Deep Cover

Yet another “Alt-Right” retard may once have been “Mainstream Left.”  Via Vox Day, the tale of Garon Archer, who, like Jason Kessler, was Occupying Wall Street just a few years ago:

But just a few years ago, Archer appeared in a 2012 YouTube video of an Occupy movement demonstration in Florida, protesting for the arrest of George Zimmerman, who fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida. In the video, Archer – who was himself 17 at the time   – chants slogans against racism and burns a Confederate flag bandanna.

Vox and his gang, of course, assume this is a (((Soros))) astroturf operation.  I dunno.  One of the big problems intelligence services had in the Cold War was finding deep cover operatives.  Anyone good enough at aping the other guy’s lifestyle to pass as an enemy national for long periods of time was at high risk of developing Stockholm Syndrome.  Your average Leftist obviously doesn’t suffer from cognitive dissonance, since without CD Leftism cannot be, but the kind of personality that would Occupy Wall Street just isn’t capable of faking it on the other side.

I suggest another alternative: Today’s SJW is tomorrow’s obergruppenfuhrer.  I could swear I read some dork going off about this just the other day….

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2 thoughts on “Deep Cover

  1. P_Ang

    “I dunno.”

    Yeah, but wasn’t Kessler the one that received a nice fat check from the Dem party just before he disappeared and reimerged as the Democrat wet-dream of an alt-right Nazi?

  2. Nate Winchester

    Eh, is it “really” that deep of cover though? That seems to be the fatal flaw with your reasoning. With these possible fakers it’s not that deep of cover but more like a basic cop sting. And let’s be honest, with social media and all these days, it’s really easy to set up an identity capable of withstanding an initial google search. Heck is it even that long of time? I’ll double check in a bit but it appears a lot of these “conversions” were very recent.

    But then I still have a theory that Jerry Falwell was a massive false flag. With the media savy world we have now, you have to wonder if we’ll reach the point where everyone will show up on the battlefield dressed as the side they hate (i.e. antifa dress as nazis, nazis dress as antifa)


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