Days of Rage Redux?

I can’t recommend enough Bryan Burrough’s Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence.  There was a LOT of domestic terrorism in the US in the late 60s and early 70s.  Then as now, the Media were infatuated with the raw “authenticity” of Leftist violence, especially racial violence.  Weatherman* et al were clowns, but one of Burrough’s main points is that it doesn’t take much — a few trust-fund Trotskys, aided and abetted by fellow travelers in the Ivory Tower and especially the Media, can change an entire cultural climate.  

The Austin Bomber is apparently dead (link to RS McCain’s roundup), and the forthcoming media frenzy will tell us a lot about how the next few years are going to go.  Austin PD has identified him as a white male, so there will be the usual calls for increased surveillance, thumbsuckers about toxic masculinity, whiteness, and so forth, but if he’s not just a random psycho — and this is our last, best hope — things are going to get ugly real fast.

What most folks who haven’t read Days of Rage don’t realize is, it doesn’t take any real skill to be a “revolutionary” — and to have a massive impact.  The Weather Underground frequently blew themselves up, as you might expect when pampered rich college kids try to do something with their hands… and even the most fumble-fingered Sixties radical was Mr. Fix-It compared to the average Millennial.  I’d go 100 to 1 this kid is hardly an engineering mastermind, but when the outrage machine gets going and the mail delivery biz gets slapped with 10,000 new regulations — not to mention all the lawsuits by the victims — interstate commerce is going to take a big hit….

…. and that’s assuming he really IS a random psychopath, with a huge malignant brain tumor that caused him to snap.  If he really did have some kind of “political” motive, no matter how out there… well, read the book.  It’s not going to be good.


*Their official name was Weatherman, singular.  As history strongly suggests we’ll be seeing a lot more of this kind of thing as society continues to fragment at light speed, you can show off your esoteric Sixties Radical knowledge by referring to them in the singular.

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2 thoughts on “Days of Rage Redux?

  1. Nate winchester

    Hm. So that’s why the media behaves as it does. The las vegas shooter must have been the wrong revolutionary, so they stop talking about him. Meanwhile the parkland incident is sparking the “right kind” of revolution so they’re going to keep it up as much as possible.

    If we’re placing bets…. I’ll take the odds something inconvenient is going to be found about this villain and he’s going to drop off the radar.

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