Blame the Eggheads, Part III

There’s another reason our “intellectuals” are the way they are, of course: They chose it.

Now we’re getting to the useful part.

Because its goals were impossible, The Revolution didn’t go as planned.  For every two self-deluded fools who thought the Soviet Union was a new civilization, there were five who knew exactly what the Communists were about.  Bomb-throwing anarchists had terrorized European cities for years before 1917, and Red atrocities during the Civil War were no secret.  It was obvious to anyone who cared to look, then, that horrors like the White Sea Canal were features, not bugs, of Communism.

If you’ve read your Festinger, you know what happened next.  The True Believers searched frantically for any “explanation” that wouldn’t invalidate their precious Marxism, and Antonio Gramsci gave it to them.  Though he didn’t coin the term “false consciousness” (Georgy Lukacs did), Gramsci weaponized it.  The reason the Bolsheviks are forced to do all that awful stuff — which we don’t admit they actually did! — is that The People lack the proper revolutionary consciousness.  They still believe in stuff like “God,” “free speech,” “not getting starved to death while the Party fatcats drive around in limos,” etc.

And where do they get this “false consciousness,” comrades?  Why, it’s the same place the Western proles get theirs, which is also why the Western proles haven’t joined The Revolution (yet!), in fulfillment of the scriptures.  Gramsci called the false consciousness installation process “hegemony.”  There are a zillion unread academic tomes covering all the nuances, but the basic idea is simple enough:  The ruling class controls the institutions; the institutions transmit culture; therefore, the culture takes ruling class values for granted.*

The solution, therefore, is as simple as the diagnosis: Capture the institutions, change the culture.

I trust y’all see where this is going.  The best conspiracy theories are the ones that are actually true, and this one is.  You want a grand conspiracy to destroy Western Civ?  Here it is, laid out as openly as Marxist prose can express it, in excruciating detail.  If anything, I’m being unfair to Antonio Gramsci.  He put it all together in true kommissar style, but these ideas were everywhere on the Left in the early 20th century.  In America, for instance, Progressives like John Dewey had been maneuvering to get control of elementary schools since the late 19th century.  Progressives just looooove putting their hands on children.  Have you noticed?

Every single insane, culture-destroying, gulag-enabling idea the Left has had in the last 200 years, starting with Karl Marx’s sub-Hegelian flatulence itself, can be traced directly back to some fucking egghead.  I’ll repeat that: DIRECTLY.  You can find their works, and quote them, because this stuff is in every syllabus of every Humanities class of every college in the Western world.  The prose is opaque as only PoMo prose can be, but the main ideas are easy enough to decipher….

…I wrote “ideas,” but there’s really only one “idea.”  Since The Revolution obviously ain’t gonna happen — it seems even Leftists can acknowledge one tiny aspect of reality, if you give ’em twelve decades and 100 million bodies — the Left’s entire program, top to bottom, stem to stern, is shit-flinging nihilism.  Hey hey, ho ho, Western Civ has got to go — not because it’s Western, but because it’s Civilization.

That’s the enemy, gentlemen.  If I were building some kind of movement-energizing mythology for Our Thing — and of course I am not; this is all hypothetical — the first thing I’d do is demonize the professors.  Consider that you’ve got a group

and you’ve got a crew that’s frankly begging for it.  They’d love being the devils in your pantheon, because it’d give their sad, squalid little lives some meaning.

Best of all, anyone can contribute to the Great Anti-Egghead Crusade.  If you’re a college student — hell, if you’re a high school student — you can find umpteen examples of anti-civilizational preaching in every single one of your textbooks.  Just copy them down and circulate them.  (If you want to be a briefly notorious shitlord, you can ambush them with it.  Since you know Professor So-and-So wrote something horrible about killing off class enemies, you can stroll into her office hours, cell phone camera at the ready, and ask her about it.  “Do you really believe, and I quote, ___”?).

If you’re long past your own college years — or you’re one of the smart ones who never went in the first place — pull your support.  Most college sports programs don’t make money, but they’re invaluable for marketing.  A 10% dip in viewership for the 2020 March Madness will bankrupt a bunch of schools by 2025.

Even if you’re one of the rare sensible ones who doesn’t watch sports, colleges are public institutions.  They’re funded by taxes, which are passed by politicians.  The education committee of  your state legislature isn’t one of the glamour posts.  They stick the dimbulb no-hopers there.  Someone who’s a dimbulb by politician standards is a mouth-breather indeed; they’re exquisitely susceptible to pressure.  Write them letters.  LOTS of letters.  Quote extensively from professors’ published works.

Most of all, just spread the word.  Get on the listservs with the quotes our student friends have put together.  Talk to your friends, the ones with kids or grandkids in the higher ed pipeline.  Are you really going to go a second mortgage in hock for this?

If you want to get really nasty, Alinsky that shit.  Find a target, freeze it, polarize it, personalize it.  Being half-educated halfwits, our professors don’t know who Admiral John Byng was, but they can certainly be made to grasp the concept of pour encourager les autres.  Again: These people publish these statements.  Under their own names.  What academic, I ask you, is going to complain when her never-read tome suddenly gets cited all over the place?  That’s how you get tenure in the first place!

If you want to get really, really nasty, of course, you should get out there with the Bernouts and Trustafarians and agitate for the cancellation of student loan debt.  Sure, sure, it’ll crash the economy so hard that the Great Depression will feel like a happy ending at an Oriental massage parlor, but that’s going to happen anyway.  At least the blue-haired nose-ringers will starve first.

And that’s just for starters!  Feel free to add your own.  Hypothetically, of course — this is all hypothetical.




*Thus setting up one of those flabby tautologies that give Leftists chubbies: The ruling class rules because it’s the ruling class.  Marxism, in all its flavors, is just the bloodiest iteration of The Worst Argument in the World.
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10 thoughts on “Blame the Eggheads, Part III

  1. Joseph Moore

    I’ve advocated for simply requiring all classes to be broadcast live and then archived, maybe at Youtube, so that any taxpayer can check out what any professor is saying in class.

    The Alansky approach is what’s called for, but then we run into that problem you mentioned: the blue-haired nose-ringers have NOTHING else to do, while we sane people have lives, jobs, families and stuff. Alinsky tactics take a certain amount of time, obsessiveness, and utter shamelessness, which they have in abundance and we usually don’t.

    1. Severian Post author

      Right, but that’s why you do it “Project Veritas” style. Go to office hours, start complaining about White Male Privilege, and no matter what she says, just keep upping the ante. THEN send it on to your state senator. Hypothetically, of course. Do we concerned citizens of the great state of X really want this being taught with our tax dollars?

      Hypothetically someone could do that, I mean. I deny, renounce, and reject it all.

    2. Pickle Rick

      And that’s why we need our version of Lenin’s vanguard, or Cat Fancy’s SA. Both groups became able to obsessively pursue the goals of the Movement precisely because either
      A- they were paid professional revolutionaries being financially supported by wealthy patrons, like Lenin and Trotsky
      B- they were rock bottom no hopers with nothing left to lose, or radicalized normies who were stripped of pride, stability and political, economic and cultural moorings, like the muzhiks of 1917 or the Germans after 1919.

      Lefty has armies of political shock troops, and we don’t and won’t get until we get the equivalent of Versailles, or in our own native idiom, a Boston punished as it was in 1774 or the John Brown Moment of another Harpers Ferry in 1859.

      Counterrevolution requires the revolution to overstep their limited understanding of where the breaking point is.

  2. MBlanc46

    Now we’re getting somewhere. The professoriat may be only the water carriers for the banksters, but they are the public face of Globohomo. If my basically conservative but mostly Dem-voting neighbors here in —————, Illinois, knew what perverse sewage was being poured down the throats of their impressionable offspring, I believe that many of them would rise up in anger. It is a “site” (to use one of their favorite terms) for starting to shed the light of day on them.

  3. Frip

    Severian: “I trust y’all see where this is going.” Nope. If you don’t put everything in terms of droids and jedi we’re lost.

    Kidding. Great piece.

    Question. Since at one time you spoke publically for a living, you can’t be that shy, and can probably speak pretty well. Have you thought about being one of the voices-of-the-right on web discussions? E.g. “Hangouts On Air”, or as a guest on some of the popular Dissident Right podcasts/YouTube channels. A lot of guys do it anonymously by only “showing up” as an avatar. Getting out there would help bring readers here.

    1. Severian Post author

      No, I haven’t. I have a face for radio, but not the voice. Plus I hate podcasts, and have never managed to listen to one all the way through. Finally, I don’t want to bring readers here. I’m amazed that there are even 14 of y’all.

      In any case, I don’t have the work ethic to be a big-league blogger — I got into academia because it’s the easiest job you can possibly do without being an outright welfare queen (which I’d also be ok with, except I lack the patience to get my hair and nails done that often). Plus, anyone with a readership larger than 14 people seems to get a messiah complex in very short order (the Z Man being one of the few noble exceptions). If I ever got accidentally internet-famous, I’d franchise my name out Tom Clancy-style — pay a small army of nobodies to churn out content on demand for my evil scheming paymasters (hear that, Soros? Or Koch. Either way, so long as the check clears).

      1. MBlanc46

        Ruminations on the subjectivities of the provincial peoples of the early Roman Empire aren’t likely to have wide appeal on the dissident Right. (Considerably more appeal on the dissident Right than on the Left, I should think, but limited nonetheless.) However, there is an insatiable appetite for content in cyberspace, and your content is a cut or two above the ordinary. I just found a selection from your previous post on another website (link below). It may be your duty to History to step up.

        1. Severian Post author

          Thanks for saying so, but that “insatiable appetite for content” is, itself, a big problem. It’s why anyone who gets more than 14 readers almost immediately starts building himself a cult of personality.

          The way I see it, a blog isn’t the blogger, it’s the ideas, and the ideas are shaped through dialogue. Links, and links to links of links, are worse than a hi-tech game of telephone. The dialogue isn’t happening here; it’s happening all over the place, and all of it revolves around what A had to say about B’s interpretation of C’s link to D…

          [I’m thinking of the last piece I got linked someplace else (that I know of). The point of the piece was that Lefty gets you by looking like a harmless dork, which causes you to drop your defenses, and then he brains you with a bike lock. To illustrate the concept, I had pictures of Pajamaboy and some Waffen-SS officer side by side, which made the related — and, to me, incandescently obvious — point that serious-looking people put serious people’s guard up. We all got it over here, but over there the conversation started with “OMG this guy thinks we should all dress up as Nazis!” and went downhill from there].

          In a decent education system — the kind we had as recently as 50 years ago — we could talk this stuff out in a community college seminar. Hell, in a moderately sane society, like we had as recently as 30 years ago, we likeminded folks could get each other’s addresses, start a newsletter, publish a magazine, meet up for coffee now and again to talk this stuff over. But now we’re just anonymous handles in cyberspace, tossing chum into the “insatiable appetite for content” and hoping that something interesting bites.

  4. Frip

    Man, you have a way of making things heavy and overly meaningful for yourself.

    Just saying, I hope someone like RamZPaul or Luke Ford calls you up sometime to join one of their casual YouTube conversations.

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