Colors, Flags, Slogans, Armbands

Most of the media misread Trump because they’re stupid, but even the smarter bloggers out there really don’t realize that he’s not a politician.*  Trumpism may be parasitic on the comatose near-corpse of the Republican Party, and he may have to go through the motions of party politics, but Trump’s bid for the Presidency isn’t a campaign — it’s a mass movement, and he’s a movement-builder.

To be fair, Trump himself might not realize it.  I’m still not entirely sure he’s serious about winning.  But assuming he is, and assuming he’s got some sense of himself as a movement leader, not a politician, I’d advise the following:

Embrace the loyalty pledge.  Remember that ridiculous furor a month or so back, when all the other GOP candidates kept harassing him to sign the loyalty oath?  Aside from cracking a few Catch-22 type jokes, I didn’t think much of it at the time.  It seemed like the kind of stupid, flailing gesture the GOP is addicted to — a sort of in-house version of their patented Failure Theater — and I thought Trump was just humoring them because he really doesn’t care about the Party machine.

Maybe he was… or maybe he was stupid like a fox.  Either way, it’s a golden opportunity, especially now that certain insidery types are talking about a third party run by a Cuckstablishment type.  Trump can play this one to the rafters — he’s the only one in the whole damn race to have given his word and stuck by it.  Nobody else had to sign the Great Loyalty Oath, and surprise surprise, they’re setting up to sell him out.  Loyalty is a yuuuuge virtue among the proles — it’s all they’ve got left.

Get a loyalty oath of his own.  Building on that, I’d drum up a catchy slogan — “Honoring American Values” or some such — and urge all his supporters to publicly take an oath to do the same.  Have them sign an online petition, say, and reward them for doing it.  His website could feature the True American(tm) of the Week who signed the pledge, and he could hand out lapel pins that say “I took the pledge!” or something.  And speaking of pins…

Get an official campaign color.  Armbands are a bit on the nose at this point, but there’s nothing wrong with asking people to wear certain colors.  Liberals do this kind of thing all the time — cf. the NFL wearing that ridiculous pink gear every October.  I’d advise against white — again, a bit on the nose right now — but since conservatives are “red” right now, I’d jump all over that.  Wear something bright red at every appearance, and encourage all supporters to wear as much red as possible at all times.  Once that takes off…

Yep, go with the armbands.  Or, at least, some very visible lapel pins or, better yet, some patches that can be ironed on to ballcaps and / or hunting vests.  Trump’s support right now is almost entirely among the proletariat, and they don’t do political bumper stickers (“NRA life member” stickers, sure).  Bumper stickers, besides being too conventional, are almost entirely an upper-middle class thing — they’re tribal signifiers for the SUV crowd, which is why liberals love them.

The point is to emphasize the movement, not the campaign.  Regular politicians do bumper stickers; they’re genteel displays of political virtue.  Trump is brash and irreverent; so too should his movement be.  The type of person who rushed to buy a Confederate flag after Charleston is exactly the kind of person who’s going to vote for Trump, and he’s got to make them even more visible.  The Establishment — by which I mean the Dempublican Party — is scared absolutely shitless at the thought of the proles developing some class consciousness.  Make Trumpista armbands loud and proud, and pretty soon you’ve got a working-class version of the pantywaist college kid’s Che shirt — a cheap accessory that stands for generic “rebellion.”

D, if you’re reading this… I got a million more.  And I work cheap.  Call me.


*They sneer at his lack of government experience, of course, and what they perceive as his lack of political acumen….but this attitude assumes he’s a still typical — just very bad — politician.

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3 thoughts on “Colors, Flags, Slogans, Armbands

  1. Jay Carter

    Donald UNDERSTANDS this:

    We are an eclectic group of people.

    We gather together neath a paper called The Constitution.

    And that . . . above all, is what makes us American.

    Without The Constitution, we become savages.

    And if there are some here who choose not to adhere to it, Donald say’s to them: “Go find another place to gather!”

    He’s right!

    We must not soil our own nest, lest we will have to abandon it.

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