“Cause-heads” are what we called ’em in college.  You know the type I mean.  It doesn’t matter what we’re protesting today — animal testing, US out of Trashcanistan, Global Warming, Global Cooling, the Designated Hitter — the same clowns are always there, waving their stinky dreadlocks around while tweeting about it on their totally-not-capitalist iPhones.  They seem to be equal parts ugly sophomore girls with nose rings and geriatric hippies on loan from the retirement community.

So here’s your Wednesday ray of hope: The cause-heads ye have always with you, but the ease with which they flit from cause to cause suggests the possibility of neutralizing them.

This is not to downplay the danger — as the Z Man points out today, neocon cause-heads seemingly won’t rest until they get us into a nuclear exchange with Russia.  And if you want to argue that cause-heads from Boston basically forced the Civil War, you’ll get no argument from me.  They’re a pretty good illustration of the type — the ink wasn’t even dry at Appomattox before all the the limp-wristers in the US Sanitary Commission and the Freedman’s Bureau were out agitating for Women’s Suffrage.

And so on all the way back to Europe.  Ever wonder why white folks don’t fight wars of religion anymore?  It’s not because we figured out which is the One True Faith, though you’re welcome to scan the text of the Treaty of Westphalia to check.*  Guys like Oliver Cromwell arrive at the Pearly Gates, get told what’s what by Jesus himself… then proceed to tell Him exactly what He got wrong.  Cause-heads never quit, they just move on — the wars of religion ended in Europe because the military technology didn’t exist to decisively win them.

Which, I realize, makes it sound like I’m betting the neocons actually will get someone to cut loose a nuke, and while that’s not a bad bet by any means, I’m trying to be optimistic here.  If I were a deep-cover shitlord with a long-range plan, I’d be studying the life and works of the Rev. Jim Jones.  Cause-heads never quit, because they can’t — cf. The True Believer, the third most cynical thing ever written in the history of humanity and the final word on nose-ringed psychology.**  Igor Shafarevich, whose book The Socialist Phenomenon I can’t recommend enough, outright says that Socialism is a suicide cult.

Let’s use that!!



[obviously this is all hypothetical.  I denounce myself].


*Seriously, isn’t the Internet just the tits?
** For the record, going from most to least cynical: The Prince. Leviathan. The True Believer.  La Rochefoucauld’s Maxims.


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23 thoughts on “Cause-heads

  1. MBlanc46

    Intellectuals and those who fancy themselves intellectuals are over-represented in this category. Perhaps that’s why one finds so many of them on college campuses and in hipster neighborhoods. I’d wager that there are more of them here than the national average, as well. I plead guilty as charged.

    1. Severian

      It’s a feature not a bug, no doubt. But that’s why they should be so easy to manipulate — I speak from long experience when I say that the only reason professors believe the ooga booga nonsense they do is because they’ve spent a lifetime insulating their bubble (often several lifetimes, as academia is largely a caste now). They won’t know Reality when it bites them on the ass, so it should be easy to get them believing some other stupid crap that leads in our preferred direction.

      PS I too wager that lots of us consider ourselves intellectuals. Here’s an easy test to see if you really are one, as opposed to a pseudo-intellectual poseur: Have you publicly admitted to being wrong about something of consequence? I don’t mean stuff like “how do you get to the post office” or “where’s the nearest McDonalds;” I mean stuff like “in retrospect, the Gulf War wasn’t such a hot idea.” If your desire to know the truth is bigger than your ego, you’re an intellectual. If not, you’re a professor.

        1. nightfly

          I was wrong about the Gulf War. I mean, I understand why it happened, and had I been in charge of making the decision, I probably would have done something similar, because doing nothing when civilians are bombed in your largest cities is a non-starter. (Look how well Europe is doing with “Appease Harder, You Peasants” approach.)

          The issue seems to be that doing something was also less than ideal. And this hypothetical discussion goes to the heart of why – there is no will to do what would be most effective in this case, nor even to seriously discuss the correct approach to any of the other challenges facing civilization. A guy can win the Presidency by promising to build a wall, the same way that 30 years ago he could win the Presidency by promising to abolish several useless federal agencies and shrink the debt. Neither of those things gets actually done because there’s probably no way to do them while correctly signaling the current vogue zeitgeist. (A triple redundancy! I’m on fire right now.)

          Which means that, rather than correct a correctable problem, we (poor stupid ineducable humans) will wait until the problem becomes intractable, then kill many millions as a result, all secure in the knowledge that when civilization rebuilds in the wake of it all, the same problem will creep back in like kudzu, and our distant successors will not heed to bloody testimony of our times and purge it with fire. Rather they will prune, then tolerate, then cultivate, and finally demand that food and forest alike be plowed under for it.

          As FRED! put it – this business is gonna get out of hand and we will be lucky to live through it.

  2. Frip

    Man, that Igor Shafarevich has one of the greatest don’t-fuck-with-me faces I’ve ever seen. He’s the type of professor that you don’t raise your hand and ask a question unless you’re really bringing the goods, otherwise you’re just an frivolous interrupter.

    Me: So, do you think it’s true that Fermat…

    Igor: WHAT!?

    Me: nothing, i’m sorry

    1. Severian

      Da, comrade, Soviet dissidents are un-fuck-with-able. TBoone (I think) mentions Vladimir Bukovsky and his great memoir To Build a Castle. Five minutes in his world would leave any one of us sobbing in the corner about how much we love Big Brother. Manly men, all of them.

  3. neal

    Grandma got a boyfriend back in the late seventies after being widowed.
    Charlie was a Kulak. He had barbwire scars and a missing eye.

    That was when he was thrown to a camp by the Catfanciers to save him from the Causeheads.
    He escaped. Made it to America and got a job with the railroads.

    Shipping tons of wheat and steel back to rebuild what used to be home.
    Charlie told me the eye was just because the ashtrays were made of silver and harder to keep in the camps. So the guards would just put out a smoke anywhere but on the ground. Sanitation.

    The winter wheat just burned. Lucky, I guess.

  4. TBoone

    Yes, I am a huge fan of Vladimir Bukovsky and his great memoir To Build a Castle. Reading the Wiki on Shafaravich, he’s a Grade A man from the same bolt (Lightning Bolt?) of cloth as Bukovsky. They made & Lived Hard choices. I suspect the dissidents we know of, the ones who lived/escaped/ got released are all A team. Which are the type of guys I want to learn from.

    Segue. Shafaravich ran afoul of Tribe criticisms because his criticism was deemed (seemingly unfairly) anti-semitism. ZMan poster “….Fewer” makes valid point ‘anti’semitism’ is a lie. It’s just regular oppression like any/all groups get. Yeah, he went into more detail & intelligent explanation. I will cite later IF there is a call to. I bring this up as yet another example of PC feminized Crap attacks on rational thought/discussion. This ties into the point Sked Ras made about reaching the Gamer Community. Let’s link the causal chain of PC Bullshit AnD effects for all to see. Give evidence (easy). Facts (easy). Armor up with the Truth. Pass it around like. THEN we can get down to the secretY Digital HandShaKe of Our Brotherhood Thing. This link is to an excellent, in-depth review of “Days of Rage” by Bryan Burroughs. Sub Title: “America’s Radical Underground, the FBI and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence”.

    An in depth look at the Dirty ass playbook of scum sucking evil bastages. I was a kid when this was going on but have some recollections of this shit. SDS bombings. Bill Ayers. Etc… Useful history to know & Truth to be passed around. You want people interested in our thing? Give them some History they can relate to.

    Maybe it’s because I have some connection to that time. This review resonated.The Evil mentality & methodology still surround us. I’d link ‘this’ shit to Commie ‘shit’ perpetrated upon US. Cultural Marxism. PC. Progressives. Feminism. Etc…..

    Come to think of it (because our discussions of late finally ‘triggered’ my memory (screams: Kav-A-Naugh!!!!) of saving this link for such an occasion.

    1. Severian

      I can second the Burrough book – I’ve written about it here before several times. Even back then the Media covered for violence when it was coming from “their” side.

      You *really* want to shank the Left? Do to THE MEDIA what the Left, collectively, does to us. The minute their cushy little lifestyles are threatened, the whole Left folds like a cheap rug.

      1. Rod1963

        Great insight.

        It makes sense. We all see how the MSM whines and gets a case of the vapors just over Trump calling them “fake news”. And the MSM is really the only club the Left has. Put a muzzle on them and the Left gets kneecapped. And using their own tactics against them would be a ideal way.

        Some time back, Steve Sailer blogged about some Israeli leftist pols promoting the immigration of Somali and Ethiopians into Israel. Well some local Israelis figured what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So they gave the local black population the home addresses and told they them they had free food or something. The Lefties screamed like stuck hogs.

        Sailer was not amused and condemned it.

        That’s why it won’t happen. Our side is still stuck in 1985 with few exceptions. They are just as f**ked in the head as any progtard and don’t even know a fight is coming their way and they will be slaughtered. Bunch of damn Eloi.

        I tried suggesting it on Zman’s blog and the gun nuts got mad, they stated it takes away from precious training time, others thought it’s beneath our side. They’d rather do snarky blogging. Arrgh!!

        Look our side has to do some sort of push back on the MSM because they are generating vast amounts of hatred in this country that will lead to a civil war if not curtailed ASAP. Trump can’t tell them to tone it down. We have to feed their own s**t to shut them up.

        When you think about it. Conservatives, alt-right or whatever you want to call us. We have never pushed back against these death cultists. We vote and get bummed when the elites side step our will. We march and get our butts kicked by a bunch of meth heads. Then it’s rinse and repeat until we find our country a shit hole. And what do we do? Nothing.

        1. Severian Post author

          I’m not saying anyone should do this. I’m saying that someone will do this, as it’s an obvious consequence of 1) the Media romanticizing political violence, and 2) the Media being rabid Leftist partisans.

          The Media obviously consider themselves above the fray, even as they’re down in the pigpen, flinging shit with the best of them. That’s a contradiction that cannot hold. It’s not private citizens that gin up the outrage mobs that go hound guys like Ted Cruz out of restaurants, it’s The Media. Eventually The Media will sic the mob on the wrong guy. Said guy will realize that while he can’t get revenge on everyone in the mob, he can sure as hell get revenge on the tv bobblehead who sicced the mob on him. Said guy will instantly become a hero to at least half the country.

          And then we are well and truly fucked, my droogs.

  5. TBoone

    Ha! I like your line of thought Severian. For discussion purposes, only….. 🙂

    How may I find those earlier writings about the Burroughs book? What Category would they be under?

    1. TBoone

      Even better if some ‘organization’ could flip the Panty Fa crowd into doing the Media stalk… like

      would make for an interesting novel thingy… Cartoon… Bumper sticker…. Graphic novel… InTerWebs Meme even…

  6. Kirk Forlatt

    Rod1963, good stuff. “Sailer was not amused and condemned it.” Sad and true. Too many on “our side” are absolutely committed to losing nobly. They focus on the adverb and blind themselves to the verb in that sentence. As you said, they’d rather do snarky blogging.

    I find myself wishing I could transplant the grim, explosive temperament of mountain folk into the majority of white people. Anyone who’s ever lived around feral whites know how they are: not talkers, not braggarts, but when they decide they’ve been wronged, their reactions are truly frightening. Some grudge-holding motherscratchers, those folks.

    At my age, I’m always scanning the horizon for younger men who might seem to have what Bruce Catton described in reb soldiers as “hard men with a positive taste for fighting…they were very, very bad boys to get into a fight with.” But almost all of what I encounter are either the soiboi flaccidites, or the tv-watching, obese mental larpers who talk lots of shit but do amazingly little, even when their own daughters are on the craps table.

    I don’t hold out a lot of hope for our side. Every time some new outrage occurs, I watch the young men of fighting age as they withdraw into discussion groups and get all frowny and head-shaky. It astounds me that some of them will willingly swim into a fish-barrel like Charlottesville but won’t do anything truly devious on the small-scale. They style themselves as “lone wolves” but seem curiously defanged. I told a friend of mine recently that I’ll snap out of the negativity when I start seeing regular news accounts of small acts of subversion and, yes, violence/ambushing/payback all over the country. And yes, Feds, that’s all theoretical, and I prefer my daily gulag gruel to be local and sustainable and artisinal. and I haven’t stopped clapping yet, so what’s the problem?

    Severian, as always, ‘preciate ya and what you do here. Been a long, long time since I looked forward to reading a blog and the comments with this much enthusiasm. It’s good to hang out and read and learn from my betters, and that’s a sincere statement.

    1. Severian

      That’s why I’m just a theorist. If ever I had my head-bustin’, street-fightin’ days, they’re long gone now, and I wouldn’t ask anyone to do anything to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. I’ll think about these things — run a few thought experiments, hypothesize — but I won’t dish it out, or ask anyone else to, because I’m fat and old and can’t take it myself.

      And that’s the rub, isn’t it? I’d never suggest that anyone do anything illegal, but we obviously live in a “prerogative state” now — if they want to charge us with something, they will; meanwhile the only laws that apply to the Left are the ones they temporarily choose to obey. You can try your very noodle-armed, soyboy best to put a guy in a coma with a bike lock, and so long as you call yourself “antifa” you’ll be fine. We, on the other hand, aren’t even allowed to sit in restaurants in peace.

      This is mostly the Media’s fault, of course, but they’re too stupid to realize that “sauce for the goose” is a cliche for a reason. I still think our situation is critical, but not serious. But the Left keeps pushing, and the Media keeps egging them on, without realizing that they’re licensing not just the Left — whose violence they consider cool and romantic — but every other deranged lunatic in America, too. Eventually some nut is going to realize that the fastest way to get your face on TV is to take a shot at TV people, and then it’s Katy bar the door. At that point, one of two things will happen: Either 1) the lunatics in the Media / Left will come to their senses, or 2) Ft. Sumter II, Electric Boogaloo. Sadly, I’d bet the old homestead on #2.

      1. MBlanc46

        Perhaps it’s simply because I’m in the final innings, but I’m rather hoping for alternative #2. I no longer have much future to lose. To have a chance to run riotous (in current conditions, hobble riotous) in the streets again. To relive my exciting, if not glorious, youth. Mme B emphatically does not agree.

        1. Severian Post author

          You’re not alone, and that’s why I’d bet the homestead on it happening. That’s sort of the subject of today’s post. If you read stuff from the late 1850s, that sense of “fuck it, let’s DO this!” is almost palpable. They know the figures — proportional to today’s population, the Civil War killed something like 15 million — but they don’t care. The Kitten-in-Chief said it best: Better an end with horror than a horror without end, and when you’re seriously quoting that asshole to make your point, you know it’s pretty much over.

    2. Frip

      Yes, “young men of fighting age” could do more. As could old men near death, choose to go out with a bang. I know you’ll do the right thing Kirk.

  7. TBoone

    Bringing up a 1985 National Review article by Joseph Sobran. “Pensees: Notes for the Reactionary of Tomorrow”.

    I had never heard of it until today. It is an almost step by step description of the Liberal/Progressive Playbook for destroying the country we love. Written 33 years ago. Before things got this bad. I think it is golden for showing the history behind what has been going on. Step by step. Even mentions the Cat Fanciers. Uncle Joe and the slew of Dirty Commies. USSR & USA acolytes.

    Thought I’d tuck it in this thread, Below is the link I was given.

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