Can SJWs be Fixed?

I’m inclined to think not, though there may be room for hope.

The evidence that yes, SJWs can be fixed: Russia, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and especially Poland.  These people were subject to the full horrors of both Communism and Russification, and look at them now — if I’m forced to leave the US (which, given the way things are going, is shading to “probable”), Warsaw and Budapest are among my top destinations.  When the Soviet Union fell, these places seemed doomed to Third Worldery forever.

Further evidence: The former East Germany.  Yes, Germany as a whole is cucked, but 30 years after reunification one of the Iron Curtain’s stalwarts is a productive part of an economic superpower.  30/70 nurture/nature, remember?  They may have been fucked-up-by-Marxism Germans, but they were still Germans.  The majority of SJWs are fucked-up-by-Cultural-Marxism white Americans… but they’re still white Americans.  I hope.

The evidence against: Since many of the Eight Regular Readers are sci-fi fans, let me quote Dune: “When a creature has developed into one thing, he will choose death rather than change into his opposite.”  That’s hyperbole — and feel free to unleash your nerd rage when I declare that Frank Herbert had a clunky prose style — but a man will certainly endure a hell of a lot of easily avoidable suffering rather than change something fundamental about his identity.

For a mostly benign example, look at what it took for the NFL to start losing fans.  For as long as I’ve followed football — several decades now — I, like everyone else, have been griping about it.  “These rotten overpaid so-and-so’s, why, you can’t even come within two yards of Tom Brady without getting flagged.  Joe Namath once played through three concussions and a broken leg….”  And yet, it took Roger Goodell all but personally pissing in fans’ corn flakes to finally get them to cut the cord.  And “football fan” is a very minor part of most identities….

The bigger the stakes, the more it takes.  For SJWs, “being an SJW” is the most important thing in their lives.  It might be the only thing, really, when you come right down to it.  Everyone knows that “a Liberal ____” is a Liberal first and a Christian, sci-fi fan, gamer, whatever a very distant second, and if the fatwa comes down from Soros et al, they’ll change their deepest so-called convictions in a hot second.  Look at how many times e.g. Jesus has changed His mind on some pretty fundamental stuff.  If they can flipflop on that in order to stay Liberal in their own minds, what won’t they crawfish on?

Short of actual peine forte et dure, there’s only one method I can think of that might fix SJWs: Appeal to vanity.  The actual content of the SJW catechism is, as we all know, subject to change without warning.  The only thing gluing it all together is the certainty that they are Better Than You for “believing” what they do. Make that the appeal.

I’ve had some deep personal experience with this.  Going from belief to atheism is easy, and monstrously flattering to one’s ego.  Everyone, everywhere, has been lying to you all these years!  All those authority figures you always suspected were wrong about everything actually are wrong, about the biggest, most important thing in the Universe.  And you saw right through them.  Going the other way, though… that entails admitting you yourself were wrong wrong wrong — and all those idiots you spent all that effort mocking were right — about the most important thing in the Universe.  Talk about humiliating!

We need to pitch our appeal to Reality as “seeing through the lies.”  That part shouldn’t be so hard — after all, everyone in authority now is an SJW.  The hard part will be Reality’s logical consequence: That you, you mouth-breathing redneck fundie, have been right about everything all along.  But SJWs are nothing if not masters of crimestop, and “failing to perceive logical entailment” is one of the main techniques of crimestop.  Get ’em all pumped up about how smart they are for seeing through the lies their professors have been feeding them, and with any luck they’ll skip right over the part where they agree with Donald Trump.

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12 thoughts on “Can SJWs be Fixed?

    1. Severian

      I thought of that while I was writing it… but given the Left’s obsession with abortion, they’re pretty much taking care of fixing themselves.

  1. guest

    There’s no fixing perfection and enlightenment!
    There’s no fixing delusions of grandeur…

    As they truly believe they are above it all, that they shed partisanship, ideology or mere subjectivity like the Homo sapiens shed it’s tail. As far they are concerned, modern science affirms all progressive premises. And when the mother-ship doesn’t arrive on time, the answer is always to wait some more, to double down.

  2. nightfly

    These poor fools are completely convinced that they, personally, are the pinnacle, that when the Perfect Order descends upon humanity, they’ll finally, FINALLY, be in charge and be able to pay back reality itself for telling them they’re nothing special.

    1. Severian

      That’s the thing, though — do they really think that? Just to stick with a theme, I’m about 70/30 on the question. I mostly think yes, they really do believe this… but at the same time I’m more than a little dubious.

      Your rank-and-file SJW (that is, one who isn’t a professional) is, quite frankly, a dork. And as we know from 80s comedies, there comes a moment in every dork’s life where his bubble is burst and his utter, irredeemable dorkiness is rubbed in his face in front of the whole school. Then the denouement: We learn that dorkiness can be cool, too. The dork doesn’t STOP being a dork; he just finds acceptance within the cool kid ecosystem.

      30% of me thinks it could work this way. They’ll never stop being freaks, but they juuuuust might stop being losers… under proper guidance, with a lot of goodwill thrown in, after a montage with a bouncy New Wave soundtrack.

      70% of me thinks this kind of thing only works in the movies — there’s no Revenge of the Nerds, because in real life, the Nerds get beaten to a pulp until they finally invent a killer app, then go Zuckerberg and try to burn down the whole world.

      1. nightfly

        Well, in your “burn down the world” scenario, there’s a large element of revenge fantasy, and that would certainly land squarely within the 70% portion of the Venn diagram. Certainly the idea of all Leftism being an elaborate revenge fantasy is not unknown… possibly one of the main ways it gains traction, since there it is cooperating with nature rather than outright denying it. They want to turn the momentum in the end to their preferred targets, but to build the momentum is simplicity itself: you are powerful, misunderstood, and you must make your own way in this world. It’s essentially the basis of the entire Marvel comics world as developed by Kirby and Lee, except there it was channeled into being heroic, not despotic.

        1. Severian

          That’s what I was getting at. As (I think) P_Ang said once over at Morgan’s place, Liberalism is the lifelong attempt to make high school turn out right…. but (this is me talking) if they can’t get it to turn out right, they’ll settle for revenge against the entire human race.

          This tracks pretty well with my (fairly extensive) experience of academia, for what that’s worth — the high school outcasts who go into professing very often, and very obviously, take sadistic delight in failing athletes, frat bros, and cheerleader types, while getting off on making the rest of the class parrot their nonsense. Not every high school loser goes on to be a professor (or a techie), of course, but pretty much every professor I know was a high school loser.

          Make of that what you will.

          1. P_Ang

            Wasn’t me, but I’ll gladly take credit! (Usually my stuff is life experiences, peppered with a semi-conservative Dave Berry-ish comedic sarcasm. All sound and fury signifying nothing.)
            Glad you got some responses finally, loved the article. Personally, I hate it when I work hard at writing something and don’t hear a peep, even if it is forum fluff.

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  4. Severian


    credit’s yours until the real author shows up (Captain Midnight? Gary?).

    Thanks for the kudos, but I wouldn’t say I work hard at anything I write — witness the typos, clunky phrasing, and all-too-frequent incoherence. 🙂 The only thing I really bust my chops on is finding Slave Leia pix. Speaking of… gotta get more of those.

  5. Al from da Nort

    Serious point on topic: Back when the earth was cooling and Hari Krishnas roamed the airports of the world, there was a brisk little business in de-programming cult members who wanted out or were extracted by their parents. Don’t know how well it worked, but if a person were serious about fixing SJW’s, reviewing their methods would seem to have merit.

    First thing was to remove the Lost Boomer from the cult’s physical milieu. That would mean *no internet* just for starters. Then the cult’s attachment had to be countered by substituting/restoring a more healthy attachment. Hard to do without a religious conversion, IIRC.

    The sad difference now is finding parents who care and aren’t half crazy themselves.

    1. Severian

      That’s just the trick, isn’t it? I tried having a Facebook page for a seminar I was teaching once. Got about half the class to sign up. I saw some of their, umm, “extracurriculars” and thought “my god, if only your parents knew!”….

      …. and then saw their parents in the comments, LOL and you go girl! Explains pretty much everything.

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