6 thoughts on “Barry’s Big Secret

  1. Pickle Rick

    Wouldn’t be surprised if his degenerate Communist mentors passed him around like mulatto candy. He certainly looks like a catcher, not a pitcher.

    1. Severian Post author

      We have indisputable visual evidence he’s not a pitcher — Google up that infamous video of him “throwing” the first pitch at the World Series. Not only is he flamingly gay, he might have a neurological disorder.

  2. Brit in London

    Bloody hell, just saw his pitch. Though to be fair Fauci’s was even worse. Trump pitches like a champ, as did Bush.

  3. DeaconBlues

    I knew Bama was gay by Justine Trudeau’s response to him. He often mimics the people he is focused on (not sure if he is conscious of this). And when Trudeau is around Bama, he as gayer than a Pride Parade. This leads the Canadian press to speculate about how they might be more than just bros. But that can’t be true: Justine is too feminine for Bama’s taste, and Justine is only gay for himself.

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