The people who say that Hitler is Antichrist, or alternatively, the Holy Ghost, are nearer an understanding of the truth than the intellectuals who for ten dreadful years have kept it up that he is merely a figure out of comic opera, not worth taking seriously. All that this idea really reflects is the sheltered conditions of English life…Only in the English-speaking countries was it fashionable to believe, right up to the outbreak of war, that Hitler was an unimportant lunatic and the German tanks made of cardboard. …A lifelong habit of thought stands between [them] and an understanding of Hitler’s power.*

Clows can be very, very dangerous.  Both sides need to learn that.  Fast.

For the Professional Left, the GOPe, and the Cuckoisie — assuming there’s a meaningful difference — Donald Trump is Hitler.  He is.  Literally Hitler, and in this one case I’m literally serious.  Here’s a free pro tip, from someone who passed high school history back when schools actually taught history: The obnoxious blowhard clown you think you’re using is actually using you, much better and far, far more ruthlessly.

The Soros-ites think Trump is a gravy train, keeping the money flowing into their various causes.  The GOPe think that the Uniparty’s big money donors will reward them with power and influence if they obstruct Trump’s agenda.  The Cucks think they can play their usual game of “advance the Left’s agenda, but politely,” and reap the usual rewards.  The idiot apparatchiks in #The Resistance think they’ll be first in line for a promotion when things return to normal.

That’s not going to happen.  Trump’s been doing the Lucy-with-the-football routine since the primaries, far earlier than most of us — myself most definitely included — could see it.  Remember all those Dems crossing over in the open primaries to vote for Trump?  Remember those few weeks when every Lefty pundit in existence was gleefully on the Trump train, begging Republicans to vote for him?  How’d that work out, geniuses?  To anyone who’s been paying attention, it’s pretty clear that Trump loves giving people enough rope to hang themselves… and like Lenin said, he’ll even sell them the rope.**  He’s already talking about defuding Berkeley, and at this rate Soros will find himself deported into the loving arms of Viktor Orban.  Smarten up, comrades.

And now a word of warning to the Right.  Like you, I’m tempted to dismiss the “Black Bloc” and the rest of the sandalistas as a bunch of trust-fund Trotskies who can’t handle any resistance stiffer than a mild breeze.  Remember, I’ve spent most of my working life in and around a college town.  I see these bozos all day every day — the clodhopper shoes and pudding-bowl haircuts (the women); the ratty little beards and the loafers with socks (the men); the smug smirk of a bad little boy who just cut a silent but violent fart in church (both).  The men top out at 150 lbs, the women at twice that, and tattoos and face jewelry are much, much higher than hygiene on the priority list.  These are the people who thought Pajamaboy was an effective PR stunt, because that’s the life they want to live.


Yes, they are complete and utter pussies, even when they’re not dressed like them.

But it doesn’t matter.  They don’t have to be brave, or even successful, to be effective.  Remember the Weather Underground?  How about COINTELPRO?  You really ought to read up on the Sixties, my alt-realist friends.***  Long story short, the few radicals of whatever persuasion who managed to do anything violent in the Sixties quickly got themselves infiltrated by the FBI.  There’s a reason you don’t hear about Klan rallies anymore, despite the plague of white-hooded lab equipment on our nation’s college campuses.  That was then, with Sixties-level technology, and in a time where most of our political class had at least a vestigial respect for the Constitution.

These days?  Remember, Hillary is on record wanting to drone-strike Julian Assange.  Donald Trump has that power now.  Think he’ll use it?  What do you think the Left thinks?

The point, my brothers, is that when the crackdown comes — and it IS coming, if present trends continue — most of us are going to want to cheer.  Yes, a stretch in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison is just what the doctor ordered for most of these lunatics, and we all would love to see them get it.  But…. are we ok with a ‘roided out, nuclear-armed, 21st century COINTELPRO?  Please note that I am NOT saying I’m ok with things like the Berkeley riots, much less the Weathermen.  What I am saying, however, is that we’re in very real danger of falling into the same trap the Left has fallen into: Thinking the pendulum of history only swings one way.  Obama’s famous pen and phone are in Trump’s hands now.  Do we really want to hand COINTELPRO-plus to, say, Elizabeth Warren?  Do we really want gangs of headbusters roaming the streets, even if they’re our headbusters, schutzstaffel-ing our politicians?

Think about it, y’all.  Yes, please, support the police.  Absolutely, throw the book at any and all “antifas” who get themselves arrested at riots.  Maybe, just maybe, a few stiff jail sentences and tear-gassings, swiftly applied, will cause the idiot Left to rethink things.  But since thinking isn’t really their thing, I’d imagine not.  So it’s up to us.  Please, y’all, think about it… no matter how delicious the schadenfreude is.  Clowns are very, very dangerous.  Don’t be one of them.




*(George Orwell, “Wells, Hitler and the World State,” 1941)

**None of this should be construed as my endorsing a “Trump is a 32-dimensional chess grand master” theory.  Personality cults are the Left’s thing.  He’s done plenty of stupid stuff, and will continue to do so, but for an American public that’s used to idiot politicians doing the dumbest conceivable thing time after time after time, a guy doing something as obvious as “firing people who conspire against you” looks freakin’ brilliant.  Jeb! would’ve elevated them all to his cabinet.

***Horowitz and Collier are a good place to start


4 thoughts on “Clowns

  1. Something I think I’m learning about history: when people abdicate their responsibility, the government will step in instead. And vice versa. (i.e. If you don’t discipline your child, the government will.)

    Do I want COINTELPRO? Only pointed at other countries. But if local police and government don’t start bringing in law and order – heck if local citizens and parents don’t go out there and reign these hoodlums in, then the feds will.

    I’m curious as to what the shots first fired are going to be. Will it be a civilian carrying concealed or a uniformed officer? Place your bets…

    • Pony this, me droogs: Milo’s next speech gets the Berkeley treatment. In the midst of the ultraviolence, the people of the surrounding town watch the local gendarmes stand and stare, and realize that their governor is a Democrat (or a squish like Christie), so the National Guard isn’t going to arrive anytime soon.

      A group of them are preppers. They were already braced for trouble generally, and this event specifically, so they decide that this general breakdown of law and order requires their personal attention… and they are very well armed. They organize, march in, and quell the riots in force – a few rioters are killed, a good many of them are captured, unmasked, and zip-tied.

      While this is going on, what are the local police going to do? How fast will the Guard suddenly arrive if His Honor the Mayor of Squishytown suddenly sees live Twitter feeds of a running gun battle in the streets? Even if we presume (just for this exercise) that nobody innocent is killed – indeed, that many who were in immediate danger were saved and got medical attention – what happens to this group of people?

      If they’re worth their prep, the preppers will have someone well-versed in the Constitution who can build his defense on the need of the irregular militia to restore order in extremis. Against this we’ll have people who will try to turn the killed rioters into a bunch of innocent teens who dindu nuttin, via the media. We’ll have the raw unedited visual of a group of armed people shooting down “unarmed protesters” – who will of course be masked thugs swinging pipes, bats, chains, and bricks, but because none of those things launch bullets, nobody will notice the stolen bases. We’ll have prosecutors arguing that none of these “so-called militia” were directly in harm’s way, and that they took it upon themselves to “escalate the situation” when law enforcement was already on the scene. (The very word “militia” might as well be “brownshirt” already because of the public perception of the term.)

      These people will undoubtedly all swing for it (metaphorically), even though they were arguably within their rights and acting for the public good, in a situation where, if they didn’t step in to keep order, it wasn’t gonna get kept. This is yet another reason why we plead for the Left to endorse fair and impartial law enforcement, and why they are disinterested – they either get away with the riot, or they get away with the punishment of those who try to resist and protect themselves.

      End result is that the next time, the police will crack down on any sort of protest, peaceful or not, or forbid said protest the “required permits.” The idea of lawful self-defense will be gnawed down a little further. The “violent suppression of the First Amendment rights of protesters” will be the Hot Take.

      All this means is that the next course correction will be far worse, and will not stop at merely quelling a riot – because when the stand down orders come from law enforcement or the Guard, that group of citizens will refuse, and people are going to have to choose in which direction to point their government-issued arms. That’s when things might spiral into actual-factual War, and as Kirk said to Anan Zeven, “We don’t wage war with our computers… we make the real thing.”

  2. ” Do we really want to hand COINTELPRO-plus to, say, Elizabeth Warren? Do we really want gangs of headbusters roaming the streets, even if they’re our headbusters, schutzstaffel-ing our politicians?”

    Emphatically no. No we do not.

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