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Just popping head in with what I know is a rare occurrence anymore … just a thought I’ve had and have worked and re-worked how to best express it.  It’s not like I haven’t said this before, but I just came up with this while commenting out in social networking land, and I wanted to jot it down for future reference.  File it under “know thine enemy”.  Ah, “Know Your Leftist”.  Already there.  That’ll do.

I like to ask people if they can tell me why racism is wrong in one sentence before I will engage them on it. *I* know why, but I want to know if *they* know why and can articulate it. Six words. All it takes. Once we’ve established that we’re talking about the same thing, then we can proceed.

This is because it *is* deeply wrong, and therefore the charge is a serious one. And one should not cast serious charges about idly.

What these post-modern progressives are attempting (and have been wildly successful) to do is take a word with a strong, well-earned emotional connotation and attach it to new, usually unspoken definitions of that word and thus use the power of the original definition to protect their agenda wrapped in their alternate definition.

Language is a device developed to communicate ideas between people. Like any other tool, it can be abused. If we’re not talking about the same thing when we use a word, then at least one of us is not using language for its basic purpose.

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