Bleg: New Zealand

Sis is balking at having to learn and work in another language. So I suggested New Zealand.

Any of the Fourteen Readers know anything?

My concerns are that the place is pozzed, or rapidly becoming so, as is any Anglo-majority nation. It’s also near enough to China that… well, you know.

On the other hand, it’s nowhere near anyplace important — even Australia is only “close” by South Pacific standards. If this were World War 2 it would have lots of strategic value, but WW3 might well bypass it entirely. Plus it’s, you know, as close to Anglo as anyplace is likely to get these days.

Your thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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21 thoughts on “Bleg: New Zealand

  1. Brit in London

    It’s a common place for the woke millionaire crowd to run away to and the politics reflects that (which will only increase). Some Maori-white man tension akin to native Americans in the US but otherwise a fairly homogenous society. Also stunning scenery.

    1. Severian Post author

      Thanks. I accept it as given that there’s no escaping the Poz; not until the US collapses under the weight of its own contradictions, anyway. All trajectories point down; 2020 will seem a golden age compared to 2040 worldwide.

      The question is, where is best for the next 10-15 years, to give the kids the best chance of living well (=”inside Western Civilization”) in that time, such that they’ll have the best chance to make it on their own in the crappy 2040s?

      What do you think?

  2. DeaconBlues

    I was there in 2003, so take with grain of salt. Nice place, great climate and terrain. Friendly inhabitants. Many Japanese and Chinese ex-pats already in Auckland, and I hear it’s more so today. North Island tended to be more urban and woke. South Island felt more conservative. Most cities are port cities, and look like it.

    Wellington and Dunedin (port and college town) were a bit rough, and useable land seemed at a premium. If you live in Wellington, the national capital, I think you end up living in the ‘burbs with a long commute. Auckland was very modern, but I also ran into many Asian and African “settlers” there as well. Christchurch was more conservative then, although the presence of a mosque makes me think things have changed. I too sense the place is becoming more pozzed, but I’m also concerned that it’s a false positive from our MSM ratcheting up the propaganda.

    People overall were friendly, spoke only English, and kind of ignorant about goings on in the rest of the world, in a way I envied. Lots of tourism at the time, as that was when the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings films were the rage. The country felt more family oriented and most of tourist and entertainment attractions were oriented towards parents with kids. The Maori I met were friendly as well, but they reminded me of warriors without a war. Also, I’ve noticed they are subject to a lot of the same SJW talk about blacks in the U.S., mimicked by Canadians about American Indians up here, which always leads to tensions here.

    The country seems to be self-sufficient in terms of food supply, so if the supply chain breaks down, there would be fuel and manufactured good shortages, but likely everyone would eat decently. Great wines from both islands as well.

    I have to say I’d consider New Zealand as a place to move, but I’m now a DINK and my son is 30, so I don’t have the same considerations as someone with a family. If I did move there, I’d aim for the South Island, probably in a smaller center, not Christchurch or Dunedin (big college town, so I assume its woke). But I’d have to go visit first, just to see what’s changed in 20 years.

    1. Severian Post author

      Thanks. Food sufficiency and off the beaten track are key.

      I don’t mind Asians. A mosque and especially Africans is terrifying, but here again, there’s really no escaping the fuckers; I’m aiming for greatest possible distance.

      Australia seems like a good candidate for annexation into the New Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, but NZ seems too small and insignificant to bother, except as a place to send People’s Navy officers on R&R.

  3. Clown World

    There are a lot of maoris in australia and I tend to like them in that they are rather earthy, including the women, but you don’t want to make them angry, including the women.

    Those billionaires who have bolt holes in the south island, I don’t think they’ve chosen it for the poz, but because they think it will be safe from … something. If you consider those people to be the “smart money” then it might be an idea to follow them.

    Never been there so can’t comment on the demographics and the daily level of poz but on this rather tongue in cheek post I wrote – – look at the bottom pictures of NZ cabinets, you’ll get an idea of what happened, and how quickly. (if you want to avoid it of course as you know you’ll have to go somewhere like the Falkland Islands, and hope Argentina doesn’t invade it again)

    One drawback of either country is most people live in cities, small towns tend to be, as the commenter above said, “rough” or just unappealing if you have a family, the larger ones probably have “good” areas though.

    Not sure I would differentiate australia and NZ too much, they are rather integrated, both in very deep military alliance with the US, part of the Five Eyes, etc, where one goes I suspect the other will too.

    If she wants to go to either country then START NOW, the process isn’t going to be easy or quick.

  4. Typoist

    As a New Zealander, DeaconBlues seems to have given a good summary. I would add Wellington and even more so Christchurch are very woke by now. Dunedin does have a lot of students. The North Island seems more messed up than the South, but that might be mainly because of the higher population. Many Maori are a dependent and welfare population. It always has struck me as odd these model themselves after the inner city blacks rather than the Native Americans, who could tell them a few things about that.

    New Zealand is very open to Chinese control. Some kiwis go to Australia (not Victoria, of course!) for economic liberty, and political liberty might not be too far down the road.

    If you’re seriously contemplating New Zealand, may I suggest subscribing to
    and asking around there for where to go. There are many good blokes and blokesses who know much more than I do.

    1. Severian Post author

      Much appreciated. Are you still in NZ, may I ask? And if not, why did you leave?

      (How utterly fucking cool is the internet? I’m taking practical advice from people all over the globe. If they do end up somewhere down under and I come to visit, we’ll have to set up the Rotten Chestnuts Oceania piss up….

      … On second thought, scratch that. In my youth I was a champion drinker by American standards, but I’ve been out with both Kiwis and Aussies and they put my dick in the dirt. I had no idea hangovers could last that long, and I’m an old fart now who hasn’t had a drink to speak of in years. Maybe RC tea time?

      Final question: how the hell did y’all find this place? Our subject matter is basically “stupid shit American Leftists do,” and I imagine the Google search results for that are thousands of pages long….)

      1. Typoist

        I found you on the rec list of another blog, and I found him on the rec list…But which one I started with I forget.

        I’m rather too old to start over, but I might retire to Australia, as a lot of kiwis do.

        Wishing you good luck with your search. With condolences for your loss, and may the next dog have a long and happy life.

        1. Severian Post author

          I know we’re on his “A List Fans” blogroll, which is pretty cool.

          That guy is a genius. I wonder how the hell he keeps churning it out day after day.

        2. BadThinker

          I saw your comments on Z’s blog too and clicked through. Still nowhere near finished reading the old posts here. Excellent Stuff.

      2. Rangifer

        Can’t remember, but it was about two years ago. Not from Z, tho’. Found yours & Epigone at the same time. I started reading 5-6 months before the Heartiste silencing. Having dealt with Higher Ed Clownworld for 25+, I recognize a fellow survivor.

  5. dave b

    What about some of the islands in the Anglosphere? Tasmania…Shetlands..the Channel Islands…I imagine that these would be too rural and dull for the wokesters. The availability of free range llama turds for the latest in brewed beverage consumption may be a tad low for that crowd. The weather is too rough for the colored chaps. I do believe people in those remote locations have to perform what some of us like to call work. Always a scary thing for the people you wish to avoid. Not many corporate headquarters so a paucity of Diversity Trainers and the like.

  6. Brit in London

    I found you through Tim Newman’s place

    @Dave B: not sure about the Channel Islands as having a lack of corporate hqs – lots of finance and law firms set up there.

  7. MBlanc46

    Good wine. Great if you’re into rugby, but not stellar in cricket. But becoming very pozzed. Check out their wacky feminist PM. Does not bode well for the future.

    1. Severian Post author

      Lots of people have said that, and I appreciate all your comments. I tried to address that in today’s post. Everywhere is becoming very pozzed. There is no escape from the poz; the world will, and must, burn before the poz is eradicated. Better for the human race in the long run that that happen soon; better for the existing humans I love above life itself that it doesn’t happen soon. I can only do what I can do for the benefit of actually existing people, not theoretical future people. If it’s even a decade behind America, poz-wise, it’s worth it.

  8. Codex

    I find a lot of places on the interwebs from running down some link rabbit-hole. but I stayed because you reccy’d The Last Psychiatrist.

  9. Paul In Ireland

    Hi Severian,

    Just wondering, have you considered Ireland?

    No? Good. Keep it that way. We’re fast becoming the most woke and pozzed “nation” in Europe. Rapidly undoing those bits of our constitution* that are embarrassing to our ruling and chattering classes (I will never call them ‘elites’) we’ve also done a pretty good job of erasing anything that remotely smells of Irish tradition.

    The church? Don’t even go there.

    A shame really. I can remember, just about, when it was a nice place to live and the pace of life was a notch or two below anywhere else. Entry into the EU (the EEC back then), collapse of the church and now the frantic embrace of progressive neoliberalism means that’s all gone, and is never coming back.

    So yeah, come for the few decent pubs we have left (that will hopefully reopen in 2021) but do not even think about moving here.

    That’s all.



    1. Severian Post author

      I visited Ireland sometime around the turn of the century. Had a great time, but even totally apolitical as I was then, I could tell the Poz train was picking up steam. Too bad – no monks holding civilization’s treasure safe this time around.

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