Blowing Off ACA Steam

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“… the government also regulates the airline industry. It tells airlines how many exits the planes must have, maximum weights the planes can carry, minimum traning for crew, minimum crew size, maximum pilot age, aisle widths, seatbelts, redundant systems, maintenance schedules, etc.

No, the closest to government owned and operated is something like the VA in which all aspects of health care are controlled by the government. The ACA is not that.”

After I cleaned the blood that shot out of my eyes onto my computer monitors, and recalling the call to verbal arms our friend Mr. Bill Whittle made yesterday ….

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I had to blow off a little steam.

The ACA is, in the words of its own designers, a gateway to single-payer, government run health care.

It was sold on promises that were too good to be real — because they were outright lies. It was extremely unpopular and is *more* unpopular now, not less as we again were assured it would become. The Democrats shoved it through as a part of the Obama Admin’s “Fundamental Transformation” (that’s Saul Alinsky for “Revolution” — no kiddin’, read his book). The only bipartisan element in the whole thing was the opposition. Everyone who voted for it was a Democrat. Not everyone who voted against it was a Republican. But it never really mattered. They weren’t after wide support, they were after getting it passed, which they did using a highly inappropriate parliamentary gimmick –espcially for such an unpopular, far-reaching gargantuan piece of lesgislation that none of them read — not least because it would have been impossible to read. It had (and still has) huge gaps of [insert regulations here] left open for future regulations written by unelected beaurocrats- again, they didn’t care. This is the basket they put all their eggs in. Put it in place and hold it there long enough for it to metastisize. Then it doesn’t matter who gets elected after that. That’s been the whole plan all along.

The ACA mandates insurance you don’t need and that contains provisions that may very well violate your conscience (first amendment protected, supposedly) and forces you to buy it or peanalize you. It is unprecedented in its audacity of scope, and its contrarian nature with respect to the ideals that made America the place every frustrated world citizen with an ounce of ambition wants to come.

It WILL Medicaid-ize the entire health care industry. It will eventually determine how much will be paid for what, eliminating any remaining market forces that drive costs down and throttling new innovations. In turn, medical lobbyists will put constant pressure on Congress to add more benefits to cover their products and services and at guaranteed prices for the lobbyists’ clients.

Cost up. Quality down. Another lever of power for lobbyists to leverage. Giant pools of money to attract corrupt politicians toward. Outside of it’s unconstitutionality, it’s also just a bad idea all around.

The only hope of saving America from spiralling down into the depths of Marxism is for this thing to go down fast, without us, and good riddance to it.

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