Conditions Under Which I Would Respect the Left

You know why everyone hates you, Liberals?  It’s the hypocrisy.  No, I don’t mean things like “living in the whitest enclave you can find while endlessly whining about diversity, and fleeing to whiter pastures the moment a Vibrant moves in.”  Although that doesn’t help.  It’s this whole “antifa” thing — proclaiming yourselves “anti-fascist,” then acting like jackbooted thugs.  But you know what?  That’d even be ok, if you went all the way with it.

For instance, when you invite all and sundry Trump supporters to “meet [you] in the UFC octagon,” don’t puss out when an actual MMA guy steps up to the challenge.  Take your lumps, tough guy.  I don’t expect Tim Kennedy to even break a sweat choking your bitch ass out, but backing up your words with deeds is the behavioral equivalent of functional testicles.  Don’t do the one, you ain’t got the other.

Or knocking “Nazis” out, then throwing your hands up and shouting “peaceful protest!”  If he’s really a Nazi, go ahead and knock him out.  That’s what the Commies and various other flavors of “anti-fascists” did in Germany back in the 20s and early 30s.  But…. they also stayed to do battle with the Nazi’s buddies when the Brownshirts showed up ready to rumble.  They didn’t throw their hands up like meek little lambs, then run away from security.

Which brings us to this Berkeley thing.  And look, I agree with you.  If Trump’s as bad as you say, then absolutely you should be doing what you’re doing.  Hell, you should be doing a lot more!  But….. if he’s really that bad, then you need to be prepared to take the consequences.  I know, I know, history always begins this morning for y’all, but you’d do well to reflect on the fate of the German Left under Hitler.  The police…. yeah, the ones you say are all racist fascists, but also the only people in America who should have guns… are they with you or against you, do you think?  And those are the police you know about, comrade.  What about the secret police?  Does Trump have some?  Do you think he’s likely to get some, what with being the new Fuhrer and all?

The SA, the SS… these are just names for you to call your political opponents now, but they were real groups — millions strong — who did real things to real people.  People like you, comrades.  Since you’re as ignorant as you are cowardly, I’ll tell you what happened to the Communists in Nazi Germany: Quite a few of their comrades sold them out to the Gestapo; the rest spent the war in Dachau (the ones that didn’t get beaten to death or shot in the back of the neck in secret police dungeons, that is).  Are Trump supporters capable of that?  I don’t see how you can possibly argue that they aren’t, based on all your previous hyperbole.  So… what are you gonna do when the Brownshirts show up?

Make no mistake, boys, I abhor political violence.  Once Der Trumpenfuhrer’s Brownshirts do show up, representative government in this country is dead.  But remember, I’m the guy who’s been predicting American fascism for years.  Why?  Because I’m around you people all the damn time, and I know basic history, and, to quote one of your idols (even though you have no idea who he is or what he did), you don’t need a Weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowing.  You people are making this happen.  Are you going to take the consequences when they come, like real men?

Of course not.  I’d respect you if you did.  I’d even defend you, IF Trump were as bad as you say.  But it’ll never come to that, will it?

You might want to ask yourselves why, before it’s too late.


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3 thoughts on “Conditions Under Which I Would Respect the Left

  1. Robert M Mitchell Jr.

    And that’s why I think you are wrong about American Fascism. These guys, the guys in the 60s/70s, etc, keep sh*tting in their OWN backyard. Good luck building a powerbase like that…….

  2. Bram

    I ask Leftist I meet to explain how their current platform is the different than Mussolini’s during his rise in the 20’s. They have no answer because:

    1. They have no idea what “fascist” means.

    2. There are no significant differences.


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