Wait, Is This Rhetorical?

Ace of Spades this morning:

And so the question is how does President Trump, along with the citizenry of the nation, working legally within the constraints of the law fight an entrenched political enemy that will use its power and break laws (and increasingly bust heads) to essentially overthrow the government?

Is that a trick question?

The answer, obviously, is: You don’t.  Trump has two choices: Organize some headbusters himself, or have his entire administration doomed to irrelevance.

Still think it can’t happen here?

Work Sets You Free

Hey, did you know Milo Yiannapoulos is a Nazi?  No, really:

Milo Yiannapoulos is a gay Jew who can’t seem to go more than five minutes without mentioning that he loves sucking black cock. He has openly and repeatedly disavowed white nationalism, especially the “14/88” crowd.

If that’s not a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, my friends, then I don’t know who is.

Alt-realists who have read their Orwell know that Lefties are duckspeakers.  Duckspeak, in case you’ve forgotten, is the thoughtless recitation of rote phrases in place of real communication.  It’s what we call “virtue-signalling” — whether it’s praise of Big Brother, proclaiming the science settled, calling a gay Jew a Nazi, or whatever, the speaker’s just trying to keep the Thought Police off his back.  It is, in fact, anti-communication, and it’s designed to be — Newspeak, which is just systematized Political Correctness, prevents forbidden thoughts by removing the vocabulary to express them.

You can see a good example of it here.  Observe the troll collective “Zachriel” freak out as Morgan, Phil, and I try to hash out a Left/Right distinction that doesn’t involve who sat where in the Estates General back in the 18th century.  Admittedly they’re an extreme example of an extremely weird breed, but when you skim it you’ll quickly see that they cling to the old’n’busted “definitions” because that allows them to assign all virtues to the Left, and all vices to the Right.

See also here, re: The Great Magic Party Switch of 1964 (scroll up if you need more context) — again, I’m only picking on these particular weirdos because they illustrate the point so clearly.  The Democrats can’t have been the party of Jim Crow, because that would make them racists, and that doesn’t compute.  No no, it’s the Republicans who were, are, and always shall be the racists… and so you get the fascinating contention that the guys who freed the slaves, seated a bunch of freedmen in Congress, passed all the civil rights legislation in American history (including the sainted Civil Rights Act of 1964), all over the strenuous (and, from 1861-65, armed) resistance of the Democrats…. these guys were the real racists.  Because Right-wingers.

Duckspeak.  You can’t possibly maintain that the Democrats were the liberals in the Gilded Age, just as you can’t possibly maintain that a gay Jew is a Nazi.  The only meaning those statements could ever convey is: “I’m a goodthinker; please don’t throw me in Room 101 and strap rats to my face.”

Which works.  The Left have become so programmed by Newspeak, their cognitive capacities so pared down by their tiny, arcane vocabulary, that you can’t argue with them.  Back them into all the semantic, historical, and logical corners you want; they’ll never stop quacking, because they can’t.  They’re New Soviet Men.  Their brains have been rewired (literally rewired, to use one of their favorite quacky modifiers).

So how do we fix their wiring?

I suggest work.  An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, in a job where words have to mean what they mean in order to get the job done.  Morgan talks about this all the time re: coding — a successful software engineer, or any kind of engineer for that matter, needs to build things that work, so their definitions have to be clear, precise, and universally applicable.  You can’t virtue-signal with math, because 2+2 will still equal 4 even if Hitler says it, and will never equal 5 even if Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior all swear to it.

Work has worked wonders with the liberals I knew in college.  Admittedly this was quite a while ago — the PC pathology is far more advanced now — but simple practice at communicating in apolitical terms really helped them.  Throw in typical adult responsibilities like car payments, mortgages, kids, and the like, and there’s a limit to how liberal one can be… sure, sure, they’ll still mouth social justice platitudes from time to time, but that’s more nostalgia for the good ol’ college days than anything else.  They know how to bend to reality, because feminism won’t fix your car and you can’t fob off a deadline with a pious sermon about intersectionality.

If that means shutting down all the Starbucks and making “unpaid internships” a felony, well, so be it.  But it’s the only humane way.


The people who say that Hitler is Antichrist, or alternatively, the Holy Ghost, are nearer an understanding of the truth than the intellectuals who for ten dreadful years have kept it up that he is merely a figure out of comic opera, not worth taking seriously. All that this idea really reflects is the sheltered conditions of English life…Only in the English-speaking countries was it fashionable to believe, right up to the outbreak of war, that Hitler was an unimportant lunatic and the German tanks made of cardboard. …A lifelong habit of thought stands between [them] and an understanding of Hitler’s power.*

Clows can be very, very dangerous.  Both sides need to learn that.  Fast.

For the Professional Left, the GOPe, and the Cuckoisie — assuming there’s a meaningful difference — Donald Trump is Hitler.  He is.  Literally Hitler, and in this one case I’m literally serious.  Here’s a free pro tip, from someone who passed high school history back when schools actually taught history: The obnoxious blowhard clown you think you’re using is actually using you, much better and far, far more ruthlessly.

The Soros-ites think Trump is a gravy train, keeping the money flowing into their various causes.  The GOPe think that the Uniparty’s big money donors will reward them with power and influence if they obstruct Trump’s agenda.  The Cucks think they can play their usual game of “advance the Left’s agenda, but politely,” and reap the usual rewards.  The idiot apparatchiks in #The Resistance think they’ll be first in line for a promotion when things return to normal.

That’s not going to happen.  Trump’s been doing the Lucy-with-the-football routine since the primaries, far earlier than most of us — myself most definitely included — could see it.  Remember all those Dems crossing over in the open primaries to vote for Trump?  Remember those few weeks when every Lefty pundit in existence was gleefully on the Trump train, begging Republicans to vote for him?  How’d that work out, geniuses?  To anyone who’s been paying attention, it’s pretty clear that Trump loves giving people enough rope to hang themselves… and like Lenin said, he’ll even sell them the rope.**  He’s already talking about defuding Berkeley, and at this rate Soros will find himself deported into the loving arms of Viktor Orban.  Smarten up, comrades.

And now a word of warning to the Right.  Like you, I’m tempted to dismiss the “Black Bloc” and the rest of the sandalistas as a bunch of trust-fund Trotskies who can’t handle any resistance stiffer than a mild breeze.  Remember, I’ve spent most of my working life in and around a college town.  I see these bozos all day every day — the clodhopper shoes and pudding-bowl haircuts (the women); the ratty little beards and the loafers with socks (the men); the smug smirk of a bad little boy who just cut a silent but violent fart in church (both).  The men top out at 150 lbs, the women at twice that, and tattoos and face jewelry are much, much higher than hygiene on the priority list.  These are the people who thought Pajamaboy was an effective PR stunt, because that’s the life they want to live.


Yes, they are complete and utter pussies, even when they’re not dressed like them.

But it doesn’t matter.  They don’t have to be brave, or even successful, to be effective.  Remember the Weather Underground?  How about COINTELPRO?  You really ought to read up on the Sixties, my alt-realist friends.***  Long story short, the few radicals of whatever persuasion who managed to do anything violent in the Sixties quickly got themselves infiltrated by the FBI.  There’s a reason you don’t hear about Klan rallies anymore, despite the plague of white-hooded lab equipment on our nation’s college campuses.  That was then, with Sixties-level technology, and in a time where most of our political class had at least a vestigial respect for the Constitution.

These days?  Remember, Hillary is on record wanting to drone-strike Julian Assange.  Donald Trump has that power now.  Think he’ll use it?  What do you think the Left thinks?

The point, my brothers, is that when the crackdown comes — and it IS coming, if present trends continue — most of us are going to want to cheer.  Yes, a stretch in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison is just what the doctor ordered for most of these lunatics, and we all would love to see them get it.  But…. are we ok with a ‘roided out, nuclear-armed, 21st century COINTELPRO?  Please note that I am NOT saying I’m ok with things like the Berkeley riots, much less the Weathermen.  What I am saying, however, is that we’re in very real danger of falling into the same trap the Left has fallen into: Thinking the pendulum of history only swings one way.  Obama’s famous pen and phone are in Trump’s hands now.  Do we really want to hand COINTELPRO-plus to, say, Elizabeth Warren?  Do we really want gangs of headbusters roaming the streets, even if they’re our headbusters, schutzstaffel-ing our politicians?

Think about it, y’all.  Yes, please, support the police.  Absolutely, throw the book at any and all “antifas” who get themselves arrested at riots.  Maybe, just maybe, a few stiff jail sentences and tear-gassings, swiftly applied, will cause the idiot Left to rethink things.  But since thinking isn’t really their thing, I’d imagine not.  So it’s up to us.  Please, y’all, think about it… no matter how delicious the schadenfreude is.  Clowns are very, very dangerous.  Don’t be one of them.




*(George Orwell, “Wells, Hitler and the World State,” 1941)

**None of this should be construed as my endorsing a “Trump is a 32-dimensional chess grand master” theory.  Personality cults are the Left’s thing.  He’s done plenty of stupid stuff, and will continue to do so, but for an American public that’s used to idiot politicians doing the dumbest conceivable thing time after time after time, a guy doing something as obvious as “firing people who conspire against you” looks freakin’ brilliant.  Jeb! would’ve elevated them all to his cabinet.

***Horowitz and Collier are a good place to start


Conditions Under Which I Would Respect the Left

You know why everyone hates you, Liberals?  It’s the hypocrisy.  No, I don’t mean things like “living in the whitest enclave you can find while endlessly whining about diversity, and fleeing to whiter pastures the moment a Vibrant moves in.”  Although that doesn’t help.  It’s this whole “antifa” thing — proclaiming yourselves “anti-fascist,” then acting like jackbooted thugs.  But you know what?  That’d even be ok, if you went all the way with it.

For instance, when you invite all and sundry Trump supporters to “meet [you] in the UFC octagon,” don’t puss out when an actual MMA guy steps up to the challenge.  Take your lumps, tough guy.  I don’t expect Tim Kennedy to even break a sweat choking your bitch ass out, but backing up your words with deeds is the behavioral equivalent of functional testicles.  Don’t do the one, you ain’t got the other.

Or knocking “Nazis” out, then throwing your hands up and shouting “peaceful protest!”  If he’s really a Nazi, go ahead and knock him out.  That’s what the Commies and various other flavors of “anti-fascists” did in Germany back in the 20s and early 30s.  But…. they also stayed to do battle with the Nazi’s buddies when the Brownshirts showed up ready to rumble.  They didn’t throw their hands up like meek little lambs, then run away from security.

Which brings us to this Berkeley thing.  And look, I agree with you.  If Trump’s as bad as you say, then absolutely you should be doing what you’re doing.  Hell, you should be doing a lot more!  But….. if he’s really that bad, then you need to be prepared to take the consequences.  I know, I know, history always begins this morning for y’all, but you’d do well to reflect on the fate of the German Left under Hitler.  The police…. yeah, the ones you say are all racist fascists, but also the only people in America who should have guns… are they with you or against you, do you think?  And those are the police you know about, comrade.  What about the secret police?  Does Trump have some?  Do you think he’s likely to get some, what with being the new Fuhrer and all?

The SA, the SS… these are just names for you to call your political opponents now, but they were real groups — millions strong — who did real things to real people.  People like you, comrades.  Since you’re as ignorant as you are cowardly, I’ll tell you what happened to the Communists in Nazi Germany: Quite a few of their comrades sold them out to the Gestapo; the rest spent the war in Dachau (the ones that didn’t get beaten to death or shot in the back of the neck in secret police dungeons, that is).  Are Trump supporters capable of that?  I don’t see how you can possibly argue that they aren’t, based on all your previous hyperbole.  So… what are you gonna do when the Brownshirts show up?

Make no mistake, boys, I abhor political violence.  Once Der Trumpenfuhrer’s Brownshirts do show up, representative government in this country is dead.  But remember, I’m the guy who’s been predicting American fascism for years.  Why?  Because I’m around you people all the damn time, and I know basic history, and, to quote one of your idols (even though you have no idea who he is or what he did), you don’t need a Weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowing.  You people are making this happen.  Are you going to take the consequences when they come, like real men?

Of course not.  I’d respect you if you did.  I’d even defend you, IF Trump were as bad as you say.  But it’ll never come to that, will it?

You might want to ask yourselves why, before it’s too late.


There Will Be Blood

A throwaway line, but oh so revealing:

But there’s so much more that could’ve been said here about the arrogance of a wealthy blowhard trying to bend an American institution to his will, and about the complicity of a mainstream media more interested in money than integrity.

The blowhard in this case is the WWE’s Vince McMahon and the institution is professional football, but of course it’s really Trump and the Presidency.  And that last bit…. whoo boy.

The mainstream media?  Complicit?  With Trump?!?!

Oy vey.

That armor's too strong for blasters...

That armor’s too strong for blasters…

The Z Man once wrote about the Left’s synchronic perception of time.  Because they emote rather than think, actual facts rarely penetrate their armor.  Z Man uses the examples of Civil Rights and Detroit.  Because the Civil Rights Movement was one of their big triumphs, the Left still talk about it as if it happened last week.  Detroit, meanwhile, has been under total Democrat domination for 50 years, they’ve enacted every hare-brained SJW idea they’ve ever had there, and the place is Beyond Thunderdome.  Since they can’t get a good virtue hit off its success — since, you know, it’s a hellhole — the map of Michigan might as well have a big Motor City-shaped blank on it.  Thus the media must’ve been complicit with Trump.  Well, them and the Russians.  Losing causes feelbad, so the media didn’t go all in on Hillary and lose.  Actually, they won!  Those traitorous bastards.

And so it goes.  How’s gay marriage working out, for instance?  I assume it’s “imperiled” — all good things have been imperiled by Der Trumpenfuhrer — but there hasn’t been a peep out of the Left as far as I know, despite Literally Hitler’s Nuremberg Rally-like nomination of a Reichstag fire-esque Supreme Court justice who surely opposed it.  Who is probably also Literally Himmler, or at least Literally Otto Thierack, but do you see what I mean?  It’s done, there’s no more virtue juice to be squeezed out of being pro gay marriage, so Obergefell may as well be some Papal bull from the 12th century.  It just doesn’t resonate with them.

And here’s the thing: It’s not just rhetorical.  Back in grad school, a bunch of my fellow indentured servants collectively bargained their way out of pay, bennies, and in some cases actual jobs.  It’s The Struggle, you see — they’re the Proletariat, the university administration are the Bourgeoisie, and it’s Haymarket Square all over again.  So what if it sets “the movement” back twenty years, because now everyone who suspected y’all were a bunch of screaming infants is now sure?  Viva la Revolucion!

The point, y’all, is that they’re working themselves up to real violence.  What else is there for them?  President Trump could countermand every single Obama executive order and we’d still be under the iron heel of the SJWs.  The federal parasite grows and grows, the GOP will never repeal, let alone replace, Obamacare, and every single bureaucrat in Washington does everything in his power to resist every single Fuhrer Order.  The media, academia, Silicon Valley, are all still firmly in SJW hands, with no real hope of dislodging them any time soon (noble though those efforts are).  But those things don’t pack any emotional punch for Leftists.  They’ve got to get their virtue fix, and they’ve already run through their collection of papier-mache heads and vagina costumes.  Having gotten naked for everything under the sun already (they were against Hillary before they were for her, and do I really need to say “NSFW” and “bring a barf bag”?), there’s nothing left but molotovs.  It’s already beginning, as the fun at Milo’s cancelled speech at Berkely etc. show.

There will be blood.  It’s not going to end well for them, for us, for America, or for constitutional government… but they’ll get their precious virtue fix while they’re getting their heads stitched back together at the nearest ER, and really, isn’t that the important thing?

Nazi Fatigue

So Donald Trump is Hitler.  At least, that’s what you Lefties keep telling me.  Which is kinda strange when you think about it.  Didn’t George W. Bush — who was also Hitler — put y’all in labor camps back in 2003?  Did you get paroled or something?

But whatever.  As much as I enjoy watching you beclown yourselves, I’m going to give you some helpful advice: Nobody cares about Nazis anymore.

Seriously.  To have even experienced in any meaningful way a world with Hitler in it, you’d have to have been born in the 1930s.  To have had an informed, contemporary opinion on him, you’d need to have been born in the 1920s.  So if you’re not currently at least 80 years old, you don’t really know what you’re talking about when it comes to National Socialism.

To prove it to you, I’ll ask all of you, Left and Right, to tell me what, exactly, is so wrong with Nazism?  As we want to stick as closely as possible to the facts — we all fucking looove science, don’t we? — we’ll base our discussion on the 25 points of the Nazi Party, first put forth in 1920.  The original points are underlined; my commentary follows.

1. We demand the uniting of all Germans within one Greater Germany, on the basis of the right to self-determination of nations.  “The right to self-determination” was behind many of impeccably Progressive Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points at Versailles; it was part of the Progressive catechism until very recently.  Ask Bill Clinton.

2. We demand equal rights for the German people (Volk) with respect to other nations, and the annulment of the peace treaty of Versailles and St. Germain.  See above, especially re: the Muslims in Serbia.

3. We demand land and soil (Colonies) to feed our People and settle our excess population.  Overpopulation has been a Lefty bugbear since at least the 1970s.  Of course, these days they’d prefer there to be less population, period….

4. Only Nationals (Volksgenossen) can be Citizens of the State. Only persons of German blood can be Nationals, regardless of religious affiliation. No Jew can therefore be a German National.  Flip “German” and “Jew” in those sentences, and I’m pretty sure you have Israel’s immigration policy.

5. Any person who is not a Citizen will be able to live in Germany only as a guest and must be subject to legislation for Aliens.  C’mon, man, this is just common sense.  Which means the Left hates it, but if that’s all it takes to make one a Nazi, I think Captain America himself is in the SS.

6. Only a Citizen is entitled to decide the leadership and laws of the State. We therefore demand that only Citizens may hold public office, regardless of whether it is a national, state or local office.  Again, common sense.  Who knew the Nazis were so reasonable?

We oppose the corrupting parliamentary custom of making party considerations, and not character and ability, the criterion for appointments to official positions.  Adolf, meet the Pendleton Act.  I guess Chester Arthur was a Nazi, too (well, he was a Republican….)

7. We demand that the State make it its duty to provide opportunities of employment first of all for its own Citizens. If it is not possible to maintain the entire population of the State, then foreign nationals (non-Citizens) are to be expelled from the Reich.  Talk about bipartisan!  Yeah, Trump’s guys love the “expelled from the Reich” part, but that whole bit about the State’s duty to provide jobs…. pure Left.  Oh, and those jobs shall pay a minimum wage of $15/hr.

8. Any further immigration of non-Germans is to be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans who entered Germany after August 2, 1914, be forced to leave the Reich without delay.  Yep, that’s Trump all right.  One of eight so far.  Definitely a Nazi.

9. All German Citizens must have equal rights and duties.  I can see why the Left hates this one, since “duties” implies “responsibility,” which implies work, which no Special Snowflake will ever undertake voluntarily.  But who could be against equal rights?

10. It must be the first duty of every Citizen to carry out intellectual or physical work. Individual activity must not be harmful to the public interest and must be pursued within the framework of the community and for the general good.  See what I mean?  Who could be against this stuff?  I’m perfectly willing to consider the possibility that Wymyn’s Studies et al is “for the general good” and “not harmful to the public interest”…. if you can explain why, without jargon or snark.

We therefore demand:

11. The abolition of all income obtained without labor or effort.  Capital gains taxes, anyone?

Breaking the Servitude of Interest.  Wasn’t that “Occupy Wall Street’s” first demand, e.g. in regard to student loans?  I just knew those guys were fascists at heart.

12. In view of the tremendous sacrifices in property and blood demanded of the nation by every war, personal gain from the war must be termed a crime against the nation. We therefore demand the total confiscation of all war profits.  Plus, that’d run Lockheed, Boeing, and General Dynamics out of business.  Right, hippies?

13. We demand the nationalization of all enterprises (already) converted into corporations (trusts).  I could swear I heard some white dude with dreadlocks demanding this just yesterday, down at the student union.

14. We demand profit-sharing in large enterprises.  So do all their employees.

15. We demand the large-scale development of old-age pension schemes.  Get your government hands off my Medicare, Adolf!

16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound middle class; the immediate communalization of the large department stores, which are to be leased at low rates to small tradesmen. We demand the most careful consideration for the owners of small businesses in orders placed by national, state, or community authorities.  “And the middle class” was the title of every Hillary Clinton campaign speech that wasn’t “Because Vagina.”

17. We demand land reform in accordance with our national needs and a law for expropriation without compensation of land for public purposes. Abolition of ground rent and prevention of all speculation in land.  Cf. Occupy Wall St. and any and all “community organizers” in every inner city in America.

18. We demand ruthless battle against those who harm the common good by their activities. Persons committing base crimes against the People, usurers, profiteers, etc., are to be punished by death without regard to religion or race.  Speaking of Occupy Wall St…. I think “usurers, profiteers, etc.” describes student loan lenders, don’t you?

19. We demand the replacement of Roman Law, which serves a materialistic World Order, by German Law.  “Special laws for special groups” is the cornerstone of Progressive jurisprudence.  Ask the Memories Pizza folks.

20. In order to make higher education – and thereby entry into leading positions – available to every able and industrious German, the State must provide a thorough restructuring of our entire public educational system. The courses of study at all educational institutions are to be adjusted to meet the requirements of practical life. Understanding of the concept of the State must be achieved through the schools (teaching of civics) at the earliest age at which it can be grasped. We demand the education at the public expense of specially gifted children of poor parents, without regard to the latters’ position or occupation.  Jesus, I think we should haul the OWS people up on plagiarism charges.  Of course, as “specially gifted children” — hoo boy are they special! — they’d probably get off, especially as they’re already sponging off the taxpayers.

21. The State must raise the level of national health by means of mother-and-child care, the banning of juvenile labor, achievements of physical fitness through legislation for compulsory gymnastics and sports, and maximum support for all organizations providing physical training for young people.  Insufficient.  Single payer now!!!

22. We demand the abolition of hireling troops and the creation of a national army. Not really relevant here, but it’s kinda funny hearing the Original Hessians griping about “hireling troops.”

23. We demand laws to fight against deliberate political lies and their dissemination by the press. In order to make it possible to create a German press, we demand:

a) all editors and editorial employees of newspapers appearing in the German language must be German by race;

b) non-German newspapers require express permission from the State for their publication. They may not be printed in the German language;

c) any financial participation in a German newspaper or influence on such a paper is to be forbidden by law to non-Germans and the penalty for any breach of this law will be the closing of the newspaper in question, as well as the immediate expulsion from the Reich of the non-Germans involved.  Fake news!!!!!

Newspapers which violate the public interest are to be banned. We demand laws against trends in art and literature which have a destructive effect on our national life, and the suppression of performances that offend against the above requirements.  Does Fox News violate the public interest?  Does NASCAR have a destructive effect on our national life?  Think carefully.

24. We demand freedom for all religious denominations, provided that they do not endanger the existence of the State or offend the concepts of decency and morality of the Germanic race.  No more Exploding Mohammeds?  I can live with that, and as a bone to the Left, y’all can ban Westboro Baptist.  Bipartisanship, baby!

The Party as such stands for positive Christianity, without associating itself with any particular denomination. It fights against the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us, and is convinced that a permanent revival of our nation can be achieved only from within, on the basis of: Public Interest before Private Interest.  Even ex-president Obama pretended to stand for positive Christianity, though of course without associating Himself with any particular denomination.  Especially not Jeremiah Wright’s hateful, anti-American denomination… at least, after He got caught, and long after Wright married him and baptized his children.  And as for that “Jewish-materialistic spirit” stuff, well, as I like to point out, “Berkeley or Nazi?” is a fun drinking game if all you’ve got is Drano cocktails.  Who was the bigger anti-Semite, Adolf or Rachel Corrie?  Or any one of the “anti-Zionist” loons you find at any large Leftie protest?

25. To carry out all the above we demand: the creation of a strong central authority in the Reich. Unquestioned authority by the political central Parliament over the entire Reich and over its organizations in general. The establishment of trade and professional organizations to enforce the Reich basic laws in the individual states.  And that strong central authority shall be… Barack Obama.  Is it still such a terrible awful no good very bad thing?

See what I mean?  By my rough count, any contemporary “conservative” could sign off on half that platform, and any modern “Progressive” would sign off on pretty much all of it.  Would y’all care to revise and extend your remarks, re: President Trump and National Socialism?

Happy Inauguration Day, Lefties!!

And as you desperately seek your Safe Spaces, remember — YOU made this happen.

If you hadn’t hurled yourselves lemming-like over the cliffs of cult-marx, identity politics insanity, dragging the unwilling nation kicking and screaming behind you, none of this would be happening.  While some Americans like Donald Trump’s policies and would’ve voted for him anyway, many more — many, many more — voted for him just to spite you.  Lots of us Deplorables are already calling the 2016 election The Great Fuck You, and we do mean you, Snowflake.  It’s all your fault.

It’s all your fault.

It’s all your fault.

So suck it, you petulant totalitarian losers.  All those precedents your president set?  They’re ours now.  That pen, that phone…  Donald Trump has one huge hand on each.

You did this, Snowflakes. And if we can’t make America great again, at least we can make you whiny little bitches suffer at least the smallest little bit of what we suffered these last eight years.  May you enjoy every single minute of it.

Zero Follow-Through

This started out as a reply to KR, below, but then it became a whole post, like so:

Lefties are like my golf shots: random, spastic, and painful to watch.  And part of the reason both suck is the same: poor follow-though.  For instance, KR tells the tale of a sad “gender-fluid” individual who insists on being called by plural pronouns, because “she (?) found gender pronouns profoundly upsetting.”  Calling her “her” is an affront to this kid’s identity…..

….BUT: If we grant that “gender identity” is

  • a) a primary component of one’s overall personal identity, and
  • b) completely malleable, and
  • c) a proper object for politics

— all of which this kid insists we do, whether or not she’d (be able to) articulate it like that — then what part of one’s identity isn’t?

Let’s say I start walking around campus, insisting that I’m no longer Severian, blogger extraordinaire, but Napoleon Bonaparte.  When people call me on this — “hey, so you decided to drop that stupid blog handle, eh?” — I insist that no no, I’m really Napoleon Bonaparte.  I was born on Corsica in 1769, I beat the Russians at Austerlitz, I revolutionized the French legal system, I schtupped Josephine on the regular, the works.

How is this any different than me declaring myself “gender-fluid” and insisting on going by “xyr”?

I know, I know, but try it.  Can you prove I’m not Napoleon?  How do we really know anything about the “historical” Napoleon, anyway?  History, after all, is a social construction like anything else, and is famously written by the winners.  By stating that Napoleon “died” in 1821, we’re really just affirming the existing power dynamics put forth by Prince Metternich, that cis/het/pat white bastard, at the Congress of Vienna.  And don’t you dare say that I’d be 248 years old if that were true, which is impossible — what are you, some kind of “age-ist”?  Nor can you appeal to DNA evidence — if Bruce Jenner is really a woman despite Y chromosomes and a full package, then the mismatch of my and Napoleon’s nucleotides is equally meaningless.  Oh, and don’t even think about suggesting schizophrenia as an explanation.  Is “gender dysphoria” — having all the outward signs of being one sex but knowing you’re the other — a mental illness?  Obviously not, you walking hate crime.  Thus I AM Napoleon, and I demand to be addressed as such.

“Your majesty” is acceptable, as is “your highness.”  You can call me the Little Corporal, but then I’d have to kill you.  And if you think this is satire, wait a few years.

The Force Field of Self Esteem

That armor's too strong for blasters...

That armor’s too strong for blasters…

Wait, no, that’s not the one I want…


Ah yes, much better.  Anyway, a brief thought inspired by this and this.  The latter is about religion:

According to reports coming out of Hope Community Church, first-time visitor Brittany Wilson remains unsure about why she needed “this Jesus guy” in her life after the pastor spent the entire Sunday sermon reiterating how awesome, amazing, unique, and special she is.

“The message was super-encouraging. It was all about how I need to let the goodness within me shine and ‘just do me,’ without worrying about all the haters,” Wilson said after the service.

“But then the pastor said I needed Jesus, out of the blue. Like, what? It made no sense. I’m not sure what He has to offer that I don’t, based on how wonderful the pastor said I am.”

The former is about social changes causing political restructuring.  At Z Man’s I said:

The biggest challenge is going to be handling the precipitous drop in functional intelligence. NOT IQ, which is grossly overemphasized (by us deplorables, anyway), but functional intelligence. Big problems require sustained thought, and lots of us can’t do it. And of those who can’t, the vast majority — looking at you, Millennials — not only don’t know they can’t do it, but think they ARE doing it. Consider that a blog post over 500 words doesn’t get read… and even 500 is a slog when you’re used to Tweets. Reading multiple posts (or, God forbid, an entire one of those “book” thingies), taking notes, collating information, sifting, evaluating… not only do lots of us not know how to do this, we don’t even know that it can be done. Trump isn’t Hector Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho, but any government structure that retains a popular vote in the Twitter age will trend hard that way, without major structural overhaul.

I’m only pointing out the obvious, but someone has to, I suppose, and at least you got a Slave Leia picture to sweeten the deal.  Combine the two — the Gospel of Self-Esteem and Twitter, I mean, not Slave Leia and another Slave Leia —


wait, what were we talking about again?  Ah yes, combine self-esteem and the ADD-inducing effects of technology, and you get an entire generation that’s incapable of sustained thought… and worse, thinks it is so capable, and in fact does it all the time, and how dare you suggest they don’t know how to do something?  Because, as the Jesus lady says, if you’re special unique and perfect just the way you are, why would you ever need any but the skills and knowledge you already possess?

And we all fall victim to it.  For instance, I’m frequently bewildered by liberals’ ability to flagrantly contradict themselves — often within a few sentences, sometimes in the very next breath — without suffering aneurysm-inducing cognitive dissonance.  I shouldn’t be, though, as I “teach” Millennials day in and day out.  They think in Tweets.  I mean that almost literally (“literally,” he said, snapping another selfie with is iPhone) — every sentence they hear is a discrete, context-less meme.  It doesn’t matter if the meme is true, since there is no “truth,” only popularity.  If it doesn’t get retweeted or upvoted, it ceases to exist.

Thus, “contradiction” is a meaningless concept for them.  Both X and Not-X get upvoted, so both of them are somehow true.  Look, I don’t pretend to understand it, but then again, I’m comfortable with the fact of my own limitations.  When I say “I don’t understand it,” it’s taken as read by us old farts that that’s why I’m posting my thoughts here — I’m thinking it through, and would appreciate input.  These kids, though, don’t grok limits to their understanding — if they don’t understand something, it is by definition irrelevant, and can, indeed must!, be ignored.  Contrary information and badthoughts get bounced off their force fields.

A Brief Note on Higher Ed

UPDATE: see here for more (and here for good free educational resources.

Read ’em and weep:

For some reason, a widespread belief exists that the president of a college or a university (or even a 2-year junior college) deserves to live a life of luxury.  No fewer than 30 higher education presidents are earning over a million dollars a year, compensation that rightly should outrage families indebting themselves to pay tuition.

The sad truth is that higher education has gone from being a calling to a racket, in all too many cases. And the rot extends from the top to the bottom of the status hierarchy. Arguably, higher education is the biggest industry on the country, and certainly for many families with children in college, it is the second most expensive purchase in a lifetime, after a house.  That pile of money draws all sorts of scavengers.

I’m in the “higher” “education” business, and I will swear to you on a stack of the holy text you hold most dear — yes, even a dog-eared copy of Playboy or Das Kapital — that college is the biggest scam in the history of the world.  Your professors are, in 998 cases out of 1000, creepy autistic cult-marx weirdos who have never packed the gear to serve in the real world.  At this point it’s a chicken-and-egg problem as to which came first, their cultural marxism or their creepy weird autism, but it doesn’t matter, that’s what you’re getting in every single classroom.  Yes, every single one — STEM is no refuge anymore.  The only place you can get away from the drumbeat of their silly goddamn politics is the lab, and unless you’re 100% metaphysically certain you’re going to go into a career that carved-in-stone requires some bench work, DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE.

Do not send your kids to college.  Do not let your friends and relations send their kids to college.  I’ll cut you a deal, which I promise in Obama’s America is a major bargain: Send me a check for half your kid’s prospective college’s annual tuition.  Your kid will be just as pig-ignorant of important stuff like American History and critical thinking, I promise you, and you’ll be saving 50%, plus helping ol’ Whatzerface the college president up there move into the cardboard box under a freeway overpass her real-world skills so richly merit.

And since this post is almost entirely content free, here’s a free bonus picture of Slave Leia.  What a bargain!