hard as this is to believe, the Left haven’t fully deployed their storm troopers yet. When it comes to riots in places like Minneapolis, well… what did you expect? Joggers gotta Jog, and everybody knows it. America’s case of Chronic Negro Fatigue is terminal, and nobody expects them to even try to control themselves anymore. Same thing with the coddled college kids, addicts, and mental-institution escapees in “Antifa.” No one expects better of a “student” who’s still working on that Master’s Degree in Intersectional Poetry in his late 30s.

But the Basic College Girls have thus far been sidelined.

Yeah yeah, there are lots of double-X chromosomes out there with “Antifa,” but they’re exactly what you’d expect — 5’2″, 200lb., purple-haired, sleeve-tatted, multi-pierced fugs who make up their own pronouns. It’s no surprise why they’re incoherently angry. Thanks to their freakazoid appearance, they are, in themselves, the perfect refutation of whatever ideology they think they’re promoting.

But abortion though… that gets the Basic College Girl’s heart fluttering. And since Barrett is Catholic* and seems to mean it on that score, at least, the BCGs are going to start hitting the streets.

I guess you’ll just have to trust me on this. And believe me, I know — all the thousands of words I’ve written about the BCG make her sound like a typical apathetic, apolitical college kid. They’re out-and-proud trend-surfing herd animals, these BCGs, so why should they care about abortion? But they do, y’all, they do.

Think of it like an iPad. “Abortion” doesn’t make sense as a political issue, because BCGs don’t have politics, or issues. They do have lifestyle accessories, though, the latest and greatest ones. That’s how they compete with each other — the cutest shoes, the trendiest Starbucks drink, the #wokest attitude. Threatening to take away Muh Abortion! is, to them, like threatening to take away their iCrap Mini Pro 7.2, the one with the cute heart stickers and the unlimited data plan. It’s an identity thing, and they’re about to turn into screaming fucking banshees over it.

Which is great. If he tries really, really, really hard, your average CivNat BoomerCuck can still convince himself — see above — that the ongoing lunacy is solely the work of freaks, fugs, deviants, and ferals, the kind of people who just can’t help themselves. But he’s about to see his wife and sister and daughter go utterly fucking apeshit, all over a woman who looks like this:

We’re all grownups here; we’ve all been around the block a few times; we know how this is going to play — no matter what they say they’re freaking out about, any person with any social savvy whatsover is going to see nothing but MEAN GIRL SHIT, in bright blinking neon. The fact that she’s adopted a few dindus, and that’s now going to be bad somehow, is just icing on the cake. Barrett looks exactly like the kind of grasping, backstabbing overachiever who stole your boyfriend in college, that bitch… or the kind of grasping, backstabbing overachiever who dumped you in college for that guy who just got into med school.

It’s going to be an epic freakout, an estrogen-soaked battle royale. Lots of eyes are going to be opened this week. Grab lots of popcorn.



*Yeah yeah, I know, they should be cheering — after all, “Pope” Francis is Catholic, and that guy is the best friend the Poz ever had. Barrett comes to us from Notre Dame, a “Catholic” institution that didn’t just swallow the blue pill, they used it as a suppository. And trust me, gang, a pozzed “Catholic” institution makes the Politburo look like a Rotary Club meeting. Unless Barrett is actually the covenanted head of the female auxiliary of The Society of St. Pius X, she’ll crawfish on us the minute the robe is on.

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19 thoughts on “Barrett Redux

  1. Pickle Rick

    Trumpy Bear chose a tactical victory over a strategic one. Will it help him win votes from white suburban soccer moms, who are grown up Basic College Girls? Maybe he’s going for the Catholic vote, as watching Amy the Catholic being dragged over broken glass by the Dianne Feinstein types in a hearing might sway some Papists. But is it worth it? I’m not so sure Amymania is going to move the votes much, and as you said, we’ll be stuck with her so very obvious readiness to vote like Pope Francis in a black robe.

    I’m gonna put my money on there being a Pink Preston Brooks Moment during the circus. Since AOC is the closest the Democratic wimnenz have to a BCG, she’s likely to try to physically attack old Mitch or gay Lindsay.

    Speaking of circuses, just how are these idiots going to pack the hearings with their usual screeching monkeys in full pandemic panic?

    1. Publius

      Basically this.

      Trump wants the Kavanaugh hearings. Trump wants the Kavanaugh hearings, with a religious twist. He wants every shrieking BCG losing their absolute shit over this woman.

      This is going to get dragged out over the course of the election, and their endless shitty behavior is going to make our voters Madder.

      Meanwhile, BLM is about to find out how little they matter when the Holy Sacrament of Womb-Scraping is on the table. I haven’t heard a peep about St. Floyd since Notorious died. The enthusiasm gap among blacks starts fading.

      It’s like the guy intentionally poked the bull. After the rodeo clowns from the Bush dynasty, an actual matador is fun to watch.

      1. Severian Post author

        There it is. There’s no possible “strategic” victory here, since courts only matter in a nation of laws, and we haven’t been that since the 1990s (if not the 1960s).

        It’s World War I out there — you can’t win; you can only lose slower. That’s what Trump is going for. Like the Germans’ plan at Verdun, he’s trying to bleed the Left dry — making them hop from freakout to freakout, spending their energy in a million different places at once while showing the other members of the rainbow coalition how little they matter. This isn’t a play for the votes of Catholics and suburban soccer moms — it’s a play for the votes of Blacks, Hispanics, and the few remaining disaffected Soccer Dads who vaguely remember what it’s like to have functioning testicles. Watching the 101st Armored Shrew Brigade screech and wail that

        — adopting Black kids is racist
        — being Catholic is racist
        — being (relatively) young and cute and still married to the same guy is racist
        — actually having kids is racist, and, in short
        — anything other than actually aborting a baby on live tv is racist

        is worth a million votes in the ‘burbs. Like Publius says, the bruthas are already learning just how little the Left cares about them when Sacred Abortion is on the line. Also, get a load of Hubby: Decent looking, with a jawline that shows evidence of testosterone; uxorious (they met in college and married soon thereafter); a former federal prosecutor who put lots of dindus in jail for illegally possessing firearms. If her anti-abortion stance has riled up the nose-ringers, the fact that she actually managed to land a stud (relatively speaking) of a husband is going to have them kicking all 16 of their cats.

        Where’s Flounder when you need him? Oh boy, is this grrrrreat!

    2. Severian Post author

      The pandemic panic question will be fascinating. While I certainly wouldn’t rule out a Preston Brooks moment from the likes of AOC, this could also be the moment where the wheels finally come off the Left’s bus. They’ve already dropped the dindus — Whose Lives What now? — and COVID might well be next. It’s real hard to chant obscenities at legislators while wearing a mask and standing six feet away from your fellow activists. I expect Trump and McEnany to have a fucking field day with that.*

      I think I may have to revise my list — watching the nose-ringers prance around in pink pussy hats and surgical masks, waving coat hangers smeared with red food coloring, might well edge out “starting a land war in Asia” as the second-stupidest thing in the history of the human race.

      *Where the hell did he find her, and are there more of them? She and Ann Coulter have more balls than the entire establishment right put together.

  2. Southern Belle

    Congress could certainly use a good, old-fashioned cane-lashing in the manner of Preston Brooks! Sadly, we are left with Lindsey and Tim. I gaze upon them and shake my head. As for Barrett, I’d feel better about her if she wore a hooped skirt, pearls and gloves. But as you all say here, it will be interesting to watch what transpires this week. The various genders are gearing up (BBC). Let the cartoons begin!

  3. texinole

    They’ve never lived by their own Covid standards, why would they feel the need to pantomime that bullshit now?

    1. Severian Post author

      Granted, but that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about – Trump keeps giving them open shots at their own net, and they keep banging those own goals home. They don’t have to follow the rules, ’cause they’re *special.* And now it’s going to be all over the news, all day every day.

      1. Publius

        Kagan is in every way unremarkable. She’s not a Justice, she’s a bot that kicks left when the button is pressed. She’s Mayonnaise Sotomayor.

        At least Notorious had a Look.

        1. ryan

          I think you’re underrating Kagan. She’s very smart and writes good opinions. She’s like Scalia, she’s writing to influence future law students. Sotomayor, though, yeah, total mediocrity.

  4. WOPR

    I’m seeing rumblings that this is a white woman AA pick because she has only three years of experience. They’ll ignore Kagan of course. You can sense that BCG is about to find herself as reviled as hetero, Christian, white guy.

    You’re right. This is doesn’t matter because the court has been lawless for a long time. However, the rain of tears could be sweet.

      1. Severian Post author

        It’s beyond sad that I’d forgotten there’s a SC justice named Kagan. For me the only Kagan is Donald, the historian of Ancient Greece. I met him once at a function – charming man, seemed fairly clued in to the way the world works. How he survived in a shit pit like Yale is anyone’s guess.

  5. contrariandutchman

    Tactical wins do matter, you need at least a few to achieve strategic victory. And the higher your rate of tactical wins the sooner and cheaper strategic victory can be achieved.

    The Right cannot win through the courts the way the Left could since the Left will never let constitutional propriety get in the way of what they want. Still, limiting their ability to win through the courts is very useful as normie boomercon does care about constitutional propriety.

    And of course, the spectacle will simply be amusing, the Fall of the American Empire can at least have its amusing moments cant it?

    1. Severian Post author

      It’s hilarious. I always wondered what it must’ve felt like, watching the legions march away, knowing the barbarians were coming. I thought it must’ve been sad and scary. It is, but nobody told me how funny it is. Turns out the end of the world as we know it is a dumb frat comedy, like Porky’s

  6. ryan

    “Barrett looks exactly like the kind of grasping, backstabbing overachiever who stole your boyfriend in college, that bitch… or the kind of grasping, backstabbing overachiever who dumped you in college for that guy who just got into med school.”

    You ever see the movie Election Sev?

    Barrett has an incredible Tracy Flick vibe to her.

    1. Severian Post author

      No, but only because I don’t have to anymore — “Tracy Flick” has entered the cultural lexicon for people who follow politics. And yeah, I agree, that’s how she comes off. Which is why in retrospect I think this was a brilliant tactical move from Trump — the Left will claim all their hatred is just about abortion, but normal people will see their shrieking harridans and think “this is nothing but Mean Girl shit, raised to the level of a national freakout.”

      I’ve often said that if Trump really wants to be a dictator, he’ll institute an American version of the Bund Deutscher Mädel. He’d get every normal man’s vote, and 75% of the female vote, too. It’s hard to overestimate just how much women dislike the harpies who claim to represent them, and how badly so many of them long for a return to traditional-ish social arrangements. Nominating ACB is about the closest thing he can come to doing that right now — watching the shrews hyperventilating over a cute woman who seems to really enjoy being a wife and mother in the midst of her high-powered career is great, optically.

      1. ryan

        I think it was Steve Sailer who said that about 10 minutes into actual dictatorship Trump would get bored and let his enemies out of the soccer stadium so he’d have people to fight on twitter again.

        The Democrats should just say it’s not appropriate to appoint a new justice so close to an election, then get Collins, Murkowski, Rommey and one other turncoat to vote no along with them. “She seems like a nice lady and a good mom. If the country is so unfortunate to see Trump re-elected and she is re-nominated, I will give her a full hearing when deciding my vote.” Or is that too obvious?

      2. Pickle Rick

        Now that’s some tricksy business we need.
        Remember that wimnenz were only accorded the privilege of voting in post 1918 Germany. According to the statistics, it was middle class German soccer mom Karens who voted Cat Fancy, and proved a decisive element in the 1929-1933 legal, democratic strategy that elected Mustache Guy as Chancellor which still makes the eggheads and feminists uncomfortable.

        Kinder, Küche, Kirche in an American context would truly be revolutionary.

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