Constitutional Crises

The idea that the State exists to keep the people secure long predates the very notion of “the State.”  Even mighty pharaoh, a literal god on earth, was put on earth to make sure the Nile flooded and the people got fed.  Call it “breaking the social contract” or “losing the mandate of heaven,” a government that fails to protect its citizens from existential threats is no government at all.

Which is the current situation in Portland.  I doubt even the idiot commie mayor of America’s dumbest city was stupid enough to put it in writing, but it’s obvious that the Portland police were ordered to stand down as “Antifa” rioted this weekend.  This is, in effect, warlordism — whoever is theoretically in charge of the government, the real rulers are petty local tyrants and their goon squads.  But since this is Senescent America, there’s a postmodern twist: The government voluntarily relinquished its authority, while still claiming to be the legitimate government.

That’s a new one in the annals of political science.  There are lots of instances of monarchs abdicating.  Even revolutionary leaders have stepped aside in two cases (the US founding, and the Meiji Restoration).  But none of them went on acting like the official, legitimate government.  In Portland, though, everyone but the masked, dreadlocked, patchouli-reeking goons of “Antifa” will face the full wrath of the cops should they, say, run a red light or not pay their water bill.  Heck, maybe the cops will pull over the aforesaid goons if they run a traffic light; maybe they only get off if they’re committing felonious assault while some other smelly burnout chants slogans.  We’re in totally uncharted waters here.

It’s not just a theoretical question for political theorists, either.  This stuff matters, because as Ted Cruz has pointed out, the Feds might well be constitutionally obligated to step in — see, for instance, the Klan Act.  Both state and federal authorities are required to provide “a republican form of government” for their citizens.  Just as black civil rights were meaningless in a South dominated by the Ku Klux Klan, so too, one might argue, are the basic rights of Portlanders meaningless in a city where they can be assaulted at will by “political protesters.”

But here’s the kicker: If this thought has occurred to Ted Cruz, it has surely occurred to George Soros.  What would be better, from Satan’s point of view, than having President Trump call out the Army to bust Leftist heads in the middle of election season?  As we know, the goober Boomer vote still counts this one last time.  As we also know, even seemingly rock-ribbed conservative Boomers have a soft spot for political “activism” — it reminds them of their salad days, getting to second base with a flower-power girl to the tune of “Crimson and Clover.”  It wouldn’t matter what lunatic was on the Democratic ticket at that point — the mere sight of a few armored personnel carriers rolling down the streets of an American city would be all she wrote.

We know that “Antifa” can do whatever they want in Portland.  We also know that dumbasses from the “Alt-right” (or whatever it is now) will keep walking into it.  The Left has half a century’s experience organizing street theatre.  Even with all due allowance made for the extreme enstupidation of the citizenry between ’68 and now, it’s still child’s play for the Left to organize a riot.  Interesting times ahead — if you start seeing the Never-Trump cucks going all-in on an armed response to civil disorder, you know the fix is in.

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5 thoughts on “Constitutional Crises

  1. WOPR

    Now if we were dealing with a real Federal gov’t, they wouldn’t need to roll in armor to handle this. You know these people have no communication discipline. At least they don’t at the level to thwart the Feds. A night of raids and you would crush the movement in Portland. Arrest some gov’t officials including a few cops who just stood by, and things would change. You could even disappear an antifa ringleader or two. But, we don’t have a gov’t. We have a clique that would immediately divulge any plans to the press.

    Zman’s point that fighting the Left in the street is counterproductive is correct. We need to be identifying these people. Then we need to come up with actions, perfectly legal actions, that strike quickly and make their lives a living hell. We’re the Viet Cong, not the 5th Cav.

    1. rwc1963

      I don’t know what world Zman lives in. But there are no legal actions to take against anti-fa and their masters. Really when the police, courts are stacked against us and Trump is happy throwing whites under the bus ,. we’re pretty much cut off at the knees as it were,

      Gaslight the Left? Whites don’t do that, we lack the requisite flexibility and innate ruthlessness to do it. The few that do are looked down upon by the alt-right thought leaders, so why should others stick their neck out when the alt-right will cut it off just as fast as the Left will.

      And we’re not the Viet Cong or even the frat house in Animal House. From what I see the alt-right is pretty all about nothing.

  2. Pickle Rick

    The Summer of 1859, not 1968, approaches. Maybe we need the leftist revolutionary street violence at every single Trump event, at every single campaign stop, to get the idiots who haven’t got it through their thick skulls what the Left has in store for us, regardless of the results of the what probably will be the last “peaceful” election before the violence escalates. You think the left lost their shit in 2016, you haven’t seen the level of insanity they’re preparing if Trump (and us) beat them at their rigged game TWICE.

  3. Maus

    Look, Portland is a lost cause, a land of faggot hipsters and tatooed freaks. Let Antifa have it. I could not care less about the fate of Ngo. Zman is entirely correct that street theater is a waste of time and energy. The Proud Boys and the alt-Right “warriors” represent the slack-jawed idiots who need to be cast into outer darkness. If TPTB want to come for me where I live, then I will risk my spilt blood. But I am not joining the posse comitatus for the sake of these unintelligent degenerates just because they share my distaste for Diversity and the rainbow coalition. They have no strategy and damned poor tactics. Portland has nothing worthwhile that cannot be found elsewhere. Leave it and shake the dust from your feet.

  4. Maus

    I mean, here we are on the eve of Indepence Day and I’m so damned blackpilled that all I can think is F**k America! We need a cleansing. Our Thing should be convincing Kim to nuke Portland or San Francisco. One death is a tragedy, a million is a stastic. Wouldn’t most normies be objectively better off if San Fecescrisco was a smoking crater? I lived there many years ago, a voiceless conservative in a sea of unthinking liberals even then; and I wouldn’t miss it or the vast majority of its degenerate population. Maybe it’s just the depression talking, but my soul is arrid and my heart is black. I can’t even imagine what would constitute good enough news to snap my mood.

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