Chemical Weapons

This whole impeachment mess has got me thinking about mustard gas.

In World War I, the major combatants used chemical weapons with abandon.  Bombers filled with gas shells was the nightmare scenario of inter-war defense ministers.  “The bomber will always get through,” Stanley Baldwin proclaimed in 1932.  The hundreds of thousands of casualties he predicted came from chemical weapons — despite what airpower fanatics like Douhet and Billy Mitchell proclaimed, none of that generation’s aircraft had sufficient capacity to do much damage to large cities with conventional explosives.  A few thousand pounds of gas shells, though…

And yet, go ahead and google up “chemical warfare in World War 2.”  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  I promise it won’t take long.  What explains this very interesting development?

I suppose if you pressed them on it, Liberals would have to answer with their favorite blather about international agreements.  And it’s true, the Geneva Protocol outlawed chemical weapons back in 1925.  The thing is, though, Herr Hitler proclaimed many times that, as Germany was an ethno-state organized for the existential defense of the German people, his Reich was not bound by so-called “international law.”  The Wehrmacht’s “rules of war” were whatever it chose to impose upon itself, and no others.  Likewise with Emperor Hirohito’s forces.  Neither Axis power would have had any scruple about using any weapon.  And it’s not like the Germans forgot how to make poison gas between 1918 and 1939.  So why didn’t they use it?

The answer, of course, is: Guaranteed massive retaliation in kind.  Stalin’s boys knew how to make poison gas, too.  And if you want further proof, there you go — Stalin is one of maybe six people in the history of the human race who might challenge Hitler for sheer cold-bloodedness.  He didn’t use gas, either, though he certainly had some… and for the exact same reason.  Only the sure knowledge that everything between the Urals and the Elbe would be turned into a poisonous wasteland kept those sons of bitches in check.

I don’t think anyone in our current “American” “government” is anywhere close to Hitler or Stalin, blood temperature-wise, but it’s a very striking fact that retaliation in kind has never once come up.  The American Left trumpeted its intention to impeach President Trump approximately six hours after the election results were finalized.  They were setting their caper in motion before the man even took the oath of office.  They’ve been out and proud about their determination to charge him with something, anything, and proclaim it an impeachable offense….

And yet, retaliation has never come up.  If Donald Trump doing  ___ is an impeachable offense — go ahead and fill in whatever you want, it changes every few days — then it’s an impeachable offense for Democrats, too.  You don’t need the Third Law of SJW to realize that everything Trump is being accused of, Obama already did… and then some.  If ____ is impeachable, then every single Congresscritter of both parties should be removed from office.  In any semi-rational polity, the opposition would make this known immediately.

But they didn’t.  Which means the fix is in.  And I mean all the way in.  It’ll go to the Senate, Mittens and Murkowski and the rest of them will vote with the Dems, which means a few months of President Mike Pence, I guess, until the November election, at which point…. well, who knows, since it’ll be far too late to even get another Republican on most state ballots (and no Hawaiian judge will just randomly assign one, as he would if the Dems were caught in a similar bind).  So… President Joe Biden, I suppose, and then what?

If they’ve thought about it at all — and I truly believe they haven’t, they’re just winging it, but even if they have — that’s as far as it goes: They get their guy into the Oval Office without having to go through the bother of a real election.  Mittens et al get their thirty pieces of silver (quid pro quo!!) and…. that’s it.  The Cloud People win again.

But here’s where the chemical weapons analogy breaks down.  No one can seriously doubt that the SS guys getting ready for the Götterdämmerung in April 1945 would’ve used chemical weapons if they’d had them.  The Red Army ditto, when they were being overrun in the opening months of Barbarossa.  That’s why you don’t let local commanders keep nightmare weapons in their armories: They’ll use them.  The NBCs are kept under the tightest locks and keys, and the authority to use them can only come from the tippy-top.

The Dems obviously assume that Trump will go quietly.  I’m not sure I’d bet that way, but even if he does, they obviously don’t realize that in this case, all the enemy’s troops have access to the nightmare weapons.  Trump might be enough of an unreconstructed Boomer civnat to let them frog march him out of the Oval Office, but what about his aides?  His staff people?  His judges?  His voters?  For if the Dems have made one thing very clear, it’s this: Wrongthink is unforgivable.  No one who has ever said a kind word about Trump will ever be allowed to forget it.  Sooner or later, they will ruin you for it.  Is everyone, everywhere, going to sit back and take it?

That’s ultimately why I say the Left haven’t thought it through.  Those are really the only alternatives: Either they haven’t thought it through, which is scary enough, or they have thought it through, and in their hubris they’ve concluded that yes, once again, all the Dirt People, everywhere, will just lay there and take it.

What if they don’t?  What if, like the local commander with the mustard gas, the Dirt People feel they have no other choice but to use whatever weapons they have to hand?  They have lots of weapons, and once they come out, there’s only one way they’re going back in again.

The Left either don’t know this, or they don’t care.  Like the original use of poison gas, all the way back when, they’re only looking at the situation directly in front of them:  It’ll win this one battle, one time, and that’s all that matters.

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10 thoughts on “Chemical Weapons

  1. Pickle Rick

    I’m not so sure his cabinet, aides, staff, or judges will lift a finger, because they were never “his” in any way. Flynn took it good and hard, and Trump never supported him except for some tweeting. You all know damn well that Sessions, Mattis, Bolton and the whole crew of cucks will gladly immolate Trump, because they’re not dirt people, and they’re perfectly willing to turn their coats, because they’re not going to the gulag…

    1. WOPR

      They are stained by working for him. These people never forgive. Being left alone would be the best they can hope for. Otherwise, you’ll see one after another arrested and jailed on various charges. The reason though will be they worked for Trump. A lot of these people cheer going after octogenarians for being a conscripted prison guard. No one associated with Trump is going to be safe.

  2. WOPR

    In comments on several sites, I have seen people bring up “the Dems are setting a dangerous precedent” trope. This time though, a lot more people are responding that we’re beyond that. As during the Cold War, the Soviets reaching the Rhine was the trigger for Armageddon. Impeaching Trump is a similar thing to a lot of people.

    Once the gov’t ceases to follow even its own rules, is it still a legitimate gov’t?

    I am still amazed that after all of the digging they have done on Trump, this is the best they have.

  3. Anonymous White Male

    The reality is that Americans will not “rise up” to overthrow the evil that is the Federal government…..until they no longer have food to eat. Then they will finally have nothing to lose. Add sports ball, porn on the internet, and belonging to some state sponsored group patting them on the back, Americans, and Europeans, will not upset the applecart. “It’s too much work to rebuilt the country! Better stick with the devil we know than the angel we don’t!” Now, I don’t doubt that their will be some Eric Rudolph’s or Timothy McVeigh’s that will act on their convictions, but the MSM and pseudo-opposition opinion shapers will immediately paint them as “lunatic fringe” and the sheep will be confused and begin to doubt the obvious. Then, the full weight of the police state will be brought down on them, even including the military. No, if you’re going to try and kill the king, you better make sure you succeed. The White citizens of the world are too inexperienced in pay-ops to succeed on the level they need to.

  4. MBlanc46

    There are a number of possible motives for the Dems’ actions. Raise sand while the IG and Barr are exposing the sins of the Obama administration. Throw dirt on Trump and hope enough of it sticks that he’s defeated in 2020. Or, perhaps, it is to remove him from office. And I’ve never been convinced that enough Repubs won’t turn traitor and vote to convict. But, as far as retaliation goes, I’m not sure that the Dems are concerned about that. It seems to me that they’re so sure they’re on the brink of perpetual power that they don’t think that the Repubs could ever retaliate.

    1. Pickle Rick

      The Republicans, retaliating? Hahahaha!
      Like Sev says, there’s a lot of people who are ready to do something, but need the permission to “rush the field”. The spineless cucks of the Republican Party will never do something so proletarian as that.
      It’s all gonna hinge on Bad Orange Man proving himself to be a paper tiger or not. Tweeting time’s done. Man up or bitch out, Donald.

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