The last few years have been extremely enlightening, professionally. Obviously there are some big historical events that come out of left field, “acts of God” that no one could’ve anticipated. The Black Plague, for instance. But for every one of those, there are five big events where you wonder, “how the hell did they not see that coming?”

What I’ve learned is something we all knew, but now I’ve had it confirmed, validated, signed sealed delivered, I’m yours — they knew. Of course they knew. They just didn’t do anything about it, the fools.

That’s the Cassandra Complex in action, my friends. If you click the link, you’ll see the original “Cassandra Complex” was a bunch of 2nd Wave Feminist hoo-hah, because of course it was (Cassandra was a chick from mythological times; ergo, she was oppressed by some man and should’ve burned her bra at the top of Mt. Olympus). Also climate change, of course.

But there’s some utility in it for all that. It’ll always be a buyer’s market for unpleasant truths, and the easiest way to dodge those unpleasant truths is to point out all the times Cassandra got it wrong. Z Man does his annual “predictions in review” thing. He’s about the only bigfoot blogger I’ve heard of who does that, and it’s easy to see why — he’s a pretty prescient guy, but he won’t be challenging for any batting titles with his hit rate. I myself am no doubt well below the Mendoza Line, and you see what I mean? It’s easy to get even the big events wrong; anything with any degree of specificity, though correct in spirit, is pretty much guaranteed to be wrong in actual fact.

For instance, in 1900, Cassandra was predicting a general European war. She predicted it after each Moroccan Crisis, and after the First and Second Balkan Wars, Hell, she was predicting it all the way back in 1898, at Fashoda, and she even muttered a bit about it from her fainting couch after the 1882 Anglo-Egyptian War. That’s a lot of strikeouts, and because of that, when the war finally did break out in 1914 and Cassandra started yelling “I told you so!”, it was easy to dismiss this as a retcon. Throw enough darts at the wall and you’ll hit a bullseye eventually, even if you’re drunk and blindfolded. That’s just math, Cassie.

When the first few dominos start to fall, though, the picture clarifies considerably. Nobody remembers what Cassandra said about it, because they’re all busy making predictions themselves, and astounding themselves with how oracular they are. Will France and Germany go to war? Don’t be silly! But gosh, now that they have, Nostradamus steps up to the plate and nails it — there will be some battles in northeast France as the German armies drive towards Paris, and there will be battles in East Prussia as the Russians drive on Berlin. Maybe the Magic 8 Ball doesn’t show you the exact words “Mons” and “Tannenberg,” or the precise dates, but no bookie is going to give you so much as even money on “there will be a battle somewhere in northeast France.”

And then the second interesting Cassandra effect kicks in: the people who didn’t see it coming now start blaming Cassandra for not warning them sooner. The same pissant Frenchmen who mocked Cassandra all the way back in 1882, and every year since, are now — when they’re within earshot of the guns — screeching about how of course there’s going to be a battle at Mons, everyone can see that, why did you not warn me, you bitch?!? (If you find this unbelievable, because this statement contradicts itself, then let me be the first to welcome you to Earth, spaceman).

What Cassandra should’ve done, of course, was: Marry Blaise Pascal. Pascal’s Wager is the only truly logical argument for religious belief, and while it’s hard to believe Pascal was ever serious about this — the irony of Blaise Pascal, of all people, trying to reason anyone into faith via some newfangled mathematics, could withstand the heaviest artillery barrage — the fact is, it works… if by “works” you mean “produces the desired external behavior.” If you act as if you’re a believer, you lose very little if you’re wrong, and gain everything if you’re right. If you don’t act that way, though, you don’t gain much if you’re right, and lose infinitely if you’re wrong. If Paris is worth a mass, as some other Frog said, then a hedge against infinite, eternal pain is worth a mass, non?

So here’s what Cassandra should say, in light of the present turmoil:

Our rulers have just given We, the People, the Finger. Even if we’re not willing to grant that they actually, actively, literally hate us, no one can deny that they hold us in complete contempt. As everyone and their dog has pointed out by now, if they cared one iota about what We, the People, think about the recent election shenanigans — if, that is, they acknowledged the fact that even 30-40% of Democrats think there were some serious hijinks afoot — they’d make the bare minimum effort to “investigate.”

Yes, of course, they’d pull the typical “we have investigated ourselves, and find that we did nothing wrong”… but at least it would be something. But they can’t even be arsed to do that. Instead, they’re all but putting it on billboards: “We kicked out the poll watchers, boarded up the windows, wiped the machines, and shredded all the paper ballots. Deal with it. Because fuck you, that’s why.”

There has never, in all of recorded human history, been a situation where the Rulers giving the Ruled the Finger worked out well for the Ruled, and while there’s a first time for everything — cf. the blind drunk throwing darts at the wall, above — it’s not the way I’d bet.

So, Cassie’s advice: Move as far out of the city as you possibly can. Out of the country if possible. Out to the country if not — a little homestead far from everyone — but if you can’t do that, at least find yourself a small town and hunker down there. What do you have to lose? Thanks to the Covidiocy, we know that telecommuting is here to stay. If you’ll even have a job in six months — and that’s a big fucking IF, comrades — it’s a thousand to one that you can do it just as easily from a shack in Toad Lick County, population 402, than you could from a downtown office park.

Now, admittedly you won’t have all the great things that city life has to offer… you know, all those bars, restaurants, museums, etc. that you can’t go to anyway, again because of the Covidiocy. We already have ample evidence that the only such places allowed to remain open will be the ones you can’t afford to go to, because they cater exclusively to the Gavin Newsoms and Gretchen Whitmers and Nancy Pelosis of the world. So you’re sitting in your room, doing your McJobby-Job on the Internet, getting your food delivered like everyone else. What, exactly, is the argument for doing this in some urban center? That it’s more sporting to give Shitavious and he homies the convenience of taking the bus to the “peaceful protest,” instead of making him pay the Uber driver an extra passenger fee to haul the molotovs?

Get gone, gang. Hie thee hence, as far hence as thou canst hie. Or, you know, don’t, but either way, I’m done playing Cassandra with my friends and family. If you remember your Bullfinch’s, you know what happened to the Original Mama Cass — murdered by the usurper and her lover. So if I suddenly stop posting in toto, blame “Doctor” Jill Biden. But I’m definitely done with this topic.

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7 thoughts on “Cassandra

  1. Deuce

    I feel your pain Sev but you still have the few of us out here in the ether that appreciate your views.
    Keep venting and realize that you are putting a smile on a couple of dozen faces at least.
    You are a realist and a valuable spark for constructive thought. I value your analogies very much.

    Thanks again,

    1. Severian Post author

      Thanks for saying so. I don’t mean I’m going to stop posting here. I just mean I’m done with friends and family who refuse to see the writing on the wall. Memorize the phrase “I told you so,” so you don’t have to prompt me to say it to your faces.

  2. Southern Belle

    I have spent the holiday dealing with friends who are Democrat and think the country is now saved. Generally, I let them have their rant and I say nothing to keep the peace. It has been such a burden carrying that around. So, my resolution for this year was to let it rip if they brought it up again. I did this with each one of them in the new year message. I argue very intelligently and if they don’t like me for my views, I have not lost anyone important. I feel so much better for doing it.

    I’m sure we all feel the same that here at RC we have a safe place to share views, even some of my Southern wacky ones! Thank you for providing it.

  3. urbando

    I recall finding some website once which had a nuclear blast effect map for a major city I lived on the outskirts of. The map had a circle with the center at ground zero and the circumference showing the extent of total destruction, partial destruction, radiation in spades, etc. I shook my head at the time – too close to The City.

    The other day a poster at Zman’s predicted vibrant violence this year if one resides within a 30 minute drive of Diversity Blvd. So, another circle on a map. I may currently be just outside that arc, but not by much.

    1. Severian Post author

      You don’t need Nostradamus for that one. Last summer showed us the Zeroth Amendment: no Black shall be arrested if he doesn’t feel like it. They’ve got a real taste for rioting now. The upside: now that the Left have dispensed with the sham of elections, they don’t need the Black vote. The irony of President Harris curb stomping feral negroes is going to be hilarious.

  4. mrpknuckle

    Warning received, heard, internalized, agree warning this time is actionable as dissolution all around is obvious, as plain as nose on face in mirror.

    Thank you.

    Speaking only for self, need to get to it.

    (Please, keep writing and publishing, Good Professor.)

  5. MBlanc46

    I’ve always considered myself a city guy, and, although I’ve lived most of my life in the suburbs, I’ve always been in shouting distance of a city. Perhaps it’s simply because I’m old now, but I’m yearning for peace and quiet and no traffic. Maybe the younger guys still want to be where the action is, but they’d be wise to heed your warning. Our enemies are in complete control now, and they’re coming for us. There are rough seas ahead, and trying to find a secluded inlet would be a sensible move. It will be worse for white guys, but even Southern Belle might well be in their sights.

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