Blaise Pascal supposedly said that most of humanity’s problems can be boiled down to our inability to sit in a room quietly.  A few random items of confirmation:

Our Betters in Love.  “Do I Have to Tell My New Girlfriend I’m Going to Keep Seeing Sex Workers?”  Look, buddy, I’m not going to criticize you for paying to get your ashes hauled.  The opposite, in fact.  Because I spent a lot of years on campus, and thus saw lots of young Leftists in the making, I’m practically Sigmund Freud when it comes to the hazards of improper sexual development.  Lots of Leftists-in-the-making could avoid a lifetime of triggerings if they’d just get laid the normal way — missionary position, with a member of the opposite sex — before they hit 28 or so.  If you just hire a pro and get it over with, you’ll find out that it’s really no big deal.  It’s certainly nothing to ruin your life over, which is what will happen if you take the opposite tack and major in Gender Studies…

But I’m sure that’s what this goober did, and now like all Leftists he’s got a morbid case of self-dramatization.  His every problem is an existential crisis, so he decides that he’s going to keep right on hiring prostitutes, but only because it’ll strengthen their relationship.  Funny how “taking the path of least resistance” always ends up being the politically correct thing to do, isn’t it?  I’m going to keep doing exactly what I want to do, consequences be damned… now praise me for it, because I’m really doing it For The People.

Speaking of self-dramatization, here’s the New York Times illustrating yet another “we must impeach Trump!” article with a picture of an assassination:

So, yeah: Sarah Palin’s electoral map with targets on it was directly responsible for that lunatic shooting Gabby Giffords, but this?  No encouragement to political violence here!

Which is why Pascal was right.  The kind of losers who write for, and read, the New York Times think they’re being cute with this kind of thing.  It’s all just fake Twitter drama-rama to them.  And yes, well, maybe some awful redneck out there in Flyover Country might end up getting hurt, but really, isn’t that what they deserve?

The idea that political violence is no respecter of zip codes — that, in fact, in revolutions the self-proclaimed elite is always the first up against the wall — simply never occurs to them, because they are deeply silly people who take nothing seriously but their own self-manufactured social media drama.  See also this:

Anyone with a rudimentary grasp of history knows that, should the bullets actually start flying, “comfort woman” is the highest station this ditz could possibly aspire to… but she, and everyone she associates with, lacks such a grasp.  She gets re-tweeted for stuff like this, and to people like her, that’s all that matters.

Whatever it is that infects people with this terminal need to self-dramatize — I think it’s called “prosperity” — you can go ahead and carve it on Western Civ’s tombstone: “Died of self-inflicted wounds.”  Dramarama killed us.  If our great-great-great-great grandchildren ever want to give stuff like “indoor plumbing” and “living past 40” another shot, the thing their schools must teach above all else is the ability to sit quietly in a room.

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11 thoughts on “Drama-rama

  1. Pickle Rick

    They went with a 1859 Harper’s Weekly woodcut of Congressman Dan Sickles (D-NY)
    killing Barton Key across the street from the White House. Key was screwing Mrs. Sickles, and Dan shot him in a fit of rage. He was acquitted on the first ever use of “temporary insanity” in a courtroom defense.
    He later became a Union army general and had his leg shattered by a solid shot at Gettysburg. The leg bones are on display in the National Medical Museum.

    That’s Drama-rama!

      1. Pickle Rick

        That’s the uniqueness of the first Civil War. All the politicians, North and South, actually buckled on swords and fought each other. The political generals like Sickles and Barksdale had known each other in 1860 before they were trying to kill each other three years later in a Pennsylvania wheat field. I can’t imagine Nancy Pelosi in a Kevlar helmet leading her troops to kill Lindsay Graham in the Third Battle of Manassas.

      1. Pickle Rick

        My first love of history began with a fifth grade field trip to Gettysburg. My mother made sure I knew my ancestors had fought there in gray uniforms. She might have given birth to me in Western Pennsylvania, because she married a sailor from here, but I was raised to know I’m half Southern Rebel.

  2. contrariandutchman

    Peace always creates war, as it must, or there would never be war, and war always generates peace, as it must or there would never be peace.

    Arguably the decadent in(s)anity of our ruling caste is inevitable in purpose, and its woke shape is just coincidental.

    Now, the thing to consider is how a new civilization can burn off elite dysfunction in a manner much less costly then the western world seems headed for.

    1. Severian Post author

      The key, I think, is to have an elite that recognizes it IS an elite. Say what you will about the Astors and Vanderbilts and Rockefellers of the late 19th century — how godawful vulgar they were — but at least they knew they were the elite, and had the sense of noblesse oblige to match. Our modern elite takes positive joy in kicking the Dirt People around. The coming unpleasantness will be awful, but seeing the denizens of Manhattan penthouses and Georgetown townhouses up against the wall will be some compensation….

      1. MBlanc46

        For the second time in my life, I feel the urge to shout, “Up against the wall, MFers!” The first time was in my twenties. Now, again, in my seventies. Should have done it the first time.

      2. contrariandutchman

        Well, our elites changed and not for the better I’d say. Back in the 1800’s we had a von Bismarck, now we get von der Leyen. And the modern Astors and Vanderbilts major in competetive wokeness at Harvard. They are still extremely aware that they are the elite, noblesse oblige did fall by the wayside, now you demonstrate your superiority by devising ever more abstruse games of commoner kicking.

        Still, when the walls in Georgetown and Manhattan are full of holes and rebuilding has begun, how do we prevent or at least radically slow such degeneration in the new order? Our host or any of the fourteen readers have ideas?

  3. MBlanc46

    We’re status hierarchy primates. We’ll strive for it one way or another. Some of those ways lead to high civilizations. Others…don’t.

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