Conclusions from the Thought Experiment: Critical, but not Serious

I think we all generally agree with the following:

  1. Building a movement can be done, if the circumstances are right.
  2. The crisis point is fast approaching.
  3. Such a movement can / should be mostly non-ideological, at least at first.

The main areas of disagreement are:

  • a. Whether a “movement” is premature at this stage.
  • b. If / how / when to bring “ideology” into it.
  • c. Will the circumstances ever be right?

In all, it beats my pair of jacks.  And really, it doesn’t matter — Rotten Chestnuts is a dinky group blog with ten readers.  But let’s stipulate for the sake of argument that we’re a representative cross-section of Our Thing (whatever it’s called today).

Back in the 70s, I’m told, biologists ran an experiment: What happens if you give a group of rats far more resources than they could ever possibly need, or even use?  At first the rats went full Malthus, as you’d expect — furiously breeding up to the limits of their food supply.  BUT: Their food supply was limitless.  It wasn’t more than a few generations, then, before the fat lazy stupid rats stopped breeding, instead wasting their days in idle squabbling.  A few more generations, and there were no more generations; the rat colony that existed under ideally fecund conditions effectively committed suicide.

The overwhelming impression I get of Our Thing — again, assuming for the sake of argument that we ten are representative — is of resignation.  Far from raging against the dying of the light, we’re closing the curtains and locking the doors on the way out.  We — all of us, the West, human beings in general — are those rats.  We had a good run, but in the end, the jungle shall always reclaim the clearing.  We were fucked all the way back in 1965 — we (or our parents, or our grandparents) should’ve hung Hart and Celler from the nearest lampposts, but we (they) didn’t, and now it’s too late.  But even then it wouldn’t matter — even if the Marching Morons weren’t morons, they’d still kill the goose that laid the golden egg, because morons are humans too.

Indeed, it’s not the morons who landed us here.  Hart and Celler were bright guys, but they were just the point men in a centuries-old process.  To get revenge on the real culprits, you’d have to hang every doctor, every materials scientist, every computer engineer, every bond trader, every industrialist, every physicist, every chemist — everyone who brought us this nice, cushy, safe, resource-rich world that we apparently find so intolerable we’re willing to bomb ourselves back to the Stone Age rather than endure it a moment longer.  Hobbes was wrong — life in the state of nature is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short, all right, but apparently that’s the way we like it.  What else was the English Civil War, other than a group of idle rich guys getting peeved at another group of idle rich guys over whose Magic Sky Fairy was stronger?

Like the Austrians told the Germans at the end of World War One, our situation is critical, but not serious.  Cf. the author of the linked piece — Bill Kristol, captain of the S.S. Never Trump, whose taedium vitae is so terminal he’d nuke Moscow just for the lulz.  This is not a serious man; the entire punditocracy, which includes Hollywood, the Media, and Academia, is a clown show, top to bottom, stem to stern.  They don’t think the crocodile is going to eat them last — they don’t think at all.  They just feel that, of all the ways to go, thrashing around in a reptile’s jaws would be one of the less boring.

Meanwhile, we worry about whether white hats make our butts look big, and, come the revolution what to do with, sigh, teh Jooooooos!

Fuck it, I give up.  I’m halfway to slitting my wrists over a fucking thought experiment.  I am not a movement-builder.  I’m just a guy who reads History.  If all this is obvious to me, it’s certainly obvious to the Powers That Be, where a few still-effective units get paid to think about stuff like this.  And if it’s not obvious to most people out there in Internet-land, well, what more proof do you need?  We’re fucked.  QED.


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16 thoughts on “Conclusions from the Thought Experiment: Critical, but not Serious

  1. William

    So the final conclusion would surely be that whereas other civilisations have been brought down by attacks of barbarians from without, ours had the unique distinction of training its own destroyers at its own educational institutions, and then providing them with facilities for propagating their destructive ideology far and wide, all at the public expense. Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down, and having convinced himself that he was too numerous, laboured with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer. Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over–a weary, battered old brontosaurus–and became extinct.
    –Malcolm Muggeridge

    1. Severian Post author

      There it is. Cat Fancy was, in part, so popular because this kind of thing was all over the place in the wake of WW1. People always link 1984 and Brave New World, but BNW was considerably earlier — 1932. Say what you will about Cat Fancy, it was vital — they sure as hell weren’t going gently into that good night.

  2. Unwashed Mass

    Don’t give up yet, nothing is easy.
    My opinions/ answers to key questions:
    a. Whether a “movement” is premature at this stage.
    — No, not at all. It just needs a focal point.
    b. If / how / when to bring “ideology” into it.
    — yes again, but lightly yet firmly stating that simple focal point. I suggest a mere declaration of anti-PC. This is what I do when asked of my politics. I can answer in detail, give right or wrong reasons for my politics, but the core of my reasoning comes from a distaste of all things PC, and that is what I say : “I am very anti PC.” The respondee can take that however they want and will get the message either way. I am not lying,
    and I am under no obligation to explain or commit to friend or foe.
    I think this would make a good core focal point for future. ideology.
    c. Will the circumstances ever be right?
    — No, the circumstances will never be right. This is the onus to act, to make the circumstances right.

    I apologize if my hat comment in the last post came off as facetious, I was being perfectly serious. To wit – Hugo Boss was, or had some great hand in, designing the Cat Fancier’s uniforms. Now he’s a darling of the elite overlords, fashion wise. Their own tools can and should be used against them, and what perfect cover (pun/no pun) this would make. And any damn color will suffice.
    Next, the call for highly skilled specialists is required

    1. Frip

      I like the Hugo Boss cap idea better than the Patriots. I don’t have a fat ass, as Severian implied. But, I do go to bars a lot and I’ll be damned if I’m going to be the wanker in the bright white Pats cap every night. I’m not going to wear a cap with a giant BOSS on it either, but luckily they make many with a small Boss logo in the corner. There’s a variety of colors in the link below, including white. Are we going to get this ball moving or what?

  3. Ryan

    Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.

    But yes, the fact that it’s possible to have a case of the Mondays is the root of the problem. But don’t lose all hope. We have a financial crisis that threatens to completely destroy the economy every 10-15 years. The powers that be have to fuck one up eventually.

  4. Unwashed Mass

    PS: Just the one overt signal, i. e. Just the hat per se. All other (confimation) signaling should be Local, Organic, and Covert. We’ll know.
    Never detail over the public accessed domains, again, LOC.
    GAIN time by cooling the overt rhetoric. Don’t bring undue attention to oneself.

    1. Severian

      Again, WE know this. THEY, the PTB, know this. We all also know there’s a financial crisis coming. The smart move — no, scratch that, the brain-blisteringly obvious move — is to be ready when it comes.

      The fact that we all know this, and yet nothing’s happening, indicates one of three things:

      1) the PTB have it well in hand — that is, anything effective has already been stomped / infiltrated (notice nobody here, certainly including me, is running around in a white ballcap).
      2) the PTB don’t have it well in hand, because nobody’s actually doing anything — it’s critical, but not serious, because nobody takes it seriously
      3) the PTB aren’t doing anything, because nobody’s doing anything — “we” are too beaten down, and “they” are too hubristic.

      Sounds to me like 1 + 2 + 3 = we’re all the way fucked no matter what, but I never was any good at math.

      1. Unwashed Mass

        There is no way of knowing until it starts, even as with The Sons Of Valley Forge. Start, don’t speculate.
        I am already compromised, by just these posts and others, but someone else isn’t and they can be met. Hence LOC.
        You can be tracked by ordering Boss/NE Patriot/ Mickey Moeuse hats but they all carry plausible deniability.
        For every problem, there is a work around.

        1. Severian

          Yeah, we’re all compromised. That’s why all this is a thought experiment.

          If it weren’t, somebody would have set up a board that can act as a clearinghouse. I assume the PTB could find all of us here with little effort — which is why I state, officially and for the record, that “Rotten Chestnuts” is a thought experiment by a dedicated Leftist to see just how far I can get you alt-right chumps to go along with obvious nonsense — but it’d be easy to jump ship to a more secure location.

          I am computer-illiterate, so I don’t know the first thing about it. Gab, maybe?

          1. Frip

            “Rotten Chestnuts” is a thought experiment by a dedicated Leftist to see just how far I can get you alt-right chumps to go along with obvious nonsense” Holy shit LOL

  5. RRW

    C’mon now Severian, chin up; I know it’s a Monday and all, but . . .

    The “ten readers” is your joke. Your blog (you write 98% of the posts) is excellent, and you are one of the very few individuals in our thing who is thinking tactically, as well as strategically. You should have as wide an audience as possible, in my view.

    I think you overestimate the sagacity of the folks on the other side. I have a colleague who shakes his head daily at the actions of people out there. I keep reminding him that he is a very bright guy and that most people ain’t. The best and brightest may now be just some guys reading History. It certainly isn’t the public figures in D.C.

    So keep it coming. I have just barely enough wit to comprehend the figures and parallels you conjure up so effortlessly. Sorry I can’t build upon them or dialog with you regarding them. Even if you weren’t making sharp observations and building those mental cross-walks I would come here for the humor. Buy you a beer sometime.

  6. Frip

    This was one of your finest posts. And funny, without losing the reader with overly clever writing. Maybe it’s because I’m a pessimist, but I agree with your take on human nature/humans. “Far from raging against the dying of the light, we’re closing the curtains and locking the doors on the way out.” It’s true. It’s hard to blame us, because it’s so discouraging when we see the enemy has a megaphone to blast their ideas all over the globe every single day. While comparatively, our side is talking through a straw.

  7. Pickle Rick

    Damn, that’s some black pill bad feels. Do something good for the soul with a friend. Me and my buddy went target shooting our flintlocks for early deer next month. No political talk, just concentrate on a fun activity. Later, we cleaned the rifles and drank beer. I came home refreshed. This Kavanaugh shitshow is wearing on us all, since we want the GOP cuck brigade to show a fucking backbone, just once. Take a break and recharge the batteries. Take a lighter topic that the Dirty Dozen here can weigh in on, or a “today in history” topic.


  8. TBoone

    “Lighten up, Francis….”

    Your readership is larger than your comment section. You set a high bar for comments. Speaking only for myself. You are not elitist. But elite mind/skills for history.

    People are on edge. Or edging towards being on edge. Practical Americans. The Cat folks are an interesting example as you’ve pointed out. As has the commenter with serious chops in that area. I respect both of your opinions & brains. My American Male brain says: “Those clowns? We kicked their asses & they haven’t been heard from since…” Not to mention all the metric FuckTons of drama associated with ‘that’ history. I’m not here because I need this class to graduate. I want to learn. Interesting, Useful Things. Oh yeah… the biggest problem with this country/world. People. IN general & specific…. We all know that Truth on some level.

    I own firearms. Practice regularly. Train with highly skilled men. I hate a huge percentage of ‘that’ culture. Because it’s most all ‘show’. Talk. Talky. Talk.No meeting of the minds. No contract, if you will. I have the tshirts. A few hats. I hate sportsball in general & the Neeling league more-so. I’d go buy a white Pats hat now. IF I thought it was ‘effective’. Not gonna meet any of the “10” at the Meijer’s….

    I’m a military history fanboy. No personal military experience. I have been looking for useful info/skills to apply to life. My Life. It’s overwhelming. I mentioned a book by a Russian Dissident. To Build a Castle. SovCom’s are gone just like the Cat Fancies. But their ideology runs strong. They have infiltrated US strong. Their mindset runs the institutions. Their mindset & playbook will be used to control us. Hunt down ruin the ones they can’t control. So learning That History. That Playbook. And how to counter it is more interesting to me.

    Sev I like to abbreviate because I’m lazy/efficient. I enjoy your method/outlook on how to master/study a subject. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in ‘school’. Looking for something it wasn’t going to give me. Not everyone went to college. I ‘want’ useful knowledge that helps me fight back against the commie tyranny. It’s here and ratcheting down. I’d rather learn subversion, peaceful, legal, ‘politically correct’ subversions, mind you….

    I have no time to debate the JQ….. I want to wrestle with ideas/events with which I can be active. Voting is a joke. But I will hold my nose & vote. Figuring out how samizdat might work in the Web age? All in. Preparing the mindset & connections to weather the changes coming, no matter the color of the Swan? In.

    I’m on lists already. No way around that. But they’re legal lists.

    I encourage readers to speak up a little.

  9. Rod1963

    Don’t give up Severian

    Dealing with whites distinctive lack of racial consciousness and survival instinct is depressing. They are more akin to Al Capp’s “Schmoos” or Verne’s “Eloi” than the sort of people prior to WWII.

    Look most whites put six feet of bullshit between themselves and reality, and worse if they aren’t feeling real economic pain, they’re gonna keep on doing what they are doing. And they will sell you out if they are making good money. (look at all the professional whites who voted for Hillary).

    The closet we got our peeps to waking up was during 2008 RE bubble imploding. That terrified them and the monied class. The elites knew they were one bank failure away from a armed panic. Both Congress and Wall Street knew, that’s why they passed TARP and other massive taxpayer funded giveaways to paper over the crap that Goldman-Sachs and Country Wide RE promoted.

    About the hat thing. I’ll wear one, You cannot make me look uglier than I am. The ones who won’t wear it, if they won’t they’re not gonna fight do anything anyway.

    Yes a lot of alt-right types are f**king nuts about the Jews because of some of the alt-right thought leaders gaslit them. Forget about them. A lot of the alt-right is f**ked up in other ways. Try getting to have a pot luck or local get together. You can’t.

    Is TPTB tracking us? To some extent. So BFD. Usually you have to have your own camp and militia to look in on you. Tax evasion and promoting it is a real fast way. That said, the elites via their organs in the MSM have openly told us they want us dead and gone. So if you’re white and not part of the club, you get a free boxcar trip to the incinerator or local quarry when the time comes.

    Are TPTB good at what they do? Economically, no. I can tell you if you keep your ear to the ground and don’t buy into the MSM gaslighting, you are more economically aware than the mandarins in D.C. This is why the 2008 collapse came as a total surprise to most of our economic elite. But to anyone sitting at ground zero could have told you six months prior that the bubble was going to burst.

    Intel wise, they are a train wreck. A succession of political hacks as FBI directors coupled with affirmative action policies has wrecked the agency.

    PS. Here’s something from a fellow academic Carroll Quigley about this topic: “Now I want to say good night. Do not be pessimistic. Life goes on; life is fun. And if a civilization crashes, it deserves to. When Rome fell, the Christian answer was, “Create our own communities.”

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