Culture Matters

When I think about the possibility — these days, the near certainty — of widespread political violence coming soon to a theater near you, I think about my teaching days.  Culture matters, y’all.

Anyone who takes even a passing glance at 20th century military history immediately notices collectivists’ tolerance for casualties.  The Soviets admitted to something like 25 million against the Nazis; the reality was probably far higher.  The Nazis themselves were no stranger to suicidal tactics; Luftwaffe pilots were at one point ordered to ram enemy bombers when their fighters ran out of ammunition, and some of them actually did it.  The Chinese in Korea took the heaviest losses in modern warfare; Giap’s North Vietnamese Army was infamous for its “human wave” attacks.  Wherever you find socialists, you find an appalling indifference to human life.

Modern American college kids are far closer to New Soviet Men than you think.  Far, far closer.

If you’re over 40 and have a social media presence, think of your behavior there.  Do you unfriend people?  How often?  Is it easy?  If you’re anything like me, you don’t exactly agonize over it, but you do take some time to think it over.  Even if it’s just Joe Schmoe, some guy you swapped lies with on a business trip, you still think of him as a human being.  You wonder if he’ll wonder what happened if you’re no longer on his friends list.  It’s not a hard decision, let’s not overdramatize, but there’s always at least a small pang of something very much like guilt….

The younger generation doesn’t feel any of that.  They’re so used to lives lived online — 400 contacts in the smartphone, 5000 friends on Facebook — that unfriending someone is nothing more than deleting spam.  The Millennials’ emotional model is Tinder — if it doesn’t appeal to you in every way, right away, just left-swipe it and it’s gone from your life forever.   I often wonder how much of anything they actually feel.

Those are your enemies.  Those are the frontline troops, the NCOs and platoon commanders.  I’d like to think that I could bring myself to give the order to fire if I were absolutely convinced of my cause’s rightness, and the no-possible-alternatives necessity of pulling the trigger.  These kids, it wouldn’t shock me at all to hear them call in an airstrike if someone used real milk instead of soy in their half-caff, triple-foam venti frappucino.

Culture matters, and ours is selfish, simpleminded, superficial, and brutal.  Given half the chance, that’s how they’ll act.

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13 thoughts on “Culture Matters

  1. Pickle Rick

    Until they actually see the dead body of one of their own and the ugly, smelly, bloody reality of it all hits them in the face. Real war has a tendency to teach hard lessons that online warriors of the social justice type never learned (as I learned in Iraq) and won’t want any part of when they begin hearing that play action revolution means some of them get killed. Their appetite for direct action won’t be so appealing if they loose the other side into counterrevolutionary violence. The only reason these people do what they do is because there’s been zero action taken in retaliation by the opposition- that’s going to change, and fast. For 50 years, the Left has had a monopoly on street violence. I’m predicting that’s at an end. I’m not advocating it, NSA/DHS/FBI/ATF/ACLU/ crimethink watchers, but it’s coming.

    1. Severian Post author

      I hear you, but I’m worried about what happens in the between time. SJW 1 hears that SJW 2 has encountered resistance. SJW 1 has seen the horrors of war, and wants no part of it anymore. Does SJW 2 then conclude that war itself is bad?

      I don’t think so. I myself have never been in battle, but I have empathy and imagination. That’s all it takes for me to KNOW I want no part of war, and to KNOW that if I’m forced to take part, I will do everything I can to minimize loss of life.

      I really, truly, madly, deeply believe that SJWs lack empathy and imagination. They really are NPCs, in some very important ways. When they hear that war is horrible, they just can’t grok it…. so when they hear that SJW 1 has encountered some resistance, they don’t think “maybe I should re-think political violence;” they think “and that’s why I should nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.”

      1. Pickle Rick

        That’s Lenin and Stalin in a nutshell. To them, “people” were abstract concepts. The difference between them and our modern Bolsheviks is first, they don’t have the ability (yet) to coerce, conscript, or mobilize the cannon fodder. ANTIFA is the Leftist version of our sorry assed volunteer military. You can’t get volunteers if you’re getting them killed in job lots, so their absolute first rule is to only fight opponents who can’t or won’t fight back.

        These things aren’t jihadists-there’s no 72 virgins in the afterlife for them, their Marxist paradise only exists here on earth, so dying for the cause isn’t so popular among the effete atheists.

    2. WOPR

      That’s not the way it works. They’ll see YOU as a sub-human out to end their existence. Sure they just saw SJW1 torn into a million pieces. That’s how they all will be unless they slaughter YOU. And if that means they have to take 10,000 POC’s and force them to charge you head-on, they’ll do it. YOU have to die and they’ll use their numbers to swamp you. Or maybe they’ll simply gas that nice little town that voted red the last election.

      I’ve been listening to the second D-Day Through German Eyes book after listening to the first one. The interviews were done 10 years after the war. You know virtually all of the German soldiers say? We were there to defend a United Europe. International banks and Bolshevism were the real enemy. Some of them still believed it. The propaganda against us is ramping up. Sure you might discourage the pansy brigade. But that simply means they need to turn the dial up to 11. Enough of them will follow the propaganda and will be willing to do anything to kill you. And the cops will pretend it didn’t happen unless you somehow resist.

  2. Jay Carter

     These kids, it wouldn’t shock me at all to hear them call in an airstrike if someone used real milk instead of soy in their half-caff, triple-foam venti frappucino.

    Severian, it wouldn’t shock me either.

    That’s why I leave my house every morning accompanied by my two friends . . . Smith and Wesson.

    Yes I do!

  3. Toddy Cat

    If we’re defeated by human wave attacks launched by Millennials, of all people, we deserve to be beaten.

    1. Severian

      Ha ha, but obviously I don’t think Millennials will launch themselves in human wave attacks. I do think they’d have no problem ordering up human wave attacks, or miles-wide airstrikes, or ginormous artillery barrages, just because.

      A Gen X commander would try to achieve the objective with as little loss of life as possible. Millennials are like Soviet commissars — they just don’t give a shit. Negotiations are boring, brah, and we’ve got, like, an armored column right here, so….

      1. Rod1963

        Agree, you won’t see Millennials doing the fighting period.

        No what you will see are a bunch of AA blacks, Arabs, women and Asians of various stripes hired by the government ordering these attacks on whites. What most people ignore that the Federal government is the largest employer of blacks and other ethnic groups. At the state level it’s just as bad, at least here in So. CAL.. If you’re white you don’t get hired unless you have a inside connection or are a relative to someone who already works for the state.

        On the plus side, the Lefty whites in power are bending over to accommodate these backward savages in the military and lowering standards like crazy and crippling the military in the process. The Coast Guard Academy now makes ethncity and sex determining qualifications for acceptance not test scores anymore. Though West Point already has them beat.

        Anybody ever wonder why only half of AF planes are flyable? Because they booted out all the career oriented experienced flight line mechanics to save money. Oh yeah these men happened to be white with high IQ’s.

        Point is when the balloon goes up the white elites and their precious AA hires and Twiggly Puffs won’t have a military to call upon to smite whitey with. Oh bits and pieces will still work but not enough.

        1. Jay Carter

          I hope we all read this. The Bell Curve, published in 1994, was written by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray to explain the variations in intelligence in American society, warn of some consequences of that variation, and propose social policies for mitigating the worst of the consequences.

  4. Contrariandutchman

    Yes, culture matters, in fact that and genetics are rhe only things that matter for a human society. Its what Marx got totally wrong, and where Gramsci went mostly right… Which is why the modern Gramscian left is far more dangerous then the old Marxist version.

    An speaking of culture, a key difference between left and right that has been stable at least since the Frnech revolution that you’re hitting o here is that the right cres about people, actual humans, and the left cares about abstractions, like “humanity”, I suspect thats why the most bloodthirsty rightwing dictatot never managed to come close to matching the slaughter inflicted by a bogstandard leftist one. And they didnt have social media or anything online back in 1789 France….

    As to leftists willingness to take casualties, clearly, they sure love to have other people do it for them (why do you think that blocking battalion is there comrade? now advance or else) but are hardly averse to taking them themselves, after all, they are npc’s (or total nihilists as you put it before I think) their lives are empty and meaningless anyway, might as well have it end killing the enemy…

    A note on getting organized: try going to meetings and places (offline, this is important) where you have a shot at finding people potentially interested in our thing, there is certain to be something in your area, start talking, see how people respond. You’ll have a bunch of misses, but eventually a few hits, and then youll know some people you’ll want to meet more and start a club with (nothing politial that club, skiing, boardgames, basketball, anything really)

    And should the day we wish to avoid come old men may make poor infantry but they can still drive a car or sit in a high place looking through binoculars. And before that, having a club means you’ll have some fun come what may.

  5. Al from da Nort

    I’m not so sure that we should worry unduly. What have SJW’s ever organized *by themselves*_? As my old CO said, they couldn’t organize a two car funeral, much less a serious military campaign.

    Besides this deficiency, they lack discipline. And they have never faced any actual opposition in their entire lives.

    Besides all that, what’s their cause to fight and die for_? ‘Forward, comrades, for niceness and an end of hurt feelings’, is not apt to cut it. And, being atomized, they will have a very hard time forging the ‘band of brothers’ bonds that can cause men to fight for their buddies if for nothing else.

    It all comes back to Feminism. The crazy thing about it is that, stripped of the mindless bitching, it’s elite (mostly) white females demanding that somebody do stuff for them or they’ll howl and cry. Why anybody falls for it is beyond me. But once the political process that currently reinforces compliance fails, any commands they issue will be just piss in the wind.

  6. Steve Worboys

    I don’t think there is a parallel in all human history for the contemporary American college student, trained from birth to be soulless, to scorn curiosity, to fear isolation from the group, to equate personal ambition with public virtue, and to react to any setback or ‘comeuppance’ as a violation of their dignity.

    These are the managers and technocrats of the near future, culturally and morally illiterate, but with great teeth and cool Facebook pages replete with photos from their skiing trips, and above all – credentials.

    This isn’t even a left/right thing. It’s a post-human thing.

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