Caesar’s Legions

Lots of people in Our Thing — me included — think we’re headed for some serious political violence in the not-too-distant future.  But since people in Our Thing read history, I have to ask: Why aren’t we terrified by this?  There seem to be some obvious things we’re ignoring.  For example:

How’s the Army doing these days?

Most of the regular army, I suppose, is policing the empire overseas.  Which makes the issue doubly important, because that means the National Guard will be the first responders, and will determine how the crackdown goes.  What’s up with them?

I honestly don’t know, but my impression is…. not good.  I remember getting contacted by a Guard recruiter when I was in graduate school — which should tell you something right there, as graduate students are not, by definition, paragons of physical, mental, and emotional fitness.  And as much as I’d like to believe that a 40 year old accountant can put down the pen and pick up the sword at no cost to his military efficiency, I know that the American citizen-soldier myth is just that: A myth.  The idea that half-trained citizens can whup legions of professionals has cost more American lives than smallpox, influenza, and the Designated Hitter rule combined.  For proof, see “every American war ever,” starting with King Phillip’s War (1675, and proportionally as devastating to Plymouth Bay as WW1 was to Germany) and on through our current adventures.

Moreover, as I understand it — and I could well be wrong, please correct me if so — our armed forces have an “up-or-out” promotion policy.  That is, you can get passed over for the next highest rank only once; miss it again, and you’re out.  Which means two things, both horrifying:

  1. The guys in command positions in the Guard are lifers, way better at desk-jockeying than fighting; and
  2. The company grade officers who will be making actual decisions in the field are…. gulp…. Millennials.

Which, on the one hand, means you can probably buy off the new SS (Soy Sissies) with venti half-caff frappucinos… but on the other hand, they’re still Millennials with guns.  Talk about trigger warnings!!! (thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week, try the veal and don’t forget to tip your server).

And all that’s before you consider the Army’s #WokeAsFuck gender policy.  Lots of platoon leaderettes and company commanderettes out there on the front lines, rounding up badthinkers under the new Commissar Order…. Millennial commanderettes.  Jesus, was On the Beach supposed to be a documentary?

And that’s leaving aside all the… let’s call them “Adjacent-Americans”… currently in our armed forces.  In other words, are we sure these guys will obey orders?  Or not obey orders, depending?

The American military has long prided itself on being apolitical… but so did Turkey’s, and Recep Erdogan thanks you for your custom.  If I were really serious about this Civil War II: Hillary’s Revenge! stuff, I’d start taking a long hard look at the officer corps, particularly frustrated junior staff officers — captains, majors, and lieutenant-colonels staring one-and-done in the face.  How’s the propaga…err, indoctrin…. errr, team building going at West Point these days?  Who’s the American equivalent of the old Soviet divisional Political Officer, and what’s he up to?  If I knew any of these guys, I might “accidentally” send them a link to American Renaissance or something… you know, just to see how it goes.

I still think (as I wrote somewhere) it’ll happen in Europe before it happens here — the whatever-you-call-the-Wehrmacht-these-days being ordered to open fire on a crowd of their fellow countrymen, on behalf of Muslim “refugees.”  How’s their officer corps looking, political-reliability-wise?  There probably aren’t enough soldiers in the Wehrmacht Lite to take over Dusseldorf, much less the whole country, but it only took a few tanks around the Kremlin to settle Yeltsin’s hash.  I’d bet on it there before here, but… we should be looking anyway.

You know, if we’re worried about that kind of thing.

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10 thoughts on “Caesar’s Legions

  1. P_Ang

    We’re not terrified because from first appearances Obama is not in charge anymore. Most people have forgotten the purges though, with the determining point being the response to the question “Would you fire (happily) without question into (conservative/Republican) American citizens.”

    My biggest issue with the whole political violence issue is that usually the enemy strikes, hurts the innocents, the cops show up blazing away at the citizen responders who are there trying to restore order, and then the media spins it as “brave communists murde…er stop evil Nazzee ‘publicans!”

    Really, the only way it’s going to work out well is if the propaganda machine carrying water for the entire entrenched enemy is eliminated in one blow. That means at the very least a complete reworking of the US media. This in and of itself is absolutely impossible, and that’s not counting that it’s not a guaranteed fix, because you still have the entrenched enemy Academia, Hollywood, and Television, all spewing propaganda.

  2. Tiomóid M. of Angle

    Scott Adams points out that there will not be any serious civil violence because one side (the Right, however defined) has the vast majority of the guns.

    I don’t think it’ll even get to the National Guard level. Certainly the Guard in the Red States are right-leaning, as are most of the non-urban politicians in charge. I doubt that it will be a problem. Riots and destruction in urban behavioral sinks may provide us in the suburbs and exurbs with an opportunity to pass the popcorn, but I don’t expect it to touch on my life at any point.

  3. Nate Winchester

    Having some friends and family in the military now as well as seeing some things online, I think there may be a large sense of frustration in the military. If the shite does hit the flan, it could be just as likely half the soldiers abandon the military in frustration (perhaps taking some gear along with them…) as actually fight against civilians.

    Then there’s also the fact that the next line of defense – police – well which side has been the one condemning and hating on them?

    I guess the question is whether this will be 1860 2.0, or 1960 2.0 (ok, I know I’m off on the dates a little but the point still stands).

  4. WOPR

    If the violence gets going, no one knows what will happen. I cringe at the “we have more guns” crowd. When the established power is seriously threatened, all of the rules usually go out the window. Your little town acting up, well we’re shipping you all to Alaska for “safety reasons” while shipping in a bunch of minorities to live in your town. So, the happy go-lucky, we’ll shut off the supplies to the cities is probably wishful thinking. Nothing would motivate a bunch of POC’s more than trying to starve them out. Gov’t will give them minimal training and use them as paramilitary units.

    The full time army could go either way. Their competence is declining though so that helps a little. National Guard people have to go home to the local area. But hey, they fired at Kent State so who knows. The cops will most likely look the other way. Everyone knows where they live.

    Civil War 2 will be massacre, brutality, confusion, unpredictable, and costly.

  5. Anonymous White Male

    This doesn’t pertain to the National Guard, but the Raconteur Report has a post entitled “Obozofication of Army To Be Officially Cornholed.” And reading the various sites that have pointed out how female officers were the primary culprits in some of the Navy’s recent highjacks makes one think that they’ve begun to turn the aircraft carrier around. It may take another few years but it could be a start.

  6. Jimmy

    I can tell you why I’m not worried: a failure of imagination. Sure, bullets, torture, anarchy, food shortages are all terrible. But they are nothing but abstractions my whole life.

    No one in the west has seen anything resembling civil war before and we are all fat and complacent: even us.

    A central theme of the left is fat complacency and we’ve all been raised in the lefts world. I wish I could honestly say I was completely immune but looking around I’m certainly less fat and complacent than the average bear in my hometown.

    Historically speaking this doesn’t mean much though: I am incapable of giving my thoughts on civil war there proper emotional due. I think the same is true for many dissident thinkers.

    That’s not even to mention how stupidly THRILLING it is to imagine such a thing. If I’m being honest, the dissident right and this spiritual war we are in is emotionally satisfying. An intensification is subconsciously perceived by me as still more satisfying.

    1. Severian Post author

      Good points. I feel something similar — excitement and impatience. It’s gonna happen anyway, I think, so let’s just get it over with….

      And then I remember my history. It’s going to be horrible, and twice as vicious — as we’ve never experienced anything close to hard times, we’ll be willing to use tactical nukes if the enemy disrupts our wifi or stops the frappucino machine.

      1. Jimmy

        No doubt. I understand the stupidity of this emotional state but part of this shebang is accepting the reality of natural instincts so…may as well own up to my own human smallness.

        If the progs were just honest about their human pettiness and ridiculousness -if they were capable of ironic takes on their own station in life-we wouldn’t be in this situatuon.

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