Embrace Your Pathology

It occurs to me that Our Thing ought to take a long, hard look at the Frankfurt School.

Those were the guys, of course, who pioneered the notion that their political opponents must be mentally ill.  Given that

  • all sane people are good; and
  • good people only want good things; and
  • Socialism is a good thing;


  • anyone who doesn’t want Socialism wants a bad thing;
  • therefore is a bad person;
  • therefore is insane.

Anyone with the common sense God gave little catfish recognizes this as begging the question.  And not particularly subtle question-begging, either, which is why it took over 1,000 pages (!) of ponderous Teutonic prose to disguise it.  It’s science, comrades.  Only Socialism, or a .38 to the back of the neck, will cure us….

…. assuming, of course, that we want to be cured.

The Frankfurt Schoolers assumed this, of course, as did all those freelance critical theorists running the NKVD’s torture chambers.  But that was then.  The Frankfurt Schoolers were shockingly bourgeois on so many things.  They thought homosexuality was a mental illness, if you can believe it, and I doubt even Herbert Marcuse would’ve signed off on “drag queen story hour,” let alone the state-mandated chemical castration of 6 year old boys.  Only the peerless enlightenment of the Current Year recognizes this, comrades.

These days, as we all know, what were once pathologies are now badges of honor.  Gays and feminists — once the #Wokest of them all — now play second fiddle to the trannies (and they, soon enough, will be replaced by the pedos).  Modern life is little more than the search for ever-more-outre “identities.”

Given that, I agree with the Frankfurt School.  I am grossly, flagrantly, incurably crazy, in that I think Socialism sucks.  I believe in biology, yea, even to the point of saying that boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.  I’m nuts, comrades.  Cuckoo for cocoa puffs….

…. and I demand that you subsidize me.  Only comprehensive universal health care will cure this.  And UBI.  For me.  Cloward, Piven, y’all ain’t seen shit yet.  Lunatics of the world, unite!

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One thought on “Embrace Your Pathology

  1. Joseph Moore

    The logic of pathology, at least in this case, is like a water balloon: use that 1,000 pages of dense Teutonic prose to beat down the manifest insanity (or just use the repressed rage of your daddy issues – this seems more popular & these are hardly mutually exclusive) and somewhere else, the water balloon will bulge out. Push THERE, and somewhere else will distend….

    Do this a few times, and all that left is the nihilism you described a couple posts ago, or just the naked rage. I swear, I want to grab the next Marxist I come across and confront them thus: in the Worker’s Paradise, daddy is still not going to love you. I don’t imagine it will make any difference, but at least we’d be getting to the point.

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