Bonus Reader Poll / Discussion Thread [UPDATED]

[UPDATE to Option 3, below]

I know my posting has been sporadic lately, so to make it up to you, a twofer:

How do you think they’ll hide Sundown Joe in the “debates”?

I’m proceeding on the assumption that the Dems are actually going to try to “participate,” somehow, since their scheduled riots depend on at least going through the motions of an election…

…. or do they? That, in turn, presupposes at least intermittent rationality among their “leadership,” and I’m not sure that’s an assumption we can make anymore. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, then, that these lunatics go full Masada — just declare the whole process illegitimate, refuse to participate, and get the fun started much earlier than November 3. Knowing, as they must, that they’re gonna get clobbered, they might figure that any “election” at all hands Trump some kind of mandate, so why not pull the trigger now?

So that’s option 1: Full retard. They’ve already laid some of the groundwork for this by having their clickbait sites — no, the other ones, like Salon and Cracked whatnot, not the New York Times — push editorials about how dumb, useless, and divisive presidential debates are. Yahoo News even asserted that debates are just another opportunity for Trump to lie on a big stage, and therefore illegitimate. They might pull the pin on the whole enchilada.

Option 2 would be to basically boycott the debates, arguing instead that the national tv time slots that should’ve held the debates should air back-to-back long-form campaign commercials or something. If I were a Democratic Party campaign strategist — and I work cheap, comrades, call me! — I think this is the one I’d advise. Make up whatever Gook Flu bullshit you want for why you can’t have two guys standing 12 feet apart in an empty room, and push for mini-movies. Trump would be stupid to agree to this, but he might if they flatter his ego enough. The parade of celebrity bobbleheads endorsing Biden — which is all a Biden campaign commercial should ever be — would do him a lot of good, and Trump a lot of damage, because the average American voter has the calm, cool rationality of a concussed, horny chimpanzee.

The only problem with this scenario — and it’s a doozy — is that it gives Trump almost unlimited freedom of action, which is something you never want to grant your enemy. Trump has made it clear that he don’t fear no Kung Flu, and is gonna hold rallies regardless. Joe, meanwhile, will have to remain in his undisclosed basement, for fear of the virus. Which is also good for the Dems, as it keeps his mouth shut, but it’s very very far from good overall.

Option 3 would be some kind of “virtual” debate. If I had to guess, this is what they’ll probably push for, since they’ll know the questions in advance (of fucking course they will) and can surreptitiously record Joe “answering” them in his few brief daily moments of lucidity. Then they can play these back in “real time.”

There are two big problems with this, though, both humdingers. One is that, to be even halfway believable, they’ll have to script some plausible “replies” to Trump’s jabs, and as we all know, Liberals are piss poor at getting into conservatives’ headspace (malignant narcissism does that, I suppose). Given the way Liberals think Conservatives think, Biden’s “replies” are going to sound like he’s “debating” Thomas Dixon Jr.

Which feeds into the second, much larger problem: The very real possibility of a Milli Vanilli incident. You want the very same dipshits who couldn’t plausibly rig the Iowa caucuses, and were caught cloning “participants” for Kamala Harris’s livestream at the DNC convention, working some kind of realtime streaming video fake? Where they have to find, on the fly, clips of Strangely Lucid Joe plausibly “replying” to something Trump said? Blame it on the rain, boys… might as well.

[UPDATE: Just as I was putting the finishing touches on this, I saw this on Ace of Spades. Knowing that Trump will hold rallies and Biden won’t — which is a yuuuuge advantage for Trump — the Media/DNC decided to effectively make campaigning illegal. Which is a nice bit of dirty pool… except for the suggestion that Trump should hold his Nevada rally at Area 51, which is federal land. Can you imagine? Done right, the “Area 51 Rally” would immediately enter into political lore as one of the all-time great photo ops. Trump in front of blacked out hangars, simultaneously praising American R&D and the US military while trashing an obvious partisan stunt? That could be an election-winner all by itself. Please do this, Mr. President. Please. Shove it right up their asses… on second thought, don’t do that, they really enjoy that kind of thing, but you know what I mean. Go for the kill!!]

Which leaves option 4: doing whatever it takes, medically speaking, to put Joe up on that stage somehow. If I were Trump, I’d not only demand a drug test, I’d check his fucking fingerprints. Assuming it’s the real Joe up there, though, and even assuming they jack him on enough Stuka Pills to get him halfway lucid, the fun’s just starting, because then they, the High Priests of the Branch Covidians, face almost as daunting a challenge: To mask, or not to mask?

Joe up there on stage mumbling into a mask would be a bigger fiasco than Mike Dukakis’s tank ride. On the other hand, not wearing a mask lets Trump hammer him all night for flip-flopping on the Great Plague, the one that’s going to kill us all, the one on which they’re pushing all their chips in a whole passel of campaign ads. It’ll be brutal either way, but they can’t avoid picking one if they do trundle his old perv ass out there.

So, gang: Which one do you think they’ll choose? Or is there something else? Discuss!

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34 thoughts on “Bonus Reader Poll / Discussion Thread [UPDATED]

  1. Severian Post author

    I’ll start by tossing out Option 5: declare Joe medically unfit, elevating Harris to the top of the ticket (and let’s go whole hog and say they stick Moochelle Obama in as VP, though of course nobody knows the legalities of all this… as if the Democrats can’t just do whatever they want, but I digress).

    The problem there, though, is that even the Democrats rejected Harris back in the primaries. Even their race- baiting lunatics couldn’t stand her. She’s her own best campaign ad… for Trump. Still, it might come to that. Joe might actually croak here soon…

    1. Southern Belle

      They each have their appeal, but let’s look at Option 5. Since Harris has an edge to her that may repel some voters, the Dems might see her as too risky (unless they are trying to lose this election). I don’t know about the legal aspects, but if they could keep her at the No. 2 spot and pick another candidate, they might go with a comeback like…the harridan from hell perhaps (she who should have rightfully won)?? Moochelle may be too content playing golf at her all-black country club to accept a nomination (let’s hope).

      Personally, I do think they will go for the virtual ‘debate’ option.

    2. MBlanc46

      That would be the political equivalent of just knocking all the pieces off the chess board and declaring yourself the winner. Very risky. And two angry black women on the ticket? Well, okay, one angry black woman and one angry mystery meat woman. I’m not sure that even the Dems are ready for that. At least not this year. 2032 maybe? After the Repubs have imploded. But perhaps by 2032, the Subcontinentals, the Mexicans, and the Jews have decided that blacks are too dang much trouble and can be dispensed with.

  2. Frip

    Little known secret about how Severian got fired from teaching. Prog student was asking a question in class. Egged on by his classmates he got heated to the point of standing and shouting. After the ruckus died down, Professor Sev calmy responded with, “First of all…never go full retard.” Class erupts. Campus erupts. Those where the last words spoken by Severian as a professor. Most people think the line is from Morton Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder. But it was original to Severian as reported in The Raleigh Tribune’s story on the incident.

  3. WOPR

    My guess in order of likelihood:
    #3 – They are already trying this with Slow Joe reading teleprompter answers. Add in the press will feed his staff the question ahead of time. Serious questions like “Which pudding cup flavor is your favorite?”

    #1 – Retards gotta retard. How hard is it to imagine them canceling the election, trotting out ever DOJ/IC deep stater solemnly swearing that Trump is a Russian agent, and the press with the techarchs parroting the line?

    #5 – They have no one who can beat Trump but this would be their best shot.

    #4 – I have to believe they have tried this and we’ve seen the results.

    #3 – The American public is a lot of things, but they do require the candidates to be able to stand there and debate.

  4. james wilson

    The Dims have left themselves in a grim position. In ’16 all Repub contenders were judged unfit, so we happily hired Trumps middle finger. The Dim contenders made Repubs look like statemen, with no middle finger to substitute for them. But now, how do you prepare for dementia? I think they have several scenarrios depending on Joe’s state in that week. Nothing’s off the table.

    It’s really quite silly though. All they have to do is accept Trump for another four years, and by the way they measure things the Trump era has been very good for them.

    To borrow from loosely from Tocqueville….. the revolution broke out when, half-way down the staircase, they threw themselves out of the window, in order to get sooner to the bottom. Such, in fact, is the common course of events…….

    1. Severian Post author

      That’s the problem with a Manichaean worldview, though — you can’t just accept it when the other side wins a round, because the other side is EVIL and there can be no possible compromise with evil. Every win for the enemy is an existential crisis.

      But honestly, as I’ve written before, I thought the few semi-sorta-quasi-adults left in the Democratic Party, being intermittently capable of something approaching rationality, were doing exactly what you suggest this year. Barring a major handicap, on the level of “Ross Perot’s third party bid” or “being Jimmy Carter,” it’s pretty much impossible to dislodge an incumbent president. Obama in 2012 being the paradigm case. We can debate how much Mittens really wanted to win, but the fact remains that by all the standard measures of political science he should’ve won — increasingly radical incumbent in a shitty economy who reneged on all his campaign promises and generated no enthusiasm… he was basically GHW Bush part 2, and he won handily.

      Rigging the primaries for Biden — and I don’t know how anyone can dispute, at this late date, that they really did rig them — was the Party’s way of acknowledging that reality. Wish I’d saved the post about “protecting the brand,” because that’s what these types of candidacies are designed to do. You want to be able to blame your party’s loss on your drip of a candidate, not his platform, and certainly not your ideology. Hence Mondale in ’84, Dole in ’96 — they get their names a few footnotes higher in the history books, their rookie campaign staff gets some valuable experience, and you go back to the drawing board for the next round.

      That being the case, letting Bernie lose to Trump would’ve been disastrous — the GOP would be pointing out the American public’s “rejection of socialism at the polls” until the sun’s a cinder (they are the Stupid Party, no doubt, but no one’s that stupid as to pass up such a terrific freebie). Ditto Warren. She was my bet for “last clown standing when the circus finally folded up the tents,” but in retrospect that was dumb – the Dems simply couldn’t afford to have Persyns of Gendertude lose twice in a row, especially not to a real knuckle-dragging alpha chimp like Trump (jeez, I’m bad at this… please keep this in mind when you read my posts). Hence, Biden. All he had to do was remain semi-coherent enough to lose with dignity….

      …alas, they miscalculated, both on Biden’s mental health and the rabid insanity of their base, and now they’re really screwed. American politics, 2016-present, has really been about the Left’s internal civil war. Nancy and the rest of the Flower Power gang are desperately trying to avoid riding off into the sunset, while The Squad are gunning for the top seat. And since the Left’s kids are even dumber and less disciplined than typical children — holy Christ that’s a terrifying thought — the knives are out. As the Z Man pointed out today, this is probably the best explanation for the ongoing riots — the Old New Left is hoping the New New Left’s gooniest goons get themselves arrested, shot, or set on fire by their own molotovs (ah how that video warms my heart)….

      … all of which means that the Old New Left has to go all-in on pretending to run a real campaign with a “die with dignity” placeholder candidate. It’s one hell of a bind they’ve stuck themselves in.

  5. Pickle Rick

    I’m putting my money on this scenario. Ol Joe gets the Gook Flu and thus cannot debate the Bad Orange Man, because he’s quarantined, plus he gets to heroically fight the Chinese Death Virus from the basement while blaming the Bad Orange Man.

    Either that or Variation Two-his wife gets the virus, and Joe has to heroically quarantine himself to minister to his wife, who heroically fights the virus that the Bad Orange Man gave her.

    1. Severian Post author

      The only problem is, as in 2016, you have to try very, very, very hard not to at least be kinda sorta aware that the Dems’ candidate is in poor health. I doubt even Joe Biden is dementia-addled enough to start a campaign rally with James Brown’s “I Feel Good” — Jesus, I was fucking there and I still can’t believe that happened — but refusing to debate because he’s got Kung Flu would drive home to the public just how old and feeble he truly is. Then all Trump has to do is point out that he, too, was exposed to Gook Flu, put himself on hydroxychloroquine, and was perfectly fine. I just don’t see Biden’s people going that route….

      …. but then again, they’ve got to do something. I agree with WOPR, above — politics is mostly a circus, and has been for a long time, but even at this late date the circus still has to have all three rings. I just don’t see how they get out of some kind of “debate,” short of cancelling the entire election.

  6. ryan

    I’m less optimistic than most. I think they do all three in person debates sans audiences and Biden is druged up well enough to look only mildly demented. I think it will still e good for Trump in the end because he will clearly seem more together. But I don’t think it will be the disaster for Biden that some are dreaming of.

    1. Severian Post author

      So…. Stuka Pills, then.

      They actually did this right before his “surprise” win in South Carolina, if I recall correctly. I didn’t watch it — I’d rather endure a session with the Viet Cong’s most sadistic fingernail-pullers than watch a Democratic primary debate — but I’m told he looked and sounded semi-coherent, which was a vast improvement over his complete befuddlement in the earlier ones.

      But… have you seen Joe Biden lately? Having seen dementia from close range, I can tell you that it can really ramp up very quickly — today they’re just a little loopy; three weeks later and they can’t remember your name (but can tell you exactly what they had for breakfast on March 24, 1952). Admittedly the clips I’ve seen of him are cherrypicked to make him look bad… but holy moly, they make him look like morgue meat.

      We’ll see, I suppose. Like I said, if I were capable of feeling anything but burning hatred for Democrats, I’d feel sorry for Biden’s people. I think the very best possible outcome of a debate — Joe on his very best night, Stuka-pilled to high heaven, with Trump off his game — comes out a wash. The worst case scenario is an actual seizure and death right there on the stage, and the likelier outcomes are much closer to that than to a draw. So… they’re in a tough spot. Should be amusing.

      1. Pickle Rick

        I think what they are terrified of is Donnie making Joe fly off the handle on live TV. Joe was notoriously thin skinned anyway, and dementia exacerbates this, and overstimulation plus the drugs might cause Strokey Joe to lose his shit right there on stage, or fuckin die, which might be what they want. Then they could howl that the Bad Orange Man literally killed Joe Biden…

        1. Severian Post author

          That would probably be their best-case scenario, actually….
          …and here’s where I’m supposed to say “Of course, I hope it doesn’t happen,” but you know what? Fuck all that. Joe Biden is letting himself be used as a puppet by the kind of people who would cheerfully load me and mine into a boxcar, so fuck that, and fuck him, too. Roast in hell, motherfucker.

  7. Frip

    #3. The virtual debate, with Biden reciting pre-fed lines, is hardly “most likely”. The Left wants to win at any cost. But they’d still be hurt by looking ridiculous. And they know it. As much as D-Righters want to ignore, dismiss and scoff at it…Fox News is a national presence. Our ONLY real presence. Anything stupid like faked Biden responses would be exposed and ridiculed to no end. We aren’t China or N. Korea just yet. Some pretent can pass. but Prog still has to be somewhat believable about it.

    The most likely scenario., is I think Sev’s #4. They pump Joe full of coffee and uppers and hope for the best. Holy shit, when my dad takes his pills and a few cups of coffee, he’s 28 again. At least for 2 hours. Then nap time for 10 hours.

    Knowing they’re going to rig the election anyway. Prog will just have to bite the bullit and put him on. Joe will suck, but he maybe won’t suck too bad for too long.

    The most likely choice is one Severian didn’t offer. Prog rendering debate moot, Oswald style.

    Seriously. If the D-Right has anything to it besides words, how is the bike chain professor still walking around? For the Left, why are Tucker and Trump still breathing? Putin? Netanyahu? Soros. Bill Gates. Colbert. Sharon Osborne. Chateau?

    All these spipers from our youth myths and the movies. Where are they?

    Security is seriously top notch scientific shit. It’s a wonder anyone is still alive.

    1. MBlanc46

      Frip: As you say, they’re going to rig the election anyway, so why take any risks with debates? If they can’t talk Trump into some sort of dueling videos—which I hope that Jared would have the good sense to reject out of hand—their best best is to simply do nothing.

    2. Codex

      Yes. I was already expecting a staged crisis actor event, but getting a clean shot at Mr. Biden? For starters: do How much would Ms Jill Biden would cooperate, if at all. She clearly accepts some level of elder abuse, no doubt because she knows Mr. Biden agreed to it when he still could. But getting shot, badly wounded, and dying alone in a Wuhan Gurgling Death-infested hospital? That’d be a stretch.

      Think of all the moving parts required to get a plausible Adolf al-Klan within range of Mr. Biden, either in his basement or at a debate.

      My vote is #3 during a massive purge on all mass media channels, including off-brand (vimeo) as well as converged (YouTube) e-media. Only the edited version will remain once the virtual knives come out.

  8. contrariandutchman

    Option 1 I’d say. Nearly the entire media establishment will provide air cover and that should ensure that in their own bubble at least dems see nothing amiss with it Declare debates a victory for white supremacy and all the dems will be cheering ech other on their brilliant victor over the patriarchy by refusing to debate.

    Stuff an entire stukageschwaders monthly pill ration into Joe? So many ways that can go horribly wrong (for them, many of these outcomes would be very amusing for us). And does it even stand a chance of working now that Joe cant recall his name or the year he is living in even if he just read it seconds before on the teleprompter?

    1. Severian Post author

      To be fair to the Democrats, they do have a lot of experience propping up a walking corpse as their nominee…

      Honestly, even though I live here and have seen moonbats at close range for a long time, I still can’t wrap my head around this: How is this man still on the ticket? I can understand why no one suggested removing Hillary after her seizure in 2016 — she’d have you killed. But Joe? Even the 30% of the public that will vote for him no matter what know there’s something seriously wrong with him. Whatever shred of credibility they had left with anyone other than their cultists is rapidly being destroyed by their insistence on peddling this farce.

      Leaving aside all my biases as much as I can (I’m pretending this is a hypothetical battle of the Blue and Green Parties in the Byzantine forum (i.e. something I know nothing about)): If I were the Party’s adviser, I’d have to pull the plug. I realize zillions of dollars have already been spent on ads featuring Joe specifically. Promises have been made to important people. Just by virtue of his position as the official nominee, Joe personally has a lot of juice with a lot of people. So it’s tough. But it has to be done. Promote Harris to the top of the ticket, get a photogenic moderate on as her VP, and let them take their beating.

      Finally, out of curiosity: How is the European media covering this? Is it as obvious to you as it is to us that Biden is a dementia patient?

      1. contrariandutchman

        Euro media are all firmly to the far left of AOC, so all the coverage is how amazeballs Joe is amid lots of screeching about orangemanbad. Not the slightest mention Joe might not be all there.

        Victory celebrations for when Joe wins all 51 states have already begun, will be fun when Trump notionally wins (notionally, since its already been announced that there will be months of “recounts”).

        1. Severian Post author

          I assumed as much, but nice to have it confirmed.

          They’re still stuck in the 1990s, aren’t they? This is the internet age. Anyone who cares to — and a lot of people who don’t — are seeing all kinds of clips of a rapidly decompensating Biden. Hell, FDR’s handicap was an open secret in the 1940s, when the Media controlled everything (and policed their lunatics with a vigor inconceivable today).

          But the Gatekeepers still think they’re gatekeeping. It’d be funny if it weren’t so terrifying.

          1. contrariandutchman

            Anybody who wants to know can use his interwebtube to find out whats going on. Few do, here in the outer satrapies few care what goes on in the distant imperial capital.

      2. MBlanc46

        My take is that they were sure that one of their 22 or how many it was aspirants would be able to see Bernie off. When no one seemed to be stepping up, they panicked and picked the least offensive aspirant left and defenestrated the rest. Now they’re stuck with him. The time to dump him, if they were going to do it, was at their so-called convention. Doing it now—even today—would be incredibly risky. They made their choice. Now they have to live with it. I suspect that’s the way that they see it as well.

        1. WOPR

          It was a lot like Trump in ’16 where the party thought one of their best and brightest would easily handle the upstart. Honestly, I believe Bernie was just running for another payoff. That being said, I’m surprised they picked Biden. I figured after Hillary’s loss, they would have figured out they need a POC to get their base to show up. Instead they go with the old, white guy. Why not go with Booker and a female VP candidate? Sure they probably still lose. But, blacks are going to vote for Booker because black. As Sev and ZMan have pointed out, it looks more like an internal power struggle as the POC coalition gets blocked one more time by the Boomer left.

          1. Severian Post author

            That’s the other thing driving my “they’re trying to lose with dignity” analysis. Much like Walter Mondale in ’84, and to a lesser-but-still-significant degree Mike Dukakis in ’88, Biden ’20 was supposed to be a placeholder until the young guns could be groomed to take over.* (Republicans also did “lose with dignity” in ’96, with Bob Dole; funny as it seems now, W. Bush was one of the GOP’s young guns back then, and they were grooming goofs like Ben Sasse and of course !Yeb! to take over in the 2010s).

            But now the young guns are trying to jump their place in line, hence the riots.

            *I think the Dems were actually trying to contest 1988, but halfheartedly – as opposed to 1984, which everyone knew from jump street was going to be a blowout, it wasn’t clear that “Reagan’s Third Term” was a game winning strategy. The other alternative was that they really considered Mike Dukakis one of their young guns… which, funny as it sounds now, they might have. I was too young (and definitely too apolitical) to pay much attention to the show in 1988… although I of course remember the tank ride. Jesus that was funny….

            The only point where my “lose with dignity” theory breaks down somewhat was 1992. Given how hard it is to turf out an incumbent, the Dems should’ve run another placeholder instead of a young gun (which Bill Clinton most definitely was back then). But Bush looked extremely beatable that year — just look at his cratering support after the Gulf War — and Ross Perot seemed serious about his 3rd party run, which would basically split the Republican ticket, so they decided to roll the dice. Good move for them, as it turned out, though whichever of our descendants survive Dark Age 2.0 will curse us if they know how to read….

          2. WOPR

            I was old enough to follow the 1988 race a bit. Had to watch one of the debates for a class in logic. It made you realize no one said anything. Anyways, Dukakis was considered, by the Dems, a youngish, good presidential candidate. He even received praise in a Reader’s Digest article. Two things killed him. The tank picture and Willie Horton. The 70’s were still fresh enough that paroling guys to kill again was political suicide.

      3. Recusant

        I would second Contrarian Dutchman.

        The Euro press gets all its views and ‘facts’ from the NYT and leftie journalists. It’s a given that Joe is going to win in a landslide and that saying anything good about Donnie from Queens is disreputable.

        My are they in for a shock. But then they should be used to that, after they have called every other election and referendum wrongly.

        Happy days……

  9. MBlanc46

    Option 1. No debates. Because (a) Wuflu, and (b) Trump is not a legitimate president and debating him legitimizes him. Or maybe it’s the other way round. Either way, no debates. Joe Biden unscripted is a potential catastrophe, so we won’t see him unscripted. This is perhaps a slight plus for Trump, but only a slight one. It might portend the end of the silly presidential debates as they’ve existed since when (Carter/Ford?). I know that there were the famous Nixon-Kennedy debates, but then there was a hiatus until the current format was adopted, wasn’t there? I could look it up but I really don’t care. In any case, they’re not real debates between the candidates, but simply forums (even I’ve given up on “fora”) for Dem “journalists” to lob softballs to the Dem and lacerate the Repub. Good riddance to them.

  10. Wuhan Luke

    Option 7: Joey Fingers is a ringer! After the “leak” that Biden was having one on the side with a much younger well respected woman diplomat, he bursts onto the debate stage, all buff from the gym equipment in his basement, to fact & figure Trump into oblivion. The crowd roars!

  11. Frip

    Sev: “How is this man still on the ticket?…Promote Harris to the top of the ticket, get a photogenic moderate on as her VP, and let them take their beating.”

    I fully agree. That makes the most sense if I’m the Dems. Why aren’t they doing this? I suppose the main reason is in their private mock debates Joe maintains just a click above dissatrously embarrassing. If he appears seriously senile they’re going to have to promote Harris. Recently even my dad, who’s a Biden guy, is noticing something is wrong with Biden. And dad doesn’t notice much anymore. To be honest I expect headlines any day now to read “Biden Steps Down”. On a human level I hope he does. He’s a fake and a betrayer of whites. But I’m not into seeing anyone suffer.

  12. Publius

    I have a history of being wrong when I predict things, so I’m just gonna hope that it’s #1, because I hate Presidential Debates as I hate Hell, All Montagues, and Thee. Kill it now and let it never come back. If Trump did nothing else for us, ending Televised Presidential Debates would be a gift to the Republic.

    And then if we can end State of the Union Addresses, I can die content.

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