Every Single Day… (Updated)

…in this pathetic, retarded excuse for a country is an insult to any decent person’s intelligence, character, and fundamental human dignity. We are ruled by Mean Girls with Special Needs.

Amen. And, of course, a-women.

And all this before the Bidenreich even takes over!!!

UPDATE: I’m really enjoying the show at sites like Ace of Spades, re: the Georgia runoff. Hey, guys, welcome to the party! If the Democrats “win,” well, what did you expect? Dominion did their thing. If the Republicans “win,” Dominion ALSO did their thing, the Uniparty figuring that the sham of “opposition” remains more useful for the time being.

This is called “a crisis of legitimacy,” gang, and NOW do y’all get it?

Personally I expect a Kim-esque triumph for the Dems. The mask is well and truly off now; they just won’t be able to stop themselves from awarding Glorious Leader 107% of the vote, on 100% turnout.

And of course, for that crowd, a 107% win means we’re all going to have to VOTE HARDER next time. This is like January 2009 on bath salts. What a fascinatingly stupid time to be alive.

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20 thoughts on “Every Single Day… (Updated)

  1. Frip

    The Severian Steeplechase: “We are ruled by Mean Girls with Special Needs.”

    Does it strike anyone but me that Sev is at once an oversensitve spazgeek, yet also the coolest guy in the world?

  2. The Kaigat Of Wands

    Well, citizens, doesn’t it just go to show how much work there is left to do to rid ourselves of the last vestiges of the patriarchy and genderism? Surely he should have said “Apersyn”?

  3. dave b

    I don’t really want much from our government but I would like to avoid being a victim of living in the stupidest society to ever grace this planet. We have surpassed the most fucked up 3rd world shithole in the shithead department – we had it so good but we have been committing social and economic suicide, and instead of putting on the brakes we have been pushing the accelerator down even further. The Chinese and Russians must be laughing their ass off at our obsession with destroying ourselves.

    1. Severian Post author

      We really do seem to be shooting for some world-historical record, don’t we? Our COVID response alone has to crack the top ten of “stupidest shit the human race has ever pulled” (just ahead of the Tulip Bulb craze; just below “handing Austria-Hungary a blank check for war”). Throw in “electing” a dementia patient, and the mere existence of AOC, and we’re seriously challenging “invading Russia in the winter” and “starting a land war in Asia” for the title.

      1. dave b

        I think that the Grifter and the Whore are trying to square the circle on those two right now. “Invading Russia in the winter” is part of their plan but it conflicts with their selling out to China, a Russian ally. “Starting a land war in Asia” is always a good time but which country will their masters tell them to invade? Vietnam has been a long time enemy of the Chinese but so have the Japanese. Do we go for the Vietnam War V2 or WW2 V2?

        Decisions, decisions…a fella could get tired thinking of all this presidenting stuff, gotta take a nap. Maybe have Cameltoe take a break from dreaming of fweedom to help me decide when I wake up.

  4. The Kaigat Of Wands

    I have a theory, just throwing it out there – and, please, no offence at all intended. I don’t think the US deals very well with hard stuff because it’s never had to. The War Of Northern Aggression was hugely traumatic of course, but half the country wasn’t even settled then and the population growth came afterwards, so for most people it isn’t part of their heritage. Since then – WW1 and WWII, Depression and Vietnam and assorted colonial wars – but none of these on the scale experienced by other countries.
    The UK lost 1/3 as many KIA on the first DAY of the Battle of The Somme as the US lost in the whole 10+ years it was in Vietnam – and from a much smaller population base.
    So however bad things have been at times for the US – and I’m not trying to minimise or downplay things – they’ve been much worse for many other countries. As a result the political class and the establishment here just don’t have a “folk-memory” to ground them in how to deal with difficult stuff.
    Obviously that’s increasingly true everywhere, including the UK and Europe, as we get further away from hard times – but since the US has had easier times for longer it’s become prone to frivolity and silliness sooner than the rest, though they’re catching up quickly. (Digs foxhole/takes cover)

    1. Severian Post author

      No offense taken! I’ve said something similar many times. Americans have zero tolerance for casualties, and while I think this is a net credit to the national character — back when we had a character, when we were a functioning nation — it does make for a fundamental unseriousness. Throw in the willingness to cave in to females — another relic of an underpopulated country with wildly unbalanced sex ratios — and you get… well, this.

    2. Pickle Rick

      No, you’re absolutely right. I remember doing a program at the fort and someone started banging on about the Sioux (which had absolutely nothing to do with a British army fort of 1758, but I digress) and I responded a bit waspishly that American armies had invaded and burned my homeland as well- in South Carolina in 1865. The look I got was priceless.

      What drives me crazy though, is the Z man’s commenters that blame the casualties in WWI and WWII for the decline of Western European culture- they generally opine that “all the alpha males got killed and didn’t have kids”, which (ask Sev) is utterly ridiculous- as if Poland, Serbia, Russia, and the Ukraine, which suffered far worse, and for far longer, have not experienced this same collapse of confidence or culture. So it’s not just hard times. There’s something else at play here.

      1. texinole

        Those countries you mention didn’t have planned parenthood and their ilk. Their suicides were much more abrupt.

        1. Pickle Rick

          I was a bit unclear. I was observing that the Eastern Europeans had orders of magnitude more dead, in addition to anywhere from 71 to 45 years under the yoke of Communist rule, yet they did not lose their national culture or identity, nor did they suddenly become “men without chests” as the West did. So what explains the fragility of Western Europe/Anglo-America, in comparison to the Slavic states?

          1. The Kaigat Of Wands

            Different stages on the same hard-times timeline. The US is the farthest from actual experience of hard-times, Western Europe and the Anglosphere next and then Eastern Europe. The Slavic states are already showing early signs of the same “fragility” – they’re just still too close to harsh reality to fall for it entirely, at least not yet……………

          2. Severian Post author

            Ironically, the shittiness of life under communism saved them both. Marx and the gang were, again, spot on – culture and religion can’t survive universal prosperity (gotta post soon at the other site). As always, though, Marx’s prescriptions were totally backwards. Those who survived under communism are, intellectually at least, the toughest breed the human race has produced.

    3. Clown World

      I corrected my high school history teacher on this once and she did NOT like it but the british high command butchered 20,000 men on the first day of the somme + 40,000 wounded = 60

      I think Serbia had it worst in WW1, about 20% of the population dead, no idea if you can extrapolate from that as to current nature of serbian culture, etc….

    4. dog

      my russian mother likes to call americans “непуганые” (nepuganiye), which roughly translates as “never before scared”. it’s the kind of term that you would apply for example to deer, that’s not ever been exposed to hunters. so what you’re saying is actually a common sentiment, amongst people who observe things. i believe she started saying that after observing american reaction to 9/11. consider that 9/11 happened same year as moscow had random apartment buildings blown by terrorists over the course of several months (“will i wake up tomorrow? who knows!”), which, after the immediate danger disappeared, russians just kind of shrugged off, business as usual. on the other hand you have americans, who, outside of small percentage of military, have never been exposed to any real danger. so you get perl harbor, or 9/11, or other such events, where the reaction is, while perhaps appropriate, comes with a lot of comedically overblown rhetoric. they just can’t even, as the kids like to say. i wonder if a corollary to what you’re saying is a riff on severian’s point about missed Woodstock generation: what we are observing right now is not in any way a reaction to anything (no great calamity, no real external dangers), objectively nothing is actually happening. death of fentanil floyd and his ilk, china flu are just excuses to start shit up, “if they weren’t there, they’d have to be invented”, and that starting shit up is just done from sheer boredom. hard won prosperity required “hard” and “win” done by parents, so that the children can then undo it all. traditional aristocracy demanded military participation, but how can you funnel your offsprings in a laissez-faire culture? when the insane run the asylum you ultimately get modern liberal college.

  5. MBlanc46

    An essential characteristic of the Left is that they are impelled to try to outdo each other in outrageousness. And they can’t climb down from their outrageous words and actions, because someone else has already out-outrageous-ed them two hours later. So we’re going to see some very Loony Tunes stuff in the next ten or twenty years. Those with a sufficiently black sense of humor will be in for some real guffaws. However, it won’t all be a laugh riot for us, because the most out-there of us will be headed for the camps.*

    * Okay, it won’t be the camps first thing. They’ll try to beat us down with social death—ostracism, unemployment, denial of access to public utilities and the financial system—first. Then it will be mental hospitals. Then the camps.

  6. Southern Belle

    At this point I think the US is too stupid to exist. Someone should bomb the crap out of us and put us out of our misery. But I am enjoying the Capitol takeover today, however short-lived it will be.

    1. Severian Post author

      Enjoy it while it lasts. Soon enough Trump will cuck, the National Guard will pull a Tiananmen Square, and this “coup attempt” will be the excuse to imprison Trump and stomp the rest of us. Trump, being a Boomer CivNat, has scruples – he won’t invoke the Insurrection Act. The Left, having none, won’t be making that mistake.

      Please note, for the record, that it’s “M-A-R-T-I-A-L law,” not “Marshall law.” As in, “President Biden’s first act in office will be to retroactively invoke martial law via the Insurrection Act thanks to this.”

  7. The_Dahg

    They shot a woman to death. Bet they wouldn’t have done that were they being ‘stormed’ by Burn Loot Murderers or Anitfa pieces of shit. They’d be too busy kneeling. But protesters who might actually be peaceful are expendable.

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